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29 de junho de 2010

mm8 notes

Segue um texto em inglês com algumas notas e dicas para o Might And Magic 8, inclusive os primeiros passos para começar bem sua aventura.

"Main goal of the game is to prevent the forces of the four elemental planes to spread over the land of Jadame after being able to open a gateway in each corner of the map through cataclysm invoked by a strange entity in the middle of the city of Ravenshore.

After creating one character, you can hire up to four heroes to support you. You'll find them at the Adventurer's Inn in towns or inside their houses/huts or somewhere in the game. Not all will follow you, some want a more experienced party when you talk to them for the first time. When you dismiss them, they'll return to an Adventurer's Inn near.

Have a look at the Ability-tables when adjusting skill points. Don't waste points for skills that others could improve better. Try to get the bow skill early in the game and push the fire magic of your caster to make the beginning easier.

Descriptions of traps/buttons/riddles are included in the maps-pages, here only general issues are mentioned.

Always have a set of Widowsweep Berries, Wolf's Eyes, Gog Blood, Phoenix Feather, Phirna Root, Meteor Fragment, Will O' Wisp's Heart, Datura, Dargon Turtle Fangs, Poppy Pods and Thornbarks with you. In towns you'll meet someone who wants ingredients for a nice black drink that you'll get as reward.

And have some Stone to Flesh scrolls in your backpack, you will need them later.

Try to train a water master early, beneath Town Portal you can cast Enchant Item to produce cool stuff, but only the necromancer can become it without a promotion.

You can get all elemental spells inthe guild of Alvar and all cleric spells in the guild of Ravenshore.

Some houses doesn't appear on the maps.

Cast Jump several times and press the forward button during the jumping to cross moutains before you're able to fly.

It seems that you sometimes have to equip quest items like Ebonest to be recognized.

Your first main task is to end disease on the Outer Islands of Dagger Wound Islands and to re-activate the portals to be able to travel to the mainland again and deliver a letter to the leader of Ravenshore concerning the Regnan Pirates' siege of Blood Drop.
The leader of the pirates, Arion Hunter, has some problems concerning his independence, to help him deliver a letter to a pirate in Regna and free his daughter from the ogres in Alvar. First you may want to clear the area and Den of the wolves and have a look at the other sights of Ravenshore.

Then Chruth, my adventurous wife and her compagnions travelled to Alvar and freed the daughter. Next important task is to research a fiery lake in the desert and to return with someone who saw it appearing. Talk to Overdune there and convince him to come to Loudrin with you. Then you shall form an alliance to face the elemental forces. Now you finally have to decide whether to support the dragons or the dragon hunters and the necromancers or the clerics. When you made three alliances, return to Loudrin and then visit the council in Ravenshore. You can now store items in the chests here. Next step will take us back to the Dagger Wound Islands where the Regnan pirates built an outpost. Now we have to sink their fleet and return while Queen Catherine and King Roland arrive at Ravenshore to aid the council. The mage Xanthor gives us the order to find four elemental hearts, each to be found in its plane. With these he is able to create the key to the plane between planes, the last step of our journey where the source of the Cataclysm should be found."

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