Como fazer seus chars se transformarem no RPG Maker

28 de outubro de 2009

Segue um tutorial que ensina como fazer seus personagens se transformarem. Ele exige um pouco de conhecimento mais a fundo do RPG Maker 2000 (pode ser usado no rm2k3 também) mas não é nada complicado. O texto, que está em inglês, usa como exemplo o caso em que o char muda através de uma skill, mas com um pouco de criatividade, tem mil e umas aplicações!


By Tori “AyaBrea” Love (07.09.00)

ayabreatl (at) hotmail (dot) com

Some of you may be wondering how to make your party members transform, correct? Well…now you can! Others may have already known it, but I figured it out just this morning and it is actually very simple to do. It will call for an immediate and drastic course of action! Nah, not really…I just want to make this FAQ longer… Okay, let’s get started! To make life easier, please follow the directions below! Do remember that for each transformation, you need a new character to be transformed from the original!

I will put all of this into easy-to-follow steps:

1. Open the program, RPG Tsukuru 2000 (RPG School 2000).
2. Open your game, whatever it is called.
3. Enter the database, doesn’t matter which way you choose.
4. Click on the Skills tab near the top.
5. Select an empty slot in the left column.
6. Type in the name you choose to call it (one of mine is “Jikan Henshin”).
7. For the classification, choose Switch.
8. Set the MP cost to whatever you want (mine is at 34 MP).
9. Next, choose it’s availability (you might want it at Battle only).
10. Then put your description (mine is “Transform into time-shifting beast”).
11. Select a sound effect next (I keep it Breast, it doesn’t say Beast).
12. Pick a using message (I have “x: Jikan henshin!!! Ryu no shin!!!”)
13. Click on the next “…” to choose a switch.
14. Make a new one in an empty slot (mine is “0008: Jikan Henshin”).
15. Click OK on this window once you’re done and to be safe, click Apply next.
16. Click on the Common Events tab in the upper-right.
17. Choose an empty slot as done in the Skills section.
18. Give it a preferably relevant name (again, mine is “Jikan Henshin”).
19. For the next box, choose the Auto Start option.
20. Leave the next option alone.
21A. Before you start with the commands, go to the Hero section.
22A. Give your transformation spell to any character.
21B. Go to the Items tab and make a unique item that invokes the skill.
22B. Asign it usage on desired characters.
23. Return to the Common Events tab.
24. Choose the one you were at earlier.
25. Double-click on the Events Commands box.
26. At the first page, choose “Change Party”.
27. Click on Remove Member and fix the member you want gone.
28. Select OK to return to the database window.
29. Double-click again on the same box, below the last command.
30. Click on Change Party again.
31. Click on Add Member and fix a member you want added (must be in “Hero”tab).
32. Select OK and go to the “M.Party” tab.
33. On all of your monster parties, double-click the Event Trigger box.
34. Choose a switch but give it the same name you have been using before.
35. Select OK, then in the command box, double-click.
36. Go to Change Party and Remove the same character.
37. When done, go to Change Party again and Add the member you want.
38. With that finished, click on Apply to save what you did.
39. You have finished all of the neccessary requirements.
40. Now that you’re done, have fun experimenting with different variations!

I think I have covered everything here… If you are still lost or have a question regarding this procedure, just e-mail me. My e-mail address is mentioned above near the title. Well, bye now and have fun with RPG School 2000!

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