Combos De Monstros No RPG Maker 2000

13 de setembro de 2011

Um tutorial que ensina como implementar um sistema no RPG Maker 2000 (e possivelmente no 2003) que permite os inimigos (monstros) executarem combinações de ataques (combos) durante uma batalha. Este tutorial é simples, mas requer conhecimentos em switches e variáveis.

O texto está em inglês e é de autoria de wolf_born.

How To Make Combos

Now this is something I came up with one night while I was on the crapper (sorry that maybe a little too much info). Anyway I decided it would be cool if the Monster parties in your game could do combos.

Well here’s the recipe for some monstrous mayhem:

First, make or choose a monster party!

Now, you have to do this with more than one type o’ critter, seeing as how each monster in the party will turn on a switch that starts the combo. Those of you who read my Combo Attack System Faq before should remember this.
One of the monsters should be the C.L. (combo leader), who sets off one switch, and the supporting members who set off the other switch (s). For the sake of argument, we’ll use a party made up of two types of monsters, Dark Elves and Chimeras.

  1. You need to make the Drow (another for Dark Elf) as the party leader. Okay now go into his attacks and choose one of them, Sleep for now. Double click it and you should see a window, it should say “usually” in the action conditions box.
  2. Now click in the box under it saying “Turn Switch ON” and make a switch (we’ll call it enemycombo1) that will be turned on when this attack is used.
  3. Just do the same thing for the Chimeras, just choose Paralysis and named the other switch “enemycombo2.

Second, make the battle event!

Okay here’s how you make these switches come to together. Put the dark elves and chimeras into a party and make a new battle event page.

  1. Make the page trigger when the switches enemycombo1 and enemycombo2
  2. Now under that trigger make the screen flash and put a message like “The enemies are joining forces!” then wait .6 secs and another message that describe the attack you want the to do (ex: our heroes are getting letharigic! Or something) now set a sound effect that describes your attack.
  3. Here’s where you need to make a choice: you could have this do damage only, where all you need to do is set a specific amount o’ damage to our heroes and show a message of how much damage they take; or you could have it do damage and change the hero party. (This is something extra, but all you need to do is make a variable called affectchance (1*100) and put a fork triggered if its 50 and abov and then go to change condition and choose the sleep and numb as well as do the above)
  4. To make sure that no one else in the doesn’t anything after the combo just change everyone in the party numb condition
  5. Underneath all that, turn on another switch (you have to make this one also, call it whatever you want)
  6. Make another page triggered by the switch you just made, under it cancel the numb condition you change the party to. And turn the enemycombo switches off.

There you’re done pretty simple huh? Now if you want to make it a little more difficult, go back to the dark elf and chimera monsters and click on the normal hit behavior and make it turn their respective enemy combo switches off when this attack is used.

Once again, any problems email me: wolf_born (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ps: both this and the combo attack system are used in the game Kergil’s Flame! See ya!

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