Dicas para o Might And Magic 6

15 de julho de 2009

Estamos disponibilizando abaixo o Arquivo Completo de Dicas para o Might And Magic VI (THE COMPLETE MM6 HINT FILE). O texto está em inglês.


By rjmcpher@uci.edu with thanks from many other contributors,
available at http://mamba.bio.uci.edu/~rmcphers/mm6maps.html
along with maps.  Note: there is an addendum with more mm6
secrets available also.

[List of training locations, dragon towers, promotion quests, stables,
shrines, and potions plus a bunch of hints and riddles and the obelisk
message, and the unlimited experience secret I added at the bottom]

All EXPERT teachers require skill level 4
(see additional training requirements below also)
For Master:
All Weapons require 8 skill points
All Armor requires 10 points
All Magic skills require 12
And Misc. skills only need 7
(all masters require additionally that you have a certain level
of a statistic or be a certain promotion rank, I need more details)

}New Sorpigal:
[Dragon Tower, 1 stable]
Earth Magic expert
Fire Magic expert
Air Magic expert (Above bank, get fly scroll from bank’s S. wall)
Water Magic expert (Island off E. coast)
Body Magic expert
Mind Magic expert
Spirit Magic expert
Learning expert (above self guild)
Bodybuilding expert
Meditation expert
Perception expert (above tavern)
Identify expert (above tavern)
Staff expert (South of town on mainland)
Ancient Weapons expert (N.E. of town on mainland)

}Castle Ironfist: (Outside of Castle Walls)
[the Seer in a hut up a mountain path]
Shield expert
Leather Armor expert
Chain Mail expert
Plate Mail expert
Dagger expert (Behind tavern)
Bow expert

}Castle Ironfist: (Inside Castle Walls)
{Paladin promotion}
Axe expert
Sword expert
Disarm Traps expert
Identify expert
Diplomacy expert
Spirit Magic Master (requires High Priest)

{Sorceror promotion}
Repair expert
Staff expert
Spear expert
Leather expert
Fire Magic Master
Water Magic Master
Air Magic Master (requires Arch Mage)
Meditation Master

}Bootleg Bay:
[fountain of magic]
Perception expert
Chain expert

}Darkmoor (Mire of the Damned)
Mace expert
Chain Master
Perception Master
Axe Master (after killing Snergle)
Spear Master

}Free Haven:
[Dragon Tower, 2 stables]
[Council, Oracle]
{Knight promotion}
Sword expert
Dagger expert
Merchant expert
Earth Magic expert
Fire Magic expert
Air Magic expert
Water Magic expert
Body Building Master
Plate Master (above Castle Temper) (requires Hero)

}Silver Cove:
[Dragon Tower, stable]
{Druid promotion}
Repair expert
Light Magic expert
Merchant Master
Body Magic Master
Mind Magic Master
Earth Magic Master
Learning Master

}Castle Stone:
{Cleric promotion}
Repair Master
Leather Master
Dagger Master
Disarm Master

[Dragon Tower, stable]
{Devils outpost west near mountains}
{Superior Temple of Baa north of town}
{Castle Kreigspire SW corner up mountain or teleport via well in town}
{Dragon’s Caves northern half, west along mountains, full of treasures}
{Hermit is up in the center of the mountains in a hut -you must fly}
Bow Master (above the castle)
Light Magic expert (in town)

}White Cap:
[Dragon Tower, stable]
{Archer promotion}
Bow expert
Mace expert
Dark Magic expert
Diplomacy Master (above Castle)

[Dragon Tower, stable]
Dark Magic expert
Sword Master
Mace Master
Shield Master

}Castle Alamos (by boat from Silver Cove)
Ancient Weapons expert
Staff Master
Light Magic Master (requires “Saintly” rep.) (behind inn on S. island)

}Paradise Valley (sometimes called Pleasant Valley by the game)
Ancient Weapons Master
Dark Magic Master (requires “Notorious” rep.)

}Sweet Water (abandoned town with devils)
[fountain of youth]
[the Hive]


General hint about using many crucial items: The character who has
possession of the item (like a key, parchment, pedestal statue, etc.)
must be the active highlighted character when clicking on the place
that the item is used.  If you can’t get through a door that you think
you have the key for, make sure that it is in possession of the active
party member.  Many people just starting out miss this.


[Solstice/Equinox dates for druids]: (not saved in autonotes)
March 20
June 21
Sept. 23
Dec. 21

[Circus dates]: (They stay for only a month)
April – Blackshire
December – Bootleg Bay
August – Mire of the Damned
(the circus is where prince Nicolai can be found after he skips out)

[Goblin Keep password]: N I L B O G
(“goblin” backwards but there are others that will work)
(to complete the quest you need the parchment with the clues)


[Temple of Baa]
central door sequence: north, east, west, south
(you’ll get a “click” when each door unlocks instead of a shock)


[Shadow Guild (S. of Castle Stone) riddle answers]:


[Shrine pilgrimage list]:
(Visit the Seer each month to find the current active shrine.
You’ll receive a permanent +10 to your stats or resistances.
Subsequent visits the next year will give you +3 more)

January   – Might – Bootleg Bay NW corner.
February  – Intellect – Mist
March     – Personality – Silver Cove NW corner
April     – Endurance – Castle WhiteCap
May       – Accuracy – FreeHaven (just west of town)
June      – Speed – Mire of the Damned (center west)
July      – Luck – New Sorpigal off the East coast of town
August    – Fire – Kriegspire down near castle in mountain
September – Electricity – center west in Castle Ironfist
October   – Cold – Kriegspire north half center along mountains
November  – Poison – Eel-infested waters/Alamos
December  – Magic – Blackshire visible just northeast of town


[Castle Alamos] orb password: JBARD
(visit the trees to solve this password)

[Temple of VARN] codes: (requires the parchments to work)
(NWC loves that Star Trek stuff)


[Obelisk Messages]: (written top to bottom)
(this cache will not show up unless you’ve visited all obelisks)


[Potion mixing guide:]
#   Name                    Type    Mix     Effect
First Generation
1   magic                   blue    PhRt    +10 spell points
2   energy                  yellow  Popy    +10 primary statistics (t)
3   cure wounds             red     WdoW    +10 hit points

Second Generation
4   resistance              green   1+2     +10 all resistances (t)
5   cure poison             purple  1+3     cures poison condition
6   protection              orange  2+3     +10 armor class (t)

Third Generation
7   super resistance        white   1+4     +20 all resistances (t)
8   bless                   white   1+5     blessed for 6 hours
9   stone skin              white   1+6     stone skinned for 6 hours
10  haste                   white   2+4     hastened for 6 hours
11  extreme energy          white   2+6     +20 primary statistics (t)
12  heroism                 white   3+6     heroism for 6 hours
13  restoration             white   4+5     cures all conditions but
stoned and dead
14  supreme protection      white   4+6     +20 armor class (t)

Fourth Generation
15  essence of intellect    black   1+9     +15 intellect, -5 might (p)
16  essence of personality  black   1+13    +15 personality, -5 speed(p)
17  essence of accuracy     black   2+8     +15 accuracy, -5 luck (p)
18  essence of endurance    black   2+14    +15 endurance, -1 others(p)
19  essence of speed        black   3+10    +15 speed, -5 persnlty (p)
20  essence of might        black   3+12    +15 might, -5 intellect (p)
21  divine magic            black   4+7     +100 spell points, +1 age(t)
22  rejuvenation            black   4+11   cures aging, -1 to 7  stats(p)
23  essence of luck         black   5+7     +15 luck, -5 accuracy
24  divine power            black   5+11    +20 level, +1 age (t)
25  divine cure             black   13+6    Cures everything

(t) is temporary, (p) is permanent.  All age effects are magical aging.

Types are only used in mixing: you can’t mix like type with like type.
There are 216 possible combinations, so obviously most combinations just
blow up.  Damage is proportional to the power of the reactants.  If you
explode a third and fourth generation potion, your character is

Potion pairs 15 and 20, 16 and 19, and 17 and 23 are complimentary.  If
you feed the same character both, he’ll get +10 to each stat.

GinRummy Shareware Card Game Page:


[hints about additional training requirements]

Lots of wierd requirements (depending on what you call wierd).  If you
mean wierd by requiring one of the “titles” then there are only 7,
although ironically there is no skill related to Great Druid or ArchDruid
that I’m aware of.
The wierd seven are:

1. Sword master requires 8 skill points in sword and Cavalier title
2. Spear master requires 8 skill points in spear and Cavalier title
3. Bow master requires 8 skill points in bow and Battle Mage title
4. Chain master requires 10 skill points in chain and Crusader title
5. Plate master only requires Hero title
6. Air master only requires ARchmage title
7. Spirit master only requires High Priest title

Of course, all title requirements work for honorary titles as well (eg.
High Priest or Honorary High Priest).  There are some other strange

Axe master requires completion of the “Snergle” quest.  Light master
requires a “Saintly” reputation.  Dark master requires a “Notorious”
reputation (one armageddon spell and your notorious).  and quite a few of
the other Masters require a minimum in a stat (eg.  Merchant Master
requires 30+ Personality) as well as the normal skill point requirements.
These are easier since the game doesn’t differentiate between temporary
and permanent stat levels.  By the time you want to be a master in
something, you should be able to get enough magic items (or potions) to
magic yourself up to the minimum stat requirement for any skill.

For those of you who don’t know, the following is the minimum skill points
required to be a master by grouping (please note exception above):
7 skill points to master a miscellaenous skill (merchant, identify,
8 skill points to master a weapon
10 skill points to master an armor type
12 skill points to master a magic

Anyone can be an “honorary” something.  Archmage, Great Druid, Hero,
etc…  Michael P. Smith


Ron’s secrets/hints/bugs

Here is my advice (rjmcpher@uci.edu):

1. get ++ THE COMPLETE MM6 HINT FILE ++ and print it out.
(see http://mamba.bio.uci.edu/~rmcphers/mm6maps.html and other sites)

2. think about using one of the trainer/cheater character editors
and set all your skills to +4 to begin otherwise the game is very slow to
start (see avault.com for a trainer)

3. Archers and Druids are good,elemental magic wins the game.

4. Don’t put any points in your luck stat because there is a well in the
first city that can boost luck up to +15 with repeated use (once/week/+2
at a time).

5. Search for horseshoes and herbs all the time.  Horseshoes raise your
skill points.  Everything respawns, the rate of respawn varies, New
Sorpigal respawns in 6 months. Potions and horseshoes are vital.
Castle Kriegspire is full of horseshoes and full of minotaurs.

6.  Watch the calendar all the time and plan your training carefully.
Time passes and you miss the opportunity to get shrine pilgrimages from
the Seer in castle ironfist.  Get to the seer as soon as possible and
start getting pilgrimage assignments every month.  Training takes a week
and so if you go to the trainer and go up more than one level in a single
visit you save yourself weeks of game time.

7. Get a banker to join your party and a merchant right away because money
makes the world go around.  Plan on getting high perception (to buy things
at cost)  and high merchant skill (to sell things at max).  Think about
money right away or you’ll be broke later in the game.

8. Don’t try to satisfy each quest as you get it, plan on having a book
full of unsatisfied quests.  That way you can coordinate training,
questing, travel, etc… and increase your experience faster and reduce
return trips.

9. Make the “essence of” 4th generation potions right away and get +10
added to all your stats permanently.

10. Go everywhere, get everything (except bones), kill everything (except
peasants).  Killing peasants and getting bones and selling bones lowers
your reputation.

11.  The game is pseudo-linear.  You can go into a dungeon and explore and
kill any time you want but if you have not been sent to find a person,
then they may not be there yet.  You can usually find quest items ahead
of schedule, but not all the quest people.  So the master thief is not in
the sewer until you get the promotion quest, but the little girl is in the
spider dungeon/abandoned temple whether you’ve talked to her father in New
Sorpigal or not.

12.  Save often.  The Save/Reload spell is the best magic spell in the

13. There is a bug or two to exploit.  One in particular is in the fire
lord quest dungeon (see below).  You can get unlimited experience here.
This is also a chance to get your reputation to “Saintly”  since you also
get reputation bonuses.  But reputation is a different story.

In short, just don’t plan on mastering in Dark Magic because your
reputation will be ruined. Elemental magic and the spells SPARKS,
FIREBALL,  ACID BURST,  POISON SPRAY,  are the most succesful spells all
game long and at higher levels you can cast FLY and drop METEOR SHOWERS on
everything and just enjoy the carnage.

[winning routine]
Once you have LLOYD’s BEACON and TOWN PORTAL you can employ the following
First, visit a +levels fountain (castle stone +10 or kriegspire +30) and
set a beacon, then drink from the fountain, then town portal to Blackshire
DAY OF PROTECTION, then drink from the Blackshire fountain and get all
your magic mana restored, then save.  If you need magic resistance also,
run down to the other fountain and drink and cast STONE TO FLESH then run
back and drink to restore mana again.  Now go defeat dragons.  Especially
the dragons in the SouthEastern most corner of Dragonsand that are
surrounding the wonderful little shrine that gives a permanent +20 to all

[unlimited experience bug]
The Firelord quest in dungeon in bootleg bay (SE near obelisk) is solved
by carrying amber and finding more amber in the dungeon and repeatedly
dropping into the center platform and then dropping down into each of the
8 or so directions and clearing the route.  Teleport back and when you’ve
killed the anubis-looking monster and cleared all the paths you will have
solved the quest.  Now when you return to the face at the dungeon’s
entrance (the fire lord) and click on “quest” you will be awarded
experience and reputation bonuses.  IF YOU STAY IN THAT CONVERSATION AND
train to any level you like (if you have the money).  I recommend level 15
or 20 to begin this dungeon.

Read the addendum file to learn about the unlimited gold bug so that you can
afford to train to level 200 after you get unlimited experience.

Those are enough tips now.


Addendum to accompany the COMPLETE MM6 HINT FILE by rjmcpher@uci.edu
and available at http://mamba.bio.uci.edu/~rmcphers/mm6maps.html

(Shrine of the Gods & the NWC dungeon, plus “Q” and the Horn of Ros,
and free gold)

Based on newsgroup discussions I went and found some secrets that I will now describe.


[Shrine of the Gods and NWC dungeon]

I think all beginners should attempt to reach the Shrine of the Gods and
enter the secret New World Computing (NWC) dungeon at the very beginning
of the game.  I think this is the intent of the design.

In New Sorpigal, there is a secret fly scroll hidden on the south wall of
the bank.  If you get that scroll and then go to Buccaneer’s Lair just
behind the bank, and walk around to the north side, you can cast fly and
fly up to the roof of Buccaneer’s Lair and click on the steeple (north
face) and you will be teleported to the Shrine of the Gods.

The Shrine of the Gods is in the SE corner of Dragonsand and it is
surrounded by 20 or more dragons and lizards who begin blasting you
immediately.  Run run run into the shrine, face the obelisk, and click for
each member of your party to get a permanent +20 bonus added to all your
statistics.  This is worth dying for at level one in my opinion.  Dying
would be the only way to get back home to New Sorpigal that I can think of
at level one.

In addition, the entrance to the secret NWC dungeon is right there if you
click on the NW wall.  On the map, the NW wall would be the wall towards
the hilt of the sword going through the planet (NWC logo).  When you enter
the NWC dungeon, I believe you are in a representation of the companies
offices.  There are two goblin bad guy characters.  One has about 60 hit
points and the other only 36 hit points.  The smaller of the two is the
producer Jon Van Caneghem.  He casts fear into the heart of the party as
soon as you get near him.  His desk makes a ringing noise but I could not
discern any effect or benefit to repeatedly clicking on his desk.  I cast
feeblemind and charm on him and he wandered away harmlessly.  {snicker}

The NWC dungeon has a few goodies for a beginning party.  It has some
royal chain mail, some armor boots, a bunch of clubs, 5 phantom cloaks,
about $1000 or so in gold scattered around, an endless supply of food and
empty potion bottles (pantry), a desk full of reagents (herbs), a long
bow, a staff, and maybe a few things I overlooked.

There are employees everywhere but they are under a non-disclosure
agreement and are unwilling to discuss the game with you.

If their is a secret way to teleport back to New Sorpigal, I couldn’t find
it.  I am still recommending that at the beginning of the game, before
doing much of anything, a party should try to survive the dragons and
teleport to the shrine, get +20, go into the NWC dungeon, stock up on
unlimited food and reagents and get the cloaks and armor and bow and
clubs, then go outside and die to get back home.  Then begin questing with
+20 to all your stats!

{more Shrine of Gods info from M. Scheel}:

From: Michael Scheel {ekim@anybrowser.org}

Two additional items regarding the shrine of gods/NWC dungeon:

1) There is a chest that will give you +500 gold if you have {10,000
total.  (keep clicking until it stops)

2)     #1 is really useless unless you can get out of there alive!
I did this. My characters (2 Druids, 2 Sorcerors) were all level 3.

{directions to survive shrine of gods/nwc dungeon at level 3}

In New Sorpigal, get and use the fly scroll.  Fly up to the
Buc. Lair, and save the game ;)
Go to turn-based mode.
Hit the N side of the tower to transport.
When you arrive in Dragonsands, almost always one of two things
a) all the dragons have thrown fire and you’re dead.
b) none have, and you have a chance to do something.
So, you still have the fly scroll, and vertical movement
is “free” in turn mode, so hover a little. (1, there’s a stair you
have to go up, and 2, you are faster when flying)
You are already facing the shrine, so hold down shift, hit return,
and fly fly fly to the left side of the little obelisk and reenter
turn based mode.  Hopefully none of your characters will die in
this process (I made it after 3-4 tries)

In turn based mode, have each character get the +20 and then pass.
The last one should turn to the NW wall and enter the NWC dungeon.
Make sure not to exhaust the Fly spell in the dungeon, you will
need it again.

When done with the dungeon, save it again…
Go to turn based mode, hit the door.
Again, you will probably die instantly or be fine.
Still in turn mode, fly as high up as you can.
Exit turn mode, and fly fly fly to the NE corner of the map, and
lower yourself to the ground and head N to Blackshire.
In Blackshire, Save it for peace of mind.
Head slowly directly N as far as you can, and then East into
FreeHaven.  There will be a lot of mage-types and archer-types, just
run for the NE and try to avoid who you can.  Cross a bridge into
Free Haven, and you’re home free.

If you can, make sure to hit the Water and/or Air experts here,
since it might be a while before you come back.  Try to leave
by boat towards Mist and get everyone in your party the Learning
Skill from one of the Elemental guilds…

I managed to get everyone +20 skills _and_ walk out with my
10,000 gold with everyone alive.

Hope this helps,


“Q” is the secret enemy guarding the chest with both Lloyd’s Beacon and
Town Portal magic books.  Q is hidden inside the Temple of Snakes in the
middle of the lake in Blackshire.  Q is behind a secret wall in the room
farthest from the gold dragon.  You have to kill the dragon to get to Q.
Q is harder to kill than just about any monster in the game.  He probably
has 5000 or 10,000 hit points and he casts finger of death and eradicates
people while he yells “DIE”.  In the Temple of Snakes, there is a long
hallway and at the end of the hall a ramp goes down toward a doorway.  But
a teleport trap prevents you from ever entering the room at the bottom of
that ramp.  That is the room with the secret wall Q is behind.  To get
there, I had to kill the gold dragon and drop down into the pit and then
kill everything and approach that room from the other side of the
doorway/teleport trap.

More importantly, Q holds a special item THE HORN OF ROS and once you get
this item, you can then see how many actual hit points every
character/monster has by right-clicking on them.  Instead of just a green
bar indicating how much life they have, you now get a text display of the
exact hit point values.  From then on you can choose which monster to
target with which spell carefully calculated to precisely eliminate that
monster with maximum efficiency.

Q is tough.  He will eradicate everyone unless you can deliver about 5000
points of damage in just a few rounds.  I used incinerate.  Good luck.

{updated info about Q}
Someone reported that Q is not that tough if you charge right up close to
him and hit him with weapons in real-time so quickly that he never gets a
chance to eradicate anyone.  Apparently you have to hit him for 5 minutes
(real-life 5 minutes of pressing the A key).


[unlimited gold bug]

When you visit all 15 obelisks, you can then go open the big rock in the
NE corner of the Dragonsand map (where the red arrow is on my Dragonsand
map) and the rock will open as a chest and give you 250,000 gold.  If you
keep opening the rock, it will keep giving you gold.  So combine the
unlimited experience bug from the firelord quest with the unlimited gold
bug from the obelisks and I think everyone can train to level 200 right
away.  Visit all 15 obelisks first.


Addendum 2 to accompany THE COMPLETE MM6 HINTS FILE available at

[wells that boost your stats]

This addendum begins with an interesting discussion about
maximizing the stat point bonuses awarded by certain wells.
In the MM6 hint file I recommended that people create characters without
putting any points into the luck stat because the well in New Sorpigal
will allow someone to boost up to +15 because it regenerates every month
or so.  Now more info was posted to the newsgroup.

Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
Subject: Re: MM6: Permanent Stats Fountain List?

The well is good for 8 drinks per month. In effect, you have
16 points of luck to spread around. Also, all the +2 stat
wells are good as long as your stat is 14 or below. If you
exhaust the 8 drinks per month limit and still your char’s
stat is 14 or below. Come back next month, you can have
another 8 drinks. This is the same for all +2 stat wells.

The +5/+10 special wells/springs/fountains are good only
once per character. I don’t know if they might work
again when the area is reset. My game hasn’t lasted long
enough for any of the area with these places to reset yet.


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