[RM2K] Se divertindo com variáveis

Tutorial feito por Mitch Donaberger que dá básicas noções de como utilizar as variáveis no RPG Maker 2000. O texto está em inglês.

10 de fevereiro de 2011

Abaixo segue um tutorial feito por Mitch Donaberger que dá umas boas e básicas noções de como utilizar as variáveis no RPG Maker 2000. O texto estava em formato .DOC originalmente, mas está abrindo meio feio em alguns processadores de texto.

Também está em inglês (e vamos deixar assim).

Fun With Variables!

By Mitch Donaberger

Hi there! This is my first tutorial in RPG MAKER 2000 (By Don Miguel)

[Note as I’m typing this in Word: Don, How come spell check doesn’t attack YOUR name, and mine does! Darn your Russian name!]

Well, This tutorial will teach you a couple of tricks with those handy bastards known as variables. All-important stuff I want you to know is in RED. And notes from me, is in GREY.

Lesson #1: What the freak is a variable?
(You’ll probably learn this in Algebra class!)
A variable is a letter, or something that represents a certain number. Like, The number 4 needs to be used a lot. So you would put in, A (representing 4) + 5 + 16 + A +19 + A = w00t.

RPG MAKER 2000 really embraces this l33ty technology.

See, IN RPGMAKER2000, you can use Variables either as a writing pad, or a set number.

For the writing pad, you can make an event, to make a thing write to a variable. For example: You want a man to say “DON’T RING THAT BELL 4 TIMES! “. If you ring it once, it adds one number to a variable. Ring 4 times, and 4 numbers have been written to the variable.

How to do this, is explained in the next section

Now that you know what variables are, and how they work, on to the first trick.

First, make an NPC! Then, for the event that goes into the map, make a new action, and a new variable. Name it “Bell “ and don’t change a thing! (Make sure its selected on –SET “, and to 0. Hit OK.

Now, for the actual editing of the NPC! Go into the action edit menu, and just for now, make a new page.

Now, create an action that makes him say “HELLO” or something, and have “SET VARIABLE” and select “+”, change the “0” to “1”. Now that that’s done, your ready for the next page. Select the next page, and check “SET VARIABLE “ and select the variable that your writing to. (bell). Where it says “ 0 ABOVE “, change the 0 to 4. Also, where it says “PUSH KEY” select auto start.

Click OK, and try it out!

———- TRICK #2: Using Judgement Script ———
Your wondering to yourself, “WTF IS A JUDGEMENT SCRIPT” correct?

Well, ever played Chrono Trigger? Notice, at the trial, you were judged if you saved the girl’s kitty, or so on. This is exactly what it does.

Okay, heres how to work it. Make a kitty, and a girl! Make the girl ask you to find her kitty.

On the global map (Actually better to set it in a place where you’ll never go back.) , set the variable “JUDGMENT” on. When you find the kitty, and give it back to her, make her thank you, and add one number to the variable.

Do this with other scenarios, and at a certain point, make the GREAT KING or whatever judges you. And make him have variable checked off, and if your variables reach a certain point, then yippee. It worked. Huzzah, Celebrate!

Now that I’ve taught you about a couple of variable tricks, and what variables basically are, Well, I hope this helps a couple of newbies..
I don’t ask for any credit.. Just use this stuff wisely, but don’t modify it please.. Thanks.

–Copyright 2001 Infinitive Loop Productions–

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