Como distribuir jogos de RPG Maker sem RTP

18 de setembro de 2009

O seguinte tutorial, em inglês, ensina como distribuir o seu jogo do RPG Maker 2000 sem necessidade do usuário instalar o RTP, o qual deixa o arquivo expressivamente maior, dificultando o processo. É útil, por exemplo, para aqueles que tem projetos antigos, ou novos, no RM2000 e estão querendo lançar uma versão mais leve e prática. Note que, para isso funcionar, o instalador interno do RM2k não serve, você tera que zipar ou usar algum outro programa que cria instalações, como por exemplo, o Install Creator.

How to distribute games without RTP

This tutorial assumes u have knowledge of the directories and moving files around. If ya don’t the read a tutorial on Windows Explorer and leave RM2K for a lil while lol.

The first thing you need to do is open up the RPG_RT.ini file inside you’re game directory. Then add the following line EXACTLY

FullPackageFlag = 1

Then copy the Harmony.dll file in from the RTP directory ( or anywhere you can find it ) and paste it into the the Game directory. Now you’re game is ready to be distributed…..

But all the resources need to be in the Game directories. An easy way to do this is to rename the RTP folder. Name it RTP2 for arguments sake. Now when you try to load the game it’ll tell you in sequence how many files are missing. Go through every aspect of you’re game to check for faults too

This tutorial is for use with a custom install maker and not the original RM2K install feature. To use that just take all resources out of the RTP folders and put all you need into the game directories. And then check the include RTP option lol. Not tested this myself but in theory it should work, plus i’ve seen another tutorial that supports this theory

If you have any more questions then plz contact me


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