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3 de novembro de 2011

O “HOW TO MAKE AN FFVI/VII STYLE AIRSHIP” é um tutorial em inglês, que ensina como ter aeronaves no estilo do FF Airship system (Final Fantasy 6, 7 e acho que também do 8) no RPG Maker 2000 e 2003. Ele é especialmente útil nos casos em que você quer que uma aeronave seja sua base de operações, onde você troca de chars, etc. A aeronave também pode ser explorada, e ela permanece no lugar quando o herói desce dela.

A dificuldade deste tutorial é média, convém, quem tentar, ter conhecimentos de Variáveis, Common Events e da função Set Password. O autor(es) deste tuto: Forte|MP3

-First release, this FAQ is a basic explanation of how to make an airship that 
functions like the ones in Final Fantasy 6 and 7, where you can go into the
ship and explore it while in mid flight!


-First off, why would this be useful to know?
If you want your airship to be your base of operations, or a place where you can
change party members, this is a must!

-Also, unlike Don Miguel's airship in Don's Adventures, this one lets you go
into the airship in mid flight, as well as land it!
Don's ship used an item to call it, then landing put you into the airship, after
that, leaving the ship made it take off.
This airship can be entered during flight, and can land normally, and it will stay
in the position it was in when you go inside!  

-So in essence, this is a carbon copy of the newer FF Airship system!


-Alright, first off, there some things you'll need to know about for creating
this kind of airship.
1. Set Password Function
2. Variables
3. Common Events
If you don't know about these, I suggest checking other faqs on info for them

-Now then, let's get down to business!

-First off, you'll need to create some variables
1. Airship Map (This variable should be set to event->Airship->MAP ID)
2. Airship X (Set this to the Airship event as well, but have the variable be
the Map X location)
3. Airship Y (Same as the X variable, but make this for the Y axis instead)
4. Airship Status (Just a normal variable, set password will be needed)
Basically, the last variable will be for Set password.
Since ESC is the number 6, the condition of the airship entry
will be variable 0001=6. Make sense?

These variables will be needed so the airship is in the correct location once
you are finished inside it and want to fly again.
In this faq, the variables will be known as

0001-The Airship status (For going inside ship)
0002-Airship Map ID Location
0003-Airship Map Location (X Axis)
0004-Airship Map Location (Y Axis)

-Next, you'll want to make a dummy map that has two tiles you can walk on and land
This map will be where the airship goes to land, so that when you appear inside
the airship, you are on foot instead of on the airship.

-Finally, you will obviously need a map(s) that represent the airship itself. 

-Create a common event with parallel process with the following command lines.
; means the line is a comment for informational purposes.
<>Variable CH:[0002]set, Airship Map ID
<>Variable CH:[0003]set, Airship X Pos
<>Variable CH:[0004]set, Airship Y Pos
<>Variable CH:[0001]set, 0
<>Enter Password:[0001]
<>FORK optn:Airship Riding
;you'll only want these events to occur if you are on the airship.
 <>Memory Place: [0002],[0003],[0004]
 <>FORK Optn:Varbl[0001]-6
 ;this will memorize where the airship currently is.
 ;The second fork makes the rest of the events happen
 ;As you can see, the number of the variable in the second fork
 ;is 6, the number that is entered when you hit ESC.
 <>Erase Screen:Fade-Out
 ;What happens between here and being on the ship
 ;is not meant to be seen, as it looks REALLY stupid ^_^;
 ;The teleport should send you to the dummy map I mentioned
 <>Wait: 1.0s
 ;The wait commands are used so the event doesn't
 ;do everything at once, it is parallel process!
 <>Ride Vehicl
 ;this takes the hero off the airship
 <>Wait: 1.0s
 <>Setup Vehicle Place:Airship, V[0002] (V[0003],V[0004])
 ;This places the airship exactly where you had it when you hit esc
 ;This teleport should go to the actual airship
 <>Wait: 1.0s
 <>Show Screen:Fade In
 ;Now that you are on the Airship, you can show the screen.

-With this, you are now on board your airship! Congrats, you got the first half done!
The next part will cover returning to flying your airship.

-This event should be activated by key press on your airship, it's best to have the event 
occur on a steering wheel or something of that sort.

<>Messg:Ready to Depart?
;This asks you if you are ready to fly again
<>Show Choice:Yes/No
;This is obvious ^_^
:[Yes] Case
 <>Erase Screen:Fade-Out 
;The events here should be unseen
 <>Goto Memorized Place:V[0002](V[0003],V[0004])
 ;This places you on top of your airship on the world map
 <>Ride Vehicl
 ;This puts you back into the airship, but now you are flying.
 <>show screen:Fade-In
 ;the events are done, you can now show your screen
:[No] Case
;Nothing should happen here.
:END Case
;Same here.

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