Estratégia para The Lucky Dime Caper de Master System [Walkthrough]

Pequeno guia em inglês com a estratégia (walkthrough) para detonar o game The Lucky Dime Caper starring Donald Duck de Master System.

23 de junho de 2009

Segue um pequeno guia em inglês com a estratégia (walkthrough) para detonar o game The Lucky Dime Caper starring Donald Duck de Master System.

Pro Action Replay codes:
00C1 2112 Make Donald float in air
00C0 6903 Infinite lives
00C1 3E01 Infinite energy and weapons
00C0 8805 Maximum hammer power

POWER-UP TIP: Whenever you come to a pot that bounces, break it open to reveal a power-up. Collect the bonus and then walk back a bit (about a screen width), and then return. The pot will be back with another power-up. Repeat this whenever you need to
stock up.

STAGE 1: Keep hitting the bees and mushrooms for extra lives and bonuses. To beat the bear, face in his direction, stand your ground, and keep hitting him. With four stars, you shouldn’t have a problem.

STAGE 2: To beat the Lion, stay in the middle of the screen and jump over him when he runs at you. When he is on your left, jump on his head, and he’ll rush back to his starting position. Repeat until he’s defeated.

STAGE 3: Break the vases to get extra lives. On the section where you have to jump across the platforms with spikes below, try to get 5 stars. You should be able to rush across half of this tough section, and for the rest, jump from platform to platform, avoiding the blue cubes. Try to have a hammer or frisbee at the end of the level. With the hammer, hit each statue twice and then whack the yellow shape that comes out of them. With the frisbee, fire upwards at the statue about 8 or 9 times. Then fire at the yellow shape as usual. No weapon? Good luck…

STAGE 4: Try to get the Frisbee during this level. To defeat the boss, stand in the middle of the screen. When the black duck appears, jump up and fire the frisbee at him. He moves to the left — turn, jump and fire. Repeat until he’s defeated.

STAGE 5: Inside the pyramid, there are several bonus rooms — enter them for extra lives. Collect the key in the room second to the last at the left end of the pyramid. This key opens the door at the right side of the pyramid. Boss: Keep jumping up and whacking the black duck until he falls.

STAGE 6: Choose any route in the caves, and the path should eventually lead to the end boss. Keep whacking him until he falls.

STAGE 7: When you’re on the green lift section, don’t stay on the lift too long — you’ll be killed by spikes. To defeat Magica de Spell, keep jumping on the round object in the center of the room.

Contributed by Dominick Roman

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