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Baixe Games Gratis (Free Games)

 downloadPlaneta Vermelho

Planeta Vermelho

Freeware - 31,0 MB



Demo - 156 MB

 downloadHeroes of Might and Magic II

Heroes of Might and Magic II

Demo - 53,9 MB

 downloadTekken Evil Essence 2

Tekken Evil Essence 2

Freeware - 95,4 MB

 downloadMetroid Redemption

Metroid Redemption

Freeware - 1,3MB

 downloadThe Drake Legend: The River of the Dragons

The Drake Legend: The River of the Dragons

Freeware - 77,57 MB

 downloadSplatterhouse 3D [Mod para Doom]

Splatterhouse 3D [Mod para Doom]

Freeware - 32,19 MB

 downloadStreet Fighter One

Street Fighter One

Freeware - 50,69 MB

 downloadMadruga Craft

Madruga Craft

Freeware - 11,8 MB

 downloadDragon Ball Z RPG XP

Dragon Ball Z RPG XP

Freeware - 51,04 MB



Freeware - 54,7 KB

 downloadStreet Fighter Mugen

Street Fighter Mugen

Freeware - 197,9 MB

 downloadMortal Kombat Project

Mortal Kombat Project

Freeware - 46,7 MB



Demo - 55,55 MB

 downloadThe Family Treasure

The Family Treasure

Freeware - 932 KB

 downloadWilfred the Hero (2005)

Wilfred the Hero (2005)

Freeware - 46,13 MB



Shareware - 2,75 MB

 downloadHokuto no Doom

Hokuto no Doom

Freeware - 6,3 MB

 downloadTime Slaughter

Time Slaughter

Freeware - 13,0MB

 downloadResident Evil RPG

Resident Evil RPG

Freeware - 63,04 MB

 downloadStreets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage Remake

Open Source - 219 MB

Os jogos acima são totalmente grátis para baixar e jogar. Eles são freeware, shareware, demo, código livre, fangames ou domínio público. Clicando nos seus títulos ou thumb vai levá-lo à página de download do jogo desejado. Todos os arquivos estão em formato ZIP e foram checados contra vírus etc. (Português)

The above games are totally free to download and play. They are all freewares, sharewares, demos, open source, fangames or public domain. Clicking on their titles or thumbs will lead to the desired game's download page. All the files are in ZIP format and were checked against viruses and stuff. (English)