Detonado para o The Dig

27 de junho de 2009

Guia completo para o Game The Dig! Em inglês…

The Dig Complete Walkthrough
Ian Ng Wai Yip(

General note:
In this solution, YOU represent Boston Low. Word(s) written in block
letter means it is a hotspot, so that you can use and pick-up etc.

The beginning
Outside the Shuttle, examine the TOOL CHEST. It is called FLYING PIG.
Use PEN ULTIMATE(in your inventory) talk to Core about the pig. She*ll
deploy the pig into space.
In space, use the pig. You should pick up all the tools inside it.
Then use Pen Ultimate to talk to Borden, ask him about the nuclear
explosive.. He will tell you where the first bomb should be setup.
Go to Quadrant 2. You*ll find a TARGET SURFACE. Use ZERO-G DIGGER to
smooth the rough surface. Then you can setup the bomb. Remember to use
the ARMING KEY to active the bomb.
Talk to Borden again, he*ll tell you where the second bomb is placed.
Go to Quadrant 3. A BOULDER block the target surface. Use SHOVEL to
remove the rock. Then setup the bomb. Remember to use the ARMING KEY
to active the bomb.
Now back to the shuttle. Talk to Borden and watch the explosion.

You and your team will back to the asteroid. Examine the ODD
PROJECTION. Use zero-g digger on the projection. A METAL PLATE is
found. Push the metal plate. Push the metal plate on the right too.
You can find another 2 ODD PROJECTIONS on the left. Dig it and push
it. A DARK TUNNEL appear. Go inside.
Inside the asteroid, a PEDESTAL is found. Move towards it. Put the

Alien Planet
You are now on an alien planet. Go to the CLEARING. You*ll find 3
*?*S. First go to the one at the left. There is a alien space ship.
Inside the ship, there is a CHEST. Open it and you can find a DEVICE.
Then take the HANGING WIRE. A ghost appear. After the ghost gone, take
the wire and the ENGRAVED ROD. Then go to the *?* at the top. There
are some graves. Use shovel to dig the grave. Pick up the JAWBONE and
Then go to the rightmost *?*. Use the DEVICE, it point at the dirt.
Use shovel to dig. You can find a BRACELET.
Back to the DAIS. The ghost appear again. Dig the SMALL HOLE. Brink
will fall into the hole and die.
You and Maggie will go down to the NEXUS. Magi will go away, left you
work alone. Walk around the room, you*ll find a PLATE and a PURPLE ROD
on the ground. Examine the purple rod, there are four sharps on it. It
is the key to open those SEALED DOORS. You try to enter the code, but
you don*t success because there is no power.
Go to the DARK TUNNEL. Open the AIRLOCK. It is a COMMAND CENTER. There
is a GLOWING PANEL. A LIFELESS CRYSTAL is found. But you don*t know
what is it for.
Go to to the RAMP. Look Down from the EDGE. A loose LENS is found. You
need to put it onto the LENS SLOT to repair the power machine. You
notice there are two panels. Use the CONTROL PANEL, input the
following code: 4 purple, 2 yellow and 1 red. Then use the TRIANGULAR
BUTTON on the left. A robot come down and pick up the lens. Input the
code again: 5 purple, 4 blue and 1 red. Use the triangular bottom
again. The robot will repair the lens. Before you leave the power
room, remove the LOOSE PLATE and take the BLUE CRYSTAL.
Now use the purple rod to open the door left to the dark tunnel. The
open and you can go on the TRAM.

The Museum
There is a WEAKENED DOOR beside the tram call. But you can*t open it.
Then walk outside. There is a FOSSIL on the ground. Watch it and it is
useful! Go to WATER. A monster eat a alien turtle. Examine the WATER,
you can find a underwater cave, but you can*t go there.
Go to up. There is a STRANGE DEVICE. Use it. If the LENS (just under
the strange device) is at right position, when you push the switch, a
crystal appear. Hold the switch for one or two second, a LIGHT BRIDGE
is created. (You can see a beam appear at the map too)
Go into the door. Pick the GLOWING CRYSTAL and the TABLET. Look at all
the displays. You*ll learn more about LIFE-CRYSTAL and EXPLOSIVE
You*ll find a RED ROD on the floor. There is a door. Go inside, you
find Magi is working there.
Back to nexus. Use the life-crystal(the glowing crystal) on Brink.
Brink is revived. Then use the red rod to open the door left to the
column. But when you press the tram call, no tram appear! You know the
the glowing panel in command center is the tram control. You need to
repair the lifeless crystal. You and Brink go to the museum. Brink
will help you to open the weakened door. Inside the door is a pool of
life crystals! Pick up the CANISTER on the floor. And pick up some
life crystals.
Go to the water. The Monster eat turtle again. Brink run away. In
order to go to the underwater cave, you must kill the monster. You
examine the LOOSE BONE. You find you can rebuild the turtle. The head
goes at the top left, with the blunt (without bumps) end of the head
facing north east. Attached to the head is a small, thin neck bone
with the thinner end attaching to the head. That neck bone attaches to
the first (and largest) set of fins, which look sort of bent forward,
and have two very large joints. The second and third set of arms come
immediately afterward, moving downward in size. After that is
back/rib bone section, followed by the pelvis, then a thick, large
bone, which attaches to the tail, the pointed end of which faces lower
right. Put the canister into the turtle, and apply the life crystal.
The monster will be killed by the *turtle bomb*. You can go to the
cave now. (If you still don*t understand, check the fossil)
In the cave, you can find an ORANGE ROD and PLATE.

The Plateau
Use the orange rod to open the door right to the dark tunnel. Walk
along the path. There is a crack on the path. Jump to the other side.
Use shovel to push the BOULDER to form a bridge. Continue walking. You
can see another STRANGE DEVICE. Adjust the lens and create the light
bridge. Then walk across the water fall and enter the CREVICE. In the
cave you can find a BLUE CRYSTAL. Then go to the plateau behind the
light bridge. A monkey-liked creature (critter) steal a part of the
door. You need to find it. Pick up the COVER, RIB, DOWEL and ROD on
the floor. Use dowel on the wheel-liked thing*s hole. Then use the
pole on the pin. And then use the rib on the hook. Finally put the rod
on the cage to form an trap. Walk to the hole in the upper right part
of the screen, and search through the holes until the little critter
runs out. Taking care NOT to come too close, move downward and left,
back around the wheel shape and up again once you pass it. Move right
and scare the creature in that direction. He will walk right into the
trap. Use the bracelet on the critter, then let him go. Use your
shovel on the cave a little to the left of you, widening it enough for
you to enter. Go inside and use the device. There will now appear an
indicated spot by the device. Dig there to retrieve the MACHINE PART.
( remember to take the rod with you.)
Back to the sealed door. Use machine part and the cover on the panel.
The door will open.
Inside the room, pick up the PLATE can the GREEN ROD. Pick up the TWIN
SCEPTERS. Use it on the FAINT LIGHT. A moon map appear. The BLUE
SCEPTER control the small moon, the gold control the large moon. You
need to make the two moon eclipse. To do this, move the large moon to
2 o*clock position. Move the small moon between the planet and the
large moon. If you don it right, a cutscene will appear.
Push the bottom to open the door.
Go to command center. Put the blue rod into the hole. Another 2
crystals appear. Click on the lifeless crystal, you will notice that
the crystal is a little bit brighter. Slide the crystals, watch the
brightness carefully, until the crystal become blue again.

Map spire
Use the green rod to open the door beside to column. But the panel is
not working. Use tusk to open the panel. Use wire on the panel and
connect it to the SPARKS. Now the door will open.
Get off from the tram. You notice that the map spire is quite a large
area. Here is a brief map.

Tram – ledge -beach(with strange light)
Cavern – nest – water fall source – beach
Pit – map panel – light bridge.

Go to map panel. Enter the code of the TOMB ( oh! You haven*t been
there yet! That is the red rod) You can get a message. Now turn on the
light bridge.

The Tomb
Back to the nexus. Now get on the tram lead to the tomb. (the door
open with the red rod.) go to the plateau. There is a stone plate on
the floor. Use shovel to dig it. A hole appear. Go to inside the hole.
Use the blue crystal on the hole. Then walk to the two-moon mark on
the floor. The shutter will open. Use the rod to fix the plate. Go to
outside, you find some dirt at the left of the tomb. Clear the dirt
and a status appear. Touch the it and it will disappear. Get on the
crypts and you will go down.
Go left. There is a door. When you walk towards the door, a guarddog
revived. Use a life crystal on the bone beside the door. Two dogs kill
each other. Use the engraved rod o open the door. Go into the door and
a pyramid in there. Use engraved rod to open the pyramid. Use life
crystal on the alien body. But you don*t know what it talk. So you
decide to stop talking and find Magi.

Magi is kidnapped!
Magi is kidnapped by a monster. You need Brink*s help. Go outside.
Walk to along the path. You find a light bridge. But this bridge is
broken. Open the panel. There are a light source and 4 prisms. To
repair it, it is easy. The rule is: a light beam only pass 2 crystal,
all prisms should be use. So you should switch the source, find out
which prism can deliver the light to other prisms. (Don*t understand?
Never mind, switch the light to the prism between the red and green.)
After create the light bridge, don*t leave. Go to the cave interior.
You can see Brink working there. Talk to him. But he won*t help you.
But you notice a crystal stash on the ground. Go to the cave, use the
flashlight on the bat-liked creatures. The Brink will run away. Dig
the crystal stash and get all life crystals. Brink with make a deal
with you. Now go to the map spire.
Go to the nest. Magi is kept here. Talk to Brink, he will draw the
monster*s attention. You*ll go to the water falls source. Push the
BOULDER to block the water. Back to the nest. Talk to Brink. Brink and
Magi will open the GRATE and kill the monster.
Brink will steal all the life crystals. Go to the beach with strange
light. Examine the light, and give the tablet to Magi. Magi will find
the HIDDEN ISLAND. Go to into the Island and you and find the last
Go back to the nexus. As you arrive, Brink ask help from you. Go to
the plateau. Brink is trapped by the crack inside the crevice. Use the
jawbone to cut Brink*s bone.

Alien Lab.
Back to the nexus. Put the plates into the ALCOVE. The sealed door
will open. Take the tram to the lab. Examine the device at the bottom.
There is a missing part . Then go up, you can find the final light
bridge. Remove the nest and create the bridge. You decide to ask the
alien about the missing part. (remember to take a life crystal from
the crystal pool at museum.) Go to the tomb through the light bridge.
Revive the alien. Ask him about the alien device. He will tell you
about EYE and give you a ROD.
Go to the map room. Enter the code in the map machine. It shows the
beach where is the missing part can be found. Go to the beach and get
the Eye Part. Then go back to the lab.

The ending
When you back to the lab, Brink is waiting you. He take all of your
the life crystals. Fortunately Magi have one. Put the Eye Part into
the gap. But you still need more life crystal. You decide to talk to
Brink. (Don*t go to the crystal pool, all crystals are taken by Brink)
Take the Eye Part will you. (He still working at the cave on tomb
When you see Brink, show him the Eye Part, make a deal with him. Put
the Eye Part into the slot on the relic. Brink will kill himself. Take
the crystal and the part back to the lab.
Put the part and the crystal into the panel. Talk to Magi. She will
operate the machine. But Magi will die. You walk lonely to the light
bridge. Go to to the Eye. A guarddog suddenly appear. Turn off the
light bridge, the dog will fall. Walk into the Eye and watch the
ending animation!

P.S.: I had read someone ask if this game has more thing one ending. I
think it has only one ending. Because Boston can*t find any life
crystal and the end. So he can*t save Maggie with crystal.

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  1. Guilherme disse:

    Of course there are 2 ends, in one, boston save maggie and in another he doesn’t save her.

    In the ending that you didn’t saw, maggie wakes up, snaps boston in face, cause she asked hime to don’t do that, and then she kill her self falling down somewhere i don’t remember now.

    sorry by the english language, i don’t speak english fluently.


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