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28 de fevereiro de 2020

Creating gaming content for you is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. I need to plan, research, gather information, and all of this, specially when showcasing Doom mods, what I can’t do without scrutinizing the work as most as I can.

Of course, I need to maintain this site and myself (like buying food and stuff) too.

With your support, however, I will be able to plan more effectively and continue doing the work that I do, and in better conditions: upgrading my hardware and software, buying games to review and maybe pay someone to subtitle all the videos narrated in Portuguese in our channel to English.

I currently have the following services where you can donate any amount as possible, monthly or not, if you are able to:

  • SubscribeStar – I use it not for long, but seems to be really good.
  • Patreon – It’s the most famous one, but I think they have very arbitrary rules.
  • – It’s more friendly to Brazilian users and where I currently get more donations, but it’s on Portuguese.
  • I plan to use other ways to get donations, like crypto and stuff.

I currently can’t give you many advantages  other than credit you as a backer/supporter/donator, put your video’s request in front of the others, send you free game offers directly and try to help you anyway I can. However, keep in mind that you’ll will be giving me a huge motivation boost to keep maintaining Gaming Room‘s activities.

How to support via cryptocurrency


If you are already at LBRY (if you didn’t join it yet, join it now) you can sent me some bucks in LBCs to help me out. You can send it using the following address: bGpXwDLNck2T6WpPiwGptAxkvoSKsHD8kL

P.S.: these collaborations, as they will be sporadic and without fixed values, are purely donations. I will not promise to guarantee any advantage to those who send them, unless it is something very generous.

P.S.2: I will add other methods to receive support via cryptocurrencies as soon as I can.

Notable supporters

I am eternally thankful to the following backers, who have been very generous and help me much more that they can imagine:

Of course, if you can’t donate to the Gaming Room, you can still help sharing it’s content and from BFG WADs, the Doom mod counterpart blog I made to make things easier for our non-Portuguese speaking friends.

And, straight ahead, I’m already thanking you very much!

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