Solução do Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World de Mega Drive

Solução/walkthrough do Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World de Mega Drive/Genesis em um texto que traz coordenadas e listas do jogo. Deve servir também para PC, SNES etc.

13 de março de 2023

Nesta publicação, temos um detonado em inglês do segundo jogo da série de RPGs criada por Jon Van Caneghem em seu port para o console 16-bit da Sega. Pelo que entendi, o texto é de autoria de Angelique Ochs.

O guia não é muito profundo, talvez até um pouco curto para um jogo tão extenso, mas traz coordenadas principais do Might and Magic: Gates to Another World, além de listas das armas e armaduras.

Este walkthrough foi feito para versão de Mega Drive/Genesis do jogo, porém certamente funciona sem muitos problemas para este jogo em outras plataformas, incluindo a de PC e SNES.

Lembrando que temos também mais dicas e detonados para este jogo:

Enfim, vamos ao à solução do Might and Magic de Mega Drive?

Might and Magic solution


__  Elemental Plane of Air located at x0, y15.
        __ The Air Talon rests at x11, y7 (must have Air Disc).
__  Air Encasement Spell at x1, y14.
__  Air Transmutation Spell at x8, y8.
__  City of Tundra located at x12, y3.
        __  Emerald ring (put on before leaving Snowbeast's lair) at x15, y9.
        __  Gertrude and Rat Fink can be found at x15, y10.
        __  Cavern is located at x7, y6.
                __  Exit located at x14, y1.
                __  Free Magic Herbs at x13, y12.
__  Fountain located at x2, y3 (everyone goes to level 25).
__  Spaz Twit, phaser armed ancestor of Lord Haart, can be found in the 7th
    (Era 6) Century at x11, y3.

__  Sword of Valor at x11, y2.
__  Castle Pinehurst at x1, y1.
        __  Lord Peabody at x4, y3.  If you return Sherman to him, he will give
           you the use of his time machine.
        __  Time Machine at x2, y5.
        __  J-26 Fluxers at x7, y6.
        __  Yellow Bishop of Battle at x13, y3.
        __  Stairs to Dungeon Level One at x11, y2.
                __  Exit at x0, y15.
                __  Lever at x2, y7.
                __  Ivory Cameo at x11, y13.
                __  Accuracy Pool at x14, y13.
                __  Passage to Luxus Palace Dungeon Level One at x12, y8.
                __  Agate Grail at x6, y6.
                __  Trade speed for accuracy at x2, y7.
                __  Powerful current at x14, y5.
                __  Stairs to Dungeon Level Two at x1, y2.
                        __  Stairs to Dungeon Level One at x7, y7.
                        __  Passageway to Luxus Palace Dungeon Level Two at x8, y6.
                        __  Ruby Tiara at x2, y13.
                        __  Luck Syrup at x4, y15.
                        __  Opal Pendant at x14, y13.
                        __  Strength increase at x13, y1.
                        __  Spell Book at x2, y1.
                        __  Change Alignment to Good at x5, y1.
__  Sarakin's Mine at x12, y3.
        __  Exit at x8, y0.
        __  Sir Kill and Jed I at x7, y2.
__  Mist Warrior at x15, y11.  He will give you Dancing Sword Spell if you
    defeat him.
__  Mist Rider at x14, y9.
__  Eat Meal B and then go to x14, y10.
__  Pool of Pestilence at x1, y3 (everyone will be diseased).
__  Death Spider asks a riddle about what Mark has lost (keys), and will give
    them to you if you answer correctly at x2, y9.

__  Right Fountain Poison at x1, y14.
__  Left Fountain +25 Speed at x1, y13.
__  Gourmet, seeks people who have eaten every meal at the taverns.  Will reward
    by granting experience points located at x7, y7.
__  Find Flailer and Fumbler at x8, y1 in the Pearl Islands.
__  Treasure ship at x2, y2.

__  City of Atlantium located at x13, y10.
        __  Cavern below Altanium is located at x0, y15.
                __  Exit at x8, y8.
                __  Button at x0, y14 (don't push).
                __  Book of Enlightenment (gives intelligence) at x11, y15.
        __  Big Bootay and Cleogotcha are in jail at x0, y14.
__  Water Encasement Spell at x1, y1.
__  Water Transmutation Spell at x8, y8.
__  Elemental Plane of Water at x0, y0.
        __  The Water Talon rests within a shrine at x10, y10 (need Water Disc).
__  Fountain located at x12, y7 (curses everyone).
__  Fetid Pool changes all stats to 100 at x10, y10.
__  Crevice of Blood at x13, y13 (drink and become eradicated).

__  Tundra Cave at x4, y13.
        __  Personality for males at x15, y8.
        __  Personality for females at x15, y7.
__  Lumberjack test of strength (if you win, you get an instant keep) at x15,
__  Meenu is located at x9, y9 (he will give you 100,000 gold).
__  Fountain will give everyone 40 Mgt located at x11, y14.
__  Haart Hold, located at x5, y5.  Lord Haart seeks to find Spaz Twit in the
    7th Century (phaser) and The Long One in the 8th Century (loincloth), return
    for reward after).

__  Orcon Convention at x14, y10.
__  Circus at x14, y4.
__  Grand Order of Merchants at x9, y5.
__  Mango tree raises intelligence to 65 at x8, y8.
__  Object in snow (random) at x5, y13.
__  Cuisinarts are located at x1, y9 (mega exp).
__  Baron Wilfrey's lair is at x11, y2.  Archer's defeat for their +.
__  Cosmic Sludge at x3, y6.

__  "U" in stone at x15, y8.
__  "D" in stone at x15, y4.
__  "R" in stone at x14, y6.
__  Jouster at x5, y11.
__  Dread Knight is located at x5, y14.  Knights defeat for their +.
__  Dark Keep located at x4, y4.
        __  The wizard can be freed if you enter Left 23 and Right 46.  Socerers
          must defeat to get their +.
        __  Stairs at x10, y0.
        __  Wizard at x3, y10.

__  Native's Cove, Nakazawa and Sherman at x10, y1.
__  Frenzy Spell at x8, y1.
__  Fountain raises Mgt for everyone located at x14, y9.
__  Gems was ashore at x12, y15 (go north and south for more gems).
__  Tower of Mercy at x4, y10.
        __  The wizard can be freed if you enter Right 32 and Left 64.  Sorcerers
          must defeat to get their +.
        __  Stairs at x15, y15.
        __  Wizard at x12, y5.
__  Murray's Cavern at x2, y2.
        __  Goofy Juice at x0, y9.
        __  Murray's Power Oil (raises hit points) at x5, y15.
        __  Murray at x1, y8.  He will ask you to kill Dawn at her Mist Bog and
          return for gold.
        __  Teleport to Dawn's Mist Bog at x0, y8.
        __  Murray's gold at x6, y5.  Steal it and all stats are reduced to 5.

__  Castle Woodhaven at x3, y14.
        __  Cupie Doll located at x7, y10.
        __  Quest Removal Elixir at x13, y2.
        __  Green Bishop of Battle (get Green Key in Middlegate) at x10, y6.
        __  Free food at x8, y6.
        __  M-27 Radicon at x2, y11.
        __  Lord Hoardall at x9, y11.  He asks you to take on a quest for him.
                __  Lord Hordall's quest: Sword of Valor (A2), Sword of Nobility
                (D1), and Sword of Honor (D4).
        __  Stairs to Dungeon Level One at x11, y9.
                __  Passage to Pinehurst Dungeon Level One at x1, y9.
                __  Exit to castle at x0, y15.
                __  Onyx Effigy at x4, y4.
                __  Sapphire Pin at x7, y1.
                __  Food at x8, y6.
                __  Orge Ale at x15, y0.
                __  Energize at x0, y7.
                __  Stairs to Dungeon Level Two at x13, y13.
                        __  Exit at x7, y15.
                        __ Tingling sensation at x12, y2.
                        __  Amethyst Box at x4, y6.
                        __  Pearl Choker at x10, y4.
                        __  Swap your luck at x8, y6.
                        __  Dragon requests gems for 10 exp each at x4, y4.
                        __  Changes alignment to Neutral at x7, y8.
                        __  Passageway to Pinehurst Dungeon Level Two at x8, y4.
__  Holy Word Spell at x5, y5 (face south).  Get before you meet the Ghosts to
    fight for Corak's Soul.
__  Corak's Soul at x10, y15.
__  Eat Meal A and then go to x2, y10.
__  Mark will give you 10,000 exp if you find his keys at x1, y1.  See the Death
    Spider in A2 at x2, y9 for the keys.
__  Fountain gives everyone 200 spell points at x1, y5.
__  Fountain at x1, y11.
__  Devil's Food at x1, y8.  Get Finger of Death Spell if you eat meals at

__  Fountain, Accuracy to 40 at x1, y13.
__  Town of Middlegate at x7, y3.
        __  Feldecarb Fountain (needs Farthing) at x15, y15.  Donate at all
          temples to get the Farthing, then you'll get the Castle Key.
        __  Nordon wants gold goblets from caverns and gives Eagle Eye Spell at
          x10, y2.
        __  Nordonna asks you to find sons Drog and Sir Hyron at x1, y2.
        __  Fountain of Clairvoyance at x8, y4.
        __  Cavern entrance at x8, y0.
                __  Treasure at x1, y0.
                __  Gold Goblet at x0, y7 (give to Nordon).
                __  Sir Hyron and Drog at x0, y15.
__  Corak's Cavern at x5, y11.
        __  Lloyd, gives Lloyd's Beacon Spell, at x7, y11.
        __  Man will open barrier for Corak's Tomb at x13, y3.
        __  Corak at x8, y0.  Clerics must reunite Corak's soul from area C1 with
          the body to earn their +.
__  Walk on Water Spell at x11, y1.
__  Monster Pit at x4, y4.
__  Square Lake Cavern at x10, y7.
        __  Password is WAFE at x0, y15.
__  Fountain gives everyone 20 spell points at x14, y10.
__  Castle Xabran (9th Century) is at x14, y8.
        __  Water Disc at x15, y0.
        __  Earth Disc at x6, y2.
        __  Fire Disc at x6, y14.
        __  Air Disc at x15, y15.
__  Fountain gives level 13 to characters at x2, y1.

__  Forbidden Forest Cavern at x15, y0.
        __  Exit at x7, y8.
        __  Frost Dragon at x8, y8.  Paladins must defeat for their +.
        __  Death's Agent at x11, y1.
        __  Devil's Envoy at x11, y14.
__  Passage behind falls at x11, y15 (leads to E3 at x13, y2).
__  "D" in stone at x3, y7.
__  "I" in stone at x3, y5.
__  "S" in stone at x1, y8.
__  Old Druid meets you after you eat Red Hot Wolf Nipple Chips (sold in City of
    Tundra), he gives you Nature's Gate Spell at x1, y9.
__  Druid's Point Cavern at x1, y6.  Password is Druids.
        __  Exit at x8, y0.
        __  Spinach (gives might) at x1, y15.
        __  Druid asks for a favor to defeat his disciple and return to him for
          reward (Divine Intervention Spell) at x15, y14.
        __  Disciple at x1, y5.
__  Warp at x11, y15.

__  Bruno, the Barbarian Chieftain, at x0, y15.  Barbarians must defeat for their +.
__  King Kalohn and the invincible Mega Dragon battled in the 9th Century (Era
    8) at  x14, y5.  Take the Element Orb and the four talons to him.  After
    you save history return to Luxus Palace Royale and you will be given the
    password WAFE.
__  Pool reduces hit points to 150 at x9, y14.
__  Door to Hell at x1, y9.

__  The Supreme Dragon Lord oversees a realm of Destruction at x10, y12.
__  Dragon's Dominion at x12, y14.
        __  Exit at x0, y9.
        __  Ancient Dragon at x15, y15.
        __  Ancient Dragon at x15, y8.
        __  1000 Hit points at x7, y14.
        __  Gold items at x13, y10.
        __  Fountain at x11, y2.
        __  Pool +10 hit points at x0, y0.
__  Bozorc has control of Dead Eye and Red Duke at x14, y1.
__  Goblin Village at x6, y1.
__  Goblin Village at x8, y1.
__  Goblin Village at x4, y1.
__  Goblin Village at x2, y1.
__  Sword of Nobility at x0, y8.
__  Wishing Well gives Per to 65 at x13, y9.
__  Star Burst at x5, y6.  Cast Nature's Gate Spell on Day 93.
__  Eat Meal C and go to x2, y7.

__  Jurors of Mount Fairview at x7, y0.
__  Luxus Palace Royale at x14, y14.
        __ Queen Lamanda at x7, y14.  See need you to get your + and win the
         triple crown (take a Black Ticket to the Arena, the Monster Bowl, and
         the Coliseum.  Then return to her).
        __  A-1 Todilor at x0, y6.
        __  Black Bishop of Battle at x14, y14.
        __  Stairs to Dungeon Level One at x0, y0.
                __  Exit at x11, y9.
                __  Topaz Shard at x0, y15.
                __  Sensation Room at x11, y14.
                __  Magical Well at x5, y0.
                __  Amber Skull at x0, y0.
                __  Passage to Hillstone Dungeon Level One at x15, y0.
                __  Stairs to Dungeon Level Two at x13, y5.
                        __  Exit to Level One at x10, y2.
                        __  Juggler gives you maxed out hit points at x0 y15 for a
                      million gold pieces.
                        __  Lever marked "AE" at x5, y11.  Changes alignment to Evil.
                        __  Fountain at x4, y8.  Makes everyone female.
                        __  Molecule Chamber at x15, y0.
                        __  Quartz Skull at x14, y14.
                        __  Teleport to Hillstone Dungeon Level Two at x11, y1.
                        __  Sun Crown at x15, y13.
                        __  Increase strength at x8,  y11.
__  Magical Fruit Tree gives Mgt to 200 at x1, y12.
__  Magical Fruit Tree gives Speed to 200 at x1, y7.
__  Magical Fruit Tree turns one character to stone at x3, y9.
__  Mandugaul at x6, y8.

__  Rift Hole sends you to the Normadic Rift Cavern (E3) at x10, y8.
__  Rift Hole sends you to the Normadic Rift Cavern (E3) at x13, y7.
__  Lich Lord holds Mr. Wizard captive at x1, y14.
__  Tree Bark will give everyone 200 spell points at x3, y14.
__  Man looks for Cupie Doll at x7, y13.  If given one he will tell you to seek
    the Pool of Inner Limits at E3 x10, y12.

__  Castle Hillstone at x13, y1.
        __  N-19 Capitor at x3, y13.
        __  Quest Removal Elixir at x13, y2.
        __  Friar Fly and Dark Mage at x8, y4.
        __  Red Bishop of Battle at x11, y4.
        __  Free Food at x12, y2.
        __  Booby Prize at x2, y3.
        __  Lord Slayer at x5, y2.
                __  Lord Slayer's Quest: Dragon Lord (D1), Queen Beetle (E2), and
                    the Serpent King (E3).
        __  Stairs to Dungeon Level One at x10, y13.
                __  Exit at x8, y15.
                __  Orc at x0, y0.
                __  Coral Broach at x1, y14.
                __  Passage to Woodhaven Dungeon Level One at x15, y15.
                __  Trade gold for experience at x11, y5.
                __  Crystal Vial at x15, y14.
                __  Strength at x11, y1.
                __  Stairs to Dungeon Level Two at x5, y1.
                        __  Exit at x0, y12.
                        __  Ruby Amulet at x4, y0.
                        __  Fountain makes everyone male at x0, y8.
                        __  Lapis Scarab at x15, y15.
                        __  Experience Well (loss of all gold) at x9, y15.
                        __  Passage to Woodhaven Dungeon Level Two at x7, y10.
                        __  Strengthener at x10, y7.
                        __  Knowledge at x3, y9.
__  Dawn's Mist Cavern at x3, y7.
        __  Passage to Murray's Vacation Island (B4 x0, y8) at x11, y3.
        __  Dawn at x8, y9.
        __  Holy Moley and Slick Pick at x4, y11.
        __  Lucky Charms increase your luck at x12, y7.
        __  Element Orb (need Todilor, Radicon, Fluxer, and Capitor) at x10, y15. 
            If you have trouble getting it, dismiss a hireling and he may take it
            with him.
__  Lepercon at x7, y14.
__  Farm of Fear at x9, y11.
__  Sword of Honor at x14, y11.
__  Fountain makes all stats go to 40 at x1, y5.
__  Fountain makes everyone's level 20 at x3, y10.
__  City of Vulcania at x3, y4.
        __  At the bar eat Fried Troll Liver to meet Thund R. and Aeriel at x4,
        __  Cavern beneath Vulcania at x10, y0.
                __  Exit at x10, y0.
                __  Harry Kari and No Name are at x1, y14.
                __  Endurance gained at x15, y15.
__  Gemmaker Volcano at x15, y15.
        __  Enchant Item Spell at x3, y3.
        __  Exit at x0, y15.
__  Fire Encasement Spell at x14, y14.
__  Fountain kills one character at x11, y2.
__  Fire Transmutation Spell at x8, y8.
__  Elemental Plane of Fire at x15, y15.
        __  The Fire Talon is enshrined at x4, y4.  Must have Fire Disc.
        __  Treasure at x0, y0.
__  Eat Meal B and go to x2, y6.

__  The Queen Beetle at x11, y6.
__  Fountain gives 200 to all stats at x11, y9.
__  The Long One (Era 7) at x4, y5.
__  Free Food at x14, y4.
__  Free Food at x10, y1.

__  The Mighty Serpent King slithers at x5, y6.
__  Small oasis, find 40 food at x2, y10.
__  Nomadic Rift Cavern at x5, y5.
        __  Treadmill, increases your speed, at x0, y15.
        __  Exit at x15, y7.
__  Inner Limits Pool at x10, y12.  If you have seen the man asking for the
    Cupie Doll it will give you strength, if not it will melt your equipment.

__  Town of Sansobar at x4, y10.
        __  Cavern under Sansobar at x10, y0.
                __  Exit at x12, y7.
                __  Zombie, gives Admit 8 Pass, at x0, y0.
                __  Dog Whistle at x12, y3.
                __  Master Thief Pinaldo Jr. at x0, y12.
        __  At the Tavern eat one of everything on menu to meet H.K. Phooey at x4, y10.
        __  Wizard Eye Spell at x7, y4.
__  Elemental Plane of Earth at x15, y0.
        __  Earth Talon rests at x8, y8 (must have Earth Disc).
__  Earth Transmutation Spell at x8, y8.
__  Fountain famed for healing power at x1, y6.
__  Earth Encasement Spell at x14, y1.

__  Green Interleave: One letter after another 2-1-3-4.
__  Green Message #1: o_a_ivaoc_eehu_whss_na>eTeno_aoacs_bciltgth_k
__  Green Message #2: F_e__iuteeustj__ceetuF>i_virs_ri_sAb_aaoritrs (B3 x12,
__  Green Message #3: r_c_nil_ot,eer_h_i_Mtr>_wrl_uopptl._Readlh_het. (B2 x14,
__  Green Message #4: __h_dd_bmr___y_irdao_v>.a_gpfprea_crb__aw_ia.
__  Green Message: For each individual to become true, see the jury which
    resides at Mount Fairview.  Travel in groups of appropriate class.  A Robber
    can aid all others with their tasks.
__  Red Interleave: One letter, then two, and finally three letters.  Repeat. 
    Use this order: 8-5-2-6-1-3-9-7-4.
__  The Red Interleave:  To right ancient wrongs, the solution is very long. The
    Triple Crown must first be done, with Arena, Monster Bowl and Colosseum to
    be won. Next the party must split individually so that each may fulfill
    their personal destiny. Request an audience with the Queen so the Chosen One
    can be seen. Travel through time with Talons and Orb. Save the dead King
    from destruction and get the password. Then visit the lake geometrics to
    find passage to that which you must hurriedly fix.
__  Red Message #1: twrs_vist_Arlume_pisoll_est_eQes_tinthtruehemetswhly.
__  Red Message #2: entioTn,_woosxt,_tll_fu_eq_ithon_hro_avom_td,ke_ahaurr.
__  Red Message #3: 'goneryp_fena_tartn_tthes_a_ueeneeme_de_cti_n._ricaicfix.
__  Red Message #4: th_Th_bterd_w_spveasonn_di_he_nTralor_K_gest_ind_u.
__  Red Message #5: aciolu_awoneBol_Neiuamayl_R_e_whcal_ts_S_fr_or_lap_tt_h.
__  Red Message #6: rt_n_irmuithwse_th_y_lfidue>_thsbeughae_desh_Tgeost_ied.
__  Red Message #7: t_ng.estonsnbeustit_periau_o_tO_h_TOadandasio_FeyoVc.
__  Red Message #8: Tane_seCre_d_Con._lidch_ay._encCe_averb,_ingetswthe_tomus.
__  Red Message #9: Hgs_lolir,_Mai_y_mdhair_tn_ns_n,wit.dwon_pvis_tgh._J.
__  Yellow Interleave: Every two letters should be matched 'til the end.  Try
    this way 9-5-6-1-7-4-2-8-3.
__  The Yellow Interleave:  If personal statistics you'd like to enhance, with
    circus games you should take a chance. Win dumb prizes, but don't feel bad.
    You can offer these toys to an old man who can be had. His hut in the
    wilderness is dwarfed by a tree. For the toy, he gives you a tip for free.
    Drink from the Inner Limits pool. Though once it was acid, now it is cool.
    With thirst now thoroughly sated, go back to the circus and play games to
    raise those statistics which you truly hated.
__  Yellow Message #1: sooucemekeumn'caysho_hne_a>oy_tnkLih_,_Wior_bs_o_isru.
__  Yellow Message #2: stikthouhaizelfean_bn_s_e.>_gorm__p_iithilytople__wat.
__  Yellow Message #3: istoirhoe.,_adthldhae_arror>esree_l.was_t_athe_gosch.
__  Yellow Message #4: l___lwi_y_cprfeofo_an_i_ire>he_frotscew__tghk_d_iscs_h.
__  Yellow Message #5: _pcsnhs_d_int_Yoe_an_>heou_Dnehoacolw_,_iresstou.
__  Yellow Message #6: er_yangata_ddou_to_wiserby>_t_arir_ugid._thgocu_tat_t.
__  Yellow Message #7: __na'd,_es_ab_t>n__t_cutss_t_,_ip>fmionnothouacanratily.
__  Yellow Message #8: ate__c_snces_br__oe_thdw_F>iv_fthoot__irs_s_taythhied.
__  Yellow Message #9: Ifti_ecuul_wbu._es_md.wife>_t_ye.In_Ts_conoed_Came__y.
__  Win the blackest of battles and you are half way to a meeting with Queen
__  Day 93 is Nature's Day.  If on day 93 you cast Nature's Gate Spell you will
    be sent to the Star Burst and receive the spell of the same name.
__  To find Spaz Twit (ancestor of Lord Haart) travel to the 7th Century.
__  The Fluxer, Radicon, Todilor, and Capitor are essential to gain the Element
__  To win the Bishop's battle buy three tickets and key in that Bishop's color.
    Go to the three arenas and then return to that colored bishop.
__  Robbers should accompany at least one class or maybe all on their quests to
    reach their +.
__  Pegasus is called Meenu.
__  To find the true angel on the Evil Wizard Ybmug follow the Dark path. 1-3-1-
    (3 or 7)-9-11-A-C-G-I.
__  The correct approach to the Good Wizard Yekop follow the path of Light.

AWESOME ITEMS- Choose view character at any time.  When the message "View
Which?" appears, press and hold Left, A, and C in that order.  Release all 3
buttons simultaneously.  You'll see some strange super powered characters with
various items.

BONUS CHARACTERS- Select "View Character" and wait for the dot to move onto your
character list.  Next hold Left + A + C in order.  Release all buttons
simultaneously and you'll see a list of 10 or so players.  These PCs are loaded
with goodies like +53 Photo Blades, magic armor, and the occasional quest item!

FREE FOOD- In you list of commands select Share and then Food.  Do this several
times and your entire party's food supply will increase.  You may also go beyond
the limit of 40 units with this trick.

SECRET TREASURE- In order to do this trick you have to place two hirelings in
your party.  Once you have two hirelings, allow yourself to be attacked by an
enemy.  After you beat the enemy, dismiss one of your hirelings and search for
the treasure chest.  When you open the treasure chest, you will find a nice
surprise inside.

STAR BURST- Cast "Enchant Item", but don't choose an item to enchant.  Instead,
press the B button to abort the spell in the midst of casting.  The "Star Burst"
spell will be added to your spell list.

End of Game Passwords:
__  Password for Square Lake Cavern is WAFE.
__  "We, the people of Cron, in order to form a more perfect union, establish
     Justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense..."
__  Answer: PREAMBLE.
      Code: UYAZKDFA if started with Qa, eca.
      Code: DFPZAMRP if started with Np, ktp.
       Item:     Can Use:     Rate:       Bonus:      Spells:
Accurate Sword   KPAR         10          Acc+10
Acidic Sword     KPAR         10          Acid+15     S3/1
Axe, Battle      KPARB        10
Axe, Great       KPAB         15
Axe, Hand        KPARNB       05
Bardiche         KPAB         13
Blazing Axe      KPARB        10          Fire+15
Bull Whip        KCSRNB       05
Chance Sword     KPAR         10          Luck+15
Club, Large      All          04
Club, Small      All          02
Club, Spiked     KPASRNB      06
Cold Blade       KPAR         10          Cold+15   S4/1
Cudgel           KPACRB       05
Cutlass          KPAR         07
Dagger           KPASRNB      04
Dagger, Long     KPASRNB      06
Dark Trident     KPAB         30          AC+15
Divine Mace      KPACRB       14          AC+10      C9/1
Dyno Katana      KN           20          Elec+15    Lvl+15
Ego Scimitar     KPAR         09          Per+12
Electric Axe     KPARB        10          Elec+15    S3/4
Electric Sword   KPAR         10          Elec+15    S6/5
Energy Blade     KPAR         20          Enrg+15    S6/1
Energy Whip      KCSRNB       06          Enrg+15    S1/6
Exacto Spear     KPARNB       07          Acc+6
Fast Cutlass     KPAR         07          Spd+4
Fiery Spear      KPARNB       07          Fire+15    S4/3
Fire Glaive      KPAB         10          Fire+15    S4/3
Flail            KPACR        08
Flamberge        KPA          16
Flaming Sword    KPAR         10          Fire+15    S4/3
Flash Sword      KPAR         10          Enrg+15    S3/4
Force Sword      KPAR         20          Mgt+15     Mgt+15
Genius Staff     KACSN        16          Int+10     Lvl+15
Glaive           KPAB         15
Grand Axe        KPARB        20          Mgt+15     Mgt+15
Halberd          KPAB         14
Hammer, Great    KPACB        14
Hammer, War      KPACB        10
Harsh Hammer     KPACB        15          Mgt+3
Holy Cudgel      PC           10          Per+15      C9/2
Ice Scimitar     KPAR         18          Cold+15     S6/3
Ice Sickle       KPAB         16          Cold+15     S4/1
Katana           KN           10
Knife, Large     SPASRNB      05
Knife, Small     KPASRNB      03
Looter Knife     KPASRNB      06          Thf+15
Lucky Knife      KPASRNB      05          Luck+10
Mace             KPACRB       07
Magic Sword      KPAR         20          Magic+15   Lvl+15
Maul             KPACRB       06
Mauler Mace      KPACRB       07          Mgt+6
Mighty Whip      KCSRNB       06          Mgt+3
Moon Halberd     KPAB         30          Luck+15    C7/3
Naginata         KN           12
Nunchukas        KN           06
Photon Blade     K            25          Mgt+15     S9/1
Pike             KPAB         12
Power Club       All          06          Mgt+3
Power Cudgel     KPACRB       05          Mgt+3
Quick Flail      KPACR        08          Spd+5
Rapid Katana     KN           10          Spd+6
Sabre            KPAR         08
Sage Dagger      AS           08          Int+15    Lvl+15
Scimitar         KPAR         09
Scorch Maul      KPACRB       06          Fire+15
Scythe           KPAB         09
Sharp Sabre      KPAR         08          Fire+15
Shock Flail      KPACR        08          Elec+15   S2/2
Sickle           KPAB         08
Slumber Club     All          04          Sleep+15   S1/7
Sonic Whip       KCSRNB       06          PHP+15     C2/4
Soul Scythe      KPAB         18          Magic+15   S5/2
Spear            KPARNB       07
Speedy Sword     KPAR         10          Spd+10
Staff            All          08
Stone Hammer     KPACB        18          Magic+15
Swift Axe        KPARB        20          Spd+15     Spd+15
Sword, Broad     KPAR         10
Sword, Long      KPAR         08
Sword, Short     KPARN        06
Sun Naginata     KN           25          AC+15      Lvl+15
Thunder Axe      KPAR         20          Mgt+15     S3/4
Titan's Pike     KPAB         40          Mgt+15     Mgt+15
Trident          KPAB         11
Tri-Sickle       KPAB         24
True Axe         KPARB        10          Acc+5
Wakizashi        KN           08
Wind Staff       S            16          Int+15     S7/4

Missile Weapons:
Ancient Bow      KPA          35          Acc+15     Acc+15
Blowpipe         KPASRNB      04
Burning Bow      KPARN        08          Fire+10    C3/5
Cinder Pipe      KPASRNB      04          Fire+10    S4/3
Crossbow         KPARN        08
Death Bow        KPA          24          Luck+15    Lvl+15
Energy Sling     SKARNB       10          Enrg+15    S1/3
Fireball Bow     SPAN         10          Fire+15    S4/3
Giant Sling      KPARNB       15          PHP+15     Mgt+15
Great Bow        KPA          12
Long Bow         KPAN         10
Meteor Bow       KPA          24          AC+15       S8/3
Pirates' Crsbow  KPARN        08          Thf+10%     Acc+15
Quiet Sling      KPARNB       05          Sleep+15    C2/6
Shaman Pipe      KPASRNB      04          Magic+10    SpLvl+1
Short Bow        KPAN         06
Sling            KPARNB       05
Star Bow         KPA          24          Enrg+15     S9/3
Voltage Bow      KPAN         10          Elec+10     S3/4

Acid Shield      KPCRB        03          Acid+15
Bronze Ch. Mail  KPACR        06          PHP+15
Bronze Helm      KPCB         02          PHP+15
Bronze Pl. Mail  KP           08          PHP+15
Bronze Ring Mail KPACRN       05          PHP+15
Bronze Scl. Mail KPACRNB      04          PHP+15
Bronze Shield    KPCRB        03          PHP+15
Bronze Spl. Mail KPC          07          PHP+15
Chain Mail       KPACR        06
Cold Shield      KPCRB        03          Cold+15
Electric Shield  KPCRB        03          Elec+15
Fire Shield      KPCRB        03          Fire+15
Gold Ch. Mail    KPACR        08          Luck+15     Lvl+10
Gold Helm        KPCB         04          Luck+15     Lvl+5
Gold Pl. Mail    KP           12          Luck+15     Lvl+15
Gold Ring Mail   KPACRN       07          Luck+15     Lvl+10
Gold Scl. Mail   KPACRNB      06          Luck+15     Lvl+10
Gold Shield      KPCRB        07          Luck+15
Gold Spl. Mail   KPC          09          Luck+15     Lvl+12
Helm             KPCB         02
Iron Ch. Mail    KPACR        06          Sleep+15
Iron Helm        KPCB         02          Sleep+15
Iron Pl. Mail    KP           08          Sleep+15
Iron Ring Mail   KPACRN       05          Sleep+15
Iron Scl. Mail   KPACRNB      04          Sleep+15
Iron Shield      KPCRB        03          Sleep+15
Iron Spl. Mail   KPC          07          Sleep+15
Leather Suit     KPACRNB      03
Magic Shield     KPCRB        05          Magic+15
Padded Armor     All          02
Plate Armor      KP           10
Plate Mail       KP           08
Ring Mail        KPACRN       05
Scale Armor      KPACRNB      04
Shield, Great    KPCRB        03
Shield, Large    KPCRB        02
Shield, Small    KPCRB        01
Silver Ch. Mail  KPACR        06          Enrg+15
Silver Helm      KPCB         03          Enrg+15
Silver Pl. Mail  KP           08          Enrg+15
Silver Ring Mail KPACRN       05          Enrg+15
Silver Scl. Mail KPACRNB      04          Enrg+15
Silver Shield    KPCRB        03          Enrg+15
Silver Spl. Mail KPC          07          Enrg+15
Splint Mail      KPC          07

Copyright © 1997 Angelique Ochs. All rights reserved.


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