Tutorial for Menu by Vlfn Be

22 de junho de 2011

Tutorial For Menu By Vlfn Be

Segue um tutorial que ensina como implementar seu próprio menu customizado em um jogo feito no RPG Maker 2000 (provavelmente serve no RPG Maker 2003, e a lógica para outros makers e ferramentas, talvez). O texto está em seu formato original, e em inglês e o autor (vlfn be) parece ser russo (“tutorial for menu” camaradisky). Para fazer o que o tutorial ensina, convém ter conhecimentos de variáveis, common events, switches e um pouco de paciência!

Ah… E mesmo se o tipo de menu que o tuto talvez não te satisfazer, é um ótimo exercício que ensina um pouco da lógica sobre common events e ampliar seus conhecimentos no RM2K.

Okay people,
here it is!
The custom menu tutorial by vlfn be.

All you have to know is a bit(hardly any) of knowledge on variables
 and some patience and that's it.
ARE YOU READY? everyone: " get to the damn point!"

Okay, first of al make a common event (I named it custommenu)
Set it to be a parallel process and add a switch (I call it, menunotdisabled)
Cuz you might need to disable it.
Then enter a password, being the cancel key( uncheck everything but the last box)
(optional: select face graphic: Erase)
Make a new switch (I call it, "to menu") and set it to on.Make a fork 
option recquiring this switch.
Set flash screen 1.0 sec to full white power and don't wait until done.
Then set hero opacity: translucent. Make a variable containing the hero's map ID.
Choose memory place: (name of the variable containing hero map ID)
Create a new map called menu and teleport to that map.
So far our common event. Let me review.
<>Enter password[****.menu]**** means a variable or switch, any number is fine.
<>Select face graphic: Eras
<>Change switch:[****: to menu]-ON Set
<>FORK option: Switch [****: to menu]-ON
<>Flash Screen: (R31, G31, B31, V31), 1.0sec
<>Set hero opacity: translucent
<>Memory place: (variable containing hero map ID)
<>Teleport: where ever in the menu is fine
:END Case

Okay, now come the map events.
This will take a bit longer.
Whenever you get a new hero, you should set 4 variables for that hero, containing
his attack, defence, mind force and agility. You can add exp and hp and mp if you like.
You should make make a parallel process in the first room or house or whatever
to give your initial these variables

An example: In my game, I begin with one char named Jim. In the very first
room you control him, 4 variables and the switch"menunotdisabled" are activated.
these variables are named: "Jimattack""Jimdefense""Jimmind" and "Jimagility"

Well waddaya know, that didn't take me so long after all.

Then go to the map you named "menu"

In there you should make a parallel process, showing a choice.
These are my options:
Basics-> Just make a call system menu event when choosing this.
Party management->show choice-> Change party or don't change party.
For the change party, you should make a map called partymanagement
and teleport while flashing the screen white, 1sec (to cover up some flaws)
and set hero opacity to non-transparent.
In this map, all heroes you already have should be standing.
You can talk to them and NORMALLY they should show a message:
want me to come with you?
then show a choice "yes or no" ( you may jazz it up to oh yeah! and fu(k you
if you wish) 
If yes, choose add member, if no, choose remove member.
Of course there will be times when some chars are absolutely necessary
in the game, so just use a switch at times like these.
Make an event (push key) in the middle of the room that will make the screen flash,
make your char transparent and teleport it to the menu.

If you choose don't change party, just set it to "END case"
That concludes party management.

Now, the one I found hardest to figure out... STATUS!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
make a fork option, recquiring the hero whom's stats you want to see.
If you have him, show a message kinda like this:
Hero name:\ *******(your hero's name)
Attack power: \V[****]
Defence: \V[****]
Mind Force: \V[****]
Agility: \V[****]
These all are variables you set when you got the hero.

If this message is over, or you don't have the hero for whom this message goes,
show the next hero's stats in 2 messages (they don't all fit in one).

Then make a "back" case that'll flash the screen (white, one sec)
Set hero's opacity: non-transparant
Goto memorized place: ****(variable you set in common events containing the 
hero map ID)

Voilà, that concludes this tutorial, 
Plz give me some credits in your game if you want to use my menu
(just say: menu design: Vincent Nys)

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