Switches Por Mark Austin

21 de agosto de 2011

Um simples tutorial/texto sobre Switches no RPG Maker 2000/2003. É realmente bem simples, portanto interessante para os iniciantes. O autor, Mark Austin, divide o tuto em três partes: Introdução, Gerenciamento de Switches e Usando Switches. Quem não sabe o que são switches nestes makers, deve dar uma olhada, pois realizam funções que são fundamentais na criação de role playing video games. O texto está em inglês…


  • Introduction
  • Managing Switches
  • Using Switches

RPG Maker 2000 uses things called “switches” to make events “change” during the process of the game you make. Switches are VERY helpful when making a game, when you are done reading this tutorial, you will understand the concepts toward switches.

Managing Switches
Managing switches in RPG Maker 2000 is very easy, switches are defined as number but RPG Maker 2000 lets you name them to make it easier to remember what you used each switch for. For example:


The following is somewhat of what your switch list should look like, when you name a switch it could look somewhat like this.

0001: Introduction End
0002: Kill First Boss
0003: Open chest 1
0004: Starting Quest 1

As you progress into managing your switches, don’t worry about the name to your switces, that just reminds YOU what YOU wanted that switch to be used for.

Using Switches
Now that you have the basic sense of how switches operate. You should be able to understand how to use a switch with the following information.

Let’s say you wanted a chest to give you an item and of course a chest can only open once right? Well, switches make it possible to open a chest and NOT happen again. Here is how it works, as you make a treasure chest and open it, at the very end of all your events you will want to use the CHANGE SWITCH command. In this command select a black switch and name it something to remind you what it is like “Open Chest 1”. Now, after doing so you will of course want this to happen only once and never more so this is what you do. Make a new page in the event you made, in this page select the SWITCH box and select the “Open Chest 1” switch that you made. So, now when you open this chest, it will always stay on the 2nd page becuase you cut that “Open Chest 1” switch on. The graphic managment and all is up to you from there on out. Please remember that I am only explaining switches not “How to make a proper chest event” or anything.

Congratulations, you now know the basics to making switches and using them.

Created By: Mark Austin

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