Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheat Codes

25 de junho de 2009

Códigos de trapaça para o UT2003. Em inglês.

Press [`] in game to bring down the console, or press “TAB” for
the quick console. Then type one of the following commands:

God – Toggle God Mode
Amphibious – Underwater Breathing
Fly – Fly Mode
Ghost – Walk through walls
Walk – Return walking to normal
Invisible [bool] – Turn invisibility on or off (true / false)
Teleport – Teleport to where your crosshair is pointing
AllAmmo – Full ammo on all possessed weapons
Allweapons – Give all weapons
Loaded – Give all weapons and full amo on them (combo of
allammo and allweapons
SkipMatch – Win the current match and advance on the ladder
JumpMatch [int] – Jump to a specific match on the ladder, where (int)
is a number. For example 43 for ladder 4,rung 3
ChangeSize [float] – Change the player size by factor # (0.25 or 2.0)
LockCamera – Toggle locking the camera in its current position
FreeCamera [bool] – Delink the camera rotation from the actor
ViewSelf [bool] – Reset the camera to view the player
(true to be quiet, false to have sound)
ViewBot – Cycle the camera through the viewable bots
ViewFlag – View the actor current carrying the flag
ViewPlayer [string] – Change the camera view to the given player
ViewActor [string] – Change the camera view to the given actor
ViewClass [string] – Change the camera view to the given class
KillViewedActor – Kill the actor the camera is currently viewing.
Do NOT kill yourself! (Game will get stuck)
Avatar [string] – Possess a pawn of the given class
Summon [string] – Summon the given object
SetCameraDist [float] – Set the distance the camera has from its target
SetGravity [float] – Change gravitational pull
SetJumpZ [float] – Change Jump height
SetSpeed [float] – Mutiply the Player water and ground speed with
the given value
ListDynamicActors – Output all dynamic actors to the log file
FreezeFrame [float] – Pause the game for the given duration
SetFogR [float] – Set red color component of fog
SetFogG [float] – Set green color component of fog
SetFogB [float] – Set blue color component of fog
SetFlash [float] – Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
CauseEvent [string] – Trigger the given event
LogSciptedSequences – Toggle logging for all scripted sequences
KillPawns – Kill all actor pawns except the player
KillAll [string] – Kill everything of the given class, i.e. KillAll Pawn
KillAllPawns [string] – Kill all pawns of the given class
PlayersOnly – Toggle the level to a players only level
CheatView [string] – Toggle to view to the given actor
WriteToLog – Write the string ‘NOW!’ to the game log
ReviewJumpSpots [str] – Test jumping, the parameter can be ‘Transloc’,
‘Jump’, ‘Combo’ or ‘LowGrav’.

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