O Tutorial De Battle System

3 de julho de 2011

O The Battle System Tutorial é um texto que fala sobre sistemas de batalha customizados no RPG Maker 2000. Ele explica o que é, como usar direito e como fazer um Custom Battle Cystem (ou CBS). O texto está em inglês, E não é dos melhores, parece que foi escrito por algum russo, sei lá, mas tem umas ilustrações que ajudam bastante. O autor deste tuto é o edman.mietz.

How to use the battle system right!

This is a newbie guide to the battle system and monsters I made it really simple so you would understand it all.. I also made some screenshots for you!
If you can’t read the screen shots then save them and open them with paint and zoom in…
1. What battle system?
2. setting up your first real monster to battle!
3. making monster weakness!
4. Keeping battles in balance so they don’t get bored tips

1. What battle system?

Well the basic battle system that is coming with RM2k is already set up so you don’t need to work
on it… You can always add new animations and talking monsters to make sure the battles don’t
get boring! You can do very much with the basic battle system (I’ll call it BBS from now on)

2. Setting up your first real monster battle!

Well RM2k comes with 45 monsters and 80 monster party’s. you need to make monster party’s cause else you can’t battle the monsters… but to make a monster party we need a monster so we will begin with that…

Go to the data base (F8) and then to the monsters tab you should see this:

Custom Battle System: monsters tab

Custom Battle System: monsters tab (clique para ampliar)

If you edit this already you could see other things…
Now where going to edit the monster HP:
You see the MAX HP and under it the number 16, this is the HP of the monster and also the Max HP…
If you change this you change the monsters HP (duh) so lets do it…
Change the number 16 into 10 and click on “apply”
So now we saved it!
Now you have to make a battle you have to make a monster party first…
So lets click on the Monster party tab (to the right of the Monsters tab)

You’ll get this to see:

Custom Battle System: monsters party tab

Custom Battle System: monsters tab (clique para ampliar)

As you can see there already is a monster party for that monster!
So we don’t have to make one! Now where going to make those slimes say something at the start of the battle!
Go to the right-down side of the screen where the trigger is and so…
Right next to the trigger are 3 dots “…” click on them..
You should now see this:

Custom Battle System: battle group event trigger

Custom Battle System: battle group event trigger (clique para ampliar)

We want to monster to say a message in the beginning of the battle so:
Click of the little square in front of the “Turn No.” tab. You will see two zeroes, leave them as they are.

Now click on OK to save it.

You have now returned to the first screen, you will see that behind the “TRIGGER” tab something new has come!
Now double click on the empty space and add the message:

“You will never defeat me!”

Now go to TEST BATTLE witch is on the upper part of the screen and click on it you can now set up you chara and other stuff…
After you have done that click on Start battle
The battle will now begin!
After you see witch enemy emerges you will see the little message! (If you don’t see it you did something wrong)
BRAVO! Applause You made your monster talk to you! This is the first step of making exiting battles!

Now try the same with other monster party’s! Once you master that come to the next step!

Making monster weakness

After making a battle against a monster lets make a monster be weak against something!

  1. Go back to the monster tab
  2. Click on the slime
  3. Go to the right-down corner where you see “Afflicted condition” (this is probably wrong translated cause it’s the monster weakness)
  4. In there scroll up until you see “Sword” click on it and the letter in front of it should change, now keep clicking on it until its an “A” (this stand for REALLY STRONG ATTACK)
  5. Now start the battle again and attack with 2 different chara’s one with a spear as a weapon and one with a sword as a weapon: You will see the one with the sword does much more damage then the one with the spear (if they’re attack is almost equal (the same) that is…)

Now you have made the slime being weak against a sword attack!
You can do this also with other elements like fire (witch is already “B”) or Cold…

Keeping battles in balance so they don’t get bored!

Now have you ever played a game were you fought over and over and over again? (like in the Pokémon series…)
Those battles get really boring after a time and the fun on the game will disappear …
But we don’t want that to happen! Now do we?
To make sure you battles aren’t boring you can input all kinds of funny things like:
If you battle a slime let your chara say

Name of the chara:
“That little slime can’t even beat up my granny!”

Like this the player will also have something to laugh about… but don’t overreact it.

Inputting text in a boss battle is rely good ! Like before the battle the boss says

“Have at you!”

And when the battle starts:

“Now you will see the real power of evil!”

(You learn how to do that above)

Making your battles better looking is an important part too! Don’t just use the animations form the RTP!

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