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Duke Nukem 3D v10b | Monsters Only
« Online: Setembro 12, 2022, 08:25:49 pm »
Oh, Great. Those Alien Bastards have come to Hell.

A Monsters Only version of Duke Nukem 3D v10b [Mod] which was originally by DonRamon.
This is a Monsters Only Add-on which was made by Golden Mobster72, Which he got Permission from the Original Mod Author of Duke Nukem 3D v10b. This is a Reupload.

Note: The Snake Head enemy was added on 8/2/22, which originated from a prototype build of Duke Nukem 3D but was later removed.

Credits are on a Read Me, Which can be found inside the pk3.




  • Monster infighting option added. It's in the options menu at the bottom. A new game or going to the next level is required to take effect. Protozoids and the creep are not affected to possibly prevent issues, Octabrains won't infight each other so that the infinite height glitch doesn't occur.
  • Added option for slightly slower projectiles (octobrain projectiles, grenade projectiles from the tanks and battlelord, and flamethrower attacks are not affected)
  • Pig Cop shotgun drops are slightly more common.
  • Incendiary Enforcer and Firefly Flamethrower attacks are nerfed so that they don't kill the player as quickly as before, it's still quite dangerous though.
  • NOTICE: This update breaks Zandronum compatibility! GZDoom or LZDoom is now required to play.
  • Protector Drone shrink ray attack does damage now
  • Cycloid Incinerator attacks nerfed
  • Buffed ammo and weapon spawns for the Assault Troopers, rest of Pig Cop variants and Enforcers
  • New sound for Assault Commander's rocket attack sound
  • Fixed issues when loaded with Star Wars Doom.
  • Other files for effects renamed for any mods that used similar or same names
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