Solução para o Might and Magic 5

14 de julho de 2009

Solução Para O Might And Magic 5

Segue o texto inglês com o detonado para o Might And Magic 5, Dark Side of Xeen, ou a segunda parte do Worlds of Xeen (quando se tem o MM4 e o MM5)


I strongly suggest to finish first Might and Magic IV - Clouds of Xeen ana
import your party. The reason is that the enemies in this game are very
strong and you will have problems.
Something else is that the maximum level in this game is 250 (!!!) so you
will need A LOT of money and experience. Don't waste your money in useless
spells and items and try to deposit money to the bank.
DON'T FORGET. Each time you have 5 energy disks give them to Ellinger and
he will recover a part of Kallindra's Castle at a time. Then go and explore
the new areas.
The transportation mirrors do not work until you activate them from Queen
Kallindra's bedroom.
You can enter the fout towers from the back doors, which are located on the
There are many more quests in the game. Try to finish them all because you
need the experience AND the money.


When you go to Castleview, Zelda the Herbalist will give you the Dragon
Pharoah's Orb. She tells you to go and talk with Ellinger. Of course you
don't have the key now. At (23,27) is the mayor. He asks you to get rid of
the Gramlins. Go to (29,13) and talk two times with Gattlewaithe, the
Gremlin King. When you defeat him he will give you 3 energy disks. Go back
to mayor to receive your reward (50.000 EXP and 10.000 gold). Then go to (
, ) and talk with Jethro the Mapmaker. He will ask you to get his brother
out of jail. He is at (1,20). When you set him free go back to Jethro
(10.000 EXP & 6.500 gold). If you talk to him for second time he will give
you a treasure map E1(1,11). Next go to (27,19). Nadia the Hoarder wants
her necklace back from the rats which are in the Castleview Sewers.
Entrances to the sewers are at : (2,29), (1,13) and (30,18).

Castleview Sewers
At location (30,26) you will find Valio the Simple who will ask you to kill
the Rat Queen. To do that go to (21,7), kill the Queen, get Nadia's
necklace from (21,9) and go back to Valio (25.999 EXP). At (3,25) there you
can find Felix the Tinker and for 1.000 gold you can buy a compass. At the
locations (12,30) and (26,1) there are stairs which lead to some secret
locations of Castleview. At (17,0) there are stairs which lead OUT of the
city. When finish go up to castleview.

Go back to Nadia (27,19), give her back the necklace. You get the key to
Ellinger's Tower (and 100.000 EXP). Now it's time to meet Ellinger. Go to
(12,10) and enter the tower.

Ellinger's Tower Level 1
At (9,8) there is a mirror. It asks you a question about honour. The right
answer is 1. It opens a secret passage so you can go further. At (5,5) is a
hidden button (behind a carpet on the wall). Press it and another secret
passage will open. Finally go up the stairs at (7,8).

Ellinger's Tower Level 2
At (9,5) you get +20 Fire Resistance (Perm.) and at (9,11) you get +20
Electricity Resistance (also perm.). There are many buttons on the walls.
These buttons move the fire in the floor so you can pass without loosing
any hit points but if you have a strong party don't bother with them. Just
pass over the fire and get some rest later. The stairs that lead up are at

Ellinger's Tower Level 3
Nothing to do here. Just go up from (7,8) and (11,8).

Ellinger's Tower Level 4
At (9,8) are stairs which lead to the Skyroad. The door at (7,8) leads to
Ellinger. In the question just answer "Ellinger". Enter the door and talk
with Ellinger. He will tell you how things are so far at the Dark Side. He
will also give you the key to Queen Kallindra's Castle, which BTW is "out
of phase" so you can't reach it yet. In order to bring it back you must
find 20 energy disks. You don't have to find them all at once but every 5
disks you find, bring them back to Ellinger and he will restore a part of
Kallindra's Castle at a time. Ellinger will also order the moving chest at
Castleview (3,5) to stand still so you can open it. Finally you get 250.000
EXP. Now go back to explore the rest of Castleview.

At (8,5) talk with Dysson the Puzzlemaster. Then go to (10,5) and close the
chests with the order : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (50.000 EXP). Go to
(6,5). There, manage to open all the chests exept the one in the middle
which you have to open LAST (250.000 EXP). Go to (3,5). Reack the moving
chest with sidestep and open it. At the locations (16,15), (16, 23), (13,
23) and (13,5) are the four Drawcab Monks. Don't let them confuse you. If
you listen to them backwards you can find that they are studing
"Palindrome" (you will need it later). Finally at (30,23) is Miles the
Cartographer with a confusing puzzle. The answer is " ". Some other
important locations in Castleview are : Membership to Mage's Guild (5, 28),
Mage's Guild (3,27), Swimming Skill (7,19) and costs 250 gold, Temple
(15,1), Bank (21,16), Tavern (8,17), Blacksmith (9,22), Pathfinding Skill
(29,27) and costs 1.500 gold, Teleport to Clouds ox Xeen (26,24) and
Cartography Skill (30,23) and costs only 10 gold

You can enter the city sewer system by a crate, which is located in the
Dessert of Doom D2(12, 2), so the first place you will explore will be the
sewers. You can also find the pass to the city from Vespar E4 (13, 5) when
you finish his mission.

Sandcaster Sewers
The stairs at (0, 16) lead back to the Dessert of Doom. Stairs which lead
to the city are at the locations : (1, 26), (13, 28), (30, 21), (13, 9) and
(1, 1). At (27, 10) are stairs that lead to a closed room. Finally at (25,
4) you can find a training place. With 50.000 gold you can have +10 to
might and endurance to all your characters. The stairs at (1, 1) lead to a
new part of the city and that's the only way to go there.

The most important things here are the key toEastern Tower (30, 1) and the
pass to Lakeside (18, 8). You can also buy the pass to Sandcaster from (18,
10). At (20, 14) Astra will ask you to put an end to Xenoc and Morgana's
terror. You can learn the linguist skill (19, 30) which costs 25.000 gold,
merchant skill (19, 27) which costs 5.000 goldnavigation skill (19, 5)
which costs 10.000 gold and the prestigitation skill (19, 1) which costs
1000 gems. At (21, 4) is Natasha the Enchantress and from (6, 21) you can
buy Vulture Repelant for 25.000 gold. Finaly at (27, 17) Edmont has a
puzzle for you (Answer=3) and you get 250.000 EXP and the Superior
Intellectual Award. Some important locations are : Sorcerers' HQ (5, 30),
Temple (1, 16), Guild (18, 22), Training Ground (19, 12), Tavern (9, 13)
and Blacksmith (9, 19).
In the new part of the city you have to kill all the wizzards. You can
increase your statistics permanently at : (1, 10) and (8, 1) for +10 speed,
(13, 5) and (13, 3) for +10 intellect.

Eastern Tower
Here you can find the Jewel of Ages.

Level 1
It's quite a tricky level. The way up is from the stairs at (10, 8) but
there are teleports at (7, 6) and (10, 8). The way to do it is to go at (7,
9), face north and use the Jump spell.

Level 2
The stairs at (3, 8) and all the way up lead to the Skyroad.

Level 3
There are two energy disks (11, 8) and (7, 4) and the Jewel of Ages at (5,

Level 4
At (5, 11) is the Fountain of Minimal abilities, at (10, 10) the Fountain
of Life (+1 level permanently and +50 magical years), at (7, 4) is the Book
of Great Power (+5 levels permanently but you loose all your secondary
skills) and at (11, 8) is the Book of Fantastic Knowledge (+50 intellect.
permanently). Finally, don't drink from the gauldron.

Go the Jewel of Ages to Thadews F4(6, 7) and he will restore the power of
the Fountain of youth. He will also give you the key for the Southern
tower. Each time you have problems with magical age go there and drink.

Western Tower
The key to this tower is inside the tower (!) in the last level.
Fortunately the door from the skyroad (4, 9) is open, so go to the skyroad
(from Ellinger's tower or from Eastern Tower) and get the key. Then go
down, go to Dreyfus A3 (8, 10) and give him the key. Now enter the tower.

Level 1
There are two more energy disks at (8, 8) and (6, 8). There is also the
Golden Pegasus Statuette at (7, 7).

Level 2
Get +10 Electricity reristance (perm.) from (7, 7) and go up.

Level 3
You get +10 Poison resistance (perm.) at (7, 7) and +10 Cold resistance
(perm.) at (6, 8)

Level 4
Talk to Dreyfus at (4, 10) and get your reward.

Now go to Lakeside

Northern Tower
Here you can find the Challice of Protection. All the puzzles here have to
do with letters. There are some sentenses and you have to find the letters
that are missing
The answers to the puzzles are :


Finaly get an energy disk from (3, 8) and the Challice of Protection (enter
: AIE) from (7, 4)

The most important here are the Pass to Necropolis (1, 14) and the Golden
Dragon Statuete Sewers (12, 11). Free all the prisoners, Aretha the
helpless (4, 12), Isabella the victim (14, 5), Naomi the prisoner (13, 1)
and Rhet the wimp (6, 1) and you get +200.000 EXP from each. You can drink
from the gauldrons at (9, 5) for +25 Endurance, (14, 4) for +25 speed and
(14, 1) for +25 personality but ONLY ONE CHARACTER. At (15, 14) you can get
the boat for the Isle of the Lost Souls (when you find the pass). Finally
at (3, 5) a skull will give you a puzzle (Answer=witch) and you will have
free membership to the giuld. Other important locations are : Guild (1, 9),
destroyed tavern (5, 9) and destroyed Blacksmith (8, 7)

Lakeside Sewers
The only thing here is the Golden Dragon Statuette (12, 11). You can also
learn the Prayermaster skill for 10.000 gold at (6, 4).

When finished head to Necropolis

Quite a difficult city. The first thing you have to do is to find Sandro's
Heart. Sandro is located ar (10, 8) and his heart is at Necropolis' Sewers
at (1, 14). The problem is that in the sewers you step on lava all the time
so you will need the TELEPORT spell. Be sure that your wizzard has enough
spell points. The first time you talk with Sandro he will attack you. He is
very strong so you will need a strong party for that. When you give his
heart back he will give you the key to Dungeon of Death. The Golden Dragon
Stattuete is at (10, 10) but you can't get it before you find Sandro's
heart. At the locations (14, 10), (14, 6), (12, 6), (12, 10), (6, 5), (4,
5), (3, 14) and (5, 14) are the Books of the Dead. They give you 999.999
EXP AND 25 years of age more except from the (1, 14) that giver you
9.999.999 EXP and 50 years, so watch out that your character (who needs
quite high Intelect. to read them) will not die. The best way to do it is
to read one or two, then go at F4(6, 7) where is the Fountain of Youth and
then come back to Necropolis and continue. At (5, 1) is the guild.

Temple of Bark
You get the key to the temple from Nibbler the Monkeydog - B4(3, 12) - when
you finish his mission and talk to him for the second time.

Level 1
Set the prisoners at (10, 3) and (9, 3) free and get +25.000 EXP from each
one. Pull the levers at (14, 2), (9, 8), (9, 6) and (13, 14), increase your
might +5 at (2, 5) and personality +5 at (2, 11) and go down the stairs.

Level 2
There are some secret walls which close when you go close to them. You have
to use the Jump spell. In that level you can increase your statistics
permanently. You get : +5 intellect at (10, 15) and (14, 4), +5 endurance
at (15, 15) and (15, 13), +5 accuracy at (14, 9) and (14, 1), +5 speed at
(14, 7) and (12, 1), +5 luck at (13, 6), +5 might at (11, 6) and +5
personality at (12, 4). The barrels at (1, 13), (1, 14), (2, 14) and (2,
13) will increase all your statistics but you will get also some years of
Magical Age (Remember the Fountain of Youth).

Level 3
Kill Shaalth the Orc King at (8, 9), set the prisoners at (1, 2) and (10,
12) free and get +25.000 EXP from each and finaly set Princess Sheewana the
Spirit free (also +25.000 EXP)

Level 4
Turn the western dials at (0, 4) and (0, 11) to 1, the northern dials at
(2, 15) and (9, 15) to 2 and the eastern dials at (15, 8) and (15, 3) to 3.
Then pull the lever at (15, 14) and finally drink from the Well at (8, 7).

Level 5
The most important here is the two energy disks at (31, 17) and (0, 18). If
you walk all the area and look at the map you can see that the whole level
looks like a tree. So, give from five gems to the "roots" (31, 0), (22, 0),
(7, 0) and (0, 0). Then go to the treasure rooms and drink from the wells
to get +50 Fire Resistance at (2, 11) and +50 Electricity Resistance at (9,
12) permanently.

Dessert of Doom
Here you can find the Great Pyramid D2 (0, 5) and the secret entrance to
Sancaster Sewers (D2 (12, 2). There are also eight boulders. Seven of them
C2 (11, 0), C2 (11, ), D2 (0, 10), D2 (5, 10), D2 (5, 5), D2 (5, 0) and D2
(0, 0) give you some clues and the last one C2 (11, 10) asks you a
question. The answer is "Paladin". You receive +1.000.000 EXP and if you
visit the seven boulders again you can find some interestin stuff. In
dessert you can only rest at the oasis. Their locations are : D2 (3, 0), D2
(10, 2), C2 (4, 3). B2 (12, 5), C2 (9, 6), D2 (2, 9), C2 (10, 11) and C2
(2, 11). There are also many lamps that can give you EXP, gold or gems but
if you take many of them, when you get close to Necropolis they will get
back all the gold you are carrying. So take many of them, go to a city and
deposit your gold and come back to continue. Their locations are : B2 (12,
2), C2 (2, 6), B2 (13, 9), C2 (6, 11), D2 (0, 15) and C2 (3, 15). Finally
you can find the Shrine of Great Power at C2 (1, 8) that gives you +15
leves temp.

Castle Kallindra
You can't visit the castle at once because it is "out of phase"

Open the safes to get some new weapons and armor. They are at : (11, 0)
Combination = 3-6 9, (11, 2) Combination = 7-7-7, (9, 0) Combination =
10-20-30, (9, 2) Combination = 1-2-3. Set Guido the Convict at (7, 9) free
and he will tell you the combination for the "difficult" safes. You don't
have to open the cells with the dragons because there is nothing in there.

Level 1
At this level you can have free combat lessons from Erol the Afile at (8,
6) and free lessons in Sence of Danger from Gem the Empath at (8, 8). Open
the safes at : (1, 1) Combination = 5-17-58, (0, 10) Combination = 6-6-6,
(1, 13) Combination = 14-4-25, (2, 14) Combination = 69-25-71, (4, 14)
Combination = 8-12-32 and (4, 11) Combination = 4-9-53

Level 2
You can find many Energy disks in this level in the safes at (0, 10), (0,
12), (0, 15), (2, 15), (4, 15) and (8, 15). Dimitri will tell you the
combination (64-52-31) later. At (11, 15) is Megan Dimitri's daughter and
she will ask you to get the Songbird of Serenity from the Dungeon of the
Lost Souls and she will also give you the key. At (10, 15) is Dimitri and
finaly at (3, 6) you can learn the astrology skill.

Level 3
You can find the Blacksmith at (15, 2), Trainer at (15, 0), Temple at (15,
13) and Bank at (15, 15). In Kallindra's bedroom, press the button at (0,
14) to open a secret passage and activate (at last) the mirror portals at
(1, 1). Finally get Kallindra's crown from the safe at (2, 15). Kallindra
will tell you the combination when you visit her two times at Castle
Blackfang where she is prisoner (Combination = 3-31-62)

Dungeon of the Lost Souls
You get the key for this dungeon from Megan, Dimitri's daughter in Castle
Kallindra Level 2 (11, 15). DO NOT enter the dungeon if you don't have a
strong party and 266.000 gold. Take care of the Gargons and the Minotaurus.
They are very strong.

Level 1
Just turn all the hour-glasses and go to the next level. Don't open any
door because you will find only Minotaurus.

Level 2
Turn the dials up (14, 5), (14, 8), (14, 11) and (14, 14), pull the lever
at (14, 2) and finally drink from all the wells (13, 1), (11, 1), (3, 3),
(3, 6), (3, 9), (3, 12), (11, 13), (13, 13), (11, 7), (13, 10), (11, 10),
(13, 4), (11, 4) and (13, 7) and get +654.321 EXP but DO NOT drink from the
(9, 1). Now go down the stairs.

Level 3
Pull the four levers at (1, 1), (1, 10), (13, 14) and (14, 2) and go down
the stairs.

Level 4
Pull the levers at (6, 4), (6, 6), (6, 8), 6, 10), 96, 12), 96, 14), (14,
10), (14, 12) and (14, 14) to deactivate the teleports and go down the
stairs after you pay 266.000 gold. You can break the door (if you are
stronf enough) at (6, 2) but the only thing you will find is instructions
for the levers and many many minitaurus and gargons.

Level 5
Set all the birds free and they will increase your statistics. Break the
door at (20, 17) and free the Songbird of Serenity which is located at (1,

Castle Blackfang
It's not very difficult. You can come there if you finish Ambrose's
mission. There is nothing serious at the first two levels. At level 3 kill
Count Blackfang (13, 14) and then go down to the dungeons to set queen
Kallindra free (1,1). You have to visit her two times. She will tell you
the combination to her safe (3-31-62) and she will give you the key to the
Great Pyramid. You also get +5.000.000 EXP.

Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid is located in Dessert of Doom D2 (0, 5). Queen Kalindra
will give you the key after you resque her. Here you will talk with Dragon
Pharoah who will explain you what exactly is going on.

Level 1
There are many Cloud and Fire dragons here so be careful. You have to solve
a puzzle with numbers. You read in a statue that there are 8 numbers in a
row and all of them together have a sum of 52. Of course these numbers are
: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. There are 8 skull and they will ask you a question each
about these numbers. At (20, 23) answer 3, at (26, 23) answer 4, at (26,
27) answer 5, at (28, 25) answer 6, at (18, 25) answer 7, at (20, 27)
answer 8, at (22, 25) answer 9 and at (24, 25) answer 10. Pull the levers
at (5, 4), (18, 6), (25, 20), (4, 28), (22, 6), (26, 6) and (11, 30). Get
the treasure from the passage that opened at (23, 15) and go to the next

Level 2
Another puzzle with numbers. If you read the statues you will notice that
you have to taoal the dates, minus 32, divide the result with 3 and finaly
substruc another 42. If you walk all the area and look at the map you will
nitice 3 dates. So the answer to the door for the next level is :
[(1993 + 1492 + 1776 - 32) / 3 ] - 42 = 1701

Level 3
There are many teleports here. Use the Jump spell at : (11, 8), (20, 14),
(13, 15) and (18, 15) and got to the next level.

Level 4
Here you find Dragon Pharoah. You get +5.000.000 EXP and a very good
explanation of what is going on. He orders you to investigate the second
craft that felt close to the volcano and report back to him. He also
removes the lava from that area so you can reach the craft. When you come
back and tell him what happened he will give you the Pass to Olympus.

Escape Pod #2
In the control room you have to release Corac the Mysterious from the
"stasis". To do that solve a sinple puzzle with letters and numbers. Each
number represents a letter with ascenting order. So 1 is A, 2 is B and so
on. The sentense you have to write is : WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE. When
so Corac will be released and he will ask you to find something that he can
hide in so he will be able to go undetectable to Alamar's Castle and defeat
him. Go back to Dragon Pharoah and get the pass to Olympus.

You can go there either with the Town Portsl spell or with the boar from
the edge of Skyroad. There you find answers to many puzzles of the game. At
(5, 1) you get free membership to the guild, at (5, 8) is the Blacksmith,
at (9, 10) the Temple and at (9, 8) is the Tavern. At (9, 7) you get the
answer to Miles' puzzle in Castleview (Answer = Sandcaster), at (14, 9) you
find Alamar's true name (Sheltem), (at (14, 7) are all the answer to
voueless knights puzzles. Some people also give you information abour
Alamar ("Alamar's birth number is 9"). The soul box is at (10, 14) but you
can reach it only through the sewers. Have the Day of the Sorcery spell
activated ALL the time and go down the sewers. If yo look carefully you
will find some messages with letters. They are parts of the password you
need to get the Box. At the sewers (7, 8) Syrano Jones the Salesman will
sell you the pass for 100.000 gold (Tribble). When you get it or quess it
from the messages go up, straight to the tavern and go down again from the
crate. Give the password and the way to the Soul box is free. Get it, go
back to Corac and then go to Alamar's Castle.

Alamar's Castle
There is nothin to do at the first level exept from killing the robots. If
you can't open the doors just break them. Now go down to the dungeons

Drink grom the Xeen's Power Juice at (10, 15), (10, 11) and (10, 7) and get
+5 levels permanently. The stairs at (2, 2) lead to Shangri - La. Pull the
levers at (6, 5) and (8, 5), fet the key to Dragon Tower and read ALL the
statues CAREFULLY.

Level 2
Set all the dials to 9, go to the middle of the room (to the big head) and
give Alamar's true name (Sheltem).

Level 3
Did you read the statues at the dungeons carefully ? If not follow the path
: F E W A E E F F W A E F A W E E W W E F A W, where A=Air, W=Water,
E=Earth and F=Fire. Enter Alamar's room and watch the end sequence.


Quest : Save Castleview from the Gremlins and report to Mayor -
Solution : Castleview (29,13)
Reward : 50.000 EXP and 10.000 gold

Quest : Help Jethro's brother to get out from jail and report back to
Solution : Castleview (1,20)
Reward : 10.000 EXP, 6.500 gold and Treasure Map (talk to him 2nd time)

Quest : Find Nadia's necklace and give it back to her - Castleview (27,19)
Solution : Castleview Sewers (21,9)
Reward : 100.000 EXP and Key to Ellinger's Tower.

Quest : Kill the Rat Queen fir Valio and report back to him - Castleview
Sewers (31,26)
Solution : Castleview Sewers (21,7)
Reward : 25.000 EXP

Quest : Find the 3 golden statuetes fir Luna and bring them back to her -
A4 (13,15)
Solution : Necropolis (10, 10), Western Tower Level 1 (7, 7), Lakeside
Sewer (12, 11)
Reward : +5 levels permanently

Quest : Find Western Tower's Key for Dreyfus and bring it back to him - A3
Solution : Western Tower entrance from Skyroad (4, 9)
Reward : 500.000 EXP, 10.000 gold and 200 gems when you meet him at Level 4
(4, 10).

Quest : Find some (3) mellons for Nibbler - B4 (3,12)
Solution : B1 (1, 4), A4 (8, 4) and A4 (3, 1)
Reward : Key to Temple of Bark and +10.000 EXP

Quest : Find Vespar's staff and bring it to him - B3 (7,1)
Solution : E4 (13, 5)
Reward : Pass to Sandcaster and +200.000 EXP

Quest : Kill the Ogres near to Ogre's Path and report to Kramer - B3 (11,4)

Solution : D3 (3, 7) + 100.000 EXP, D3 (9, 8) + 100.000 EXP and D3 (11, 5)
+2 Energy Disks
Reward : 150.000 EXP and 150.000 gold

Quest : Find Jewel of Ages for Thadews and bring it to him - F4 (6,7)
Solution : Eastern Tower Level 3 (5, 11)
Reward : 1.000.000 EXP and restores the power of Fountain of Youth (Removes
magical age)

Quest : Find Sandro's heart and bring it to him - Necropolis 10, 8)
Solution : Necropolis Sewer (1, 14)
Reward : Golden Dragon Statuette and key to Dungeon of Death

Quest : Put an end to Xenoc and Morgana's terror and report to Astra -
Sandcaster (20, 14)
Solution : Kill all the wizzards and witches in the city, also at the
secret areas
Reward : 1.000 gems and +2.000.000 EXP

Quest : Save Sharla's sister from the Temple of Bark and report back - C4
(1, 7)
Solution : Temple of Bark - Level 3 (6, 12)
Reward : 2 energy disks and +250.000 EXP

Quest : Find Ector's ring and bring it back to him - E2 (3, 12)
Solution : E1 (11, 12)
Reward : Obsidian battleaxe and +500.000 EXP

Quest : Find Caleb's magnifying glass and bring it back - E3 (13, 13)
Solution : F1 (10, 0)
Reward : 50.000 gold and +500.000 EXP

Quest : Find Chalice of Protection for Bosco and give it ti him - D1 (1, 8)

Solution : Northern Tower Level 4 (7, 4)
Reward : 100.000 gold ans +1.000.000 EXP

Quest : Find Songbird of Serenity for Dimitri and bring it back

Solution : Isle of the Lost Souls - Level 5 (1, 8)
Reward : Combination of the safes with the energy disks (64-52-31)


A2 (7, 2)
: Barbarian camp (+100.000 EXP)

A3 (12, 14)
: Ruby armor or weapon (costs 100 gems)

A3 (13, 12)
: Emerald armor or weapon (costs 300 gems)

A3 (14, 7)
: Entrance to Skyroad

A3 (15, 11)
: Saphire armor or weapon (costs 400 gems)

A3 (2, 10)
: Well of Spells (+50 SpellPoints)

A3 (3, 3)
: Well of Resilience (+50 HP)

A3 (4, 9)
: Great Western Tower

A3 (8, 14)
: Shrine (+3 levels)

A3 (8,10)
: Dreyfus, high priest of Mok - Wants the key of Western Tower

A4 (1, 4)
: Brother Reger the Monk (Answer=Palindrome) +500.000 EXP

A4 (13, 15)
: Luna the Druid - Wants the three golden statuetes

A4 (14, 10)
: Castleview

A4 (14, 3)
: Monga melon

A4 (14, 8)
: Secret entrance to Castleview Sewers

A4 (15, 12)
: Pass to Castleview - Costs 1.000 gold

A4 (2, 2)
: Message "Queen Kallindrra in prisoner at Castle Blackfang"

A4 (3, 1)
: Monga melon

A4 (3, 10)
: Well of Protection (+10 AC)

A4 (5, 14)
: Castle Callindra

A4 (7, 1)
: Falista the Unicorn (Restores all HP)

A4 (8, 4)
: Monga melon

A4 (9, 11)
: Well of Might (+25 Might)

B1 (1, 4)
: Monga melon

B1 (2, 9)
: Escape Pod #2

B2 (0, 2)
: Barbarian Camp (+50.000 EXP)

B2 (13, 14)
: Climb Skill (costs 50.000 gold)

B2 (3, 8)
: Escape Pod #1

B3 (1, 12)
: Diamond armor or weapon (costs 1000 gems)

B3 (10, 9)
: Mine

B3 (11, 4)
: Kramer the Caravan Owner - Wants to destroy the Ogres' Forts

B3 (6, 12)
: Yog the Barbarian (fills packs with food 1 time)

B3 (7, 1)
: Vespar the Wizzard - Wants his Staff

B4 (2, 2)
: +100 luck

B4 (3, 12)
: Nibbler the Monkeydog - Wants monga mellons

C3 (6, 7)
: Mine

C3 (6, 9)
: Mine (God of Mountains for 250.000 gold will refill the mines)

C4 (1, 7)
: Sharla the Sprite

C4 (2, 8)
: Temple of Bark

C4 (6, 10)
: +10 Intellect (permanent)

D1 (1, 8)
: Bosco the Dwarf King

D1 (10, 5)
: Guradel the Giant (+2 energy disks)

D1 (6, 13)
: Fountain of Might (+100 Might)

D3 (11, 5)
: Ogre Main Fort (2 Energy Disks)

D3 (3, 7)
: Ogre Fort (+100.000 EXP)

D3 (4, 5)
: Mine

D3 (9, 8)
: Ogre Fort (+100.000 EXP)

D4 (12, 4)
: Shrine (+10 to all stats)

D4 (2, 4)
: Fountain of Element Resistance (+50 Elements Resistance)

D4 (2, 7)
: Great Southern Tower

D4 (3, 4)
: +50 Elemental Resistance

D4 (6, 2)
: +10 Personality (permanent)

E1 (0, 11)
: Xanthus the Wizzard

E1 (11, 12)
: Ector's Ring

E1 (2, 10)
: Fountain of Great Magic (+1.000 Spell Points)

E2 (3, 12)
: Ector the Woodsman

E2 (8, 15)
: Leafpoint the Tree

E3 (13, 13)
: Caleb the Inventor

E3 (13, 5)
: Vespar's Emerald Handle

E4 (13, 13)
: +10 Might (permanent)

E4 (13, 7)
: Forbidden Fruit

E4 (5, 15)
: Spot secret doors skill (costs 5.000 gold)

E4 (5, 4)
: +10 Accuracy (permanent)

F1 (10, 0)
: Galeb's Magn. Glass (Gargoyle's Lair +100.000 EXP)

F1 (13, 8)
: Fountain of great Resilience (+500 HP)

F2 (6, 10)
: Dungeon of Lost Souls

F2 (8, 5)
: Fountain of Magic Resistance (+50 Magic Resistance)

F3 (10, 9)
: Great Eastern Tower

F3 (11, 1)
: Forbidden Fruit

F3 (13, 14)
: Forbidden Fruit

F4 (14, 3)
: Fountain of great Protection (+50 AC)

F4 (14, 3)
: Fountain of Great Protection (+50 AC)

F4 (6, 7)
: Fountain of Youth (Removes Magical Age)

F4 (6, 7)
: Thadews - Wants the Jewel of Ages. Gives the key to Eastern Tower


When Alamar is finally dead you receive a message from Dragon Pharoah. You
have to see him immediately. Go to the Great pyramid and talk with him. He
will tell you that your mission is not over yet. You have to help him unite
the two worlds of Xeen. To do that you have to activate the four machines
in the four corners of Cloudworld, awake the four guardians in the
Darkworld (you can enter from the four skyroad corners), clear the path to
the temple of the Ancients and of course set Prince Roland free from
Alamar's Castle.
The first two parts are quite easy. Just be careful when you try to reach
the four machines. You have to use the teleport spell but you have to be
very accurate. When finished, go to the Dragon tower. It is located in the
middle of the lave area. In the first level you find Alister the Duld who
asks you a Dragon Egg. Go all the way up. You can get +50 endurance
(permanent) in Level 3 (9, 11) and +20.000.000 EXP in Level 4. Collect all
the treasures. Finally climb to the last level, to the clouds. There are
many places that you can increase permanently your levels (crystals on the
clouds). Use the Day of the Sorcery spell all the time. Be carefull because
there are many dragons. There are four statues (30, 0), (0, 0), (30, 31)
and (0, 31) that give you a clue about dragons secret. Go to (15, 30) and
answer INFINITY. You will get the Silver I.D.
Head to the Alamars Castle Dungeons and show the Silver I.D. to the skull.
A secret passage will open and you will find the Key to Darkstone Tower at
(11, 9). Go there.
In the first three levels are some statues withnotes. Walk all the area and
look at the map. You will see that there are 3 numbers : 3 (Level 1), 4
(Level 2) and 2 (Level 3). To go from one level to the other you have to
use first the gongs. In the last level at (7, 7) is a skull that tells you
that E (if you look the map of level 4) is 5. So go to the other skull and
answer the puzzle. The answer is : 120. Now go at (9, 8) and get the Golden
I.D. Go back to Alamar's Dungeon.
Show the Golden I.D to the other skull and another secret passage will
open. Go in and set Prince Roland free. He will give you the Amulet for the
Southern Sphinx. Go there
It will be a good idea to have 4.000.000 gold, so you will pay for
protection from the axes. If you don't have use the jump spell. There are
two stairs. Go to the ones that lead to the third level. There are many
signs with letters. All you have to do is to find Sphinx's name (It is
Picard). You can also increase you levels (perm.) if you drink from the red
bottles. There are some areas that you can go only with the teleport spell.
DO NOT TAKE ANY TREASURE. When finished go down to the first level to the
other stairs. If you have one or more cursed characters you will not ba
able to pass, so be carefull. When you go to the second level talk with
Picard. He will ask you for a Imaginary Widget. If you don't have it go to
Halan (north of Darkstone) and he will give it to you when you finish his
mission. Go back to Picard. He will trade the Widget for the Chime of
Opening. Go to Darkstone tower.
Climb all the way up and now you are able to climb the last stairs. Just
follow the cloudroad to the end, and when you reach it, use the teleport
spell to the left and go to the Pyremid. Remember to rest and use the Day
of the Sorcery spell ALL the time. Click on the Pyramid and watch the
ending sequence.
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