Detonado do Chrono Trigger

19 de julho de 2013

Trazemos aqui um detonado (walkthrough) em inglês do Chrono Trigger, o antológico e altamente seminal RPG do Super Nintendo. O texto foi adicionado atendendo a um pedido feito na nossa página do Facebook.

O autor do detonado é o Phoenix 1911.

FAQ/Walkthrough (rev. 1.337; May 13th, 2003)
by Phoenix 1911 <>

This document should be your complete resource for Chrono Trigger on the
Super Nintendo.  I hope everything you need is within this guide; if
not, make sure to take note of other great FAQs on  Yeah.
Uh, I'm not really inspired introduction-wise, so I'll shut up before I
hurt myself... have a nice day.  Before we start, though, heads up to
the people on the Chrono Trigger message board--the vets in
particular--without whom this document would never be as accurate as it
is now.  Thanks!

As for the legal junk: this guide is unofficial, my property, all rights
reserved, and... stuff.  Don't gain any profit!  If you value yourself
as much as I value this FAQ, don't mess with it.  Do not reproduce or
alter it without my prior permission, except for personal, private use.
Try to remember that copyright infringement and plagiarism both suck and
are punishable by law--please stay away from them.  I ask other authors
to ask for permission when they want to use info from this guide, and I
expressly forbid websites other than GameFAQs <>
to post this guide.  Thanks for your courtesy, and have fun.

Note that I changed e-mail addresses; everything sent to my
after September 2004 was not received by me.  See above for my new
address, and sorry for any inconvenience.


Restructured and rewrote nearly all text, general layout revision, and a
few cosmetic modifications.  Elaborated on some things and decided to
include some charts.  So yes--it was not a _complete_ waste of your time
to download this if you had an older copy.  Anyway, this version took a
time to get done, which is why the version number is so cool.  You're

And... this FAQ is now exactly 1 year old!  This update appears exactly
after its first publication (and thus my debut in the world of FAQs and
FAQ authors).  Rejoice!


        1-A:  General Info
        1-B:  Getting Acquainted
        1-C:  Combat

        2-A:  The Millennial Fair
        2-B:  The Queen Returns
        2-C:  The Queen is Gone
        2-D:  We're Back!
        2-E:  The Trial
        2-F:  Beyond the Ruins
        2-G:  The Factory Ruins
        2-H:  The End of Time
        2-I:  The Village of Magic
        2-J:  The Hero Appears
        2-K:  Tata and the Frog
        2-L:  The Rare Red Rock
        2-M:  Footsteps!  Follow!
        2-N:  The Masamune!
        2-O:  Magus' Castle
        2-P:  Forward to the Past
        2-Q:  Unnatural Selection?
        2-R:  The Magic Kingdom
        2-S:  Break the Seal!
        2-T:  The Guru on Mt. Woe
        2-U:  What Lies Beyond?
        2-V:  Lavos Beckons
        2-W:  The New King
        2-X:  The Time Egg
        2-Y:  The Fated Hour
        2-Z:  The Final Battle

        3-A:  The Sunken Desert
        3-B:  Ozzie's Fort
        3-C:  Origin of Machines
        3-D:  The Sun Stone
        3-E:  Cyrus' Ghost
        3-F:  The Rainbow Shell

        4-A:  New Game +
        4-B:  Game Endings
        4-C:  Damage Calculation
        4-D:  Miscellaneous

  5.  CHARTS
        5-A:  Items
        5-B:  Equipment
        5-C:  Magic




  A preface ("mini-review", Chrono series breakdown), introduction to
  the storyline, and the cast of characters--what more do you want?

 == 1.  PREFACE ======================================

    Chrono Trigger; possibly the best role-playing game ever released on
    the Super Nintendo?  If not, it's definitely one of the best; with
    the "big three" of Squaresoft working on the game, it definitely
    _has_ to be good.  You gotta acknowledge: for a Super Nintendo game,
    audio and video are top-notch, and the various features (New Game +,
    and of course, multiple endings) are just pure innovation.  The game
    is a favorite of numerous people, and not for no reason.  The mad
    idea of making a FAQ for this game even slipped into my mind, so
    that counts for something.

    As a small note, Chrono Trigger has been re-released for play on the
    PlayStation (it's included in Final Fantasy Chronicles, a package
    also including Final Fantasy IV), and though it was apparently not a
    good port (the loading times were elongated significantly), there're
    extras like anime cut-scenes.  I suppose you can't get the original
    SNES-cartridge anymore (or actually, don't want to pay hell-amounts
    of hard-earned cash to those money-hungry scrubs selling their half-
    broken, dirt-infested, empty-battery cartridges on the Internet), so
    your only way of playing the game without illegally downloading the
    ROM-dump is the PSX-port.  Unless this FAQ's version is outdated,
    meaning you probably can't get your hands on the PSX-port as well...
    oh well.

    There's also a sequel to the game, Chrono Cross, released on the
    PlayStation as well.  I personally enjoyed this game, though there
    are many people who thoroughly disgusted it.  Have a check at a few
    reviews first if you want to see it.  Rumors are that another Chrono
    game is in the works.  The name "Chrono Break" was registered as a
    trademark, but for all we know it's the name for a new brand
    laxative dog cookies.  So... I dunno.  Stay tuned, however.

 == 2.  STORYLINE ====================================

    You take the role of Crono, a teenage boy, and the seemingly silent
    protagonist of the game.  So one day, his mom tells him to wake up
    and see his friend Lucca, as he received an invitation to view her
    new invention.  He goes to the square, which is festooned with happy
    colors and stuff to celebrate the new millennium--it's 1000 A.D.!
    Crono meets a strange girl, Marle, while walking around, and with
    her he heads off to Lucca's site.  However!  Lucca's invention, a
    machine that's supposed to warp things from one place to another,
    goes kaput for some reason, and our friends are pumped through time.

    Consequently, Crono and co. visit many places, discover many things,
    and are joined by new friends from various eras.  To their surprise,
    though, he will discover that in the future, the evil Lavos has (er,
    "will", actually) gone Godzilla and left no future left for humanity
    by destroying the entire civilization.  I will leave it up to you to
    guess what your ultimate mission in the game is.

 == 3.  CAST OF CHARACTERS ===========================

    What's a role-playing game without people whose role you can play?
    The following list is sorted in the order that they join you--if you
    are *heavily* allergic to spoilers (i.e. you consider being able to
    recruit someone a spoiler), well, the scrollbar is to your right.

     - a.  CRONO -------------------------------------

       He is you, and you are da punk rocker of the game!  While he may
       _look_ like a normal and silent (his dialogue is not displayed)
       teenager, he is in fact the hero of the game.  Wearing a bandana
       (which seem to increase in popularity these days) and having the
       name of the game somewhat incorporated into his own name (and how
       cool is THAT), he lives in the peaceful Truce village, where
       youngsters are allowed to walk around with sharp katana blades,
       crossbows, and guns.

       In battle, Crono is all-around.  He wields a katana blade for
       close-up work, and casts lightning-magic to do the rest.  Most of
       the time, you are going to have Crono in your team because, uh,
       you HAVE to.  But it's not a biggy; he'll prove to be very useful
       in battle.  Even though his magic-stat isn't too special, his
       physical assaults hurt, and his strongest lightning-spell is the
       best single tech in the game.  And when it comes to speed: Crono
       is as fast as lightning.  Get it?  GET IT?!  Funny... I know.

     - b.  MARLE (NADIA) -----------------------------

       Of course, there's always a woman in the game--mostly a healing
       mage at that, in RPGs--and Marle fulfills that role.  There is
       something strange about this girl, and you're about to find out
       soon...  She lives in the kingdom of Guardia, 1000 A.D., and you
       will meet her in Leene Square in the beginning of the game.  Oh,
       and she also has blonde hair, if that counts for something.

       So yeah, her fighting skills are absolutely nothing compared to
       the big guys (and one gal): the only thing Marle's good for is
       healing.  She has a legion of healing spells in her bag of magic
       techs, but oddly enough, she has no good target-all curative
       magic to her potential!  Which basically makes her a useless
       healer later in the game; a darn shame.  Marle uses a bow (which
       is ultra-weak) and knows a few water-attacks.

     - c.  LUCCA ASHTEAR -----------------------------

       Also referred to as the BRAiNZ (tm) or the Goofy Glasses (tm),
       Lucca is a downright genius when it comes to, well, everything.
       Her brilliant mind will prove to be useful many, many times.
       Even when you don't need it.

       Lucca's mainly an offensive magic user.  Her fire-techs combined
       with her intelligence equals lotsa fireworks--hurtin' fireworks
       at that.  Lucca will eventually have one of the best magic-stats.
       However, she's physically as weak as Marle, and that's REALLY
       weak.  Another downside is that Lucca's so damn slow that a snail
       on a reversed conveyor belt would probably catch up with her; but
       providentially, the speed-stat is an improvable statistic.

     - d.  FROG (GLENN) ------------------------------

       Frog is a human-sized, Old English-speaking, sword-carrying and
       original name-having frog.  Once upon a time, there was a noble
       knight in him, but an evil wizard put an end to that by turning
       him into what he is now...  That certain man also happens to have
       killed Frog's best friend; revenge is what he wants!  He resides
       in a forest in the Middle Ages, where he lives to protect the
       Queen, and to one day, avenge his friend.  (*cough*--I sound like
       a game-magazine writer, man!)

       A pretty powerful fighter.  Being officially authorized to wield
       the legendary Masamune, Frog knows how to kick some rear ends
       properly.  He employs water-magic to take care of the rest, and
       casts healing spells on the sluggish crew.  Frog's proficient in
       both the physical department and the magical area, making him
       very useful in battle.

     - e.  ROBO (R-66Y/PROMETHEUS) -------------------

       Being found in a destroyed dome in the future, Robo seriously IS
       the Biggest Toy Ever Seen.  After being repaired by the whiz kid,
       Robo will assist you on your Quest To Save The World.  That Lucca
       woman also somehow managed to plug emotions in Robo.  If we,
       people from the twenty-first century, are not able doing so, and
       this li'l Mastermind From More Than A Thousand Years Earlier can,
       I guess she must be _extremely_ smart.  So.  Erm... back to Robo.

       Due to his variety in techs and his fantastic physical strength,
       and his Heal Beam (which is OH-SO-MIGHTY should you upgrade his
       magic-stat enough...), Robo is definitely one of the most useful
       characters in the game, and an all-time favorite of mine.  Though
       he has no elemental affinity, his physical strength and defense
       are immense.  However, high stats consequent in other stats being
       downgraded, and unfortunately, yet fortunately, his speed is not
       exactly good.  The fact that you can beef up the speed-stat
       through the use of Speed Tabs makes up for it, though.

     - f.  AYLA --------------------------------------

       Coming from the prehistoric era, Ayla is a woman whose fists do
       the talkin'.  With *girl power* like that, she managed to become
       the chief of Ioka village, and the threatening Reptites run away
       terrified at the sight of her.  She will eventually join you to
       help fighting Lavos.

       Talking about physical strength, Ayla is definitely the one you
       must have.  The yang of melee attacks suffers greatly, though; do
       not even MENTION magic to her, 'cause she's apparently too stupid
       to handle it.  Ayla is the fastest character in the game as well,
       utilizes only her fists when dishing out damage (amount of damage
       depends on her level and the power-stat; you cannot "change her
       weapons" as you do with other characters), and knows the "Charm"-
       spell.  With this piece, she can steal items from other monsters!
       Spiffy ability, I tell you.

     - g.  MAGUS -------------------------------------

       While Magus may _look_ like a malevolent wizard, he... well, *is*
       a malevolent wizard...  Being sent from the past to the Middle
       Ages resulting from a dimensional break, he lives and prepares to
       one day face and SPLAT Lavos once and for all.  He'll ultimately
       become a member of your party (that is to say, unless you don't
       want him to join), to help you on your quest of saving the world
       yet again.  Although, I don't really think he'd agree with the
       "help you"-part.

       But oh well, we could always use a new individual in our team!
       Magus is the favorite character of many people, and for a reason.
       For one thing, he has all four elements to assault with, of which
       most of his spells are affiliated with the shadow-element.  The
       major downside is that he isn't able to handle dual techs (and no
       wonder, with a face like that), and given that combo-attacks are
       strategically the best method to smash your opponents' skulls to
       pieces, that terribly sucks.  His magic-stat owns in general,
       though, and I guess that makes up for it.  Physically not really
       a substitute for the real dishers like Ayla, but definitely a
       great asset to the team.


 == 1.  CONTROLS =====================================

    I will draw on the default controls throughout the FAQ.  And I will
    _not_ serve you a crappy ASCII-drawing of a SNES-controller.  What
    the hell would be the use of that?  Oh yeah, so you can see where to
    put your fingers... ah, I get it.  I think.  Whatever the case, here
    is only a quick rundown of the buttons:

      X-BUTTON     - Open menu (to config, heal, etc.).
      Y-BUTTON     - Change members in your active party, or move the
                     message window up or down.
      A-BUTTON     - Confirm, interact, examine.
      B-BUTTON     - Cancel, or dash when on the field.
      L-/R-BUTTONS - Scroll through lists, or hold both to escape.
      START        - Pause the game, confirm (sometimes).
      SELECT       - When on the world map, shows the complete world.

    If you press and hold L, R, Start and Select, the usual Microsoft
    Windows-- err, Squaresoft thing happens and the screen will black
    out.  The game resets software-wise and this is handy, at times.

 == 2.  GENERAL RPG HOO-HA ===========================

    Chrono Trigger brings forth the classic system of roasting monsters
    and visiting places and whatever you can think of.  Here is a brief
    introduction this genre of games.  I am a lazy man, so this will be
    found in my other RPG-FAQs as well.  Those that never played a game
    like this better listen up, pronto!

 -- a.  THE NUTS 'N BOLTS ----------------------------

    RPG.  That's role-playing game, I guess, and this genre involves
    gazing at your television screen or PC monitor while controlling a
    bunch of people.  The A-B-C is simple: your goal is to walk around
    and visit wacky places, slapping together a team of super-skilled
    personages, and accomplishing a certain goal (which is most likely
    saving the world for the thirty-seventh time).

 -- b.  FIGHTING MONSTERS ----------------------------

    But wait; that's not all!  While doing this, you have to explore
    dungeons and slay monsters the monsters inside.  By doing this, you
    will get better (a.k.a. gain experience), so that you can slay more
    monsters, so that you can slay the boss of the monsters (who usually
    resides near the end of a dungeon), and so that you can eventually
    slay the boss of the bosses.  Isn't that fun?!  To be frank, it's
    not.  Fortunately, there is a storyline that makes you forget most
    of this essential RPG-element.

 -- c.  VISITING OTHER PLACES ------------------------

    Besides dungeons, RPGs contain places where special events occur,
    and towns.  If you wanna save the world, it doesn't help much to
    stay in the same place the whole game, eh?  Therefore, you gotta
    move on.  Towns consist mostly of houses, shops and inns.  Shops
    make it possible to buy and sell things, and inns are sowed just
    about everywhere to recover every single lost bit of HP and MP.
    EVEN if you've been roasted to a pile of nothingness, or attacked
    brutally by a madman, or just lost a few limbs... an inn instantly
    cures ANYTHING.  The price of an inn, contrary to equipment, varies
    from town to town.  It's mostly not much, trust me.

 -- d.  DEVELOPING YOUR STRENGTH ---------------------

    You will also have to buy new armor and upgrade your weapons, 'cause
    leveling up alone won't be enough to sustain damage you take from
    newer enemies.  Stronger equipment is acquired as you go; a handful
    is hidden in chests, and there are always shops that put these
    things up for sale.  These stores are your main source of equipment,
    and monsters will be your main source of income (as well as selling
    your older gear).  Defeating them will result in the acquisition of
    G (gold; currency in the game), to reimburse the costs, or to sleep
    at inns to recover your health, so there you go.

 -- e.  ENCOUNTERING ENEMIES -------------------------

    Unlike many other RPGs, you will not be victim to the grueling and
    loathed-by-many "random battles"--these are battles that pop up
    randomly as you walk around on the world map or when going through
    dungeons.  That is *good*.  Instead, you'll see monsters (à la
    Secret of Mana) allowing you to choose whether you want to avoid
    them or ensue in a battle (turn-based).  Of course, not every enemy
    is avoidable, but in Chrono Trigger, the majority of them is.  Take
    note as well that there are no pre-emptive or surprise attacks to
    speak of, which is nice because I _always_ seem to be attacked in
    the back in other games...

 -- f.  LEVELING UP ----------------------------------

    Finally, another typical RPG-element is leveling up; fighting
    monsters willingly to get stronger, making future enemies a breeze.
    In this game, as long as you don't escape from most battles, it's
    not absolutely necessary to spend hours of leveling up, but staying
    ahead a couple of levels DOES make the game a tad easier.  'Course,
    not only your experience level determines your strength in battle--
    you'll have to equip your characters with weapons as well.  Wear
    armor and helmets to defend yourself, and additionally, we've got
    accessories (rings, stones, etc.) that have special characteristics;
    some up your stats, while Lucca's SightScope, for example, can view
    how many HP enemies (except bosses) have.  Handy stuff.

    That's that.  Now, allow me to thrash out about what happens if you
    press the X-button.

 == 3.  THE MENU SCREEN ==============================

    Here's a section covering the options you have in the menu screen--
    press X to bring it up when you're outside of battle.

      This, my friend, is the character status screen.  There are three
      boxes at your left hand, representing people in your party (if
      you're controlling more than three, you can scroll down).  To the
      right is information applying to the highlighted character, which
      shows things such as stats and current equipment.  From here, you
      can equip your characters, and... that's about it.

      Like the name intelligently indicates, here is a list of items
      that you currently possess situated, complete with the amount and
      functions of them.  Some items are marked yellow; this indicates
      that you can use them outside of battle (which is, in fact, now).
      There's a button with "Organize" on top as well, which organizes
      the list, should it get unbearably disarranged.

      Like the item list, except for techs that you currently have, how
      many tech points you'll need to obtain to get the next tech, any
      dual and triple techs if any, and if needed, the option to use the
      curative spells.  Press Up/Down to switch between characters, and
      Left/Right to switch between single, dual and triple.  Techs
      marked yellow can be used right now; however, remember that magic
      that should be yellow isn't yellow if the caster isn't in your
      active party.

      The configuration sub-screen is the place where you can customize
      things and more.  At the left-hand side are checkboxes, things to
      change, and to the right are the settings that you can change
      those things into.  Smart!  Ahem: I'm pretty sure you can figure
      out yourself what does what.  I used to have a list in the FAQ
      with everything explained, but uh, it was stolen.

      You can change the order of your characters, though there aren't
      many reasons to do so.  The only reason I can think of is to
      change the locations in battle, so specific techs whose target
      area depends on the caster's location affect different enemies.
      You must be REALLY strategic if you do *that*...  If you want to
      exchange characters with those that aren't in your party, hit the
      Y-button while not in the menu screen.  Much simpler.

      Use this to save your game.  You can do this on the world map or
      when you're standing in a save point.  By the way (I cannot think
      of another section in the FAQ to put this in), you _can_ erase
      save-games!  Reset the game, and at the startup screen (where you
      choose at which slot you continue), press Start and Select
      simultaneously on the controller plugged in the slot of player 2.
      You'll be asked to delete a save--take into consideration that if
      you have New Game + and delete all save-games, you'll trash New
      Game + as well.  Think before you delete!


  This section is the junk drawer encompassing a combatant's guide.
  Hey, the title is "Combat"--what would you expect?

 == 1.  THE BATTLE SYSTEM ============================

    You might recognize a thing or two if you're not new to RPGs.  In
    Chrono Trigger, there are three important things that indicate a
    character's status in battle:

      HP     - Hit points--this number determines how much damage you
               can take.  If it's zero, you're "dead" (knocked out).  If
               all of your people are dead, it's the curtains for you.
      MP     - Magic points.  If you have enough MP, you can use a
               "tech", also known as "magic" in most other games.
      GAUGE  - This would be the attack gauge.  It appears as a bar that
               fills up while battling.  When it's full, you can attack
               or do whatever is possible.

    Of course, monsters won't just stare at you and prepare for a hit in
    the face.  They'll exactly do the same as you; building up their
    attack gauge 'til they can attack.  The purpose in battles is to
    simply attack an enemy, while they attack back, until you win.  The
    flow of this happening can be configured (at the beginning of the
    game, or in the menu):

      ACTIVE - Real-time.  Your opponents will go through the battle the
               same way you do.
      WAIT   - Nearly turn-based; monsters will "stop functioning", sit
               down and relax when you go to a menu (meaning they'll
               resume attacking and building their gauge when you're not
               choosing which tech/item/etc.).

    When your attack gauge is full, there are three things you can do
    (and of course, doing one of those will deplete the gauge again):

      ATTACK - A regular physical attack.  See below for detailed info.
      TECH   - Each playable character has specific techs (magic) that
               are mostly offensive or curative.  Takes up MP.
      ITEM   - You probably have a number of items with you, mostly
               healing items (e.g. Tonics or Ethers).

 == 2.  THINGS TO DO... AND NOT DO ===================

    Since it is inevitable that you'll also get hit back, you will also
    need to prevent your characters from getting their HP drained down
    to zero.  The best is to keep your HP high, to prevent being taken
    by surprise because of an unexpected attack, killing every each of
    your fighters with one blow.  Refill your HP by using an item (such
    as a Tonic), or by employing techs (such as *Cure).

    If you don't want to fight, run.  How, you ask?  Simple!  Press and
    hold L and R.  You're doing that?  Can you feel it, the excitement?
    Good, good...  After a while, you'll manage to escape.  You can't
    escape from boss battles, when you're completely surrounded, or when
    you fight monsters as a part of the storyline.  If you've stolen an
    item from an enemy and you run away, you'll drop that item.  Of
    course, you won't gain experience or anything either.

    There are two means of attacking:

 -- a.  PHYSICAL ATTACKS -----------------------------

    If you select "Att." (which stands for Attack, obviously) on the
    combat screen, the performer will dash to the enemy and swing with
    whatever he's/she's equipped with, hopefully hitting the opponent
    successfully.  Marle and Lucca are an exception: they'll shoot using
    their projectile weapons (when an enemy is very close to them, they
    will instead slap them with their weapon, which deals equally much
    damage).  While you fight, lots o' numbers pop up--these indicate HP

    Maximum damage doesn't cap at an effective level of 9999; even
    though not more than that will pop up when you deal a blow, the game
    calculates past that.  There are two special cases in battle as
    well, which you should know:

     - The better thing, a critical hit.  If the screen flashes for a
       split-second, then that indicates you've performed one; damage
       done is twice of the regular damage.  Alas, this doesn't happen
       frequently (see section 4-D for the details).
     - To even out the odds, you can miss as well: zero damage.  How
       many times this occurs depends on your hit rate and the evade
       rate of the targeted monster.  Some enemies (like Spekkio) are
       configured that ALL physical attacks miss.

 -- b.  TECHS ----------------------------------------

    While you _can_ be satisfied of using melee attacks exclusively, the
    tech-system wasn't created for nothing!  Mostly, techs are far more
    powerful than normal physical attacks, and lots of monsters have
    weaknesses (e.g. a water-type enemy very much dislikes a fireball
    down his throat).  It's a paramount thing in RPGs to exploit these
    weaknesses; they will roast a monster's below much faster, and this
    way, your bacon is saved from any attacks they would do if they'd
    lasted the battle longer.

    Chrono Trigger introduces a very innovative system when it comes to
    techs: (*drums*) dual techs and triple techs!  A dual tech is the
    combination of two characters' techs in order to perform a (mostly)
    more powerful technique, and triple techs are the same except there
    are three of them.  Moreover, elements are muddled up; if you
    combine *Ice with *Fire, you'll produce the *Antipode-spell, which
    is of the shadow-element.

    LEARNING TECHS:  You'll learn single techs as you progress--more the
    battles you win, more the tech points you'll get; as soon as someone
    has acquired a specific amount of points, he or she will learn a
    tech.  For dual and triple techs, you just need to have the needed
    techs (see 5-C for the requirements) and complete any battle with
    the needed characters, upon which you'll learn the combo.

    INVOKING ROCKS:  Some triple techs require one of the performers to
    have a certain rock equipped, or the tech will not be learned and
    accessible.  This is only needed with some of the groups in which
    Crono isn't included.  See 4-D for the rock whereabouts and other

 == 3.  ELEMENTS =====================================

    In Chrono Trigger, there are only four elements:

     - FIRE:  The opposite of water.  Use it on monsters that like to
       play with water.  Play with water, you'll get burned...  Heh.
     - LIGHTNING:  Effective against shadow.
     - SHADOW:  This is lightning, water and fire combined.  It does not
       mean it's thrice as strong, though; it's just the opposite of our
       lightning bro' above.
     - WATER:  The opposite of fire.  Note that in this game (in real
       life as well; go ask your chemistry teacher!), there is no such
       thing as an apart ice-element; ice is exactly the same as water,
       except that it looks different.  Obviously, pee with this on
       fiery guys.

    The elements exist in pairs: lightning/shadow, and water/fire.  Make
    sure you apply the opposite element on foes so that a bigger number
    will pop up; give them more of their element is bad, now (possible
    results: healing, little damage, no harm at all).

    Some techs have a star right before their name.  This indicates that
    the tech is an elemental spell (the spells you've learned from
    Spekkio, for instance).  The star (an asterisk, in this guide) is
    just a general indication, though: if it does NOT have a star at
    all, it doesn't mean that it doesn't cause elemental damage.  Flame
    Toss (Lucca) is not together with a star, for example, yet it _does_
    inflict fire-damage.  Check out section 5-C for a complete list of
    techs and what their elemental affiliation is.

 == 4.  STATISTICS (STATS) ===========================

    Each character has specific stats that determine his or her strength
    in specific things and all.  Some people, for example, are stronger
    physically, but others have absolutely no muscles but cast away with
    immensely powerful magic.  The max for every stat is 99 (except
    speed: 16); when a stat reaches that, it will read "**".  Here is,
    on alphabetical order, the listing:

     - EVADE:  This is the opposite of hit rate; if you're the evasive
       type, enemies will land less hits on you.  It's not _extremely_
       noticeable, but the stat is there...
     - HIT RATE:  Affects the amount of hits you'll land on an enemy.
       If you have a low hit rate while the enemy has a high evade, you
       are going to miss a few attacks.  This also affects how much
       damage Marle and Lucca do with their weapons.
     - LEVEL:  The higher it is, the more experienced you are.  When you
       gain a certain amount of experience points, you will level up,
       and stats will increase.  This also affects how much damage most
       offensive techs do, or how hard Ayla strikes.
     - MAGIC DEFENSE:  Quite self-explanatory, no?  This stat determines
       how much damage you'll sustain from magical attacks.
     - MAGIC:  Determines how much damage you inflict using techs.  For
       most techs, level is also factored into that.
     - POWER:  It's the size of your character's muscles; this stat
       determines how much damage they'll do when attacking physically
       (bar Marle and Lucca) or when using physical techs.
     - SPEED:  The only stat that doesn't increase as you level up
       decides how fast your attack gauge fills.  It is maximally 16,
       though with Haste-status, you can increase it further.
     - STAMINA:  Stamina is your base defense.  Along with the defense
       of armor and helmets you're currently wearing, it determines how
       much damage you will suffer from monsters' physical attacks.

 == 5.  STATUS EFFECTS ===============================

    A good deal of enemies' attacks unluckily inflicts negative status
    abnormalities.  A few of your own techs or items can give positive
    status effects to even out the odds a bit.  And here is... THE LIST.

 -- a.  NEGATIVE STATUS EFFECTS ----------------------

    In order to cure your status if you're struck, (let someone) use a
    "Heal"-item to negate it or throw around a status-healing tech (such
    as "Kiss").  No effect haunts you anymore when you end the battle.
    Or when you die, so that's a way of "curing" effects as well.

     - BLIND:  You can't see too well, which means that you'll miss more
       attacks.  An eye with cross will appear above the character's
       head when affected.
     - CHAOS:  Better known as "Confused".  You'll lose control over
       your character, and he or she will randomly physically attack
       enemies or allies.  They have a star above their head and he or
       she will be laughing--to cure this, let 'em a hard smack in their
       face for not paying attention in a serious situation.  It works!
     - DEATH:  This is when your HP counter reaches the number zero,
       i.e. you are "dead", knocked out, fainted, or whatever word
       pleases you.  You can't do anything unless you get revived.  If
       you complete a battle, you'll be revived automatically to 1 HP.
     - HP DOWN:  The affected will gradually lose HP.  If you're high in
       the levels, this shouldn't pose a real threat.  Many attacks that
       shake the ground inflict this status effect.
     - LOCK:  You cannot use techs while in this state.  You'll have to
       let someone to use a Heal to heal this.  Characters suffering
       from Lock (a.k.a. Darkness) will have a question mark above them.
     - LOCK/ALL:  Some monsters have this utterly annoying attack called
       "Lock/All".  This affects all characters and prevents the use of
       techs and items--*nasty*.  This can't be cured/prevented, as the
       battle starts with it predetermined.
     - POISON:  Your HP-amount slowly decreases and your attacks are
       slightly weakened.  Blue bubbles appear above the character's
       head when affected.  This effect is rare (saw it once or twice).
     - SLEEP:  This simply means you're sleeping.  You can't move and
       your defense is lowered.  A good hit will wake you up again.
     - SLOW:  A white line will be bordered around the character.  As
       the name says, you are slow when this happens.  You can cast
       *Haste to speed up again, or just employ a Heal.
     - STOP:  Immobilizes and disables you.  Since your attack gauge
       doesn't fill up anymore, you can't do anything yourself, so have
       someone use a Heal on you or finish the battle quickly.  A clock
       appears above the affected character's head.

 -- b.  POSITIVE STATUS EFFECTS ----------------------

     - BERSERK:  Your character automatically attack.  In this state,
       you're doing 150% damage, and physical damage sustained is cut by
       1/3 (a.k.a. Shield-status).  The only method of obtaining this
       effect is the wearing of a Berserker.
     - HASTE:  Your speed is doubled if you cast *Haste (single tech,
       Marle) or if you wear a Haste Helm.  A red border is outlining
       the speedy people.
     - REGEN MP:  You'll regain 5 MP per 10 seconds.  You can get this
       by using the accessory SeraphSong, which can't be found in the
       game without hacking.  If I'm not wrong, Ozzie in the barrier has
       this as well.
     - RERAISE:  Characters with this (I'll just call it Reraise, if you
       don't mind) are automatically revived (once) when they get KO'd.
       Have the GreenDream equipped for this, or use the triple tech
       "Lifeline" for every team member to experience being *me*--a
       great Phoenix--for a while...  ^_^;
     - SAFE:  Magical damage is cut by 1/3.  Employ a Barrier to get
       this or wear a Safe Helm.  Safe is indicated by this green border
       around those that are protected.
     - SHELL:  Physical damage is cut by 1/3.  You can use a Shield to
       get this or wear certain equipment.  Characters inflicted with
       Shell will have a yellow border around them.  Safe and Shell
       cannot be simultaneously on a character, unless one of the two is
       caused by armor.

        * I've stolen some effect titles from the same status effects in
          Final Fantasy (III and more, I believe), in case the word
          "familiar" pops into your mind.

    With the basic futz done, let me proceed to the walkthrough.  (Not
    that I'd let you stop me.)


A few notes before we start...

 + I wrote this walkthrough while going through a regular New Game, but
   I made sure it is compatible with New Game + too.  That means that if
   you're going through a New Game, ignore data about various endings
   scattered throughout the walkthrough, and in a New Game +, you can
   safely assume that buying a certain old sword is not needed now that
   you're carrying Excalibur II Plus Extreme.  But I'm sure you'd be
   able to figure that out yourself.

 + Preceding each chapter is a brief intro and a list of items and
   monsters, as well as a recommended level (usually a range).  It's
   based on the level of the monsters you'll encounter in that chapter,
   meaning that the lowest level applies to the first monsters, and the
   highest number means you should be on that level for the later
   enemies (e.g. boss).  Sometimes though, the levels are off, so don't
   depend on them TOO much.

 + And finally, by reading further, you agree that you shall *not* send
   me e-mails consisting of roughly 3/4 of any abusive words-dictionary
   because I have ruined your gaming experience.  Obviously, this is a
   walkthrough full of SPOILERS.  I have not made an effort in excluding
   every plot-revealing bit of text--something happens, I tell you what.
   Remember that a solution to a problem is a spoiler as well; always
   try by yourself before you resort this or other guides.  Just don't
   read more than what you need and you'll be fine.

Since the developers of the game were nice to divide the game in
chapters, I've divided the walkthrough in the same respect.  If you're
ever lost, check your save game to learn in which chapter you are, then
find it in the walkthrough.  Make sure you keep your controllers un-
broken, and enjoy the game!


  Dawn of the new millennium.  Huge festival north of the village as
  well, and everybody's there having fun.  And what about the hero of
  the game that is destined to save the world?  Sleepin'.

   - 200G [Currency]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - 100G [Currency]
   - 300G [Currency]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Pendant [Key Item]


 == TRUCE VILLAGE / 1000 A.D. ========================

 -- ACTIVE OR WAIT? ----------------------------------

    Plug the cartridge in your dusty Super Nintendo and power up.  After
    you glance at the stunningly beautiful intro scenes, start a New
    Game (which happens automatically if you haven't played and saved
    before).  First things first, and that's whether you want to have
    "Active" or "Wait"; pick the mode that suits your style.  Active
    means that monsters won't wait for you to make a choice in battle,
    Wait denotes that they'll just take it easy and chill out while you
    carefully pick out a can of explosion to unload on your opponent.

    Then select a name for the main character, which, in case it wasn't
    already obvious, is you.  "Crono" is the default name, and I'll use
    default names for all personages from now on.  Also note that names
    are limited to a crappy five characters, so if your name happens to
    be six or more characters in length, I feel for you, man.  Once
    you're done, the game starts...

 -- CRONO'S HOUSE ------------------------------------

    You'll gain control over Crono after your mom wakes you up.  Right
    now, you can open and close the curtains, yo!  There's a pot with
    cat food that you have as well, and your bed where you can... sleep.
    Go downstairs and talk to your mom, who mentions a gal who has to be
    named at this point (default: "Lucca").  Mom will remind you that
    she invented something and that you were invited to come over, and
    then she's off--be sure to talk to her again to score your long-
    awaited allowance, 200G.

     * When you recruit other people, you can bring these new party
       members to your mom.  Though nothing really important happens
       when you do, she may say some interesting, and sometimes even
       funny things regarding them, if that strikes your fancy.

    Leave the house.  North of the village is the happy and colorful
    festival Leene Square, where you'll need to go now.  Alternately,
    you can set foot in some other places to dig up info and a number of

 -- RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES (OPTIONAL) -----------------

    Of the many places that you can visit, the Mayor's Manor is worth a
    mention.  It is some sort of a tutorial place where you can learn
    tidbits and other crap, and downstairs is a chest with a Tonic.  Go
    up a floor and there's a chest with 100G--free money!  Grab the cash
    and mingle with the folks here.  Be sure to have a chat with the man
    in the middle twice, and for your "attention and devotion" he will
    grant you 300G.  More free money!  Man, I wish I lived here too.
    One more thing: this place is apparently an optional area to learn
    about the game, so I recommend having a talk with everyone if you're
    new to it.

    You can barrel straight ahead to Guardia Forest now, to practice the
    techniques you've learned in the manor on unfortunate Hetakes and
    Beetles.  It's not needed, though, but mentionable is that you can
    find a Power Tab here!  Go to the far right side of the screen and
    search the small corner there for a shining dot.  If you use it,
    Crono's power-stat will increase by one, resulting in greater damage
    from physical attacks.  (But if you want my advice, I suggest saving
    it for later, so that you can give them to those that _need_ it.
    And a short reminder: Marle and Lucca's attack damage is not based
    on their power-stat, so avoid giving the tabs to them.)

    Also, north of here is Guardia Castle, but since the guards only
    tell you to scram, just ignore it for the time being.  Truce Inn has
    nothing of interest, unless you're playing the game with an emulator
    capable of removing layers (most emulators do) and if you like out
    of the ordinary, weird stuff.  Head to the beds and turn off the
    first layer (Snes9x/ZSNES: by pressing "1" on the keyboard)--you
    will find two knives in a bed!  Oh, dangerous.

    And if you want to see EVERYTHING, we have the town Porre.  In the
    Mayor's Manor, you can find a greedy mayor that bestows 10G upon you
    should you act like a chicken; you can do this unlimited times.  If
    you go upstairs, you'll find a chest with a Shelter; be sure to take
    it.  Ignore the sealed chests; those cannot be opened yet.  There's
    also a shop:

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      SteelSaber     800       Crono       Att. +15
      Iron Bow       850       Marle       Att. +15
      Dart Gun       800       Lucca       Att. +7
      Karate Gi      300       All         Def. +10
      BronzeMail     520       Males       Def. +16
      BronzeHelm     200       All         Def. +8

    Additionally, you can buy Tonics, Heals, Revives, and Shelters.
    That's that.  Head to Leene Square.

 == LEENE SQUARE / 1000 A.D. =========================

    Before we start playing mini-games, there are a few things that you
    have to do.

     + Go one screen up, and you'll bump into the strange chick running
       back and forth.  After you both fall, get yourself helped up.
       Now, talk to her to see if she's alright, and after that nab the
       pendant she dropped.  Give it to her, and she'll ask you if she
       can join you!  After all, that was the intention of bumping into
       her, eh?  You'll get to name the girl (default: "Marle"), and
       once she joins, you'll regain control over your party.

     + Before you start playing the mini-games, you'll need to do some
       wee things that affect the storyline a wee bit later on.  If you
       don't listen to me here, you will be SORRY.  So anyway, when you
       talk to Melchior (the weapons merchant), he'll ask you if you
       want to sell that neat pendant you have.  Seeing as the jewelry
       is not in your ownership, DO NOT YOU TRY to sell it.  Or, don't
       talk to him at all.

     + In screen two, west, is a package of food.  You're probably best
       off NOT touching it, as the old guy over there is in fact a
       secret FBI agent.  So should you feel the sudden urge to trash my
       advice and stuff yourself full of (something that tastes like)
       chicken, it will be considered _stealing_.  You'll recover HP/MP
       as well, but those feelings of guilt will follow you THE REST OF
       YOUR LIFE.  Or something.

     + In the second section, right of the screen, is a little girl.  If
       you talk to her, you'll hear she lost her cat--however, do not
       speak with her just yet.  Go to the left of the screen, interact
       with the cat *once*.  More than once, and the cat will think you
       wanna do dirty things with it and rush off.  Now, return it to
       the girl (make sure it doesn't get stuck), talk to her, she'll be
       grateful, you are a good boy.

 -- THE MINI-GAMES (OPTIONAL) ------------------------

    That's it for the essential hoo-ha; you want to amuse yourself, and
    the mini-games are your perfect outlet.  The point here is to play
    games and win Silver Points; once you've plundered a reasonable
    number of them, they can be spent in the Tent of Horrors or you can
    exchange them for money (10 points for 50G) by talking to the fellow
    in the stall near Leene's Bell.  To buy/sell items/equipment, you'll
    need to talk to any of the people in the stalls for items and armor,
    or the odd-looking guy, Melchior, for weapons.  As a small note,
    there's really no need to buy the Lode Sword from him, as you will
    get it for free, TWICE, later in the game.

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      SteelSaber     800       Crono       Att. +15
      Iron Blade     350       Crono       Att. +7
      Lode Sword     4000      Crono       Att. +20
      Karate Gi      300       All         Def. +10
      BronzeHelm     200       All         Def. +8

    Additionally, you can buy Tonics, Heals, Revives, and Shelters.

    REMINDER:  Don't forget that the limit of Silver Points that you can
    have is only 200, so be sure to spend them when (if) you have
    enough.  Every other Silver Point that you receive after reaching
    the limit, is void.

     - a.  RING THE BELL! ----------------------------

       WHERE TO FIND:  First area, west.
       REWARD:  1 Silver Point... waste... of... time...
       COMMENTS:  Press A to start, then press A again to smash into the
        bell--the farther away you are from the bell, the higher it'll
        go.  If you manage to ring the bell, you'll win a rather measly
        bunch of total crap.

     - b.  SODA-GUZZLING CONTEST! --------------------

       WHERE TO FIND:  Second area, east (guy near a table).
       REWARD:  5 Silver Points.
       COMMENTS:  Talk to the bloke for the game's explanation: your
        mission, should you accept it, is to mash A repeatedly, as fast
        as you can.  The more you press, the more you drink, and if you
        manage to gulp every bit of soda contained by each of the eight
        cans within the time limit (press 64 times in about 7 seconds),
        you'll win an okay number of Silver Points.  Turbo-controller?
        Then this will be your favorite mini-game in the place; easy,
        easy cash...

     - c.  THRASH GATO! ------------------------------

       WHERE TO FIND:  Westernmost section (from second screen, left).
       REWARD:  15 Silver Points.
       COMMENTS:  Talk to Gato, Lucca's dumb robot, and he'll initiate a
        battle.  He's 76 HP and uses a variety of not-too-strong attacks
        that pose little threat if you've leveled up.  And you will also
        receive 10 experience points and 1 tech point after punching his
        lights out.  If you lose, worry not--the party stays alive with
        1 HP left.  If you don't care about breaking the law, steal some
        of the old guy's snack to recover HP and give Gato another good

     - d.  GUESS THE WINNER! -------------------------

       WHERE TO FIND:  First area, east (guy in stall watching races).
       REWARD:  A whoppin' 20 Silver Points.
       COMMENTS:  You can place your bets on one of the four racers.
        Then the four race, and if you've guessed the winner, you'll
        win.  Alas, it's mostly a matter of luck if you managed to get
        those many points.  Talk to the old man that's watching the race
        all the time to get "advice" (that advice is wrong at times, so
        you can't rely on it).  Place your bets on that racer.  Once the
        race starts, slow down others by obstructing their path (walking
        in front of them) all the time--this may be a hard job, but if
        you practice a while, you'll earn some big bucks!  Or, just
        forget about this altogether and go save the world, whipster.

     - e.  TRIBAL DANCE! -----------------------------

       WHERE TO FIND:  Easternmost section (opposite of Gato's place).
       REWARD:  (none)
       COMMENTS:  Some people won't even consider this a mini-game, but
        I do!  No Silver Points involved here.  At this tribal dance,
        you can whack several buttons to make your character dance.  No,
        really, it's fun.  Talk to the people here to learn the controls
        (smackin' your butt... "dancing"?).

    THE TENT OF HORRORS:  Ladies, gentlemen and everything in-between,
    the Tent of Horrors!  Spend your Silver Points here!  This place is
    found in the first screen (big tent to the east).  Talk to Norstein
    Bekkler.  You can choose from three games, of which the prices
    differ... but so do the prizes.

     - f.  THE MEMORY GAME! --------------------------

       COST:  10 Silver Points.
       REWARD:  Poyozo Doll; win again to receive little cat food.
       COMMENTS:  You'll need to memorize three different people with a
        similar exterior.  They'll mix up, after which you'll need to
        find one among the three.  You can choose between Vicks, Wedge,
        and Piette (Final Fantasy III, anyone?).  It's quite hard to
        see; if you're a cheater because you're using an emulator, you
        can cheat deluxe by making use of save-states.  Otherwise it's
        mostly luck, or you'll have to have VERY good eyes, or special
        mutant powers.

     - g.  MIMIC YOUR CLONE! -------------------------

       COST:  40 Silver Points.
       REWARD:  Clone of your character; win again to get cat food.
       COMMENTS:  A clone of the main character will appear.  Clone does
        moves, Crono has to do same moves.  Controls are given at the
        beginning--remember that the clone's left hand is your right
        hand, and vice-versa (acts like a mirror).  You'll win the game
        if you mimic the clone's move long enough.

     - h.  SAVE YOUR FRIEND'S BACON! -----------------

       COST:  80 Silver Points.
       REWARD:  *drums* ...a cat!  Much cat food when you win again.
       COMMENTS:  This game requires a second character (Marle's fine).
        The main goal is to prevent the character's ass from hitting the
        fire.  There's a shining dot on your left that pops up now and
        then; using it raises the second character a bit.  Meanwhile,
        your other occupation is pushing away three monsters, back into
        the cave.  Make sure you hold B to run; it really helps.  If the
        second character hits the flames, or if the monsters hit you,
        you'll lose.  Or, if you manage to push back the monsters to
        where they came from, AND if you've prevented the other one from
        having his/her butt burned to a crisp, you'll WIN!  Oh my God.

    NOTES ON THESE MINI-GAMES:  If you return to the tent later with
    another party member in lead of the party, you'll win a Poyozo Doll
    or a clone for _that_ character.  The two toys will be located in
    the "home" of them, which is in Crono's case his own room.  Getting
    these collector's items is fun, but not necessary to continue your
    quest.  However, there will be one occasion that you'll need to get
    a clone of Crono later in the game to advance, and to save the
    trouble for later, win it now.  You *will* thank me later.

    NOTES ON CATS:  Once you win a cat, it'll be placed in Crono's room.
    Two cats plus cat food is kittens--if you have nothing better to do,
    here is something to keep you busy with.  Be sure to keep the pot
    with cat food filled; without having something to eat, they may run
    off!  The maximum of cats you can have is eleven; the last one will
    be purple.  There is no way to prevent them from running off (well,
    except winning cat food all the time); sorry.

 -- THE TELEPOD --------------------------------------

    So anyway, you're here to see Lucca's invention, correct?  To visit
    her, you'll need to talk to any of the girls near the fountain in
    the first screen, or to one of the two shopkeepers.  They'll say
    something about the invention, after which they will say that it
    should be ready and dandy and prepared by now.  Go all the way to
    the far side of the square; upon trying to enter, though, you'll be
    confronted with a Marle wanting to buy some candy at a booth.  Once
    she's waiting in front of a stand, DO NOT move until she's finished.
    When she's done, you may proceed.

    Taban, Lucca's dad, will introduce the invention.  Talk to him, and
    you will become aware that nobody wants to try it...  'cept for you,
    of course!  Talk to Lucca (the one with the Goofy Glasses), and hop
    onto the left pod.  Bafflement will strike the public as you are
    warped to the pod to the right (Taban: "It... WORKED?!  I CAN'T
    BELIEVE IT!  Uh, er, a thrilling display of science at its best,
    ladies and gentlemen!").

     * NEW GAME + NOTE:  If you're playing a New Game +, a shining dot
       will be in the right pod.  Making contact with it will warp you
       to the final boss of the game instantly--you will watch the
       ending "The Dream Project" if you defeat it.

    Marle will want to try it too, and apparently needs your permission.
    So talk to her, and when you let her use it, something strange
    happens...  The music changes to a panic-tune, and you know This Is
    Not Good (tm).  Marle's pendant starts shimmering, after which some
    kind of portal appears out of nowhere, sucking Marle in.  This
    bewilders you and those other whippersnappers watching more than
    your first trip through the machine, since the girl is *gone*.  Now,
    Lucca does the usual "it wasn't me"-thing and gives you hell; *you*
    must be the hero of the day and save the gal.  Take the pendant,
    stand in the pod, and the same thing that happened to Marle happens
    to you.  But what will happen next?

     * USELESS NOTE:  You can talk to Marle _before_ you try Lucca's
       invention and she'll say she wants to do it _too_.  Weird, yes?
       You can use this little "trick" to quickly continue, if you're in
       a hurry.


  So yeah; Marle has disappeared, and now you'll need to find her.
  You've followed her through the portal and landed in a grove, with no
  sign of Marle.  Upon leaving, you will find out that you're in the
  same Truce, except things are *gasp*-ably different...  Oh well--
  _someone_ has to do it.

   - Tonic [Item]
   - PowerGlove [Accessory]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Shelter [Item] - infinitely acquirable!
   - Ether [Item]
   - 100G [Currency]
   - BronzeMail [Armor]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - Ether [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Blue Imp, Roly, Roly Rider, Blue Eaglet, Green Imp

 == TRUCE VILLAGE AND VICINITY =======================

 -- TRUCE CANYON -------------------------------------

    You will wind up in a grove of some sorts.  There's only one way
    out, so follow the left path.  When you try to leave, though (or if
    you wait a while), a set of three Blue Imps attack!  These guys need
    the love of the *sharp* sword you've got there; frantically swing
    with it to flick them back.  Once you're content with the condition
    of the grove, leave.

     * HELPFULLY HELPFUL TIP:  If two or more monsters cluster together,
       use Cyclone or any other attack that functions the same way (i.e.
       hits all enemies in the vicinity of the target), to hit them all.
       Make use of this strategy throughout the game.

    Climb the ladder, and continue to the left.  There's a bridge.
    Cross it and eventually you'll be attacked by two Blue Imps; whomp
    them the same way you did with the other three fellas and head for
    the left.  There is a chest with a Tonic at your left hand.  Do
    something intelligent with it and with the other chest (southeast of
    you) as well in order to reveal a PowerGlove.  Make sure you equip
    this piece; how gloves have the ability to increase one's strength
    is beyond me, but it should make some monsters easier to beat.  Go
    on, and you will cross a pair of Blue Imps playing soccer with a
    Roly, but they're the first avoidable enemies.  Once you're ready
    here, head outside.

 -- TRUCE VILLAGE (OPTIONAL) -------------------------

    North of you is Truce Canyon, where you just came from.  In the
    village is a Market--you can stock up on items and equipment and at
    this point of the game, that may be useful.  See below.  There is
    also a house with someone forging Leene's Bell.  Given the fact that
    there was a Leene's Bell in Leene Square a while ago, this must be
    the past!  These people might be Lucca's famous ancestors.  Ban-ta?
    ...Ta-ban?  Oh, I GET IT!

    Well, you can visit the houses to get information on what the hell
    is going on, where the hell you are and how the hell you get back.
    If you visit the places and say hello, you will learn that the Queen
    in this era has been rescued...?  Ah yes; whatever.  You can stay
    over at the inn as well (costs you 10 bucks), and once you're done
    exploring and all, travel to Guardia Forest.

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Iron Blade     350       Crono       Att. +7
      Dart Gun       800       Lucca       Att. +7
      Karate Gi      300       All         Def. +10
      BronzeHelm     200       All         Def. +8

    Additionally, you can buy Tonics, Heals, Revives and Shelters.  Even
    now Lucca isn't in your party, I recommend purchasing the Dart Gun
    for her.  The other stuff is not compulsory; save your money for

 == THE KINGDOM OF GUARDIA ===========================

 -- GUARDIA FOREST -----------------------------------

    In the forest, take a right first to find two iridescent dots--nab
    the Power Tab, which is the dot that doesn't sparkle constantly, and
    forget about the other because it is an invitation to combat.
    Continue, and you will find a row of bushes; one of them shakes.  Go
    to it and plant your face in the bush.  You will scare off a Kilwala
    (and for a reason), and while it swifts away like mad, it drops a
    Shelter!  This can be done ad infinitum; just re-enter the forest.
    Make sure you do so every time you walk through this area, and make
    sure you DON'T give the other bushes a hello, for you might find
    monsters with battle lust instead of a nice item.

 -- GUARDIA CASTLE -----------------------------------

    Leave the forest and enter the castle.  Upon entering, two soldiers
    will make fun out of you, though the Queen comes out and lets you
    in.  Hm?  Wasn't she... captured?  Mysterious, but anyway, if you
    want to explore the castle, be my guest.  There's a free in to the
    left, and the kitchen is at your right hand.  South in the kitchen
    is a chest with an Ether.  Pick it up, talk to the people, and you
    can order food as well!  If you're hungry, "sit on" the upper-left
    chair near the table and a maid will get to you.  The menu chart
    consists of "Refresh Salad" (recovers MP), "Power Stew" (recovers
    HP), and "Hyper Kabob" (recovers HP/MP).

    Now, go to the throne room.  Talk to the people if you want to, and
    then follow the left path, going upstairs, while you slip the 100G
    in your pocket.  In the King's room, snatch the BronzeMail as well,
    and then backtrack to the throne room.  Walk to the Queen's room
    (upper-right path), while you pick up the Tonic on your way.  Tell
    the guard to kiss off, enter, and throw the Ether from the chest in
    your inventory.  Finally, talk to the Queen... and you will discover
    that she isn't the Queen but Marle!  While talking to each other,
    though, she literally DISAPPEARS!  Hmmm... she apparently doesn't
    like Crono.

    On your way back, you'll find the woman with the telescopes.  She'll
    explain everything now; you'll learn that Marle is actually Princess
    Nadia, that you're in the Middle Ages, and you are confronted with a
    new goal: find the real Queen and let history remain unchanged.
    Unchanged, meaning that if the now-captured Queen goes bye-bye, it's
    the curtains for Marle as well.  Also, Lucca joins you.  Worth
    noting is that she wears the SightScope, an accessory capable of
    viewing enemy's HP (except bosses).  Handy, ne?

    If you didn't talk to the Chancellor earlier, he'll now say, "She
    escaped?!  But how?  She was in a secured room!"  Needless to say,
    the Chancellor is freakin' suspicious... must be the face.  People
    in the castle say that the Chancellor sneaks out at night, while
    others contradict by stating that he's actually a very good person,
    visiting the Cathedral every day (hint, hint).  If you spoke with
    him earlier, he won't say anything now about an escape, though the
    suspiciousness of this grim-looking man-witch leads us to the
    Cathedral.  There's no other place to visit, so that counts as well.


  If you haven't understood one bit of the story, allow me to explain.
  It appears that Marle is actually Princess Nadia, and Queen Leene (in
  the Middle Ages), is one of Marle's royal ancestors.  However, she got
  captured in that era, and she was supposed to be saved--however!  The
  guards have canceled their search when they've found Marle, who popped
  out of nowhere in Truce Canyon's grove.  Apparently, she's been
  mistaken for the real Queen.  And now, Crono does the usual RPG hero
  thing by not telling the guards to find the damn Queen, but goes on a
  search himself.

   - Revive [Item]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - MaidenSuit [Armor]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Naga-ette Bromide [Item] - does not appear in inventory
   - SteelSaber [Weapon]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - 100G [Currency]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Speed Belt [Accessory]
   - Defender [Accessory]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - Heal [Item]
   - Iron Sword [Weapon]
   - Mid Ether [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Naga-ette, Diablos, Gnasher, Hench, Mad Bat, Yakra [BOSS]

 == THE CATHEDRAL / 600 A.D. =========================

 -- NUNS, A SMELL, AND A FROG ------------------------

    If you're low on health, return to Guardia Castle and refill your HP
    and MP there (knight's quarters, or kitchen).  Take the usual route
    back (don't forget the Shelter!), and be sure to use the forest to
    build up experience, until you learn Flame Toss and Flame Whirl.
    The Cathedral is found west of Guardia Castle.  Before you enter, be
    sure you have the several new equipment equipped (the BronzeMail
    from the castle, and the Dart Gun, if you've bought it), and LET'S

    Some fishy nuns are located inside the church.  Talk to them to
    discover _why_ they're fishy... that's right... they just... stink.
    Talk to the nun in the upper-left corner, and a sparkle mysteriously
    appears.  Do you remember the lost hairpin that the King mentioned?
    What, you didn't speak with him?  No problem--I... just told you, I
    guess.  So.  Examine the royal crest, which is enough in order to
    confirm that the Queen is being held captive here.

    The nuns don't like your finding the crest, and for that reason,
    they turn into their evil true selves, four Naga-ettes!  Use Fire
    Whirl to roast their asses to coal.  After the battle, another Naga-
    ette pops up and gives Lucca a good scare, upon which a frog in a
    suit (eh?) drops down the ceiling and saves the day!  He will
    introduce himself and wants to grace your team with his presence in
    order to find the Queen.  You can also name him (default: "Frog",
    but for all we know you call him "Toad").  In the end, Frog tips
    that there may be a hidden entrance lurking somewhere...  To find
    and reveal it, play the organ.

 -- DEEPER INTO THE CATHEDRAL... ---------------------

    You will be confronted with two paths you can take: up, through a
    door, or to the left, through a hall.  The best way is left; though
    three Diabloses will be blocking your path, they can be avoided, and
    there are two chests as well.  Empty them of the Revive (right) and
    Tonic (left), then open the door.  This antechamber is broken up as
    follows: there's a large path in the middle that leads to a big
    Zelda-esque door, and left/right are side areas that are optional,
    but full of cool items and uncool surprises.  Here's a rundown:

    Rooms to the left:

     - In the first room are three chests, ripe to be plundered: a
       MaidenSuit, Tonic and Ether.  Be sure to check the drawers (by
       the white eclipse thingy) to acquire the top-secret Naga-ette
       Bromide, but be prepared to smash three Henches that rather keep
       it themselves.  After you overcome them, exit and go up.
     - Outside of the second room, open the chest for a SteelSaber.  It
       is the strongest saber as of yet, so equip it.  Walk past the
       spikes and give the skull you see there a punch; spikes go down,
       door is accessible.  Inside are two soldiers and a pot containing
       a Power Tab.  Grab the tab as well.

    Rooms to the right:

     - Inside the first room is a fine dish and some creatures working
       down some food.  One of them actually reveals that the "humans"
       aren't real in this area!  In the end, a Diablos leaves; follow
     - In room number two, converse with the folks and snatch the 100G
       and Ether from the chests.  In any case, this is a walkthrough,
       so walk through the wall on the right to arrive in some shrine
       dedicated to the evil Magus.  At the far side, you will find two
       chests with a Speed Belt and a Defender.  Take the items, go back
       and when you attempt to leave the room with the royal family, the
       three "humans" revert into three Gnashers!  Not unexpectedly, a
       battle initiates.  Use magic; they DON'T like it.

        * NOTE:  If you're playing the game on an emulator, remove the
          second layer (Snes9x/ZSNES: by pressing "2" on the keyboard)
          and go to Magus' shrine.  There's a Poyozo Doll in front of
          the statue!  Mighty, I tell ya...  Apparently, this is here to
          trigger enemies to attack (or to prevent someone going up the
          platform and kicking the statue, heh heh).  I... shall end
          this absolutely useless note before I hurt myself.

    Leave the room and make for the hallway, and pass through the large
    door.  There's a save point on your left side, which you should use.
    Go up the stairs; from here, either go left or the right, it doesn't
    matter, though there is a Shelter if you head left.  Go down the
    stairs after you get a hold of it, and walk down the stairs.  They
    will flatten--you can't get up anymore!  Release your anger on the
    sleeping Hench here, and go through the doorway.  In the small room,
    don't hit the switch (skull) if you don't want to summon two other
    Mad Bats.  Onward.

    Kill any enemies on your way, and whip the Tonic and Heal out of the
    chests.  There's a note saying that there is no entrance... HMMM...
    Go all the way to the right and from there, go down.  Crush the
    monsters and hit the skull (which, instead of giving you a duo of
    bats, invites you to continue).  Go down, through the doorway, and
    enter the big room.  The spikes are now gone.  Kill the monsters
    inside and open the chest for an Iron Sword.  Equip it (Frog), and,
    um... well, why don't you play the organ!  It might open up a secret
    passageway... *wink*

 -- LET'S KICK SOME ASS ------------------------------

    Go back to the place where the suspicious note was, and enter the
    revealed door.  Fight the monsters (or dash forward to try to avoid
    them all), use the save point to save (and use a Shelter, if your
    party feels sluggish), and continue.  You will interrupt a dialogue
    between the Chancellor and Queen Leene, and the usual thing happens:
    the ugly face will revert into a dark blob o' evil, and you will get
    attacked.  Unfortunately.

     - BOSS: YAKRA -----------------------------------
        LV - 6       EXP - 50, 5     DROP  - --
        HP - 920     G   - 600       CHARM - --

       As you might've expected, the game's first boss isn't terribly
       hard.  There one thing you have to be 'ware of, and that is his
       "Needle Spin".  If you can overcome this attack, this boss is in
       the bag.  He has another bounce-attack, hitting everyone for less
       damage, but that's seriously nothing to be afraid of.  There are
       no other noteworthy things, so just beat the complete blob with a
       handful of powerful techs (X Strike is your friend).  And Lucca's
       job is dishin' an extra butt-kick with Flame Toss, or let her use
       Tonics when someone's in need of them.

    After the battle, the Queen pops up again.  It is time to go home,
    but before you leave, open the chests to get the real Chancellor
    back (turns out the guy isn't that bad after all), and a Mid Ether.
    Then, talk to the Queen to leave the Cathedral.

     * NOTE:  If you leave the real Chancellor in the chest and leave
       with the Queen, this guy will escape all by himself and tell you
       to wait for him...  The one thing I am wondering about, is WHAT
       THE HELL withheld him from doing that *before*.

 == GUARDIA CASTLE / 600 A.D. ========================

    Inside the castle again, there's some chitchat and all, as well as a
    Frog leaving the party.  Once he's off, the Queen wonders where the
    girl mistaken for her is--oh!  Oh yeah, we forgot all about her.
    Take the upper-right path from the throne room and head back to the
    place where Marle vanished.  She'll un-vanish, fortunately.  Go say
    hello and she rejoins the team.  Now your party's full again, walk
    back and go outside, after you've spoken with Frog.

    Anyhow, we want to go home now, so drag your lazy ass back to Truce
    Canyon.  The route back hasn't changed, except that a new enemy has
    entered the fields (Poly, weak against magic).  At the warp site,
    Lucca introduces her new invention, the Gate Key!  Apparently, it's
    a key item enabling you to travel *safely* through time, and its
    first utilization is right here, right now.


  Ah, all is good...  Marle is saved, everything's restored... THE END.
  You will now watch the ending (in fact, you have to play the ending),
  which is so darn LONG that I had to divide it into several chapters.

   - (none)

  MONSTERS:  Avian Chaos, Beetle

 == TRUCE VILLAGE / 1000 A.D. ========================

 -- ESCORT MARLE HOME --------------------------------

    Now that you're back in Truce, Lucca leaves the party, and Marle
    wants you to escort her home.  Why?  Because you're the one with the
    freakin' controller and weird haircut.  I'll see you around in the
    castle.  But before you accomplish your current task, you can throw
    the Market a visit, as there's some new stuff for sale.  If you talk
    to the shopkeeper, she'll say that Fritz is down at the pier again,
    and she doesn't like it...  In any event, you can shop:

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      SteelSaber     800       Crono       Att. +15
      Iron Bow       850       Marle       Att. +15
      Dart Gun       800       Lucca       Att. +7
      BronzeMail     520       Males       Def. +16
      MaidenSuit     560       Females     Def. +18
      BronzeHelm     200       All         Def. +8

     * NEW GAME + NOTE:  If you play a New Game +, you can interact with
       the shining dot that is in the right pod to fight the final boss.
       If you win now, you will watch the ending "The Successor of

    Once that's over with, enter Guardia Forest.  There's no Shelter-
    carrying Kilwala here, but if you haven't taken it before (in the
    beginning of the game), make sure you take the Power Tab that is
    hiding somewhere at the far side of the path.

    Upon entering the castle, a pissed Chancellor will storm in and
    he'll tell you that Marle was abducted, that you were the one that
    kidnapped her, confused her, and then you've tried to take over the
    throne.  Err, yeah.  Unfortunately, it is a "lawsuit" you have to
    undergo, and Marle's trying to stop the Chancellor has no effect.
    Do you remember the certain actions you should've done and not done
    back in Leene Square?  Though a trial itself is inevitable, those
    things _do_ slightly affect the outcome of it.

 == GUARDIA CASTLE / 1000 A.D. =======================

 -- GUILTY... OR INNOCENT? ---------------------------

    You will be taken to the court room.  Alright, here's the deal: the
    Chancellor begins asking questions (which you have to answer) and
    your lawyer, Pierre, will do the usual lawyer-thing.  When everyone
    is done trying to convince the jury members, seven of them will say
    whether they think Crono is guilty or not.  If four or more say that
    you are guilty, your punishment will be execution (!) pending in
    three days.  If you are found innocent, though (which is exactly the
    case if you did what I said in Leene Square), you are an intelligent
    man and you only have to spend three days in a cell without having
    to plant your head under a guillotine.  And we wouldn't want that,

    Here's the lowdown:

     - When you first bumped into Marle, she dropped her pendant.  If
       you took the pendant _before_ talking to Marle (i.e. checking if
       she's alright), the Chancellor will use this against you.
     - If you couldn't resist offering Melchior to buy Marle's pendant,
       the Chancellor will use this as well.
     - If you took the old guy's pack of food, the Chancellor, well, you
       get the point.
     - But if you brought back the cat to the little girl, Pierre will
       bring this to mention.  If you heard from the girl that she lost
       her cat and ignored her (didn't do anything or scared the cat
       off), this will be regarded evil as well.  (See note below!)
     - If you didn't let Marle buy her candy (before entering Lucca's
       site), the Chancellor will have found a witness for this as well.
     - During the trial, the Chancellor starts asking you who started
       this mess.  The correct answer is saying that _you_ did it; you
       have bumped into her (it's impossible to let her bump into you).
     - He will also ask you if you were interested in her fortune.
       Since at that point of the game, you didn't even _know_ about her
       fortune, "no" is the right answer.  Not even a little bit.

        * NOTE:  If you did everything The Right Way, all seven juries
          should say that you're not guilty.  However, if you did every
          move you had to do and did not do anything bad, it is still
          possible that one (the second jury member) will say that you
          ARE guilty.  While I'm not 100% sure, I think this happens
          when you bring back the cat _after_ talking to the girl, so if
          you return the cat without learning that she lost it in the
          first place, the second dude will say that you're not guilty.
          For some strange reason, NOT bringing back the cat to the girl
          at all works as well.


  Crono's been dumped in jail!  You'll be placed in the detention area
  of Guardia Castle, and there you'll have to face your execution... or
  will things turn out differently?

   - Ether (x0-6) [Item] - amount depends on the trial's outcome
   - BronzeMail [Armor]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - 1500G [Currency]
   - Lode Sword [Weapon] - don't miss this one!
   - Mid Tonic (x5) [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Guard, Blue Shield, Yodu De, Decedent, Omnicrone, Dragon
   Tank [BOSS], Tank Head [BOSS], Grinder [BOSS]

 == GUARDIA CASTLE / 1000 A.D. =======================

 -- UNJUSTLY IMPRISONED ------------------------------

    Inside, there'll be a talk with the Chancellor and the Supervisor.
    Inevitably, if you were found innocent, the Chancellor somehow
    convinces the Supervisor that your sentence is execution!  This is
    _bad_, to be frank, and you'll be brought back to your cell, in
    which you wake up.  There is a mug inside that recovers HP/MP should
    you drink from it.  Also, there's a bag that carries one or more
    Ethers--the amount depends on how many people have voted for your
    innocence (7: 6, 6: 3, 5: 2, 4: 1), and if you were guilty, the bag
    won't even be here at all.  And lastly, there's a sparkling save
    point which you have to be sure of to take note of.

    Two things you can do:

     - Wait for three days to pass, face execution, right until Lucca
       saves your bacon and joins your party.  And bust through the
       castle and face the boss of the dungeon.  [RECOMMENDED]
     - Alternately, you can freak out the guards and break out; this
       way, Lucca won't join your party initially but she'll join right
       before you take on the boss.

     - a.  WAITING FOR EXECUTION ---------------------

       Continue, doing... absolutely nothing.  One day (in the game) is
       equal to approximately 20 seconds (in real life).  After waiting,
       you'll be brought to the execution room.  Upon stationing your
       head under the guillotine, Lucca storms in and saves the day with
       her brand new Zonker-38!  It would be great if it actually were
       usable in other battles, but that aside.  She stuns the guards
       and joins your party, of which you regain control.  Open the
       chest for a BronzeMail, equip it, and leave the room.  You can
       close the cell to lock up the Supervisor (HA!), though that's...
       pointless.  (Skip the next part and read on.)

     - b.  BUSTIN' OUT -------------------------------

       Go to the door and bonk against it a couple of times.  One of the
       guards gets mad and opens the cell (this is too easy)--after he
       kicks you to the back and leaves, leaving his back uncovered
       (this is TOO easy), ditch him by running up to him and pressing
       the A-button.  You'll have to fight the other guard the regular
       way (or you have to fight both if you failed doing the Solid

       Head out to a room with stairs and Blue Shields.  Follow the path
       in the upper-right corner, cross the bridge, and cream the guard
       that spots you.  Go all the way to the right, defeat the other
       one, and open the cell-door.  Go north and enter a small room (in
       which you're supposed to be murdered), and kill (uh, re-kill) the
       Decedents.  And open the chest for a BronzeMail; equip it, then
       leave the room.

 -- INSIDE / THE DUNGEON -----------------------------

    (Walkthrough for both ways continues here.)

    In the next area is a guy under a guillotine, ready for execution--a
    _nasty_ fate, I tell ya...  You are confronted with the choice of
    saving him or just taking the run--you cannot execute him.  I take
    it you remember the shopkeeper in Truce, talking about some guy that
    was down at the pier?  This guy appears to be the one, Fritz.  Save
    his ass (and he better be damn grateful for that) and he'll leave.
    Then borrow the Mid Tonic from the chest near here as well, and...

     * TIP:  There's a hell of a lot of Guards in this area guarding the
       cells.  You can fight them, but here's another way to get rid of
       'em: sneak up on them and attack them in the back (make sure the
       Guard does not see you--Metal Gear Solid-style!--stand behind
       him, and press A).  Then examine him (or other Guards that were
       already passed out) to nab a Mid Tonic!  This can be done with
       most of the Guards in this place.  If you re-enter the area they
       are back, with more Mid Tonics just begging to hop into your

    Onward...  Go through the cell-door and head left.  At the fork, you
    can either take the path to the left, or go up.  Take left first (to
    get some items; if you don't want them, skip this paragraph and read
    on where it says "go up instead of left"), and cross the bridge.
    Dispose of the two Guards that block your path, and you'll arrive in
    a place with four stairs and two Blue Shields.  A note on the Blue
    Shields: in order to defeat them, it is necessary to wait until a
    Yodu De behind them uncovers them face, which is the moment to
    UNLEASH.  While the Blue Shield is too strong for you to handle at
    the moment, the Yodu De creature is a monster that recently won the
    coveted "Weakest Enemy Of All Time Award" (tm).  So... take it easy
    on him...

    Number the paths like this:

      <-- (1)     (2) -->

      <-- (3)     (4) -->

        (1) - A place filled with oxygen-molecules.
        (2) - You came from here, my friend.  Luke, I am your father.
        (3) - This is your cell; you can heal and save here.
        (4) - And this leads to a storage room.  Cross the bridge, kill
              the Mid Tonic-less Guard, and open the cell to find your
              prize: two Ethers and two Mid Tonics!  Let 'em shine in
              your inventory and go back.  En route back, an Omnicrone
              (218 HP) stops you, only to be completely baffled by your
              supreme fighting skills.  Backtrack ALL THE WAY back, now.

    Back at the fork, go up instead of left.  Follow the path, trounce
    some guards, and cross the bridge.  Another four-stairs-and-two-
    Blue-Shields-place; number the paths like you did above.

        (1) - There is a cell with a crack here; go through it and climb
              down the wall.  You will arrive in another cell.  Open the
              chest here for a Shelter and then drop down the hole (hit
              A in front of it), where there is are chests with 1500G
              and a Lode Sword!  Yay you!
        (2) - To the exit.  Make sure you've visited the other cells
              first (especially the one with the Lode Sword)...
        (3) - You can find a Shelter here.
        (4) - This is where you entered this room.

    So to continue, take path (2), the upper-right path.

 -- INSIDE / FINAL AREAS -----------------------------

    In the next area is a duo of Guards waiting for you to come and a
    Supervisor that gets shot back (literally) by Lucca once he tries to
    get away upon seeing you, if you've broken out.  If you decided to
    face your execution, the Supervisor will just be on the ground,
    stunned ("LUCCA WAS HERE").  Lucca joins you if she hadn't before.
    Examine the Supervisor now to find a whoppin' five Mid Tonics.  Read
    the piece of paper as well; it is a TOP SECRET document: the manual
    for the Dragon Tank.  Save, kupo!  Use a Shelter as well, if it's
    necessary, and get out.  Cross the bridge.  You're almost back in
    the castle, but right in front of the entrance, the Chancellor pops
    up and the Dragon Tank is sent to demolish you.

     - BOSS: DRAGON TANK -----------------------------
        LV - 7         EXP - 40, 5     DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - 500       CHARM - --

       The Dragon Tank is comprised of a body, a head, and wheels.  The
       body's main job is to *be*.  The head is there to heal and stuff,
       while the wheels were glued onto the thing to let it move forward
       and crush you.  If I were you, I wouldn't use lightning- or fire-
       techs, because the TOP SECRET manual says so.  And you know it;
       don't do what the TOP SECRET manual says and you gonna be sorry!
       Another thing that needs to be noted is that the head will heal
       itself and the other two parts constantly.  Which means of course
       that attacking the body parts has about zero effect, considering
       every attack is countered with a cure.  Here's a brilliant idea:
       you should, you know, do something about that.  Such as, well,
       grabbing that heavy sword and performing some decapitation.

       The head has a physical defense of zero, meaning it's easier to
       defeat it than the other parts.  After beheading the tank, it'll
       start making use of the wheels--if you don't watch out, the tank
       will charge forward (and most obviously doin' some bruisin',
       considering there's only air above a deep pit to evade to.  After
       getting rid of the wheels as well, finish off the body.  Mister
       Dragon Tank isn't too much of a tough customer, so this round
       will be yours in a few turns.  As for the HP values: 266 (Tank
       Head), 208 (Grinder, wheels), 600 (body).

    Crono finishes off the job with a fancy-looking move, and the tank
    inevitably goes BOOM.  The bridge was bound to blow up as well; it's
    collapsed--but of course--our friend Mr Chancellor comes for the
    rescue.  Once you're within the castle walls, head down the stairs
    (there's a Shelter on your way), and...

 == GUARDIA CASTLE / 1000 A.D. =======================

    Inside the castle, soldiers will notice you leaving, which is...
    against the law!  Oh no.  There is only one way to escape; run.  Now
    uh... you don't really *have* to run, since soldiers won't be, like,
    *really* trying hard to catch you (just observe, dammit; they just
    pathetically walk around you--maybe they think their ugly faces
    scare you off?).  As you're about to leave, Marle arrives on the
    scene, gives the King hell, and joins you.  Good plan, Marle.  Good

    Automatically, you'll arrive in the forest.  Take a right (guards
    will be blocking the other paths), and you'll find a Gate!  Our
    party has no other option than entering it, and so be it.  (Check
    the Chancellor's mouth falling to his feet while you leave!  ^_^;)
    But--why doesn't the Chancellor SEE the Gate?  Another mystery...


  Escaping from the soldiers of Guardia Castle, you've found a Gate.
  Destination?  Unknown.  Upon arriving in the new place, which is
  apparently advanced; technology seems to be far ahead of ours.  Also,
  the place seems to be destroyed or something.  Is this the future?
  More importantly: what has happened here?

   - Berserker [Accessory]
   - Lode Sword [Weapon]
   - Lode Bow [Weapon]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Seed [Key Item]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Bike Key [Key Item]
   - 600G [Currency]
   - Rage Band [Accessory]
   - Bolt Sword [Weapon]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Race Log [Key Item]

  MONSTERS:  Octopod, Meat Eater, Crater, Shadow, Mutant, Proto 2,
   Bugger, Guardian [BOSS], Bit [BOSS], Nereid, Egder, Krawlie [BOSS]

 == DOMES / FUTURE? ==================================

 -- BANGOR DOME --------------------------------------

    Crono and co. arrive in an unfamiliar place.  You cannot open the
    door above you (it is "sealed my a mysterious force"--there are
    times that I want to say, "game, shut up").  Make sure you have your
    companions equipped, and leave.  As a small note: I've seen in a few
    websites and various FAQs that the air on the world map is poisonous
    or something; that you lose HP if you stay too long there.  This, my
    friend, is utter crap.  There was either some idiot spreading a
    false rumor and other people mindlessly taking it over, or they
    mistook the occasional lightning beam flash for "HP loss".

    Let's see... there are several points of interest in this new world.
    Above you is Bangor Dome, which you just exited.  South of you is
    another dome, Trann Dome, which is populated by some people.  North
    of you is Lab 16.  Ahead of that is Arris Dome, and there's a Sewer
    Access as well.  And we've got Lab 32 too.  But first, let's work
    our ends to Trann Dome.

 -- TRANN DOME ---------------------------------------

     * IMPORTANT NOTE--READ THIS:  If the screen looks all messed up, in
       such a way that the only thing you see is fog, then I *know* you
       are emulating, because this does *not* happen on a normal SNES-
       cartridge.  Please do not ask me why this happens.  To put it
       bluntly, I am sick of all those questions regarding a dome filled
       with fog/smoke/clouds/fart gas/whatever, so don't ask or I will
       go to your house and summon a GIGANTIC monster that's gonna eat
       you, wakka wakka.

       As for a solution to your problem, well, the problem is that the
       resolution you're playing in does not support transparency, or
       something.  You can remove the third layer (with Snes9x/ZSNES by
       pressing "3"), but this way, the dialogue text will abscond as
       well.  The better thing to do is switching to a resolution that
       _supports_ transparency.  There are several emulators out there
       so I can't really tell you what to do exactly, but if you have a
       look at the documentation that came with your emulator or if you
       just try out random resolutions, I'm sure you'll be okay.

    Inside the dome, talk to the people for not-exactly-valuable info,
    or talk to this one guy to buy stuff.  There is also an Enertron, a
    useful device that gives the user(s) a full night's sleep in seconds
    (i.e. HP/MP restore), but it *grumble* still leaves you hungry.  You
    can use the machine unlimited times, so abuse it to hell whenever
    you want.

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Auto Gun       1200      Lucca       Att. +15
      Iron Suit      800       All         Def. +25
      Iron Helm      500       All         Def. +14

    Additionally, you can buy Tonics, Mid Tonics, Heals, Revives, and
    Shelters.   Recommended to buy are an Auto Gun, and Mid Tonics if
    you don't have some.  Make sure that you have at least a total of
    five or so Tonics in your inventory, or uh, rats will come at you
    and STEAL YOUR MONEY.  This is one of the rare occasions that I am
    _not_ joking.  Ahem.

 == LAB 16 ===========================================

     * WARNING:  My Deepthroat contact gives note that it is probably in
       your best interests to avoid the many rats that run around: they
       will not attack you here, but instead will steal Tonics from you.
       Until you run out of Tonics, that is, in which case you should
       REALLY watch out because they'll begin snagging amounts of 500G.

    Inside, go right, past the rats, and open the chest for a Berserker!
    Wear this piece and your character will attack automatically; the
    upside is that attack damage is increased by 50%.  Return to the
    entrance and go up.  Thrash the monsters and keep moving forward,
    'til you arrive in a place with a chest (Lode Sword)--beware that
    this is a trap, though not something you cannot handle.  Avoid the
    next rat and you'll find another chest with a Lode Bow (Marle).
    Left.  You can avoid the Meat Eaters/Octopods by staying as far away
    as possible from them (in fact, every monster in these ruins is
    avoidable).  Whomp the Crater-quintet with techs that hit multiple
    foes (Cyclone et al).  Then walk to the right, watch out for the
    rat, and enter the next screen.

    Should you decide to fight the Shadows on the dead car, be sure to
    use Slash or Lucca's fire-techs, since physical attacks have zilch
    effect.  There's a chest here as well (lower-left corner), which
    contains an Ether.  Grab it and move on--you are confronted with a
    fork.  Up is an avoidable Mutant, or take the lower path if you want
    to face three unavoidable Shadows.  You'll stumble upon a hydrant
    near the end; to avoid the Mutant you see on the left, walk left of
    the hydrant.

 == LE DOME D'ARRIS ==================================

    There's an old man, Doan, who notices you.  You will learn from him
    that there is a food storage below, but the people couldn't get in
    there because the place is guarded by a robot or something.  ...a
    *food storage*?  Guarded by a robot??  Er, yeah--it's unrealistic
    crap, but anyway.  There's a kid that sells items and that somehow
    got a hold of a license to sell weapons as well (he's behind the
    boxes)--he sells exactly the same as the other guy bar Mid Tonics--
    and mister Enertron is here as well.  Use it, and don't shy away
    from the save point as well.  Go down the food storage by using the
    ladder.  Doan and the others will be surprised, as the audacious
    party doesn't seem to be scared at all... OF COURSE NOT.

 -- INSIDE / PLANKS, STOCK ROOM ----------------------

    Upon entering, you'll notice two computers, whereof the left one is
    broken.  The right one requires a password, so you can't do anything
    with that as well.  Great!  That leaves the passage left of the
    screen left give a visit.  Here, you'll need to cross a few planks.
    Though I think you're smart enough to get this thing over with, this
    FAQ was meant for a wide public, if not everyone.  So, in case your
    IQ is between 50 and 70, here are the directions: go right, up,
    right, up, left, left, up, right, up.  On your way is some sort of
    rat (in the form of a statue), which gives you a warning rather than
    stealing Tonics from you: "Warning.  Anyone within the vicinity of
    the stock room will be attacked!"  Gah!

    You'll eventually arrive in, yes, the vicinity of the stock room.
    An alarm goes off--take into memory that if you press X (to equip or
    to use items; whatever), two Proto 2s and two Buggers will arrive
    out of nowhere and attack!  If you want to use the menu, return to
    the planks where it's safe, and do your equipping business there.
    When you're ready, go through the room, and the security robot of
    the ventilation system (o_O;) stops you.

     - BOSS: GUARDIAN --------------------------------
        LV - 8        EXP - 300, 5     DROP  - --
        HP - 1200     G   - 1000       CHARM - --

       As is usual, bosses feature certain weaknesses or are vulnerable
       to particular methods of attacking, or in this case, need to be
       taken care of in a special manner.  The trick here is not to kick
       on the Guardian (the big thing) just yet; doing so while the two
       Bit are around will result in a nasty "Delta Attack"-counter down
       your throat.  It's simple as this--the Guardian cannot attack on
       its own so after you've gotten rid of the two pieces of flying
       metal, you can direct your attacks on the big machine.  However,
       the Guardian starts a countdown when the Bit are defeated--go
       freakin' wild on the Guardian (don't use fire-techs; they don't
       help) and start busting the Bit again when they are revived.
       Till you win.  Simple, no?

       You can also try to destroy _one_ Bit first, and then try to dump
       the Guardian.  The Bit cannot be revived when the other is still
       alive.  However, you'll still get to eat an "AmpliFire"-counter,
       which is not as strong as Delta Attack, but powerful nonetheless.
       Try this when you're high in the levels, if you want.  The two
       Bit feature 200 HP each, while the Guardian has 1200 HP.

    Continue, and you'll arrive in a room with some boxes and a man.
    While Lucca notices that the food has completely rotten, Marle finds
    out that the man has died a long time ago...  However, he holds some
    sort of seed, which you'll take with you.  There's a chest to the
    left as well (Mid Ether).  Examine the man again to find a note; it
    says that "...the rat is more than just a statue!  It knows the
    secret of this dome.  Catch it!"

    Oh no.

    Return to the planks.  The rat is here--give chase by holding B and
    catch it with the A-button.  Please take note that the rat won't be
    here if you haven't read the man's piece of paper.  Anyway, this
    shouldn't be any hard.  My way (and my way ALWAYS works) is to press
    and hold B, run after the rat, and once you get close to the rat,
    swiftly release the buttons and press A.  You _can_ catch the rat on
    your first try, but it's not rare if you fail and need several tries
    to accomplish your task.  If the rat runs away, leave the area and
    return to try again.  Once you catch it, it'll tell you that the
    password is to press and hold L and R, then hit A.  A-ha!

     * INSIGNIFICANCY:  When you're about to hunt the rat at the planks,
       Lucca notes that you need to dash, or else you won't catch it.
       (Brains she got, I tell ya.)  To be exact, she says you have to
       run using the B-button.  There's nothing wrong with that, but if
       you changed the controls, Lucca says the same!  A similar thing
       occurs when you try to input the L/R/A-password.  So if you've
       assigned other functions to the buttons, push THOSE.  (My deepest
       apologies for noticing such unimportant stupid things and nagging
       you with them.)

 -- INSIDE / TO THE INFO CENTER ----------------------

    Return to the computers and input the password (press and hold L
    and R, then press A), and a passage appears...  Enter.  I am very
    sorry to dump another note here, but it's actually a significant and
    important note, so SIT BACK DOWN.

     * IMPORTANT NOTE--READ THIS:  If the input-password doesn't work,
       bummer.  You're using an emulator, and your hardware (keyboard)
       has a limitation that (these) three buttons cannot function
       simultaneously.  Either use a game-pad, or you might want to
       assign L and R to a single button (some emulators can do this).

    Inside, dispatch the monsters, and go north for a chest with a Mid
    Ether.  Continue, while squashing those damn Bugs (or use your mad
    skillz to avoid every single one of 'em), and pass through the door
    at the end.  From here, you can either go up (avoids most enemies),
    or to the right.  Both ways lead to a door; go inside--it's the info
    center!  Lucca manages to find a Gate using the computer, which is
    in Proto Dome.  Then, Marle presses a button.  What would normally
    result in people getting darn pissed, not wanting other people's
    property to be touched, this turns out to be positive, yet negative.
    The screen switches over and shows you what happened in 1999 A.D.,
    the Day of Lavos (tm): you'll watch a short cut-scene in which Lavos
    destroys everything!  You now know what's happened here, and have a
    new goal: change history, in order to save the future!  *music*

    Take the usual route back, return to the ladder, and go up to the
    people.  Doan asks what you've found.  Well, you've found out that
    you're now in the future, but the people want food!  FOOD!  You'll
    hand over the seeds, which don't really give them much hope.  Crono
    says that it GIVES 'em hope nonetheless and that if they're not
    grateful, pity (though he puts it more tactfully than that by saying
    nothing at all).  Anyway, in case you ever need it, Doan grants you
    the Bike Key.  With this, you can use the Jet Bike in Lab 32 (whee!)
    and race free.  Before you leave, rest in the Enertron (*grumble*),
    and then it's time to go.


 -- SEWER ACCESS -------------------------------------

     * The Sewer Access, and other locations covered in this section, do
       not need a visit per se, for now.  See, there's "OPTIONAL" in the
       paragraph header.  I recommend docking here anyway, unless you
       wish to leave all them lonely 'n ripe-for-the-taking items there.
       Alternately, you can skip this, continue 'til you get a new party
       member, and return here with him.  Okay... so it doesn't really
       matter, but you get the idea.

    A guard comes in upon your arrival: "Bandits!  Must report to Sir
    Krawlie!".  Yes.  Take a right and you will find some monsters that
    need some love of your sword.  There's a chest here as well, which
    contains 600 bucks, so do something tactful with it.  Return left,
    fight two Nereides, and you'll see some frogs lurking in wait (frogs
    my *ass*: "clowns" is the appropriate word).  When they're done, go
    down the ladder.  Marle and Lucca say that they're scared and that
    they have a strange feeling about this place, but no worry--*I*
    shall be with you.

    Swing to the left.  Read the piece of paper, which appears to be the
    last page of a diary--it says something about someone being attacked
    when making the slightest noise... sounds like a warning!  And it
    is; in fact, there are several items spread out in this area.  Don't
    touch them, or your greed will result in you getting attacked.  Not
    even the save point at the end is safe.  When (if) you make it to
    the end, climb up.

    Two Egders will stop you.  Kill them, and move on; there is a hidden
    passage way somewhere.  Find and go through it, and trigger the
    switch at the end of the path.  Return and find another seemingly
    out-of-sight path just north of the other one.  Go through (you will
    go through a door that you just opened), and you'll witness another
    scene with the stinkers.  Once that's over with, open the chest for
    a Rage Band (good stuff--this lets the wearer automatically do a
    counterattack 50% of the time), and you'll find Sir Krawlie.  After
    his dim dialogue with a guard, it ensues in a fight with this chump.

     - BOSS: KRAWLIE ---------------------------------
        LV - 8       EXP - 100, 5     DROP  - Mid Ether
        HP - 500     G   - 500        CHARM - --

       This is in fact not a real boss; just a mini-boss if you want.
       Losing is a challenge here.  If you manage scoring a game-over at
       this point unintended, you not only *frighten* me, you *really*
       frighten me.  So anyway, just use physical attacks to damage him.
       Magic is not absolutely necessary.  The only thing you have to
       prepare for is his HP-to-1-attack; it is quite damaging, and must
       be countered with a healing spell to avoid a direct knockout.
       And that's about it, really; even if you leveled up the slightest
       bit, just mash the A-button repeatedly and this guy's in the bag
       almost immediately.

    If you have 1 HP left, don't hesitate to unload a can of healing
    drugs.  Follow the path again, and stay close to the wall so you can
    avoid a fight with two Nereides and an Egder.  Once the path forks,
    take the one to the left, get the Bolt Sword from the chest, equip
    it, and then trigger the switch in order to open a bridge.  Go back
    to climb the ladder, and you're out.

    ...and you'll notice there's pretty much nothing else to do.  But

 -- KEEPER'S DOME ------------------------------------

    Nothing of interest.  There's an old man here and a strange creature
    (a "Nu").  The man says that he misses Schala, and that "NO!  You
    MUST NOT climb Death Peak!"  He'll also ask something else--it's
    funny: in the future, you'll learn something about the past, which
    will occur in the future.  Think about THAT.  ^_^;  There's a sealed
    door here as well, but it's, well, sealed.  And the computer here is
    pretty much dead as well, so let us do what the old guy tell us
    _not_ to do.  After all, that's how it goes in a video game every
    time, eh?

 -- DEATH PEAK ---------------------------------------

    But sorry to say: that rule does not apply at this moment.  You can
    enter Death Peak, but the only thing you can do is trying to walk up
    the mountain and eventually get blown away.  But wait!  There's a
    Power Tab on the right side!  So your trip to this place was good
    for at least _something_.  Dash forward and grab it before the wind
    gives you a good fart.  Then leave (which shouldn't be too much of a
    problem) for now and come back later when you have a good reason to.

    The route back, through the Sewer Access, should not be any trouble.
    Do make sure you follow the bridge to the left, first, so that you
    can follow the other bridges, which are shortcuts.

 == LAB 32--WHO'S DA MAN?! / 2300 A.D. ===============

    Back to the essential stuff--Lab 32 is found north of the Sewer
    Access (it looks like Lab 16).  If you REALLY need to, go back to
    Arris Dome and rest in the Enertron.  Then go to Lab 32, take a
    right, take the Mid Tonic from the chest, and go north.  Here is the
    Jet Bike Doan spoke of!  Once you try to use it, though, or if you
    go to the right, a group of Protos prepares to attack you... 'til
    the MAN stops them.  His name's Johnny--fasten your seatbelts,
    buddy, 'cuz we're gonna race.

     - MINI-GAME: RACING JOHNNY! ---------------------

       The controls are simple: use the Control Pad to move the Jet
       Bike.  The point here is that you cannot control your speed.
       Your bike just moves back and forward, as does Johnny's bike.  If
       you touch Johnny, you'll bump to the back or get bumped forward
       (depending on where you hit him).  You will gain points when you
       are in front of Johnny, but not if you're on his tail!  So, you
       will have to find your way in front of him and then predict what
       direction he's going to and ride in such a way as to bump him to
       the back.  I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon; mastering it
       is the hardest part.

       You will win a race if you pass the finishing line _while being
       in front of Johnny_.  If you were in front of him for 99% of the
       race and at the last moment bumped behind him, you're screwed.
       Your score will not be recorded as well if you lose.  If you want
       to log your scores, you must first get the Race Log (read below).
       As an addition, you can change the racing mode when you get it.
       There are two styles of racing:

         MODE 1 - This lets you use boosts (default); press B to use
                  one.  This can only be done three times throughout the
                  whole race, and boosts must be "charged" before use.
         MODE 2 - This, well, doesn't let you use boosts.  The game does
                  not indicate this very well, but only with this mode
                  you can change the race's perspective with the L- and
                  R-buttons.  I personally like this mode, as turning
                  the screen 90 degrees helps a hell of a lot.

       You can also press the X- and A-buttons to zoom in or out.  WOW.
       How crap.  More features include the line below on the screen,
       showing you how far you are, and how far you'll still need to go.
       Also, if you want to race, Crono _has_ to be in your party, or
       Johnny will refuse.

       Furthermore, if you get a certain score, you might gain a bonus:

         SCORE:    REWARD:
         777       10 Mid Ethers
         1300+     5 Mid Tonics
         1500+     1 Power Tab (once)
         2000+     5 Ethers
         2300+     5 Full Ethers

          * NOTE:  If you get a score with three or four equal numbers,
            such as 111 or 2222, you will get an Ether, Mid Ether or a
            Full Tonic.  The only exception to this is 777.  There's a
            script bug here as well; the game _says_ that when you get
            1300+ points, you get 5 Mid Ethers, but in reality you've
            acquired 5 Mid Tonics (the bastards).  When you get 2300+,
            though, they say 5 Ethers instead of 5 Full Ethers, which is
            not a bad deal.

    So, kid, you wanna get the Race Log?  It's in the path that you
    would've crossed if you didn't race Johnny.  Kill any of those pesky
    Mutants that you will come across, and you will eventually find a
    chest.  Open it (there are Shadows lurking in wait) to score the
    Race Log.

    If you now return to Johnny and say hello, he'll call upon a robot,
    Rx-xR.  This piece of machinery will be your personal log keeper and
    you can talk to it to switch your style of racing.

 == PROTO DOME / 2300 A.D. ===========================

    When you're done playing the mini-game (if at all), it's time to
    move on.  Skip the Factory just yet; the entrance is blocked inside
    by a laser and there's no way to get through as of yet.  Instead,
    set foot in Proto Dome, which is south of the Factory.  Once inside,
    you'll be attacked by three Buggers.  Delete (GEDDIT?!) them, and go
    north until you fight four of them (which can be avoided by walking
    slowly).  After the battles, station yourself in the Enertron and go
    to the far side.

    There is a robot here.  It seems to be kaput, however, but Lucca
    thinks she can repair it.  Marle finds out that the door, which I
    believe leads to the Gate we need, is locked.  Which means we have
    to wait 'til the Mad Geek Herself finishes her cranking up a robot.

    When she's done, the robot goes "alive" and he (I will consider this
    robot male in the FAQ) introduces himself as R66-Y.  Unfortunately,
    we have one of those annoying, you know, people in our party that
    think those names suck, leaving it up to you to choose a new one.
    Default name is "Robo" (that name will be used throughout the FAQ),
    and after you give him a name, he agrees to help your team and beat
    up monsters with his fighting skills in order to find the Gate, in
    return for reactivating him.

    But to open that particular door that leads to the Gate, we have to
    activate this dome's generator, which is located in the Factory.
    One party member must stay behind, though (Marle or Lucca).  So who
    will you leave?  If you choose Marle, you have a great asset to your
    party that is able to heal your party anytime, anywhere.  Lucca, on
    the other hand, has access to offensive magic.  I'll leave it up to
    you to solve this dilemma--you can always return here and get the
    other one to be in your party if you change your mind, so don't
    worry 'bout that.


  In Proto Dome, you've found a damaged robot.  After fixing it, the
  robot joined and told your party that the door to the Gate we're
  looking for is shut!  Which is not nice; now we need to activate the
  dome's generator, which is located in the Factory.

   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Robin Bow [Weapon]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - 400G [Currency]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Bolt Sword [Weapon]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Titan Vest [Armor]
   - Hammer Arm [Weapon]
   - Plasma Gun [Weapon]

  MONSTERS:  Acid, Debugger, Proto 3, Bug, Alkaline, R Series [BOSS]

 == THE FACTORY / 2300 A.D. ==========================

 -- INSIDE / ENTRANCE AREA ---------------------------

    There are two passages.  The left one is the exit, but a laser is
    blocking the right one.  Fortunately, Robo is a robot, so have him
    buck wild on the computer to override the security.  Right when he's
    done, an Acid-monster appears!  Punish it for disturbing you in your
    ultimate quest to save the world (I... just sounded like an idiot),
    and continue; I suggest Slash.  Here are two ways you can take as
    well; go right first, to an elevator leading to the factory area.

    Climb down the ladder and take a left, then go up.  There's a room
    with an open door; go inside.  You can't see where you go so move
    around, pressing A repeatedly--you should open a hidden chest this
    way.  Once you have the contents, a Mid Ether, go back to the three
    ladders.  Go down the lower-left ladder, walk all the way to the
    left, and borrow the Robin Bow from inside the chest.  Equip Marle,
    if need be, then return to the ladders.  Climb down the lower-right
    one.  Work your way through the area and you'll end up at a conveyor

 -- INSIDE / CONVEYOR BELT, CRANE --------------------

    Get on the belt, but try to avoid the robots.  This is done by just
    running to the other side but quickly going back if you see a robot
    coming into you (when it looks like you won't make it to the next
    safe area, I mean).  On your way is an Ether; be sure to slip it in
    your pocket.  If you unluckily got hit, say ZUT ALORS, and a crane
    will appear and pick you up.  It will drop you on the other side of
    the belt, from where you'll have to fight groups of one, three and
    five robots.  On top of that, you also won't be able to heal during
    the fights (make sure you heal before facing the quintet of robots),
    so it is recommended to avoid this in the first place.

    Eventually, you will arrive in a room with four Bugs, whether you've
    been caught or not.  Have the Bugs taste some, then proceed through
    the passage.

    Cross the bridge and go to the right.  Don't forget the chest with a
    Mid Tonic, and go through the doorway.  Inside, you'll find 400G and
    a Mid Ether.  Grab the items, and use the computer--you'll receive
    the codes for the crane control (they are X A and B B).  Then, the
    two Proto 3s will bounce around in the room as if they're heavily on
    drugs--a HELL OF A LOT of them--though you _can_ avoid them.  Leave
    the room, and go for the left one.  Here are also two Proto 3s (but
    they aren't as freaked as the ones in the previous room).  Get the
    Shelter and an Ether, and make for the lower-right corner to arrive
    in the crane control room.  Always wanted to have a crane?  Here's
    one!  Whee.

    Input the codes that were provided before (X A and B B; use the
    buttons on your Control Pad).  Doing this will remove the barrels.
    Return, and climb the ladder (which is a shortcut).  From here, walk
    to the left and enter the room.  In here is a Bolt Sword and some
    sort of computer; don't forget to access it, as it provides you with
    a password!  The code is "ZABIE", which is X A B Y, translated into
    Super Nintendo-language.  Now you have this info, you can leave the
    factory area and head all the way back to the entrance.  Instead of
    taking the right path, go left.  Three Debuggers will appear (they
    can be avoided), and there's a note that says, "Caution!  Do not
    turn off the conveyor belt in the factory!  The security system will
    activate and you'll be in danger."  Wasn't a *security system* meant
    to keep you... safe?

 -- INSIDE / LAB AREA --------------------------------

    Anyway.  When you arrive in the lab area, you'll see a save point
    below you.  Use it (and a Shelter, if need be), and go through the
    doorway.  Kill the three blobs, and the computer activates.  Examine
    the screen in order to open the hatch, and don't forget to open the
    chest with a Shelter before you go down it.  You'll now have to go
    through a large hall; many monsters await your clobbering in here,
    but a battle with each of them can be avoided by staying close to
    the outer wall.

    When you reach a room, go inside.  There's a Titan Vest at your left
    hand and a Hammer Arm to the right.  Equip them, and let Robo use
    the computer to deactivate the lasers so you can continue again.
    Unfortunately, five utterly annoying chemically brewed blobs of poop
    with a weird color and a face will see a chance to attack...  Thrash
    them, and go through the path that was blocked by the laser earlier.
    Use the elevator and go down.  (If you want to save now, you can do
    so by going up first, and then down twice.)

    Work your rear through the hallway, to end up by a computer screen
    and a chest (with a Plasma Gun for Lucca).  Start the computer, and
    input the password by entering X A B Y using the Control Pad.  The
    door opens.  If a security system in the future is a password-system
    with passwords provided in other rooms, I have to say this security
    is horribly LAME; of course you won't get that easily in MY system!
    Whatever the case, head inside and trigger the switch.

     * NOTE:  If the door doesn't open when you input the password, be
       sure to have LEARNED the password first by going to the computer,
       not by cheating and looking in this FAQ.

    As noted somewhere before, the security system will activate, and
    you gotta escape.  Go down (Robo will lend you a hand... er, body),
    and you will find out that the elevator has been shut off.  No
    problem!  Climb the ladder left on the screen, which works just okay
    as well.  Run along to bump into Robo's pals, which Robo gives hello

 -- INSIDE / ROBO'S "FRIENDS" ------------------------

    These dudes, Robo's past friends, will notice that Robo's defective,
    and they'll beat him up pretty badly ("Hello robot buddies, what's
    up yo!"  *smack*).  Once they are done with Robo, they'll continue
    their systematic destruction--target: you.

     - BOSS: R SERIES --------------------------------
        LV - 10         EXP - 80 x6, 1 x6     DROP  - --
        HP - 150 x6     G   - 100 x6          CHARM - --

       The R Series aren't hard to beat, even now Robo is gone; I've
       always considered them regular enemies and only had a bit of
       trouble with them in a low-level game.  But that aside.  The key
       to a quick victory is Cyclone; have Crono throw around some and
       hit three robots for the price of one (target a robot in the
       middle of a row).  If you've leveled up a bit, four rounds should
       be enough, and if HP pose a problem, you can always use Marle or
       Lucca heal.  Don't bother attacking with them; physically they
       aren't worth a crap, Marle has no attack-spells, and the R Series
       are strong against fire.  The Plasma Gun doesn't work on these
       fellows as well (WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP), so just rely on the
       almighty power of Cyclone.

    And, that's about it.  After you beat the R Series, Marle/Lucca will
    get Robo out of the container, and Crono helps her/her to get him
    back to Proto Dome.

 == PROTO DOME REVISIT / 2300 A.D. ===================

    Lucca's second attempt to crank up Robo is a success as well,
    thankfully.  When she's done, Robo decides to tag along with the
    party, for the reason that there's just about nothing left to do in
    this world.  Even though you might think he's just a walking piece
    of scrap (which looks stupidly funny as well), he'll prove to be a
    great asset to the team.  So, with your new toy, open the door that
    is not closed anymore and head for the Gate (notice Robo walking the
    "cat"-way, if you know what I mean).  Everyone goes in, but the last
    split-second, you'll notice that this Gate doesn't close normally...
    What could have happened?


  Ho ho ho, the End of Time!

   - Power Tab [Item] - this one's rarely found!  So get it!


 == "HEY." / END OF TIME =============================

    The party ends up in a strange, icky place, called the End of Time.
    It's a small area enclosed by, well, nothing, with a door, a few
    objects, what seems like a stair set leading to the abyss, and a
    scary man.  Go say hello.  He will explain what has happened (in
    such a way that he sounds intelligent); if four or more beings step
    into a Gate, they wind up here.  Which of course, would not be good,
    so it means that a party member must stay behind.  One can switch
    companions anytime and anywhere (except in battle and in a few other
    situations) by pressing the Y-button.  For the time being, I suggest
    the following lineup.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Crono, Marle, Lucca

    The geezer tells you that the pillars each connect to different
    places in different eras.  Additionally, there's The Bucket, which
    is special, sort of--it leads to 1999 A.D., annus horribilis; the
    day that Lavos popped up and wiped his ass off with the world.  Of
    course, don't use it just yet; you can imagine you will be squashed
    without trouble.  Take note of the save point and use the thing
    above it that restores HP and MP.  Once you try to leave, the man
    draws your attention.  He says that you should check out the room
    behind him...

 -- THE MASTER OF WAR --------------------------------

    Inside is a mysterious creature named Spekkio.  He'll explain the
    history of magic and all, and then he'll want you to walk around his
    room three times in a clockwise fashion.  REJOICE!  Do what he says
    (BE SURE TO HUG THE WALL AT ALL TIMES) and he'll teach you how to
    use magic!  Crono learns lightning-based magic, Marle will learn to
    use ice (water-magic, that is), and Lucca will get elemental fire-
    attacks.  Robo's unable to use magic, but some of his techs _do_
    inflict elemental damage (e.g. Laser Spin, which is shadow).

    As a friendly reminder, this is a video game, and koalas really do
    not know magic.

    Then, Spekkio will challenge you into a fight.  Actually, he is a
    mini-boss; check section 4-D for the Exclusive Adventurer's Guide to
    Humiliating Spekkio (tm), which is complete with the basics, HP
    totals, strategies, etc., all of which are supplied by me--how about
    that.  In short, Spekkio is a creature that changes form when you
    level up, and he will give you rewards if you beat his forms.

    Your next goal is 1000 A.D.; go to the pillars.  As you can see,
    there are three pillars as of yet, but while going through the game,
    visiting more places and stepping into more Gates, you will "unlock"
    more pillars, generating more ways to reach more places.  Enter the
    northernmost pillar on the top to lift yourself up in a spaceship-
    warp-fashioned way, the one leading to Medina village.  But before
    you go, you might want to take care of a little thingy...

 == RANDOM BIT 'N PIECE (OPTIONAL) ===================

     * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "Good Night" if you
       defeat Lavos now.

    Besides that ending, head back to Proto Dome.  Just right under the
    Gate is a Power Tab!  I mention one SaddQ, who was kind enough to
    point this out to me when finding this out.  Considering that
    approximately 0% of Chrono Trigger players would've found this while
    not looking at a guide, I must acknowledge a debt.


  In Medina, the village of the Mystics, everyone is apparently not
  really trying hard to be nice to you.  Our party's next goal is home;
  to get there, they'll have to pass Heckran's cave.  Before entering
  it, the team visits Melchior, a familiar weapons merchant.

   - Speed Tab [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - MagicScarf [Accessory] - equip this when you get it
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Taban Vest [Armor]
   - Mid Ether (x10) [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Omnicrone, Hench, Jinn Bottle, Octoblush, Tempurite,
   Rolypoly, Cave Bat, Heckran [BOSS]

 == MEDINA VILLAGE / 1000 A.D. =======================

    You'll crash into a house, coming out of... a closet.  The creatures
    that you find inside, Mystics, are demi-humans populating this part
    of the land.  If you talk to them, you will become aware that most
    (other) Mystics don't like humans, so you better keep your ass
    covered.  You can grab the cake that is on the table to restore your
    health (you can only do so once).

    I'll cover a few places now; for items only, head directly to the
    Elder's House.

 == EXPLORATION (OPTIONAL) ===========================

 -- MEDINA SQUARE ------------------------------------

    Some Mystics, praising a statue of Magus.  They will tell something
    about him (this place is much like the shrine in the Cathedral).
    Talk to the people to learn about the war that's been held 400 years
    ago (which they LOST, hah).

 -- MARKET -------------------------------------------

    In here, there's a Hench, which is the keeper of the shop, while the
    Omnicrone is the big boss.  If you try to buy something, you'll get
    the nasty Omnicrone to attack you!  Talk about hospitality...
    Anyway, you can finally buy stuff when you show the Omnicrone who's
    the REAL boss.  The Hench, however, finds it necessary to smash up
    the prices, so no soup for you unless you have a *lot* of spare

 -- INN ----------------------------------------------

    To sleep at the inn, you'll also have to nail some heads, and fork
    over more cash than you usually do.

 -- ELDER'S HOUSE ------------------------------------

    The elder in this village is some fat Mystic who calls himself Ozzie
    VIII.  Take the Speed Tab (on the kitchen table) and the Magic Tab
    (upstairs); they probably just don't care... er, don't know.

 -- MELCHIOR'S HUT -----------------------------------

    Go west to find Melchior's Hut; finally, someone who's selling stuff
    for a reasonable price!  Weird he left his stuff in Leene Square,
    though.  Whatever the case, talk to him to see his list of goods; I
    recommend purchasing the Red Katana, as it ups your magic-stat.
    Sell the two Lode Swords and the two Bolt Swords as well, if you
    have them, to get some extra money (with which you can buy Titan
    Vests, which are useful as well).  Upon leaving, Melchior points out
    there's a shortcut in the Heckran Cave, which leads to Truce.  And
    Truce happens to be the place you're heading for!  My, what helpful
    people.  Oh, you can also take a look at the swords on the wall--
    whee fun!

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Red Katana     4500      Crono       Att. +30, Magic +2
      Robin Bow      2850      Marle       Att. +25
      Plasma Gun     3200      Lucca       Att. +25
      Hammer Arm     3500      Robo        Att. +25
      Titan Vest     1200      All         Def. +32

 == HECKRAN CAVE / 1000 A.D. =========================

     * NOTE:  Almost all monsters here are invulnerable to all physical
       attacks, so you'll be needing more than brute strength: the key
       to conquer them is magic.  And what luck: Spekkio jes' teached
       you some!  Be sure to have your MP-meter filled to the max, and
       going through this dungeon can't be _too_ hard...

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Crono, Marle, Lucca

    Beat the two Henches that greet you with a not-too-wonderful shout,
    and walk around.  While you follow the path, you'll find a chest
    with an Ether, as well as a Jinn Bottle with Octoblushes.  Go down
    the stairs, fry the two Tempurites, and move along until you arrive
    at a path that splits in two.  First, take the lower path.  Exercise
    soccer with Rolypolies (ah hah hah), then go to the chest at the end
    --open it for a MagicScarf (you'll have to zap three Cave Bats for
    that).  This accessory ups your magic power, so wear it!

    Backtrack back to the intersection and take the upper path.  Make
    sure you grab the Mid Ether out of the chest on your way.  Kill the
    group of four Tempurites and travel on until you reach another fork
    in the road (sort of); go up first and acquire an Ether out of the
    chest, then head south through the passageway.  Walk forward and
    forward while busting up various monsters... I'm sure you're used to
    this already.  There's a sealed chest on your way as well, but it's
    uh, sealed.  Go through the crack and you'll find yourself in some
    kind of waterway.  Here, use B to run through the place and you'll
    eventually reach a save point.  Use it, and be sure to use a Shelter
    too if you're low on HP and/or MP.  Then, enter the subsequent area
    to encounter a huge monster clapping around.  Ah: another boss.

     - BOSS: HECKRAN ---------------------------------
        LV - 13       EXP - 250, 10     DROP  - --
        HP - 2100     G   - 1500        CHARM - --

       Whip out your swords and USE THEM!  You'll... only find out that
       damage stays in the single digits, which ain't good.  You guessed
       it: magic is the key to winning the battle, so have your magic
       users pop open their lunchbox of elements to bop this sucker.
       However, keep this tidbit in mind--Heckran will eventually say,
       "Go ahead!  Try and attack...!"  At this point, it is best to
       steer clear _from_ attacking, because hitting him while he's in
       this phase results in a brutal counter-blow.  In the meantime, I
       suggest you crank out a few healing spells to liven up those
       below par, and wait until he says, "Brief counterattack break."
       This is his way of saying, "Now you can hit me in the freakin'

       Note that Heckran isn't weak against magical attacks, he's just
       strong against physical attacks.  In order to avoid accidentally
       getting countered, don't queue too many attacks (as you'll never
       know when he'll taunt you into attacking him) and don't waste
       your time to heal unless it's REALLY needed (as you have plenty
       of time to cure in Heckran's provocation-phase).  Listen to me,
       my loyal follower, and you shall prevail.  As long as you don't
       hit him when he wants to, he's remarkably easy, for the fact that
       he then gives you the time to heal.

    Right before Heckran goes SPLAT, he'll give utterance to something
    about Magus.  Lucca/Marle then suggests that you bring a visit to
    him, and bump him under a heavy rock in order to change history...
    that'd take care of Lavos, she/she thinks.  She/she also recommends
    to use the Gate at Leene Square, as that Gate was used initially to
    give arrival to the Middle Ages.

    Now go north, and do an awesome-looking 720 back-flip into the pool
    (this was the shortcut that was mentioned by Melchior).  You'll land
    somewhere south of Guardia and Truce, close to Lucca's house.  If
    you for some reason want to return to Heckran's Cave from here, run
    around on the world map until you stumble across a "Vortex Point",
    in which case you need to press A so you'll be sucked up into the
    vortex.  Before we go to 600 A.D. and put the boot in Magus, we'll
    go to Lucca's house to annoy her father.

 == RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES (OPTIONAL) =================

 -- LUCCA'S HOUSE ------------------------------------

    Inside, go through the doorway and go up the stairs, arriving in the
    room of Lara--that's Lucca's mom.  Taban comes in, says something,
    and leaves.  Follow him back to the main room, and then have a talk
    with him.  He will give Lucca his newest invention, the Taban Vest.
    Yay you.

 -- MARKET -------------------------------------------

    And do you remember that guy you've saved in the detention areas of
    Guardia Castle?  Well, he's back in the shop he mentioned then, and
    he's got drugs for ya--talk to him to receive 10 Mid Ethers in
    return for salvaging his bacon.  Also, you can buy new stuff from
    him.  If you didn't save Fritz before, well, sucks to be you.  Er,
    him.  Obviously, he won't be here then; the shopkeeper talks about
    someone named Elaine, who's down at the pier again (HEH HEH), and
    the older stuff is put up for sale.  If you _did_ save Fritz, the
    same is sold what Melchior sells (scroll up if you want a list).

 -- CRONO'S HOUSE ------------------------------------

    Your mom is quite a bit worried about you.

 == JOURNEY TO MAGUS =================================

    Move on to Leene Square, and flip into the Gate to arrive in the End
    of Time.  You'll see that two more pillars are unlocked!  They are
    the upper-left and the lower-right ones, which lead to Truce Canyon
    (600 A.D.) and to Leene Square (1000 A.D.) respectively.  Your next
    goal is 600 A.D., as this is the year where you can find Magus.
    Don't forget to save/heal if needed.


  By ditching Heckran, the party has found out that Magus could be the
  one that needs to be defeated in order to save the future from Lavos.
  So, the party brings a revisit to the Middle Ages, where a war is
  being held between Guardia and Magus.

   * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "Legendary Hero" if you
     defeat Lavos now, after you place one or both of your feet in the
     world of 600 A.D.

   - Jerky [Key Item]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Gold Helm [Helmet]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - MagicScarf [Accessory]
   - Power Tab [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Deceased, Ozzie, Zombor [BOSS]

 == AN ERA OF WAR / 600 A.D. REVISITED ===============

 -- ZENAN BRIDGE -------------------------------------

    You have to do three things now in the following order to continue.
    Many people get lost here; remember that step (1) is required to
    fulfill step (2), etc.

     + Head over to Zenan Bridge and acquaint yourself with the soldiers
       --make sure you speak with the guy in the golden suit to discover
       they're hungry.

     + Then, dock in Guardia Castle, and go to the kitchen.  Talk to the
       overstressed cook, then leave the castle.  While you are leaving,
       you'll be given a Jerky!  You'll also receive a Power Tab for
       your support.  Apparently, he trusts random strangers and that
       you're not gonna eat the Jerky yourself... but that's because the
       game won't LET you, so... forget I said anything.

     + Return to the bridge.  Give the Knight Captain the Jerky you've
       received from the cook, and you'll initiate a conversational
       sequence.  But not for long, as a soldier roughly ends it by
       reporting that Magus and his troops have launched an attack, and
       that the lines of defense have suffered greatly.

    Hmmm.  Sounds like they need YOU!  Talk to the captain and say that
    you'll help him.  He'll give you a Gold Helm if you provide Guardia
    with your support.  Equip it and go left, crossing the bridge.  A
    green fellow, Ozzie, will block your path, and summons two Deceased.
    Beat all three of them (employ magic on the Deceased, fire physical
    attacks on Ozzie).  After you wipe the floor with his summoned
    flunkies, Ozzie runs off.  Follow him, and he turns a handful of
    fallen soldiers into more Deceased, and another fight starts!  Let
    them eat explosion as well, then follow Ozzie, who runs off again.
    When you reach the end of the bridge, he brings about five or so of
    the dead troops together, forming Zombor, the next boss.

     - BOSS: ZOMBOR ----------------------------------
        LV - 15      EXP - 350, 10     DROP  - --
        HP - 960     G   - 1500        CHARM - --

       Important to keep in mind is that the upper part of Zombor is
       only vulnerable to water- and shadow-attacks, and the lower part
       to lightning- and fire-magic.  Magic employed incorrectly will
       consequent in it healing a particular part.  That is all.  If you
       just take note of this, you shouldn't have any problems.  I would
       suggest not using Robo--although it's no problem if you first
       focus on the upper parts first, Laser Spin (which targets both
       parts) is weaker than Marle and Lucca's elemental spells.

    This battle is a piece of cake if you don't use the wrong elements--
    just enlighten yourself with my great words (bahaha) and victory
    awaits you.  To continue, go to the left, leaving Zenan Bridge.

 == DORINO AND PORRE / 600 A.D. (OPTIONAL) ===========

    The following places that I will cover in this chapter, are optional
    (information, items, etc.).  You can skip them, if you want; go to
    the Denadoro Mountains (walkthrough in the next chapter) to continue
    if that strikes your fancy.

 -- DORINO ELDER'S HOUSE -----------------------------

    You'll eavesdrop on Toma and the headman of this village, who ramble
    about the Rainbow Shell, some kind of material that can be used to
    make reflective armor.  Sounds interesting!  Toma eventually leaves,
    going to the inn.  If you want, follow him.

 -- DORINO INN ---------------------------------------

    Two things of interest: someone hints that there are goblins on the
    mountains with huge hammers, who will become as weak as pussycats
    once you burn those hammers.  Someone else says that "EnergyWhirls"
    can be neutralized by using the Slash-attack.  What smart people!
    Remember these tips, of course.  You can also sleep here for 50G.

 -- DORINO RESIDENCE ---------------------------------

    The only thing of interest is the shiny dot in the habitants' drawer
    --too bad it's locked, though.  You can get it by talking to the old
    man; if you've gotten the Naga-ette Bromide, he will want to trade
    it!  If you agree, he'll unlock the drawer for you so that you can
    nick the Magic Tab inside.  Remember that if you didn't take the
    Naga-ette Bromide from somewhere in the Cathedral, the old man won't
    notice that you have it (duh), and no trade will occur.  Also note
    that the Bromide won't shine in your inventory listing.  The Bromide
    does not serve any other purpose.

 -- CURSED WOODS -------------------------------------

    The Cursed Woods are west of Porre.  In this place are a Mid Tonic
    and a Shelter; make sure you get them.  If luck is with you, you
    might spot a Nu (weird-looking creature); if you have the chance,
    make sure to fight it for massive tech points!  If not, well, too
    bad.  In the end, you'll find a shaking bush, which you can enter
    from behind it.  You'll find yourself in the hideout of... Frog!
    Frog leaps down, almost smacks on the ground, and discovers that the
    King's been injured.  He will ramble in himself for a while.  Before
    you leave, talk to him a couple of times and open the pot to get a


    You can sleep at Porre Inn for 20G.  In the Market are two people
    discussing something... strange.  You can shop here, and at your
    left hand is a Power Tab.  Take it!

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Gold Suit      1300      All         Def. +39
      Beret          700       Females     Def. +17

 -- PORRE ELDER'S HOUSE ------------------------------

    In here, you, a total random stranger, have permission to get the
    contents of the two sealed boxes.  However, since they're *sealed*,
    you can't open them.  Apparently, that's the reason why you have
    permission--freakin' greedy people...  Anyway, the Elder tells you
    where you can find the Magic Cave, and by talking to the other folks
    you'll discover something... odd.  It appears that the "legendary
    hero" that everyone is waiting for in anticipation is some darn
    little brat with practically no fighting skills.  Oh well... we
    can't all be perfect, right?

 -- PORRE CAFE ---------------------------------------

    Nothing of real interest...  The people brag about having TEH HERO!
    in their village, say that they saw a cave pop open, and tell you
    that they noticed an ugly frog that *talked*, and perhaps Toma is
    here too, always around for a drink.  Scrub.


  If there was a FAQers' competition on what would have the highest
  annoyance factor, having an introductory section like this for each
  chapter would most likely be nominated by me.  Right now I feel quite
  uninspired, so you won't have to suffer reading this crap anymore and
  I'll get straight to business.

   - 300G [Currency]
   - MirageHand [Weapon]
   - Ether [Item]
   - Revive [Item]
   - 500G [Currency]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Revive [Item]
   - Gold Helm [Helmet]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - 600G [Currency]
   - 300G [Currency]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - SilverStud [Accessory] - useful--see walkthrough to get this
   - SilverErng [Accessory] - ditto above
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Speed Tab [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Gold Suit [Armor] - don't forget this as well
   - Bent Sword [Key Item]
   - Hero Medal [Key Item]
   - Bent Hilt [Key Item]

  MONSTERS:  Goblin, Bellbird, Ogan, Free Lancer, Masa [BOSS], Mune
   [BOSS], MasaMune [BOSS], Gnawer, T'pole, Nu

 == DENADORO MOUNTAINS / 600 A.D. ====================

 -- THE LEGENDARY HERO -------------------------------

    Go to the Denadoro Mountains, which are right of Dorino.  Be sure to
    bring the Goofy Glasses with you, as you'll need her for her fire-
    techs.  In the beginning, kick Goblin/Bellbird rear (or avoid them),
    pick the 300 bucks from the chest, and go north.  Upon reaching the
    ladder, you'll notice a kid running away from a Goblin (which you'll
    fight).  After Crono shows the Goblin the size of his muscles, the
    boy says something, and an Ogan attacks!  First, a commercial break:

     * HINT:  To defeat Ogans, the Goblins with a hammer, you will have
       to use fire-magic in order to burn that hammer, so that their
       defense will decrease to the Goblins' vulnerability.  Which is
       abnormally low--Goblins were nominated for the coveted "Weakest
       Enemy Of All Time Award" (tm); though someone else took off with
       it, this must say something.

    After you accomplish your task, head into the passage to the right.
    In here, open the chest (MirageHand), return, and climb the ladder.
    Left is another chest (Ether).  Walk down, pass the ledge, and you
    will find *another* chest (Revive).  Backtrack back.  Examine the
    Goblin for a fight, if the urge to kill rises, and go north.  Cross
    the bridge, climb the ladder, and you'll bump into a Goblin/Ogan-duo
    --use the previously attended trick to show 'em and open the chest
    for 500G.  Then, cross the wooden bridge.  Be careful here, for an
    Ogan will suddenly burst out of the bushes!  Conflict can be avoided
    by walking slowly.  Climb again, onto the next screen.

    Bust up the Free Lancer, and at the path-split, go up first to prig
    a Mid Ether.  Go back and take the other path, get the Revive from
    the other chest (which is guarded by two Free Lancers).  Climb up,
    and witness ANOTHER chest.  There's a Gold Helm in there--equip it
    and continue.  Fight a few battles, and go down for a Mid Tonic.
    When you have it, go left to arrive at a waterfall, my friend.  Work
    your way through the place (ignore the Free Lancer, as he's throwing
    stones at you, and those stones will do 5 HP damage to the one who's
    been hit by it), and get the Mid Ether on your way.  It's treasure
    haven here, man!  Enter the passage.

    Go to the right, smoke the Free Lancer and an Ogan, and climb the
    ladder.  This... gets repetitive.  Whatever the case, take down the
    Free Lancers, nab the 600G from the chest, and move on.  Be sure to
    heal the party at this point if you're low on health, 'cause you'll
    have to fight four *continuous* battles with Ogans, Goblins and Free
    Lancers.  After surviving and clearing the path, proceed.

 -- WATERFALL ----------------------------------------

    Open the chest to get 300G.  Then, walk on, and you'll run into a
    more of those stupid birds.  Frag them, and get the Mid Tonic.
    Here, you can either go down the waterfall, or up.  If you go down,
    you'll bag some sweet items--recommended.  If you don't want the
    items, skip the next paragraph of text.

    So anyway, the closer you get to the waterfall, the more slippery it
    gets.  That basically means that you'll fall down if you don't watch
    out.  And why should you watch out?  Because there are actually two
    paths you can take when dropping down.  Walk to the left first, jump
    down, and hold the Left-button--you'll reach an extra item!  Grasp
    hold of the SilverStud, and hop off the ledge to get to a SilverErng
    (an abbreviation for Silver Earring) too.  If you missed the first
    treasure, you'll have to do it over again.  Go into the woods to
    continue, and trudge back to the falls.

    Go to the left, and you'll find some training Free Lancer.  Kick him
    off the ledge (not literally, you nut), pluck the Mid Ether from the
    chest, and continue.  Cross the bridge; three Bellbirds will likely
    attack you.  At the end, you'll see a Kilwala on the ledge, watching
    the horizon.  Say hello to him four times and he'll grant you a
    Magic Tab for your annoyance.  Continue to the next screen and make
    sure you use the save point; don't forget to use a Shelter as well,
    if your party needs a rest.  Grab the Mid Ether, trek down the
    paths, and get the Speed Tab that's hidden somewhere in the lower-
    left corner.  Be sure you've saved your game, then take a right.

    Hold the B-button again, as the annoying Free Lancer with rocks is
    back.  Well... he isn't "back", since he actually never left, but...
    you know what I mean.  Before you climb down the ladder, be sure
    you've taken the Gold Suit from the chest hidden beneath the leaves.
    The ladder is broken, so once you're down, going up ain't possible
    anymore.  Get the Shelter and nag one of the Goblins to fight them.
    After the battle, try to avoid the Free Lancer (unless you want to
    invite another Free Lancer and two Ogans).  Enter the cave.

 -- MASA AND MUNE ------------------------------------

    Inside's a strange kid running around in circles saying that he's
    the wind.  Well... good for him.  When you try to go up the stair
    set, he'll stop you--lotsa guts.  The kid appears to be interested
    whether you're here for the Masamune or not, and if you say you are,
    he calls his brother and promptly attacks.   *sigh*  Can't we all
    just get along?

     - BOSS: MASA ------------------------------------
     - BOSS: MUNE ------------------------------------
        LV - 15       EXP - 200 x2, 2 x2     DROP  - --
        HP - 1000     G   - 200 x2           CHARM - --

       This fight is pretty simple.  I recall that most bosses you have
       given a beating until yet have certain weaknesses or things to
       remember; same here.  The main thing you'll need to know is that
       they aren't capable of fighting without a partner, so you'll only
       need to concentrate your attacks on one of them.  Ice Sword and
       Fire Sword are great to use.  You can also use Lucca's Hypno Wave
       to put one of them asleep, and then assault the one that's still
       awake.  Be sure to keep your Heals ready too, because they can
       inflict Chaos with their attacks.  If this battle is too hard,
       you might as well stop now and return to level up, so you don't
       have to suffer later...

    After you've proven yourself to the two, they say you're tough, and
    they'll do the fusion dance.  There's no time to heal or form a new
    party.  The new form is a big guy with lots of muscles... no wait;
    lots of muscles that form a big guy.  Whatever the case, another
    boss battle ensues.  The fight is accompanied by a new tune, which
    indicates an increase in difficulty.

     - BOSS: MASAMUNE --------------------------------
        LV - 16       EXP - 500, 10     DROP  - --
        HP - 3600     G   - 1500        CHARM - --

       This battle is obviously harder than the one before, but not too
       hard.  It's a typical attack-and-heal-when-needed sort of fight,
       with one thing you have to keep in mind: MasaMune will, at a
       specific point, store his tornado energy.  One guy in the inn of
       Dorino noted that EnergyWhirls are neutralized by the Slash-tech,
       and it just so happens that you have access to this tech.  When
       you notice he stores his energy, attack with Slash to dissipate
       it (don't use other attacks or he'll counterattack with his own
       version of Slash, and make sure you *do* neutralize his energy or
       you will get it down your throat).  Basically, that is all, and
       you will be surprised at the easiness of the fight.

    The kids will reappear after you kick their little butts; they're
    actually the Masamune itself!  Once you get near the sword, though,
    you'll notice that there's nothing left but a worthless piece of
    metal... and there's not even a hilt!  I could swear I just yet saw
    a splendid sword over there, so it was either an imagination or we
    just whomped the two kids REALLY hard.  Whatever the state of
    affairs, Crono and company decides to take the blade with them, and
    Masa and Mune offer to fly you back to the base of the mountain.
    Accept--well, you have no choice, since that ladder to return is
    broken anyway...

    So!  Let's go and search for the real hero.

 == THE *REAL* HERO AND A TRIPPIN' SWORD =============

 -- TATA'S HOUSE -------------------------------------

    Go to Tata's House, and talk to Tata, the legendary hero *echo* that
    would save us from the evil Magus.  He'll admit that he's not the
    real hero, gives you the Hero Medal, and tells how it all happened:
    some frog (hint, hint) dropped the medal and Tata took it.  When
    you've finished business here, disembark and embark upon the certain
    individual's home to bring back the Hero Medal he lost.

     * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "The Unknown Past" if
       you defeat Lavos after you receive the Hero Medal from Tata.

 -- CURSED WOODS -------------------------------------

    Go to the Cursed Woods, en route to Frog.  He'll see that you have a
    medal with you: "T-- that medal...  'Tis the Hero Medal?  It *is*!
    Well... give it BACK!"  However, he wants you to leave, as he claims
    not to be the hero everyone's gossiping about... so!  It must really
    be Tata!  Anyway.  Frog moves away from a pot that starts to glitter
    --open it to get the hilt, the other part of the Masamune.  I mean,
    yay.  If you have Robo with you, he'll read that the letters
    "ROIHCLEM" are engraved, but he'll reverse the code (system error,
    heh heh), so it'll read "MELCHIOR".  We know this fellow, so let's
    bring him a visit.

 -- MELCHIOR'S HOUSE ---------------------------------

    Inside his house, Melchior will notice the sword (or what's left of
    it).  The party requests him to repair it, but in RPG tradition, you
    have to do something else first--he needs to have a Dreamstone in
    order to repair the sword, but that stone can apparently not be
    found anymore.  That means you'll have to utilize your brains and
    determine that the stone can be found somewhere in the past.  But
    where?  Hint: it starts with "65,000,000" and ends with "B. C.".

     * NOTE:  If Melchior isn't here (there's a note saying he's out
       somewhere), then that is because you haven't visited Frog yet and
       gotten the other part of the Masamune, which triggers the next
       event.  And because I said so, of course.


  Melchior, a smartass guy who created the legendary Masamune, said he
  wasn't able to repair the sword with only the two parts you brought
  him.  Additionally, he needs a Dreamstone, but it's a stone that has
  not been seen here for aeons.  Now, I figured any player with an IQ of
  at least 3 can deduce you'll have to travel back into time and get the
  stone there.

   - Berserker [Accessory]
   - Dreamstone [Key Item]

  MONSTERS:  Reptite, Runner, Kilwala

 == MYSTIC MOUNTAINS / 65,000,000 B. C. ==============

 -- PREHISTORIC GIRL POWER ---------------------------

    Enter the closet (which indeed, sounds quite _stupid_) in the house
    in Medina.  At the End of Time, use one of the lower time-pillars to
    beam back in time to the prehistoric era.

    You'll arrive on the Mystic Mountains, which, at the moment you pop
    in, is inhabited by numbers of green ugly creatures that look à la
    dinosaurs and humans combined; they are Reptites, and quite blood-
    thirsty Reptites at that.  After you squash the first club, another
    set of Reptites arrives to (attempt to) take you down, but then some
    prehistoric girl comes for the rescue.  To the team's surprise, she
    _does_ kick some *sorry* asses around, after which four wee Reptites
    still see a chance to attack.  Of course, you can't just sit there;
    there's a cavewoman to impress, so dispose of 'em.

    The woman gets near the group, and a conversation initiates.  You
    have to name her at this point (default: "Ayla").  After the a bit
    unclear (to say the least) chat, Ayla heads for Ioka; follow her.
    In the next screen, you'll see a green box-like thingy.  That's the
    prehistoric version of a treasure chest.  Pluck the Berserker out of
    it and travel on.  Remember that dinosaurs' defense can be lowered
    using *Lightning--just fry your way through the path to end up on
    the world map.

     * MONEY, DUH?:  You won't find gold in this era, since uh, there is
       none.  And you won't really need it here, so... there you go.

 == IOKA VILLAGE / 65,000,000 B. C. ==================

    Outside, take way into the huts.  The Forest Maze is inaccessible as
    of yet, and I'm sure you want to give the huts a visit since they
    contain some valuable information: in the left hut, a guy says that
    the chief has the red stone you're looking for, and someone else
    says that she's north in the village.  Quite helpful people, eh?  In
    the other hut is a woman with Sweet Water (recover HP/MP), for free.
    In the northeast hut is some dude who wants to trade your gold (your
    "shiny stones") for some items (Tonic, Mid Tonic, Heal), and other
    people say that thunder stuns dinosaurs (hint, hint).

    When you're done, head over to the Chief's Hut and talk to Ayla.
    She'll say that the night is about to come, and apparently there's a
    party--you are obligated to take part.

 -- OOHGA, BUNGA -------------------------------------

    You are introduced to the Ioka folks, and then it's time to party
    (cue Jackass Party Boy music here).  You can have a talk with your
    party members for useless things or say hi to the villagers; talk to
    Ayla to continue though.  She denotes that Ioka is in war with the
    Reptites.  If you talk to her again, she says that she's got the red
    stone you're looking for--however, you'll have to win a challenge
    first.  It--wait for it!--is a soup race.  Yay you.  The mini-game
    is about slurping an amount of soup as fast as you can.  This can be
    done by pressing the A-button repeatedly at the fastest pace; don't
    worry about losing, as you will then get the opportunity to try
    again.  Once you win, the rock's yours...

 -- WHODUNNIT?! --------------------------------------

    However, when you wake up, *footprints* are all over the place...
    not only that, but you'll also discover that the Gate Key has been
    stolen!  Without it, you'll be stuck here forever.  Which ain't no
    good thing, of course, so let's resume before it's too late.

    Go to the Chief's Hut to continue, and wake Ayla.  After you explain
    everything, Ayla goes freakin' and joins your party!  Thereafter,
    the usual select-your-party screen pops up; it doesn't really matter
    who you choose, as I suggest having Crono and Ayla--and those two
    are in the team no matter what.  Crono is good for lightning-magic
    to stun dinosaurs.  Arm him with a SilverStud, if you have it, so
    his MP won't run out quickly.


  After arriving in the prehistoric ages and becoming aware of the
  situation around, the party has found the Dreamstone they were
  after.  But when waking up from the festivities that were taking place
  the night before, they've found out that the Gate Key, an item that is
  essential to travel through time, has been stolen!  Footsteps have
  been found, leading to the Forest Maze.  But before going there, you
  may want to visit the trading hut to trade some better equipment.

   - Elixir [Item]
   - Full Ether (x2) [Item]
   - Full Tonic (x2) [Item]
   - Heal [Item]
   - Mid Ether (x4) [Item]
   - Mid Tonic (x3) [Item]
   - Revive (x2) [Item]
   - Rock Helm [Helmet]
   - Ruby Vest [Armor]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Third Eye [Accessory]
   - Tonic [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Croaker, Amphibite, Rain Frog, Ion, Anion, Nu, Gold Eaglet,
   Kilwala, Winged Ape, Runner, Evilweevil, Megasaur, Fly Trap,
   Shiitake, Nizbel [BOSS]

 == HUNTING RANGE / 65,000,000 B. C. (OPTIONAL) ======

 -- SOMEWHAT NOTEWORTHY STUFF ------------------------

     - In the lower-right hut is some of the famous Sweet Water to
       replenish HP/MP.
     - There's a guy as well who grants you a Tonic... yay.
     - He also says that the footprints lead to the Reptite's lair
       (hint, hint).
     - In the lower-left hut, a girl says that she saw Reptites coming
       from the Meeting Site, heading for the Forest Maze (hint, hint).
     - The man here says Kino has been gone all morning (hint, hint).
     - In the trading hut, you can trade for equipment.  Talk to the guy
       on the left for a list--gold isn't worth anything here.
     - To get the "money" from this era, you'll have to do some hurtin'
       in the Hunting Range to get trading materials.  Suggested is to
       get some Ruby Vests and Rock Helmets.
     - And why the hell is this hut trading *guns*?  Or ROBOT PARTS?
       Didn't Ayla know what the hell a robot was?  ("'Rawboot?'  What
       that?  Ayla don't know."  "What you say?!  No rubbish or Ayla,
       head go boom!")

    Here's a list of what's "for sale":

      SHOP:          COST:                     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Ruby Gun       3 Petals, 3 Fangs         Lucca       Att. +40
      Sage Bow       3 Petals, 3 Horns         Marle       Att. +40
      Stone Arm      3 Petals, 3 Feathers      Robo        Att. +40
      Flint Edge     3 Fangs, 3 Horns          Crono       Att. +40
      Ruby Vest      3 Fangs, 3 Feathers       All         Def. +45
      Rock Helm      3 Horns, 3 Feathers       All         Def. +20

 -- HUNTING RANGE ------------------------------------

    The Hunting Range is somewhat east of the Dactyl Nest.  If you go
    there to collect trading materials, here is a rundown of who drops

      THREE FROGS - Fang (x2), Horn (x2), Feather (x2)
      TWO SLIMES  - Feather (x2), Petal (x2)
      THE NU      - Petal (x3), Fang (x3), Horn (x3), Feather (x3)

    Your goal is simple: walk around, meet monsters, and rip their body
    parts off.  Every once in a while, it starts to rain.  This is the
    game's language for "run like hell"; on this occasion, the Nu gives
    appearance (and the other creatures leave).  If you manage to find
    and beat the crap out of this dude, you will acquire _three_ of
    _each_ trading material _and_ a buttload of experience, which is
    definitely not a bad deal.  And the first time you beat it, you'll
    additionally receive a bonus Third Eye.  Nice guy!

     * TIP:  Spend a good while here to not only gain mucho experience,
       but you shouldn't forget that that's a bunch of trading materials
       hangin' in your inventory as well by the end of the level-up
       treat.  Buy a bunch of expensive stuff and then sell everything
       (for some reason, the Ioka people DO have G).  This is a quick
       method to earn some easy dough.

 == FOREST MAZE / 65,000,000 B. C. ===================

    The footsteps lead to the Forest Maze, south of Ioka.  Inside, Kino
    awaits you!  He, well, admits he's taken Crono's stuff, and that his
    motive was jealousy.  Hahaha...  So.  It seems this nut did not
    really pay attention to evolution, resulting in him staying plain
    dumb.  Fortunately, Ayla managed to develop some common sense, and
    orders him to give it back.  However, it appears that the Reptites
    took it away from him.  So then he returns to the village to await
    Ayla's spankin', and Ayla joins you!

     * NOTE:  If you walk ON the trail, you'll have to fight various
       monsters.  To avoid them, just walk around the trail, bearing in
       mind that there are some unavoidable enemies.

    Gripe the Mid Tonic on the right and climb down the vine.  From
    there, go to the left to find a Revive (plus two Gold Eaglets), then
    climb down the other vine.  Then, go to the right (or down if you
    wish to fight three Kilwalas) and go over the crooked tree.  Through
    the somewhat hidden passageway is a chest with a Mid Tonic, and all
    the way up and then left at the end is a chest with a Mid Ether.
    Who's leaving all those items here?

    Continue, 'til you end up at an intersection--be sure to grab the
    Revive and Shelter from the chests, and watch out for the several
    monsters.  Though you can take either way, it's recommended to go
    for the left one as it's a tiny bit shorter.  When you reach another
    fork, take the lower path and nab the Mid Tonic.  Upon moving on,
    you'll fight a Winged Ape and a Kilwala.  Settle it, and open the
    chest for a Heal.  Climb down the trailing plant and go all the way
    to the right, open the somewhat hidden chest (Mid Ether), and work
    your way back to the left and go down to leave the forest.

    On the world map, you may want to use a Shelter if you're low on
    health, and save.  Then, go into the big rock-like thing to enter
    the Reptite Lair.

 == REPTITE LAIR / 65,000,000 B. C. ==================

    Go to the right.  This is the main room, which contains a hole and
    four Evilweevils.  You can jump into the hole and continue, but you
    can also wait for the Evilweevils until they start digging holes,
    and jump into that hole to arrive in other areas--that's the main
    feature in this cave.

 -- INSIDE / DUGTRIO HEAVEN --------------------------

    There are actually four rooms you can drop in.  The hole that was
    already here leads to the Northwest Route, and should be avoided.
    The holes that the Evilweevils are going to dig may or may not lead
    to the route you're after; if they're digging somewhere where you
    don't want them to dig (if you've, for example, already visited the
    place the hole leads to), quickly dash into the Evilweevil and bonk
    yo face against their armor to push 'em away.  Or, just re-enter the
    lair and everything's reset--how convenient.

    Each path leads to a general room, which I call the "Central Area".
    Don't worry--once you've dropped down a hole and followed a route,
    you can eventually return to the entrance room to jump into other
    holes.  Here are mini-guides for each route:

     - a.  NORTHWEST ROUTE ---------------------------

       You can enter this route by just dropping down the hole that was
       already dug.  Deal with the Evilweevils and go into the hole, as
       there's actually nothing else that you can do here.  Next, get
       rid of the Megasaur (use lightning to lower defense), and jump
       into hole!  You'll arrive in the Central Area.  This route, well,
       sucks, unless you're in a hurry.

     - b.  NORTHEAST ROUTE ---------------------------

       There are two Evilweevils, two Fly Traps and a chest (Mid Ether).
       After you've gotten the item and defeated the four, drop down the
       hole.  In the next area are two Evilweevils, one Fly Trap, and a
       Ruby Vest!  Be sure to get and equip it, then recommence.

       OR...  Wait for the first two Evilweevils to start digging, then
       go into one of the mined holes and arrive in a secret area.  Open
       the chest to receive an Elixir and dive into the hole to land in
       the Central Area.  Skip the next two routes (in terms of reading)
       and read on.

     - c.  SOUTHWEST ROUTE ---------------------------

       There's a hole, an Evilweevil, a Fly Trap and a chest.  Take the
       Mid Ether from the chest and ditch the monsters.  Then, dive into
       the hole and repeat the same process; this time it's a Full Ether
       though.  Drop down the hole and skip the next route to carry on.

     - d.  SOUTHEAST ROUTE ---------------------------

       The three elements that await you are an Evilweevil, a Fly Trap,
       and a chest with a Full Tonic.  Get the item but DON'T defeat the
       monsters.  Wait for the Evilweevil to dig a hole.  Once he's done
       with that, defeat the Fly Trap and enter the hole.  You'll arrive
       in a large area with two Evilweevils, a Fly Trap, a Megasaur and
       a chest--Full Ether.   Frag everyone, snag the item, and drop
       down the hole.

       OR...  If you entered the other hole (not the one the Evilweevil
       dug), you'd be in an area with a couple of monsters and a chest
       with a Ruby Vest.  But that area is the same as the one of the
       Northeast Route, so there's no need to enter it.

    In the next section, you'll cross four Reptites having the time of
    their life happily running around.  Let 'em eat explosion, then show
    the Reptite guarding the upper-right chest (he'll be accompanied by
    a Megasaur) what you're made of.  Open the chest to obtain a Full
    Ether.  Another Reptite is guarding the lower-left chest; defeat it
    (and the Megasaur), and open the chest for a Rock Helm.  When you're
    done, go to the right and enter the passageway.  Also, don't forget
    to equip the equipment you've gotten.

    Upon entering the next area, a fight with a Winged Ape and Shiitake
    instantly initiates.  Once it's over, head north to find another
    Winged Ape and two Shiitakes duo--kill them too.  To the left is a
    crack in the wall; it leads back to the main area (the place with
    the four Evilweevils).  This crack can be used to return and get all
    items from this place--if you haven't visited every route yet, you
    might want to do so now.

    Or ignore it and walk on--in the end, you'll meet a Megasaur and two
    Reptites guarding the entrance.  Finish 'em off, and a save point
    pops in.  Use it, employ a Shelter if necessary, and enter the

 -- INSIDE / AZALA AND NIZBEL ------------------------

    You'll meet Azala, the leader of the Reptites, wondering what this
    Gate Key is all about.  You'll have the option to tell him or not:
    doing so will lead into disbelief, which leads into the summoning of
    Nizbel, a big bad evil monster.  If you don't tell Azala, he'll, uh,
    do the same.  Either way, you're bound to fight this Nizbel fella,
    and he can be nasty.

     - BOSS: NIZBEL ----------------------------------
        LV - 18       EXP - 500, 10     DROP  - --
        HP - 4200     G   - --          CHARM - Third Eye

       But, like other bosses in the game, they have their weaknesses!
       Like dinosaurs, you'll need lightning-magic to lower Nizbel's
       defense.  The problem here is that he stores your lightning, and
       release the electrocution energy after a while.  This sucks.  If
       you're not careful, it might be fatal for some, so have your
       healers ready.  And don't forget you'll have to lower his defense
       again after the energy release, or he'll suffer minimal damage!

       Well, I can't really give you any good strategies... just do the
       lightning thingy and heal when necessary while pumping him full
       of hard-hitting techs.  Volt Bite is a great choice, though you
       probably haven't learned it unless you've leveled up.  Ice Sword
       or Fire Sword are choices as well.  Don't queue your attacks--if
       Nizbel releases when some attacks are still waiting in line, then
       that is the loss of a round, and speed is no novelty this time;
       you want to crush this rhino like a man possessed.

    The usual happens: Azala returns Gate Key, escapes later on, party
    gives up and goes back to Ayla's hut.  Here, Kino apologizes for his
    weird behavior (now, he wants to be like you, whee!).  But that's
    okay, Kino.  We can forgive you.  Head back to the Mystic Mountains
    and drag your lazy butt to the top of the mountain, and dive into
    the Gate.  'Tis time to create Chrono Trigger's version of Excalibur
    and whip some butts.


  After having found the Dreamstone and your stolen Gate Key, it's now
  time to return to Melchior and forge the Masamune.

   * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "People of the Times"
     if you defeat Lavos now.

   - Masamune [Key Item] - not wearable when you receive it... yet
   - Taban Helm [Helmet]
   - Masamune [Weapon]

  MONSTERS:  Vamp, Gremlin

 == REPARATION OF THE MASAMUNE =======================

    Some stuff:

     - If Crono's current level is 20 or higher, Spekkio will appear in
       a new form.  Strategies to beat him can be found in section 4-D.
     - Go and talk to Melchior; he'll notice that you've the Dreamstone.
       He'll use his mad skills to re-forge the Masamune.  You can't
       equip it the instant it's finished, though you _will_ be able to
       later on.
     - From this chapter on, once you have repaired the Masamune, you
       can go to Taban (in Lucca's house) and talk to him to get the
       Taban Helm!  If you didn't get the Taban Vest earlier, you'll get
       it now; talk to him twice to get both items.

 -- RECRUIT FROG -------------------------------------

    In the Cursed Woods, meet Frog.  Frog, meet party.  Talk to him, and
    he'll be shocked once he sees that you have the Masamune.  Frog will
    say that he must consider this twist of events.  Meanwhile, some
    flashbacks!  Since it is my job to stomp every bit of info in this
    FAQ--otherwise I don't get paid, y'know--here are the spoilers:

    Cyrus, who seems to be an important person in relation to the events
    with Frog, leaves the castle with Glenn.  In the forest, they fight
    a blown-up greenish Pikachu who claims to be a Frog King, to get the
    Hero Medal.  Later, Cyrus somehow gets defeated by the wizard Magus.
    Magus turns Glenn into a frog, Frog.  Frog (damn that word) doesn't
    know what to do, ten years later... but next morning, he decides to
    go to Magus' castle to avenge Cyrus' death.  And, he'll join you!
    Cool beans.  Leave the forest, and head for the Magic Cave (east of
    Fiona's Villa).

     * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "The Oath" if you
       defeat Lavos now.

 == ON TO MAGUS' CASTLE! / 600 A.D. ==================

    Upon entering, Frog has another flashback.  Subsequently, he'll ask
    the Masamune from it, and he'll employ it to do some awesome-looking
    move to open the entrance to the cave--PSX gamers will get a nice
    FMV to look at.  From now on, some little bat will follow you; just
    ignore it (well, you have no choice).  Also, the Masamune can now be

    Seriously, this dungeon is all about walking forward and whomping
    everyone on your way.  First victims are a Vamp and two Gremlins;
    the Vamp is easily taken care of with a hack from the Masamune, but
    the rats need magic to be destructed.  Once they're gone, Frog will
    notice the magic you've used--even if you didn't use it at all.
    While wondering why he sees all weird things that don't happen, you
    remember that you gotta go to the End of Time to empower Frog too.
    So do that--Spekkio will, because of Frog's frog-appearance, give
    him water-magic!  Rejoice!

    Fry the Vamp and two Gremlins again, and travel on, past the sealed
    chest.  Just burn your way through the path (it's straightforward,
    really, use level 2-elemental spells if you have them).  At the end
    lies the corpse of a dead soldier; if you examine him, you'll find a
    note, saying that Jugglers, enemies in Magus' castle, will raise
    their defense once attacked.  On the world map, save.  Then,


  After forging the Masamune, Frog's decided to go with you and fight
  Magus to avenge the death of Cyrus, his best friend.  It is Magus'
  castle where they wind up, and I guess we'll have to tackle this
  massive dungeon first prior to having the appointment with Magus.

   - Barrier (x2) [Item]
   - Dark Mail [Armor]
   - DoomFinger [Weapon]
   - Lapis [Item]
   - Magic Tab (x2) [Item]
   - MagicScarf [Accessory]
   - Mid Ether (x4) [Item]
   - Mist Robe (x2) [Armor]
   - Revive [Item]
   - Shelter (x2) [Item]
   - Slasher [Key Item]
   - Speed Belt [Accessory]

  MONSTERS:  Hench, Vamp, Omnicrone, Decedent, Slash [BOSS], Slash
   [BOSS], Shadow, Sorcerer, Flea?, Flea [BOSS], Grimalkin, Roly,
   Juggler, (save point), Outlaw, Roly Bomber, Groupie, Flunky, Ozzie,
   Magus [BOSS]

 == MAGUS' CASTLE / 600 A.D. =========================

 -- *SCARY MUSIC* ------------------------------------

    In front of the castle, Frog will point out the obvious.  Thanks,
    Frog, for notifying us from that!  Enter.  In the interior, either
    take a left or go right--it doesn't really matter, take any.  For
    both sides, opt to walk all the way to the far side while talking to
    the people if you want; in the right wing is a number of people that
    are suspiciously familiar.  Something is fishy...  There's a bunch
    of items, too (three Mid Ethers and a Shelter).  After you reach the
    far side of both wings, return to the entrance...

 -- OZZIE, SLUSH, AND FLEA ---------------------------

    ...and you'll find that a save point has emerged.  Upon attempting
    to utilize it, however, the screen grows dim.  Ozzie, ancestor to
    the freak you've seen in Medina of 1000 A.D., gives appearance and
    denotes that in order to see Magus, you'll need to get past him, the
    swordsman Slash, the magician Flea, and each of the hundred of the
    monsters in this castle.  As you can see from the monsters-list on
    top of this chapter, enemies are handed out like Halloween candy; it
    is, however, not necessarily true what Ozzie says, since a solid
    number of encounters is avoidable.  Lastly, Ozzie fades away, and a
    battle with four Henches and two Vamps commences.  Wipe them out,
    and follow the left hall to proceed.

     * TONE-DEAF, EVIL FIENDS:  As a small note, the names Ozzie, Slash
       and Flea might actually be based on actual musicians.  Ozzie
       refers to Ozzy Osbourne, the singer of Black Sabbath.  And Slash
       would be the guitarist of Guns 'N Roses, and Flea refers to the
       bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Cool, eh?  I, actually...
       don't know any of them.

     - a.  LEFT WING ---------------------------------

       There are two groups of an Omnicrone with four Decedents; either
       fight or avoid them, and enter the next room.  Here are five
       people.  As you might've concluded by now, they're in disguise.
       Talk with the upper one and face off with another battle (five
       Decedents).  After you kill them (well, they're already *dead*,
       so forget I said anything), you'll hear a mysterious voice: it's
       Slash.  After the chat with him, he invites you to combat.

        - BOSS: SLASH --------------------------------
           LV - 21       EXP - --, --      DROP  - --
           HP - 3200     G   - --          CHARM - --

          This fight is divided in two battles.  Although the first part
          isn't too hot, the fights are continuous, so you'll have to
          stick to the team you've chosen initially.  Use physical
          attacks to beat him up, or even some triple techs to finish
          him off quickly.  Once you've done about 3000 hit points of
          damage, be sure to heal everyone, and defeat him.  He'll do a
          counterattack in the end that hits everyone.  After the fight,
          Slush (that's SLASH, you slimy dolt!) takes his sword off the
          wall, and he'll (try to) show you what he's really made of.

        - BOSS: SLASH --------------------------------
           LV - 22       EXP - 500, 10     DROP  - --
           HP - 5200     G   - 1500        CHARM - --

          He's got more attacks to fire off, but if you keep the medics
          ready, you can defeat him with no major trouble.  If they are
          available, use triple techs (Triple Raid worked perfectly fine
          for me), otherwise use your best dual techs.  Don't try magic,
          since their effect is minimal: water-attacks do zero damage to
          Slash, and he takes half the damage from other elements.  He's
          just like the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid--no cheap
          special attacks, but just hand-to-hand, melee-minded combat!
          Okay.  That was a terrible example I used there.  But... you
          get the point.

       Once he fades away, pick up and equip the sword he's dropped
       (Slasher), and save.  Backtrack back to the entrance (you'll meet
       the identical monsters on your way back--they aren't counted in
       the hundred beasts Ozzie spoke of).  Take a right.

     - b.  RIGHT WING --------------------------------

       You'll meet four kids surrounding a chest.  If you talk to them,
       they'll ask if you want the treasure they're guarding... why of
       course, you say!  Not quite unexpectedly, they'll revert into a
       foursome of Shadows.  Unload your bag of magic spells and open
       the chest for a Barrier (item).  Continue down the hall and you
       are about to meet up with the familiar persons.  Talk to each of
       them for them to revert into their true selves: one Sorcerer, two
       Henches and two Vamps, times three.  Give them the love of your

       There's a Juggler-like enemy in the next room.  Frog presumes it
       is Flea.  Before you talk to it and init the battle, be sure to
       have Lucca in your party!  When that's done, face the mysterious
       thing and spank it with the one who has the least magic points.
       The Juggler does MP Buster, which steals all MP off the one that
       hit it last.  As you may have guessed, this monster ain't Flea.
       Soon after your discovery, the bat that's been annoyingly tailing
       your ass transforms into a demi-human creature.  It seems that
       nobody really knows whether Flea is a "he" or a "she", and seeing
       as I'm neutral on this point, Flea will be considered an "it" in
       this walkthrough.  o_O;  In the end, the gender-confused magician
       fights your party.

        - BOSS: FLEA ---------------------------------
           LV - 21       EXP - 500, 10     DROP  - --
           HP - 4120     G   - 1000        CHARM - --

          Something you'll probably be doing all battle is using Heals
          on the characters that have been hit by one of Flea's attacks.
          The wind-attack causes Chaos, "Rainbow Storm" wreaks damage
          and Poison, others can inflict Sleep, and those struck by
          "Prism Beam" are disallowed to use techs.  Lucca (you did take
          Lucca, right?) must fire off with fire-attacks--bear in mind
          that Flea's defense against other elements is higher than what
          a normal enemy has.  I recommend shying away from triple
          techs, as they leave you with a gauge-empty party for a while,
          and healing is a must in this battle.  Instead, employ dual
          techs, and just _look_ at Flea's butt... getting kicked

       Flea drops a Magic Tab upon defeat.  Take it with you and return
       to the entrance.  Again, the monsters you'll encounter once more
       aren't counted in Ozzie's infamous hundred monsters.

 -- OZZIE'S IN... A JAM! -----------------------------

    Another save point-warp thingy has appeared.  Enter to arrive in a
    hallway in the castle; go forward here to meep up with a bunch of
    monsters: two Henches; two Henches and two Grimalkins; two Henches
    and two Sorcerers; two Henches, two Grimalkins and two Sorcerers.
    Ugh!  In the end, you'll find Ozzie.  Jammed.  Once he swifts away,
    open the chest here to get a Mist Robe, and follow him.

    You'll arrive in "The Guillotine Room"--I'm just making up names by
    myself, if you didn't notice.  I didn't choose that title for no
    reason--while you cross the area, beware of the blades, or you will
    go shish kebab.  Don't forget that the floor is a conveyor, so stay
    in control of everyone.  On your way, make sure to get the Dark Mail
    out of the chest, and you'll eventually reach Ozzie.  Jammed.  It's
    getting predictable, really: Ozzie runs off (stupid coward).  He
    leaves a nice chest for you to open (DoomFinger).  After getting the
    weapon, head outside.

    Here are more monsters; if you want to avoid those rolling ones,
    find the chain-ladders where you can "hide" for a moment.  The
    monsters you'll encounter are Rolies, three Vamps and two Jugglers,
    not in any particular order.

    The next room is full of traps (six).  If you fall into one, you'll
    land in an area where you'll have to fight six Decedents.  There are
    also four save points: two of them are actually enemies.  One's
    real, the last one returns you to Ozzie's room.  There are chests as
    well: Mid Ether/Lapis/Barrier/Shelter, and a Magic Tab is in the
    lower-right corner.  Be sure to fall inside at least once to get the
    niceties, then avoid the rest of the traps: from the entrance, go
    all the way to the left (i.e. you're touching the left wall), then
    go all the way down (you're touching the southern wall), then all
    the way to the right.  Now go north but stay in the middle of the
    hall.  Right before Ozzie is another hole, so before you approach it,
    go to the right and then north.  Ozzie... runs off.

     * NOTE:  When you fight Jugglers, using physical attacks will make
       them rise their physical defense.  Then, you'll have to use magic
       to do normal damage.  Once you use that, though, they will rise
       their magical defense, and physical attacks are the way to go
       again.  So, don't queue the same type of attacks, or you will get

    On the other side of the castle, the monsters are tougher: some Roly
    Bombers, four Outlaws and one Juggler.  In the next room, it is yet
    again time to kill, kill, KILL--you get the idea.  After you smoke
    the two Outlaws and two Groupies, two Outlaws and two Jugglers, and
    four Jugglers, and reach the end of the hall, you'll meet up with
    Ozzie.  Jammed.  Again.  He'll go *meep meep*, leaving behind a
    treasure chest with a Speed Belt.

    You can avoid the next batches of monsters (two Outlaws; two Outlaws
    and a Juggler; two Outlaws, a Juggler and two Flunkies; two Outlaws,
    a Juggler and two Flunkies) by hugging the wall, walking behind the
    statues.  Open the chest for a Revive, and continue.  In the end is,
    well, Ozzie.  Not jammed, but ready with an invitation to fight.
    Before accepting it by talking to him, open the two chests behind
    him to find a Mist Robe and a MagicScarf.  Equip your best stuff,
    and talk to initiate a battle.

     - BOSS: OZZIE -----------------------------------
        LV - 23       EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 1000     G   - --         CHARM - OzziePants (N/A)

       This isn't a "real" boss fight, mind you.  The thing here is that
       if you assault Ozzie, you'll eat a counterattack.  However, there
       are targetable chains behind him.  Attack them one by one and
       Ozzie will fall in his own trap.  (If you somehow manage to lower
       Ozzie's HP to zilch, he'll become a non-targetable opponent.
       Cheater.)  You won't receive anything for winning, 'cept perhaps
       a laugh.

    Two save points give appearance.  The right one is a real save point
    (use it), and the other transports you to Magus' place.  You'll
    arrive in a stairway where six Vamps await you.  After beating them,

     * NOTE:  If you count all monsters, you'll discover that there are
       actually MORE than a hundred of them!  So what the hell is wrong
       with Squaresoft these days?  There are three kinds of people:
       they who can count and they who cannot.  Obviously, Squaresoft
       falls into the latter category.

 -- ...SPIDER-SENSE... TINGLING! ---------------------

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Crono, Frog (with Masamune), Lucca

     "The black wind begins to blow...  Okay... give me your best
      shot...  If you're prepared for the void!"
        -- Magus

     - BOSS: MAGUS -----------------------------------
        LV - 23       EXP - 1500, 15     DROP  - --
        HP - 6666     G   - 3000         CHARM - --

       Start off by firing off a physical attack.  He will then change
       his barrier.  Whatever magic he starts using; use that same type
       of magic to hurt him, as other magic will HEAL him.  Don't queue
       attacks, since you'll never know what barrier he's going to
       change to.  If he has changed to a barrier for which you don't
       have the appropriate magic, just use physical attacks to let him
       change it again.

       Use Frog's Masamune (in conjunction with the Hero Medal for more
       critical hits) to attack.  This will decrease Magus' magical
       defense and does not change his barrier.  A wise strategy is
       doing so and following up with the appropriate magic to do decent
       whoop-ass.  A not-so-wise strategy was not bringing Frog to
       Spekkio if you did so--many people having trouble with this boss
       failed to do this, and my suggestion to them is taking a trip to
       Spekkio and learning how to pee with *Water.

       When "Magus risks casting a spell!" (i.e. when you decrease his
       HP to 3333 or lower), pay attention--try to knock him out before
       he casts that spell, or you'll have a Dark Matter down your
       throat.  Have your healers ready.  Note that you don't have to
       cast a spell to decrease defense once he's in this phase, just
       attack with whatever you wish; use your most powerful dual and
       triple techs, and again: don't forget to heal.

    A large Gate materializes and everyone, Magus included, will be
    sucked in.  Gah!


  A few seconds ago, you've discovered Magus', well, innocence.  It was
  apparently not him who gave creation to Magus; the only thing he was
  good for is summoning it.  You prevented him from doing so, but there
  is a force in the universe that doesn't like you.  That force comes in
  the form of a large Gate, which draws you in and poops you out in the
  prehistoric ages.  The party wakes up in Ayla's hut, and as was the
  case with your 600 A.D. revisit, a war is in progress in this era.

  Let's rock.

   * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "Dino Age" if you say
     hello to Lavos and give him a good kick now.

   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Mid Tonic [Item]
   - Meso Mail [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Shist, Pahoehoe, Cave Ape, Avian Rex

 == WAKE UP, CRONO! / 65,000,000 B.C. ================

 -- THE BURNING WOODS --------------------------------

    The screen pans over to a dream of Crono's.  Is it... a glimpse of
    his possible future?  Or is it... a NIGHTMARE?!  Or will it turn out
    differently?  Stay tuned... ERR, I mean, regardless: it was a dream
    and the party wakes up in Ayla's hut.  A chat with Ayla initiates,
    soon to be followed by another nap.  And I can't blame them, since
    sleeping is my favorite occupation as well.

    You are woken up by a freaked-out Kino, however.  You'll learn about
    the conflict with Reptite; when you regain control over your party,
    follow Kino to the north wood; it's burning.  Note that Frog is no
    "required" character anymore.  If you wish, you can switch him for
    another character.  Also note that if you want to rest, there's no
    more Sweet Water, but you CAN sleep in the beds (skins) in Ayla's
    hut.  When you're ready to go, go to the Laruba ruins, north of the

    Upon entering, a girl says that Kino's been captured by the evil
    Reptites!  ...good riddance.  Once you find Ayla, you'll discover
    that it was actually her fault that the woods went roast; Reptites
    have followed her.  Ayla asks elder and company for the Dactyls to
    go to the Tyrano Lair, the place of the Reptites, because she's mad
    and angry and stuff and wants to reduce the Reptite population to
    zero.  Boom, boom, boom!

 -- NEW STUFF FOR SALE (OPTIONAL) --------------------

    Go to the trading hut: new weapons to trade.  See the list below.
    Once you're finished beefing up your characters, make way for the
    Dactyl Nest, northwest of the Hunting Range.

      SHOP:          COST:                     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Dream Gun      3 Petals, 3 Fangs         Lucca       Att. +60
      Dream Bow      3 Petals, 3 Horns         Marle       Att. +60
      Magma Hand     3 Petals, 3 Feathers      Robo        Att. +70
      Aeon Blade     3 Fangs, 3 Horns          Crono       Att. +70
      Ruby Vest      3 Fangs, 3 Feathers       All         Def. +45
      Rock Helm      3 Horns, 3 Feathers       All         Def. +20

 -- RIDE THE DACTYLS! --------------------------------

     * NOTE:  If you attack a Shist, it will "change" into a Pahoehoe.
       The Shist itself is harmless, so it's recommended to attack them
       one by one.  However, if a Shist comes with a Cave Ape, then get
       rid of the Shist first so the Cave Ape won't have anything to
       throw with, and thus prevents your bacon from getting hurt badly.

    Kill the Cave Ape and two Shists.  Go north, through the narrow path
    and up the ladder--you'll have to violate two Avian Rexes (Rices?)
    for doing that.  Grab the Mid Ether from the chest and follow the
    path again.  Pick the Mid Tonic on your way, follow the path, go up
    the ladder, and go to the right... boring, eh?  Fight your way
    through the place until you find two Shists (if you battle them, a
    Cave Ape joins) and a chest.  Take the Meso Mail, and equip it.
    Climb the ladder (two Avian Rexes there) and continue to the summit
    of the mountain.

    Ayla's here.  A Dactyl is summoned (cue Command & Conquer EVA voice:
    "Reinforcements have arrived"), and if you meet up and talk with
    her, an extra duo is called upon.  She'll join your party (read: you
    will join _her_), meaning you'll have to kick a member out of your
    current team.  One moment later, you'll find yourself flying on the
    Dactyls.  I will not insult your intelligence with a control scheme
    for riding these beasts, as riding them is truly effortless.


   "Ayla fight while alive!  Win and live.  Lose and die.  Rule of life.
    No change rule."
      -- Ayla

  After returning to the prehistoric ages by being drawn into a Gate at
  Magus' place, you've found yourself in the middle of a war between
  humans and Reptites.  To end it once and for all, Ayla has decided to
  go to the Reptite's lair.  We, of course, will help whoop some belows.

   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Full Tonic [Item]
   - Tonic [Item]
   - CeraTopper [Helmet]
   - Revive [Item]
   - Meso Mail [Armor] - get this!
   - Full Ether [Item]
   - CeraTopper [Helmet]
   - Mid Ether [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Cave Ape, Reptite, Terrasaur, Avian Rex, Volcano, Nizbel
   II [BOSS], BlackTyrano [BOSS], Azala [BOSS]

 == THE TYRANO LAIR / 65,000,000 B. C. ===============

    Though you're on the world map, it is not possible to save while on
    the Dactyls--ANOTHER worthless fact exclusive from your random FAQ
    author!  Ahem: your goal is the Tyrano Lair; it's the castle-like
    building near the lava.

 -- INSIDE / ENTRANCE, PRISON CELLS ------------------

    A battle with the two Cave Apes and a joining Reptite can be avoided
    so long you beware that the apes run into you once you get in their
    vertical range.  There are two paths up to take; take the right one
    as the left one is still blocked.  In the next room, smack the two
    Reptites, then whack the switch near the door to release the
    prisoners--not even a thank-you?  Hmph!  Anyway, resume by following
    the path, and kill any stupid Reptites that foolishly decide to stop
    you (bad choice of 'em indeed).

    Let the three Reptites you'll hear the conversation of kick the
    bucket, then leave Kino's liberation to Ayla.  After the hearsay,
    Kino says he's got something to show you.  Before you follow him, go
    into the cell and open the chest (egg-like thingy) for a Mid Ether.
    Trail Kino (if you didn't safe the other dumb, helpless, ungrateful
    prisoners, he'll do it now).  Let him do his thing on the skull-door
    that was locked at first; it opens, and you can enter.

    T-split!  There are two batches of monsters here and two switches;
    stepping on a switch drops the nearby batch of monsters into the
    prison below (those prisoners were _lucky_).  Of the paths you can
    take, I'd suggest to go right first; it holds an extra item.

    Bump the enemies off the balcony (not literally, you idiot) and
    proceed.  Go north to find two chests--the left one keeps a Full
    Tonic, but the right one is a trap.  That trap drops you into the
    prison cells; if you utilized the cheap way to get rid of said
    batches of monsters, they are waiting for ya.  Once you have the
    item, go back to the T-split (you can use the trap for that) and
    take the previously-ignored left path.

 -- INSIDE / WARP ROOM -------------------------------

    While doing some hurtin', follow the path, and go into the next
    chamber.  Next ahead: the "Warp Room".  There are several invisible
    spots on the ground that warp you to another spot.  There are items
    lying down on the floor as well, but as you can see (read: read),
    since there're lots of those warps, some of them are hard to get.
    Monsters inhabit this room too: north of the entrance and south of
    the exit.  Originally, I had an ASCII-drawing of the place, but to
    save myself from being laughed at, a text-based guide.  If you like
    all pretty colors and stuff, check out Devin Morgan's map on

     - TONIC:  Press and hold Up and Left, going northwest (from the
       entrance), and go north once you spot the chest.  Open it (no
       warps here) to receive... a Tonic!  How cool is that, dude...
     - CERATOPPER:  From the place where you've gotten the Tonic, go all
       the way down.  A hole is blocking your path, just walk past it
       (no warps here).  To the left is a chest with the CeraTopper.
     - REVIVE:  For this, go all the way southwest again (from the place
       where you've gotten the CeraTopper) and you will be warped to the
       northeast in the place.  Go five squares down, then all the way
       to the right.  You'll be warped to the southwest of the room;
       from there go north to find a Revive!
     - MESO MAIL:  Go back to the place you've been warped to (five
       squares south of the chest), and to the right.  You'll be warped
       to the northeast--the last chest awaits you; open it (no warps
       here) to find a Meso Mail.  This piece deserves to be worn.
     - EXIT:  To leave, enter the warp southwest of the chest with the
       mail.  From where you will be warped to, just go up, then all the
       way to the left to find the exit!

    Leave the room to arrive on another balcony.  Low-level gamers
    beware: different monsters lunge for your head--inescapable battle--
    depending on where you walk.  So they're avoidable, but inescapable.
    At the end, head into the entrance to arrive in a room with two
    switches.  They both open up the skull-entrance, though the left one
    additionally invites a pair of monsters.  Enter, punch the switch,
    and go back outside.  Pass through the door that was locked earlier

 -- INSIDE / BOSS MANIA ------------------------------

    Inside, acquaint yourself with Nizbel.  Or is this someone else?  If
    you speak with him, he'll say that Azala is in the back.  Move on
    and use the save point.  When you get near the stairs, Nizbel stops
    you and says that the great Nizbel has been defeated here.  Well.
    He is either wrong, because you've defeated Nizbel in the Reptite
    Lair, or... he's just predicting the future!  Ya get it?  Heh.

     - BOSS: NIZBEL II -------------------------------
        LV - 27       EXP - 880, 15     DROP  - --
        HP - 6500     G   - --          CHARM - Third Eye

       Similar to the fight with version I of Nizbel, lightning-magic is
       required to decrease his defense.  The new factor is that any
       attacks other than the lightning-affiliated will _increase_ his
       defense.  On top of that, he bops off his electrocution energy
       again, which is a pain in the ass.  Luckily, it's just a matter
       of trading hits and having your medic ready; throw him a bunch of
       powerful lightning-spells such as Volt Bite, never use weak
       attacks, and you'll have this guy in the bag.

    Once he's done for it, head outside.  On the balcony, make it to the
    right and enter.  You're confronted with three switches: the upper
    one makes a save point appear on the left, left will make the ground
    disappear (i.e. you can't reach the save point anymore), and right
    invites two Terrasaurs.  If the ground isn't there, the monsters
    just fall into the hole (oh, yeah), but beware!  You can fall into
    the hole yourself, meaning you'll have to go through this annoying
    castle again.  But hey, is there no switch to open the skull-door?
    No problem!  Just interact with it--Squaresoft is just playing with
    you with all those switches.  Inside the room is another switch and
    a Full Ether.  Go do something keen with both, then backtrack back
    to the large door on the balcony that was previously locked.  Before
    entering it, though, you'll have to fight some Terrasaurs.

    Inside is Azala.  He will rant about some stuff, then you'll hear a
    mysterious voice, and he leaves.  Open the two chests near the walls
    to get a CeraTopper and a Mid Ether.  Follow Azala; you'll find him
    in the back, I guess...  After noticing a huge BONK of a dino there,
    the BlackTyrano, you'll also see a red star in the background...
    what's that?  We have to disregard that for the time being, as the
    two attack.

     - BOSS: BLACKTYRANO -----------------------------
     - BOSS: AZALA -----------------------------------
        LV - 20        EXP - 800, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 10500     G   - --          CHARM - Power Tab (dino guy)
             2700                                Magic Tab (dino rider)

       First thing to do is aiming your attacks on Azala; you'll inflict
       little damage to the BlackTyrano.  Azala's attacks aren't a real
       threat; only heal when you're in real trouble.  Upon defeating
       Azala, you will have to face his final attack that'll gradually
       lower your HP; there's no need to heal this, though.

       With Azala gone, the BlackTyrano removes his high defense, thus
       indicating he wants his ass kicked.  He'll store his power and
       initiate a countdown.  At every count, he roars; this inflicts HP
       Down-status.  Once the count reaches zero, prepare for a powerful
       fire-attack flying right in yo face, as well as an eat-and-spit-
       out-attack; have your HP in the high numbers when that happens!
       After that, he'll repeat the process, and so should you; just
       give your most powerful attacks and heal when necessary.

        * NOTE:  The BlackTyrano can also remove his defense and store
          his power when Azala is still on him.  This only happens when
          the battle takes a very long while, so normally doesn't happen
          to most people.  If you defeat the BlackTyrano when Azala's
          still on him, Azala will automatically be defeated too ('cause
          of the fall off him or something).  I do not know why I fill
          the entire guide with useless blabber like this.

    When victory is yours, Azala remains, awaiting thy kick in the arse
    finale.  Some more about Lavos is learned; it is _this_ era in which
    Lavos descended into the world.  In fact, right on this moment.  In
    fact, exactly on the place where you are now.  After the cut-scene,
    Kino appears to save your bacon from Lavos' impact; thanks, Kino!
    On the world map, you'll see the remnants of Azala and the Tyrano
    Lair: nul komma nul.  It appears you can enter the large crater; do

 -- LAIR RUINS ---------------------------------------

    In here is another Gate.  You'll become aware that Lavos' immense
    energy disrupts the time, and therefore, creates the Gates.  Or
    something like that.  Enter the Gate; Ayla becomes a non-compulsory
    character by doing this.  As always, Crono stays the head honcho and
    cannot be switched.


  Your next destination is the kingdom of Zeal.  Great music, beautiful
  buildings and landscapes, another wonderful addition to the storyline:

   * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You'll watch the ending "Dino Age" if you defeat
     Lavos now, after it crashes at full speed on Azala (for which the
     word "BOOM" is completely applicable, on a second note).

   - Speed Tab [Item]
   - Black Rock [Accessory] - though it's unusable now, get this!
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Speed Tab [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Pendant [Key Item] - allows you to open sealed things

  MONSTERS:  Nu, Golem [BOSS]

 == ZEAL: A WORLD IN THE SKY (OPTIONAL) ==============

 -- ENHASA -------------------------------------------

    Leave the cave you'll wind up in, and you'll enter the world map.
    Take a right, shove your butt into the Skyway, step into the circle-
    shaped thing, be warped to a Land Bridge in the upper world, and set
    foot in the nearby building, which is Kajar.

    There are several points of interest in here.  The people here give
    you information about Zeal, for one thing.  Doreen, a Masa/Mune-like
    character, gives you a hint if you talk to her three times.  Which
    is of course useless if you have a guide in front of you that
    reprints that tip: "Seek the hidden path, and open the doors of
    knowledge, each in turn."  The books in this room can be opened to
    in turn summon an element--which is pretty spiffy indeed.

    That bit of info will be applied later, however.  Furthermore, you
    can shop here (you can get Full Tonics, 700G, and Ethers, 800G), and
    find a Spring of Recovery.  Sort of like an Enertron, without the
    full night's sleep thing.  Well, okay, so it's _not_ sort of like an
    Enertron, but... you get the idea.  You will also meet a kid by the
    name of Janus; he says that one of your companions will pass away
    shortly...?  While not knowing what the hell this guy would suggest,
    continue by taking the Land Bridge to Kajar, north of Enhasa.

 -- KAJAR --------------------------------------------

    In here, you'll learn that these funny-looking people are the
    Enlightened Ones, and that the people beneath, those who lack magic,
    are the Earthbound Ones.  A Spring of Recovery can also be found
    here, as well as those books that can summon elements.  There's a
    sleeping Nu here, too; launch something heavy onto it to wake it,
    and you can shop.  Same is sold as in Enhasa.  As for the other
    rooms in this palace, there's one in the upper-right corner of the
    screen.  On your way to it, you'll spot an inaccessible shiny dot--
    if you want to get your dirty hands on it, head into the room and
    examine the southern walls.  You'll get a Speed Tab.  You can talk
    to the people in this room for blurb on the Sun Stone and the Moon
    Stone, the Gurus, and more.

 -- FUN WITH BOOKS -----------------------------------

    Additionally in the same room is a Nu, which says, "Water summons
    wind... ...wind makes fire dance."  That's a tip!  Remember those
    books that pop up elements?  Use Doreen's tip in conjunction with
    the Nu's--open the books, starting with Water (far left side), then
    Wind (far right side), and ending with Fire (by the Nu that sells
    items).  You'll unlock a secret room, in which a Poyozo Doll can be
    found.  Examine it.  You will get a Black Rock; although the factor
    worth approaches zero, this is the only opportunity and place to get
    it, and it WILL prove to be useful later.  It unlocks the strongest
    triple tech in the game.

    With the info from Kajar in your mind, head for Enhasa.  There, open
    the books in order, starting with Water (right), then Wind (left),
    ending with Fire (middle).  Once more, a hidden room is unlocked.
    Inside is a nu and a diary; talk to the Nu to challenge it.  You'll
    have to fight six of 'em--here's a wee strategy.

     - BOSS: SIX ANNOYING NUS ------------------------
        LV - 1           EXP - 124 x6, 15 x6     DROP  - --
        HP - 1234 x6     G   - --                CHARM - Mop (WHEE!!)

       Okay, so they're not a boss... but Nus are top-class all-around,
       so they get their own place here.  Nus aren't harmless: they use
       HP-to-1-attacks (and that's excessive consumption of it, seeing
       as there's six of them), but also attack doing 1 HP damage.  That
       means that the HP-meter is either 0, 1, or more than 1.  It does
       not really matter how high your HP-amount is, just keep it above
       1.  As for the battle itself, use level 2-elemental spells like
       *Lightning2 to hit everyone on-screen, or use stronger dual techs
       and concentrate on one Nu.

    For winning this one-time battle, you'll receive a Magic Tab and a
    Speed Tab.  If you want, have a look at the diary for a strange but
    fancy quote (below), then leave.

     "'The Mystery of Life'  Vol. 841, Ch. 26  All life begins with Nu
      and ends with Nu...  This is the truth!  This is my belief!
      least for now."

    And at the Blackbird, there ain't much to do, except that you can go
    to the guards, get ordered to kiss off, and hear some chump named
    Dalton ramble something about a Prophet.  Also, there are some
    islands that you cannot reach; they will stay terra incognita as
    there is no way to get to them or reach them (that is, unless you
    move forward in time 13,000 years).


    Let's head to Zeal Palace, that big structure on top of the island.
    Here's a comparison of real life and video game life:

     - Enter palace.

     - Enter cave at bottom of mountain.
     - Go in warp and be warped up.
     - Exit cave.
     - Enter another cave.
     - Go in warp and be warped up.
     - Exit cave.
     - Enter palace.

    Now that you're in the palace, go left, up the stairs at the first
    passage.  Walk south and you'll find a woman; talk to her and she'll
    ask you if you like plants.  Say yes, and tell her to secretly plant
    it.  Don't tell her to burn it, as this part is here to unlock an
    event later, and you don't want to get stuck later, eh?  Right then.

    For an extra Magic Tab, read this paragraph.  Walk up and talk to
    the Nu; it'll ask you to scratch its back.  If you do so, you will
    discover the Nu's scratch-point.  Fantastic!  With your newly-
    acquired knowledge, head over to Kajar.  Go to the room with the
    guys making tabs.  There's a Nu here; scratch it and it will drop
    the stolen Magic Tab.  Take over the role of a thief, put those
    feelings of guilt aside, and return to Zeal Palace.

    Acquaint yourself with the people here for the latest news.  To
    actually continue, you'll have to do various things in a certain
    order, and I've listed the jazz here:

     + Go to the bedrooms (northeast of the screen), and enter the right
       one.  Inside, you'll meet Schala (you know... the sexy one) and
       the kid you've met earlier, Janus.  In the end, Schala leaves.
       Follow her; you can talk to Janus, if you wish; you'll only learn
       that Alfador is the name of his cat.

     + Follow Schala to the Queen's hall.  You'll notice her using her
       pendant to open a strange, familiar-looking door.  You can use
       your own pendant to try to open it, but it won't have any effect!

        * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You will watch the ending "A Slide Show?" if
          you defeat Lavos now.  Remember NOT to do the following step,
          or else you can't leave the palace.

     + Go to the hall of the Mammon Machine (left room).  Talk to the Nu
       in front of the entrance to tell it to scram.  In the chamber is
       a large machine; interact with the red sparkling dot in front of
       it to place your own pendant in there.  This, my friend, charges
       it up!  Leave here; note that you can't leave the palace, since
       guards are blocking the exit.

     + Return to the Queen's hall.  Introduce the door to the new toy
       you have, and BEHOLD!  The door opens...  You can't return from
       here, and you'll find yourself in the middle of a conversation
       upon entering.  The Prophet notices you and says that you are the
       evildoers he warned the Queen of.  What the hell is this clown
       smoking?  Dalton summons a Golem to do away with you, and a fight

        - BOSS: GOLEM --------------------------------
           LV - 34       EXP - 1000, 35     DROP  - --
           HP - 7000     G   - 2000         CHARM - Magic Tab

          You don't really have to defeat this guy!  If he blows you
          away, you mash buttons, and notice you're dead already for a
          few minutes, just give up.

          Here's the deal: Golem copies your attacks.  This means that
          if you, for example, use a lightning-tech, he'll use a similar
          tech as well.  Physical attacks are countered with "Iron Orb",
          which reduces your HP to half of the amount that you had first
          (rounded up).  There are various strategies to win: (1) use
          different elements in a row.  He'll only be able to counter
          the last attack.  And (2), you may want to end the chain by
          using a water-attack, since Golem's water-counterattack is
          weak.  Finally (3), equip Ruby Vests.  They halve fire-damage
          done to you, so fire away with fire-techs.  Combinations are
          of course best.  And (4), don't attempt this guy.  If you're
          around his level, okay, but if you're significantly weaker,
          don't bother.

    Whether victory is yours or not, you're damned either way.  Dalton
    uses his sexy powers to capture you and kick you into the Mammon
    Machine.  Fortunately, Schala and Janus will rescue you out of it.
    Sure, you wouldn't think they'd do something while getting nothing
    in return, eh?  Their reason is because you might be able to save
    the Gurus in return, whatever the hell that means.  But!  Mr Prophet
    finds all out about this rescue operation attempt thing and is of
    course not pleased.  He threatens to kill you, but luckily, he
    (...realizes he's to weak, *cough*, and...) decides to spare you.

    Back at the Gate you've used to enter this era, you're sent back.
    Schala is obeyed to seal it, so you won't be able to use that Gate
    again...  What now?  Hint: title of next chapter.


  After Schala, forced by the Prophet, sealed the Gate to the dark ages,
  a time-line where the solution to the defeat of Lavos may lie, the
  party needs to find a new way to travel through time.

   * NEW GAME + NOTE:  You'll watch the ending "What the Prophet Seeks"
     if you defeat Lavos now.

   - Power Tab [Item]
   - ...and a plethora of other treasures

  MONSTERS:  Beast, Mud Imp [BOSS], Blue Beast [BOSS], Red Beast [BOSS]


 -- TO AND IN THE SEWER ACCESS -----------------------

    Back at the Lair Ruins, your party members will mention the special
    door.  They've seen it elsewhere, and they're right; it's the same
    type door as the ones seen in the domes of the future!  Naturally,
    they call for a visit, and we'll give it.  Head for the End of Time
    via the Mystic Mountains, fight Spekkio if he is in a new form and
    if you're interested (check 4-D for strategies), talk to the ol'
    geezer for a hint about a time machine, and read this note:

     * NOTE:  There are two methods to bring hello to the future: the
       pillar to Proto Dome, and the pillar to Bangor Dome.  Likely,
       however, the one to Bangor Dome isn't there.  Apparently, you'll
       need to unlock it first; to do that, use the pillar to Proto Dome
       and travel all the way to Bangor Dome, and go in the Gate--that
       unlocks it (as well as the pillar leading to Guardia Forest in
       1000 A.D.).

    Beam yourself up to Proto Dome, get out, and go to the left.  Go
    through Lab 32.  Head into the Sewer Access.  You've probably been
    here before.  If so, the route through it is easy: just follow the
    bridges you've unlocked.  If you haven't been here before, or if you
    didn't unlock the bridges, refer to section 2-F for a guide.  When
    you exit the Sewer Access, you'll enter the world map, from where
    you need to go to the Keeper's Dome.

 -- THE GURU OF REASON -------------------------------

    Work your ass to the end of the building.  Ignore the Nu... it seems
    brain-dead.  Open the sealed door--here are various shining dots of
    which you have to examine each.  They're the personal logs of
    Belthasar, the Guru of Reason.  After reading them, unseal the next
    door (if one manages to unlock the first door, why is there need to
    seal another?) and go inside.  In here is a huge machine--the time-
    traveler Gaspar told you about.  After having noticed it, you'll
    have to leave the room to continue; a Nu then enters.  It says that
    Belthasar somehow copied his memory into it, and gives you the
    controls of the time machine:

      Y-BUTTON    - Opens time-gauge.
      A-BUTTON    - Take off.
      B-BUTTON    - Buzz off.
      L/LEFT/DOWN - Moves the slider to the left (clockwise).
      R/RIGHT/UP  - Moves the slider to the right (clockwise).

    That's that.  You get the opportunity to name the machine and become
    its new owner (default: "Epoch").  After naming it, hop in and take
    off!  Normally, one would warp to the dark ages and brutally beat
    the crap out of this Prophet fellow while yelling "REVENGE, GWARGH!"
    but because I say so, we bring visit to a few other places first.
    Here is... (Maestro?) ...the famous (or not) section of the FAQ that
    you do not want to miss.


    Let's hunt some.  You CAN skip this, but don't go nag me 'cuz two
    stupid Golems are kicking your sorry ass.  In any event, I'm sure
    you are interested in a bunch of goodies, such as armor that absorbs
    elemental damage, some tabs, and lots of accessories, including the
    top-class Gold Erng and Gold Stud (HP rises and MP usage lowers

     - In Arris Dome (near the info center, use the L/R/A-password), you
       will find a Power Tab, a Lumin Robe, an Elixir, a Hit Ring and a
       Gold Erng!  (Gold Erng is short for "Gold Earring".)
     - Bangor Dome offers a Charm Top, a Full Ether, and a Wallet.
     - Lastly, let's check out Trann Dome!  Put your hands on the Magic
       Tab, a Gold Stud and a Full Ether.  (Oh, and one more thing: if
       you haven't unlocked the pillar from Bangor Dome yet, step into
       the Gate and then step back into the pillar to return.)
     - If you haven't done this before (after your first visit to the
       End of Time), you can also go to Proto Dome.  There's a Power Tab
       right under the Gate!

     * You can power-up most of the (sealed) chests from 600 A.D. and
       1000 A.D.  The trick can be done by examining the chests in 600
       A.D., and NOT getting the items, so REFUSE.  If you head to 1000
       A.D., you can get the upgraded items there.  Sequently, you can
       find the old items in 600 A.D. as well.  If you do it otherwise,
       you'll either get one item, or two of the same.  And bear in mind
       that this trick can't be done with ALL chests: if the option to
       accept or refuse does not appear, then the item inside the chest
       cannot be upgraded.

     - Go to Truce Inn, the Elder's House in Porre, and Guardia Castle,
       and examine the chests.  Then go to the present, loot the new
       items there (Porre's Elder's House is now the Mayor's Manor, and
       you need to have Marle in your party to enter Guardia Castle), to
       respectively find a Blue, Black, White, and a Red Mail, then head
       back to 600 A.D. to grab a hold of the Vest counterparts of those
       items.  These items are downright sexy, I tell ya.

     - Go to the Middle Ages (600 A.D.).  Using the Epoch, you'll land
       next to the Magic Cave, the cave you've used to go to Magus's
       Lair.  In that cave is a sealed chest with a Magic Ring.
     - There's also a chest in Guardia Forest (1000 A.D.), but it's
       inaccessible.  To find it, use the upper-right pillar at the End
       of Time.  You'll find the chest with the Power Ring.
     - There's another sealed chest in Guardia Forest (600 A.D.).  Enter
       using the path on the north, and go to the far right to find the
       chest with a Speed Tab!
     - Then, the Heckran Cave.  Explore the cave until you find a crack
       in the wall, as nearby is the chest.  A Wall Ring and a Dash Ring
       are inside.  Fortunately, there are no enemies anymore in the
       cave, so going in and out shouldn't be too much of a problem.
       Leave via the Vortex Point, so you'll land next to Lucca's house.
     - Talk to Taban to get the Taban Suit.  Talk to him thrice to also
       get the other items (Taban Vest and Taban Helm) if you didn't
       get them in the earlier stages of the game.
     - Lastly, north of Medina Village, the Forest Ruins.  Inside is a
       Mid Ether, but of course, that wasn't what we were coming for!
       Head north.  What's that giant sealed thing?  It's a giant...
       sealed... thing.  Unseal it, and two chests and a Nu appear.  You
       can open one of the two chests; choose whichever you like: left
       is Safe Helm, right is Swallow.  You might want the Safe Helm,
       because there are lots of better weapons for Crono.

     - There are sealed chests in the Northern Ruins, but those will be
       covered in the appropriate side-quest.  Same counts for the
       (regular) chests in Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.

    For a quick overview of the sealed treasures, see section 4-D.

 == THE EARTHBOUND ONES ==============================

 -- ALGETTY VILLAGE ----------------------------------

    Use the Epoch to enter 12,000 B. C.  The Skyway to the upper world
    is locked, so ignore that place for now.  Instead, embark upon the
    Terra Cave, which is left of you.  You'll enter Algetty, village of
    the Earthbound Ones.  Talk to the folks for info, or shop in the
    first "house".  But, WHY do people that lack magic sell Ethers?
    Maybe they really know how to use magic and just pretend they're
    dumb, while they work out a plan to take over the kingdom...?  It is
    possible??  Erm... anyway.  There's an inn in the lowermost "house",
    and a save point beneath.

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Demon Edge     17000     Crono       Att. +90
      CometArrow     7800      Marle       Att. +80
      Megablast      9800      Lucca       Att. +80
      MegatonArm     15000     Robo        Att. +90
      FlashBlade     18000     Frog        Att. +90
      Lumin Robe     6500      Females     Def. +63
      Flash Mail     8500      Males       Def. +64
      Glow Helm      2300      Males       Def. +25

    To continue, go the Beast's nest, the place everyone warns you for.
    And you know it, if everyone says you must not go there, you MUST go
    there--that's video game logic, after all.

 -- BEAST'S NEST -------------------------------------

    In the lower-right corner of the nest is a Power Tab; don't forget
    it.  While you slay several Beasts and Charm R'bow Helmets off 'em,
    work your way to the end, where three monsters block the path.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Crono, Lucca, Marle/Frog

     - BOSS: MUD IMP WITH BEASTS ---------------------
        LV - 29          EXP - 954, 29     DROP  - --
        HP - 1200        G   - 2600        CHARM - (various)
             5000 x2

       As you may have guessed already, Blue Beast is weak against fire
       and the Red Beast is weak against water.  Don't use inappropriate
       types of magic against them, or you'll do no damage!  Since the
       Mud Imp has high defense, suggested is to take down the two
       beasts first, one at a time.  Prepare for counter-blows, and keep
       your HP high.  Once you've defeated the two beasts, finish off
       the Mud Imp off quickly (or else he'll heal himself) using strong
       techs.  This fight isn't too tough, unless you're playing a low-
       level game, in which case that's a long time you'll be spending
       fighting them.  As for Charm stuff: a MermaidCap can be gotten
       from the Blue Beast, the Red Beast offers an Elixir, and a Speed
       Tab is held by the Brown Beast... er, Mud Imp.

    After doing away with them, go back to Algetty, sleep and save, then
    climb up the chain.  Take note that if you clear the next dungeon,
    you can't return here or that dungeon, so make sure you've finished
    your business everywhere.


  This mountain is a place that many monsters inhabit, it stinks, and
  there's this stupid fog.  It comes, well, close to a game with lots of
  random battles.  Regardless, Schala saved your ass from the evils of
  the Mammon Machine, and now it's your turn to help, by saving the Guru
  Melchior (eh?) from the mountain.

   - Barrier (x3) [Item]
   - Full Ether (x2) [Item]
   - Lapis (x2) [Item]
   - Lode Helm [Helmet]
   - Lode Vest [Armor]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Shelter [Item]
   - Shield (x2) [Item]
   - Time Hat [Helmet]

  MONSTERS:  Rubble, Bantam Imp, Stone Imp, Gargoyle, Man Eater, Giga
   Gaia [BOSS]

 == THE GURU OF LIFE =================================

 -- MT. WOE ------------------------------------------

    The first thing that you should do is going to the right.  You'll
    witness a monster by the name of Rubble.  Fight it.  If you manage
    to defeat it using physical attacks only (whereof most will miss
    because of the Rubble's high evade rate), since techs are disabled
    by the Lock/All-spell, you will receive a whoppin' 1000 experience
    points and 100 tech points.  The bad part is that they'll run after
    a while--conquer them quickly--and that most of them only appear

    Go north first, defeat Bantam Imps (who have an AlloyBlade for you
    to steal) and the Rubble that crosses your path, and open the chest
    for a Lode Helm.  Backtrack to the entrance and follow the left
    chain.  More Bantam Imps pop out; I'm sure you can handle them.  Go
    to the next screen.

    Kill the Rubble on your left, take a right, smack some Gargoyles,
    and use the save point.  Soon, the path forks.  One of the paths is
    a chain; climb it and defeat the Rubble.  Note: this's a Rubble that
    reappears if you re-enter the screen, so if you're willing to spend
    a little while here, it's experience/tech points heaven!  Take note
    that the mountain becomes inaccessible when you clear it...  The two
    chests here contain a Shield and a Lode Vest, too.  Return to the
    chain and follow the other path.

    Go left and open the chest (Barrier), violating the four Gargoyles
    guarding it.  Go back and go through the passage, to the left, and
    follow the path.  Eventually, you'll find another chest with a Lapis
    (guarded by two Bantam Imps).  From there, go to the right, up the
    chain.  Walk on, use the chain to go to the right for a chest with a
    Barrier (and four Gargoyles).  Southwest of you is a Rubble, and
    east is the chain that leads you to the next area of the mountain.
    This is quite a boring place, don't you think?

    North is a Lapis, and in the far right section are a Barrier and a
    Full Ether.  Three Gargoyles are lurking by the lower chest.  Return
    to the Man Eaters (the flower-like monsters, of whom you can Charm a
    Pearl Edge) and destroy them, and then follow the path.  On your
    way, be sure to kill some Rubble, and at the split, go down, kick
    some additional monster butt.  And then, add the Shelter and Shield
    to your item list.  Now follow the other path, kill three Gargoyles,
    and save.

 -- MT. WOE / SUMMIT ---------------------------------

    Climb the chain to arrive at the top of the mountain.  Go to that
    long chain at the end, while picking the Time Hat, a Full Ether, and
    a Magic Tab (lower-right corner) on your way.  Climb it, and the
    screen darkens... oh, *scary* effects.  Anyway, you'll find a giant
    (well... it's not THAT giant) crystal, in which the Guru of Life is
    imprisoned.  As you try to save him, a large creature shows up and
    you'll face off with a battle.

     - BOSS: GIGA GAIA -------------------------------
        LV - 32          EXP - 3000, 30     DROP  - --
        HP - 9500        G   - 3000         CHARM - Speed Tab (head)
             2000 x2

       Three parts of Giga Gaia are targetable: the left hand, the head,
       and the right hand (looking from your perspective).  All the
       right hand is good for is is restoring the head for 250 HP, which
       is nothing.  Release your most powerful techs on the left one,
       because if both are intact you'll eat some NASTY attacks.  Those
       attacks are elemental, so protective gear (Giga Gaia uses mostly
       fire-attacks, as well as shadow-attacks, and weaker water-spells)
       may be of some use here.  Hack, hack, heal, hack, hack, heal, and
       repeat.  You'll conquer him in a few minutes.

    And then the Guru of Life is freed!  Note that this is the Melchior
    you've seen before.  He is the same one, but he's _not_ the same
    one.  Er... you'll learn more about this later.  Cue cut-scene: the
    mountain goes boom, and you'll end up in Algetty.


  Now that they've finished constructing the Ocean Palace, the people
  from Zeal are not far away from the immortality they're wishing for.
  Doesn't look good.  There are ways to stop them, but will the party
  succeed?  (Again, I sound like a game-mag writer.)

   - Ruby Knife [Key Item]

  MONSTERS:  Dalton [BOSS]

 == THE RUBY KNIFE ===================================

 -- ALGETTY VILLAGE ----------------------------------

    Melchior says that Lavos sleeps deep underground, consuming the
    planet's life energy.  Bringing the Mammon Machine closer to it may
    awaken it, so it has to be stopped!  Schala will then come in.  She
    says that she's turned her back to the Mammon Machine and the evil
    plans of her mother; thumbs up for that, sister.  However!  Dalton
    pops up as well and captures Schala soon after.  With her captive,
    she slips away.

    Once you regain control over your characters, talk to Melchior (you
    can't leave).  After the convo, in which you'll decide to stop the
    Queen, Melchior gives you the Ruby Knife, made from the same stone
    as the Mammon Machine, to destroy it.  You can now go to the inn and
    rest, if you need to.  Make sure to use the save point below as
    well.  You can't enter Mt. Woe anymore; it's gone, alone with any
    items on it.  Instead, your next goal is Zeal Palace, go there using
    the Skyway Schala reopened.

 -- ZEAL PALACE --------------------------------------

    Before going to Zeal Palace, you might want to bring a visit to
    Kajar first.  Talk to the Nu and tell it that is not the pendant of
    Schala you're wearing when he asks so--if you say yes, he'll call
    you a liar, you can't buy anything.  If that happens, go outside and
    I will use my awesome powers to make the Nu forget everything.  Re-
    enter, and voila!

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      AlloyBlade     21000     Crono       Att. +110
      Big Hand       18000     Robo        Att. +105
      Pearl Edge     22000     Frog        Att. +105
      Lode Vest      8500      All         Att. +71
      Lode Helm      6500      All         Def. +29

    In Zeal Palace, go all the way north, to the Queen's hall, and save.
    Then, enter the room, wherein you'll find Dalton.

     - BOSS: DALTON ----------------------------------
        LV - 32       EXP - 1000, 30     DROP  - --
        HP - 3500     G   - 2500         CHARM - Power Meal

       Dalton's attack pattern is simple.  He has two attacks: (1) Iron
       Orb, which he uses at any given time and as a counterattack, and
       (2) is his final attack ("Darn!  Buurrrp!"), which he only uses
       when his HP is zero.  You can't get knocked out from Iron Orbs
       only, so you'll not need to heal 'til you give him the final
       blow.  So once you've done about 3000 HP of damage, heal (if you
       actually need to do that), and BLAST HIM AWAY like a beast.

    In the end, Dalton leaves a portal, which leads to the Ocean Palace.


  The Undersea Palace.  After freeing Melchior and beating up Dalton,
  you've finally found the Ocean Palace; this chapter should free you of
  any questions about the weird plot.

   - Rune Blade [Weapon]
   - Aeon Helm [Helmet]
   - Aeon Suit [Armor]
   - Kaiser Arm [Weapon]
   - Star Sword [Weapon]
   - Shock Wave [Weapon]
   - Demon Hit [Weapon]
   - SonicArrow [Weapon]
   - Elixir [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]

  MONSTERS:  Scouter, Jinn, Barghest, Red Scout, Mage, Blue Scout,
   Thrasher, Lasher, GolemTwins [BOSS]

 == THE OCEAN PALACE / 12,000 B. C. ==================


    In the room you'll land in, you can find a save point, and Mune.  He
    will say that something big is going on; a cut-scene ensues, as
    Schala is forced to employ her powers to use the Mammon Machine.  To
    continue, enter the room below.

     * HINT:  Monsters you'll bump into are Scouters, Red Scouts, and
       Blue Scouts.  You must attack those with elements they correspond
       to: lightning on Scouters, fire or shadow on Red Scouts, and
       water on Blue Scouts, otherwise you'll heal them.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Crono, Lucca, Frog

    Let's see...  This large hall, which I call the "Central Area", has
    eight entrances surrounding it.  I'll describe the rooms place by
    place, and it's sorted in the way that you SHOULD visit them (which
    is to first score the equipment scattered around here, then hit the
    final switch, and continue).

     + You'll start off in the Central Area.  Right of the first batch
       of Scouters you see is a chest with a Rune Blade for Frog.  Equip
       it, if the need arises, and head for the northeast area.

     + Step on the switch (the round blue thing in the middle).  This'll
       provide you a bridge in the southeast room, though it invites a
       Jinn and Barghest as well.  To dispatch these guys, attack the
       Barghest (the gray, moving one) first, which in turn lowers the
       Jinn's defense.  Once you're finished, go through the doorway in
       the lower-right corner.

     + You'll arrive in the east room.  Put on that Aeon Helm from the
       chest here and meet up with two Red Scouts and a Mage.  Execute
       the Mage, eradicate a Red Scout, and exterminate the other.
       There's a lot of killing up ahead, and frankly, that sucks.
       Anyway, go to the right, back to the Central Area, and follow the
       lower-left path.  Grab the Aeon Suit, then take the lower-right
       path, going to the southeast room.

     + Here are two Blue Scouts (which can be avoided).  Follow the path
       till you get to the bridge.  Directly to the left is a chest with
       Robo's Kaiser Arm; equip it if he's in your party.  Return, back
       to the Central Area.  Go to the left, then all the way north, and
       enter the northwest room.

     + Step on the switch to form a bridge in the Southwest Room.
       Assassinate the Jinn and obliterate the Barghest that attacks,
       and enter the room in the lower-left corner, which brings you

     + ...the west room.  Here are two Blue Scouts.  Murder, slaughter,
       and slay them plus the Mage that joins the battle upon its
       initiation, and open the chest for Crono's Star Sword.  Go to the
       right, entering the Central Area.  From here, go to the southwest
       room by following the path closest to the wall (which is monster-

     + Here are two Red Scouts and a chest with Lucca's Shock Wave.
       Annihilate the first and eliminate the second, then go all the
       way down, until you get to the bridge.  Instead of going over it,
       go to the left, following the narrow path.  At the end, look for
       a hidden passage, which leads to a Demon Hit for Frog!  Since it
       is effective to magical monsters (most enemies in these rooms),
       equip it.  Return, and cross the previously-ignored bridge.

     + You'll find several pairs of Blue Scouts and Red Scouts on small
       towers.  These can be avoided by not stepping on the blue squared
       platform between them.  In the end, you will find a chest with a
       SonicArrow for Marle.

     + Go to the right, and step on the switch.  This will form the
       bridge you'll need to go to the south room.  If you've followed
       the above walkthrough, you've gotten all items from this area.
       Now, go to the south room (either by following the left or the
       right path) to proceed to the next area.  If you haven't done it
       before, don't forget to equip the weapons and equipment you've

 -- STAIR SETS ET AL ---------------------------------

    When you enter, kill the Blue Scout and a Red Scout, and a Thrasher
    that joins them (or just avoid them).  Go to the left; the entrance
    below leads to an area with an inaccessible tab.  Work your way
    through the stair sets in this area, fighting the number of Mages
    and Thrashers.  Eventually, you're confronted with four jumping
    Thrashers on the second stair set.  They are stupid and have nothing
    else to do.  Touching them will result in a battle later on, so if
    you don't want a fight, dash under them (one by one) while they're

    After the third stair set, watch out!  The nearest statue shoots
    fireballs, which inflict 10 HP damage to those unlucky.  There are
    also some clowns running from side to side, blocking the path, which
    you have to take care of.  After stair set four and a Thrashers/
    Lashers-group, you'll find Masa.  He'll explain about the ancient
    Red Rock (that's the Dreamstone), after which a cut-scene involving
    Zeal and Schala follows.  Go down the stairs to continue.  There's a
    save point, as well as a Jinn and a Barghest.  Save, and go south to
    the elevator.

    Flick the switch (which is guarded by monsters).  On your way
    downstairs--you guessed it--you'll have to bust three batches of
    monsters.  After the battles, you're downstairs.  Enter the next

     * EXTRA ITEM AND EXPERIENCE:  But before continuing, you may want
       to get that Magic Tab!  Return to the elevator and hit the switch
       (now located to the right) to go up to the place where the Magic
       Tab is hidden (on the upper-left wall).  The downside is that you
       have to work your way through the stair sets and elevator again.
       (Which is indeed, a decent way to level up: if you beat everyone,
       you'll get 11,866 experience points, 312 tech points and 15,450G
       in total!)

 -- HURT.  ME.  MORE. --------------------------------

    I hope you weren't bored by the piece of walkthrough above; this
    area was (and will be) quite limited to walking and fighting.  In
    any event, take either path at the fork.  Pop inside a small room
    and beat the Scouter, Blue Scout and Red Scout-formation.  Lastly,
    whack the switch.  Repeat this process in the opposite room, and
    return to the center.  Step on the bridge to form a large bridge; of
    course, you have to follow it.  Before going into the next area, be
    sure you've used the save point and opened the chest for an Elixir,
    as Dalton will be in that room.  He summons the Golem Twins, which
    are basically two of the same Golems you've seen earlier.

     - BOSS: GOLEM SISTERS ---------------------------
        LV - 34          EXP - 1000 x2, 35 x2     DROP  - --
        HP - 7000 x2     G   - 2000 x2            CHARM - Magic Tab
                                                          Magic Tab

       If the previous Golem *completely* thrashed you, then be afraid--
       you're going to have a hard time fighting these _two_.  If you're
       low in the levels, then the Golem Twins are almost undefeatable
       and it's a short trip to the game-over screen before you can say,
       "Hey there are two of them!"  Like before, the Golems counter
       your attacks with the same kind of magic (physical attacks will
       be countered with Iron Orb).  Here's a summary of strategies:

        - Use different elements quickly in a row, and the Golems are
          only able to counter the last one.
        - If doing the above, it's best to end the chain with a water-
          spell, because the Golems' water-counter is weaker.  Physical
          attacks should be avoided at all costs.
        - Equip element-absorbing armor (the ones gotten from the sealed
          chests)--really, that does a WORLD of good.  Use appropriate
          elements, and damage is either absorbed or greatly reduced.
        - If you don't have them, then you're going to have a hard time;
          either get them or use the "chain-strategy" above while you
          let someone heal, to prevent you'll be turned into a pile of
        - You may want to try to use Hypno Wave (single tech, Lucca) to
          put one or both of them to sleep.  Or, use Boogie (dual tech,
          Robo and Ayla).  You can Charm them safely before they wake
          up.  Then, unleash a dose of ass-whoopin' techs--the Golems
          can't counter the first one, but they'll probably wake up.
        - Each time someone asked for strategies to beat these two at
          the Chrono Trigger board, at least one person had
          the words "Falcon Hit" in his or her post.

       Good luck with this one!  Oh, and please don't ask me for more
       strategies; this is all I can give you... and don't GIVE me
       either, since what I've listed above is good enough for normal
       people, and dumb idiots won't read here anyway.

    After relieving Dalton of his two pets, he prepares to call the
    Golem Boss, but since he's got more things to do, you're lucky (or
    HE is...).  Go back and save, as you probably don't want to face the
    two Golems again.  Continue to...

 -- THE MAMMON MACHINE -------------------------------

    In the large hall, talk to the Nu blocking the path and tell it to
    beat it.  Walk forward to find the Mammon Machine.  After it starts
    to release its immense energy, our party uses Melchior's Ruby Knife.
    The Mammon Machine turns it into a sword, the Masamune--but alas...
    even that is not enough.  Lavos sequently awakens.  Oh, crap.

     - BOSS: LAVOS -----------------------------------

       Unless you're doing a New Game +, it's nigh-impossible to defeat
       this sucker.  Don't try anything.  You probably won't even get
       the chance to try...  Lavos is a tad harder than usual, but not
       completely impossible to beat.  If you win, you'll watch the
       ending "The Dream Project".  Perhaps I will add in strategies
       later, but don't count on anything.

    After tasting some of Lavos' power, everyone's KO, and the Prophet
    reveals his true identity... Magus!  He's determined to defeat
    Lavos, so sit back and laugh at him failing.  But!  After Zeal joins
    Lavos, Crono awakes.  *Somehow*, he gets the neurotic idea he might
    be able to go Super Saiyan and bonk Lavos' puny head to one of
    Jupiter's moons.  However, fate has determined that this is the time
    for Crono to kick the bucket, so Janus' prophecy back in Enhasa has
    come true: Crono's incinerated dead meat.  Schala will then use the
    last power in her pendant to send the remaining of your party and
    Magus away.

 == ZEAL DESTROYED ===================================

 -- LAST VILLAGE / COMMONS ---------------------------

    Cue cut-scene.  The entire realm in the sky gets destroyed, which is
    a darn shame.  After that, you'll find yourself in the remaining of
    the Earthbound Ones' village.

    The elder tells you what's happened before you came along (a typo,
    Ted Woolsey!): a large Gate materialized, dragging Melchior, Janus
    and a lot of other people to different time-periods (which explains
    what the heck Melchior was doing in 1000 A.D.).  After he's given
    back the pendant, you'll take a rest and form a new party.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Ayla, and whoever else you wish

    There's a save point in the lower-left side of the hut, and you can
    sleep later on in the bunch of hay.  In the first tent is a Nu
    selling some items.  Also, there's a tab behind the Nu--just stand
    there and the Nu will move away after a while, allowing you to get
    it.  (If you want to shop but the Nu is gone, just re-enter.)  In
    the other tent is a hint about a Moon Stone becoming a Sun Stone
    (not that it's important now).  And the last noteworthy thing is the
    woman at the plant in the Commons.  She's the same plant freak from
    Zeal Palace; advise her to plant it, so you'll unlock a certain
    event later on.  If you don't, your controller is risked to give up
    the ghost.

    Anyway, talk to the elder to continue.  Dalton interrupts.  Now that
    Zeal and the Gurus are gone, he's decided to go all your base are
    belong to us!  Besides the kingdom, he's also decided your Epoch
    looks nice, and you're captured as well.  Dalton, I want to kick
    you.  In any case, a new chapter begins...


  After the fall of Zeal, the disappearance of the Gurus and many other
  people, and Crono's death, Dalton has taken over the throne.  When our
  party wasn't exactly in top-class state, he striked and captured them.
  It seems that the programmers of the game wanted that not Crono only,
  but the others also had to be imprisoned at least once.

   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Amulet (x0-1) [Accessory] - either dropped by or comes with Magus

  MONSTERS:  Basher, Byte, Turret, Golem Boss [BOSS], Dalton Plus
   [BOSS], Magus [OPTIONAL]

 == THE BLACKBIRD ====================================


    After regaining from your unconsciousness, you'll find yourself and
    your other two companions imprisoned.  Everything--your equipment,
    items and money--has been taken from you, as well as the ability to
    switch party members.  Instead, you are provided with a save point
    and a ladder; if you go up it, you'll notice that you're on the
    Blackbird, and unless you're in for a splat, the ladder is no method
    for escape.  Upon returning, the second member of the party notices
    that there's an air duct.  There are two ways to break out; the
    stealthy way of climbing into the air duct and sneaking out, or the
    louder method of busting out.

     * NOTE:  If you have Ayla, you can fight battles.  However, if you
       get knocked out (without a weapon equipped, only Ayla can fight),
       you'll lose the game and have to start over!  If you run into a
       guard without Ayla, you'll be dumped back in your cell, but you
       can't act sick afterwards.  (You can still load your saved game
       and try again.)  Characters without a weapon just stand there,
       but they can't get hit either.

    To break out, go to the cell door and choose the first option.  Act
    sick, whereupon a guard comes in.  That wasn't a great idea of him,
    and after a bonk in his head, you're free to go.  Or if you want to
    sneak out, enter the air duct.  In the ventilation system, you'll
    find various bright rosters.  You can examine them to see what is
    directly under you... but I find that completely useless.  Also, you
    can whack the switches next to the conveyor belts to reverse the
    direction of them.

    The following steps can be carried out in any order, but if Ayla is
    not in your team, you are obligated to accomplish the first step
    prior to doing the others.

      In the ventilation system, (from your cell) first go down, then
      right, then up, left, up, up, left, up, and enter the room.  Here
      is the chest with the equipment of whomever you chose to be the
      leader.  There's also a Basher, but if you just leave him be, you
      will be alright... and he as well.

      The second character's equipment is in a room north of your cell.
      Before entering, you'll have to defeat two Bashers in front of it,
      and inside is a Byte waiting for you.

      Go all the way down, then to the left for the third character's
      equipment.  Two Bashers are inside, and once you leave via the
      door, a Byte will attack.  Ignore the room to the right, which is
      a "trap": six Bashers.

      In the room left of your cell, guarded by three Bashers.

      Go to the second area, then enter the very first room to the left.
      Two Bashers and one Byte are inside.  Note that if you've gotten
      this, but not all of your equipment, you can equip your characters
      with the "older" equipment from your inventory listing!

      You can also (optional) go all the way south in the ventilation
      area and check out the roster.  You'll find Dalton and some of his
      flunkies messing around with the Epoch. "Airthrone"?  What
      is he talking about?

      And lastly, if you want, and you want, a Magic Tab.  Once you've
      gotten ALL of your equipment, gold and items back, it will be
      shining in the upper-right corner in the ventilation area.
      Remember: you don't have your stuff back, and no tab for you.

    In the room with your items is a door.  And that door leads to the
    exit, so go through it and climb the ladder.  You'll wind up on the
    left wing of the Blackbird.  If you haven't gotten all of your stuff
    back, someone in your party reminds you of that.  You _can_ ignore
    this, continuing without having your stuff.  Of course, this is Not
    Recommended.  Anyway, there's this annoying wind that blows you back
    like on Death Peak, and there are several Turrets on the wing; they
    are like Rubbles, so try to defeat them quickly (mucho experience).
    To continue, place your feet on the lower-left part of the wing, and
    the Golem Boss appears...

     - BOSS: GOLEM BOSS ------------------------------
        LV - 34        EXP - 2500, 40     DROP  - --
        HP - 15000     G   - 2000         CHARM - --

       Worry not!  This is another one of those battles that don't
       require a victory in order to continue storyline-wise.  The only
       difference is that a victory is guaranteed: Mr Golem will run
       after a while.  However, if you still manage to kill him before
       he does, you'll net a bunch of experience.  So, get explosive on
       his ass and use your most powerful techs here (nothing to steal,
       so don't use Charm), hopefully winning.  15,000 hit points is a
       lot, but not something you can't handle.  Have fun.  Er, I mean,
       good luck.

    After the battle, Dalton appears on-screen on the Epoch.  That
    Epoch, to our surprise, is empowered by wings!  Mighty.  After some
    confusion about the music (rather funny ^_^;), the Aero-Dalton
    Imperial takes off.  The screen returns to the party, which prepares
    to attack Dalton again.

     - BOSS: DALTON PLUS -----------------------------
        LV - 32       EXP - 2500, 40     DROP  - --
        HP - 2800     G   - 2000         CHARM - Power Meal

       If each of your three characters are armed, Dalton Plus is a
       laugh.  His abilities are limited to attacking a single person at
       a time, so just release a couple of single or dual techs.  He'll
       breathe his last breath in no time.  Even with a single character
       armed, he can be beaten, so don't count on any difficulty.  Also,
       notable is his behavior with magic-attacks; he will counter with
       the opposite elements (e.g. you use fire, he whomps back with
       water).  However, this guy is so darn easy that strategies should
       not be necessary.  Dalton Plus has, strangely enough, less HP
       than Dalton Minus...

    ...and when that amount is zero, he will summon the Golem Boss.  Er,
    *try* to summon the Golem Boss, and of course, to no avail.  Ha!
    Once you regain control over your party (and also the Epoch), press
    Y and then X to continue.  After the cut-scene, in which for SOME
    reason the Blackbird is destroyed, you'll find your equipment and
    items in the Epoch--if you didn't recover them in the Blackbird.
    That, except for G.  That's lost if you don't have it.  Why didn't
    Dalton take it with him?  I don't know, but I *do* know I'd rather
    take money than worn, under-/over-sized and no doubt *smelly*
    clothes.  Once again: Dalton, you suck.

    You'll land in Algetty.

 == MAGUS' TRUE IDENTITY =============================

    Before we continue, worth mentioning is the Nu in the tent.  It's
    got more goods.  What's new, you ask?  Well, mostly what you (could)
    have gotten in the Ocean Palace:

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Star Sword     25000     Crono       Att. +125
      SonicArrow     10000     Marle       Att. +100
      Shock Wave     11000     Lucca       Att. +110
      Kaiser Arm     21000     Robo        Att. +120
      Rune Blade     24000     Frog        Att. +120, Magic +4
      Hurricane      35000     Magus       Att. +135
      Aeon Suit      9000      All         Def. +75
      Aeon Helm      7800      All         Def. +33

 -- NORTH CAPE ---------------------------------------

    At the far side of North Cape, you'll find a shining dot.  Touch it,
    and heads up to Magus, who shows up and explains what's happened
    lately.  You'll learn that the Mammon Machine in another dimension
    has awakened Lavos, who dragged the Gurus into the other dimensions.
    Melchior to the house in Medina, Gaspar to the End of Time, and
    Belthasar to the future, as well as Janus to 600 A.D., where he's
    met Ozzie.  So you'll discover that Magus is actually Janus!  The
    conversation ends up in nothing but disagreements, after which Magus
    asks you if you want to fight him.  If you say yes, you'll do so.
    OR... say no, and he'll join your party later on!  If you decide to
    fight him, here's some stuff.

     - BOSS: MAGUS -----------------------------------
        LV - 37       EXP - 3000, 50     DROP  - --
        HP - 6666     G   - 4000         CHARM - MegaElixir

       If Frog was in your party upon talking to Magus, he'll push the
       rest of the team away and battles Magus alone.  Seriously, little
       _frog_, do you think that a mage, which turned you into a pile of
       what, well, what you are now, can be beaten by the insignificant
       remnant of that?  The answer to that question seems to be yes.
       If you're having trouble with Frog alone, then you might want to
       try it with three of you.  Although, this battle is not awfully

       In the beginning, Magus just randomly attacks party members with
       physical attacks.  Yay.  However, once you deplete his HP down to
       3333 or lower, he'll pop out his real business: level 2-elemental
       spells are attacked *and* countered with instead.  This does make
       the fight a tad harder.  Hit him with your most powerful attacks
       while not forgetting to heal.  If you've saved prior to entering
       the battle, and you're having trouble, you might want to equip
       absorbing armor.  You are randomly healed.  Useful.

    If you've defeated him, he'll leave behind a shining dot, the Amulet
    that Schala has given him.  With his last breath, he'll also tell
    you to go to Gaspar, the Guru of Time, if you want to revive

    If you've said no to him, however, Frog and co. realize that killing
    Magus doesn't return Crono.  Leave.  Magus realizes that the only
    way to beat the crap out of Magus is a combination of his and your
    powers, and decides to tag along.  After you've realized you kicked
    so much butt that Magus' max HP has decreased DRASTICALLY, you can
    name Magus (whose default name is, er... um, Magus!).  With or
    without this great asset in your party, leave and board your Epoch.

    Magus said that Gaspar knows how to restore lost or misplaced time
    streams.  Translation: go to Gaspar to revive Crono.

     * To clear up things... you CANNOT get Magus to join your party
       after you've turned him into a pile of nothingness.  Why?  You
       killed him.  There is NO in-game cheat or something; you'll just
       have to play the game over again.  If you opt to infest my e-mail
       inbox with nothing but dirt by asking me how to get Magus after
       you've killed him, I will steal your girlfriend.


  Upon meeting Magus again, you've learned how Melchior and the other
  Gurus were sent to other eras, as well as Magus' true identity: none
  other than Janus.  He also told you that Gaspar, the Guru of Time,
  knows how to revive Crono.  Could this be true?  Or is Magus filling
  you with total crap?

   * NOTE:  You will watch the ending "Reunion" if you defeat Lavos now.
     If you don't have New Game +, you will get it after you bust the
     Black Omen.

   - C. Trigger [Key Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Clone [Key Item]
   - Magic Ring [Accessory]
   - Wall Ring [Accessory]
   - Giga Arm [Weapon]
   - BraveSword [Weapon]
   - StarScythe [Weapon]
   - VedicBlade [Weapon]
   - Dark Helm [Helmet]
   - Memory Cap [Helmet]

  MONSTERS:  Krakker, Macabre, Lavos Spawn [BOSS]

 == TAKIN' CARE OF THE REQUISITES ====================

 -- VISIT THE GURU OF TIME ---------------------------

    Hop onto the now-flying Epoch.  Upon entering it, the camera pans
    over to the Ocean Palace; it rises from the ocean and becomes the
    Black Omen.  It is enterable via the Epoch, but unless you are on a
    New Game + or if you've been leveling up like a MAD FREAK, you are
    still too weak to survive in there.  Instead, opt to bring a visit
    to the End of Time.

    Talk to the guy.  After the chat regarding Crono, leave and the man
    will "hey" you.  Talk to him once more and he gives you the Chrono
    Trigger (C. Trigger in your inventory).  He explains what it's used
    for, gives le mode d'emploi, and tells you that you need to visit
    Belthasar to hatch it.  Lastly, you will discover that this guy is
    actually *gasp* Gaspar, the Guru of Time!  *Gasp*ar!  Har har har!
    *gasp* *har*!

    ...excuse me.

     * REMINDER:  Since you now have the Epoch, time-traveling (and
       traveling in the first place) has become a lot easier.  If you
       haven't done the black chests and doors-hunt, it is in your very
       best interests to hunt chests now.  Go to chapter 2-S for all the

     * BUG:  And there's a little bug with the Epoch.  If you don't like
       the music you hear when flying, just keep hopping on and off the
       Epoch as fast as possible, and at one time, you'll hear the
       normal world map-music!  Quite pointless, but still...

 -- VISIT THE GURU OF REASON -------------------------

    Use the Epoch to reach the Keeper's Dome (2300 A.D.).  Inside, go to
    the far end of the area, to the Nu.  There will be a Magic Tab
    somewhere behind the first sealed door; make sure to grab it.  Talk
    to the Nu (Belthasar), and he'll tell you to go to Death Peak.  Up
    there (appropriate name for that mountain, by the way), you will
    find the power to restore life.  There's a however to this, though:
    the requirements need to be met first.  You need a clone identical
    to the one you wish to revive, and that clone can be gotten from
    Norstein (or Nolstein, if you prefer) Bekkler in the fair.

 -- VISIT THE GURU OF, ER, MINI-GAMES ----------------

    If you have the clone already, you don't have to do this (just go to
    Crono's house, get it, and skip this place).  Most people didn't get
    it in the earlier phase of the game, though, and now they're in duty
    bound to take part in those annoying mini-games.  Head over to Leene
    Square and get at least 40 Silver Points (section 2-A for guides).
    When that's done, save on the World Map, and go to the Tent of
    Horrors.  Talk to Norstein Bekkler.

    He'll challenge you to get the Crono-clone; you'll do the regular
    mimic-game, but the longer you stay in the game, the lower the price
    will be.  What?  You'll have to pay--ugh--EXTRA cash?  You have only
    one try (unless you don't have the required money).  If you win, you
    will receive the clone for free, but if you fail, it is a price
    ranging from 1000G to 30,000G you have to fork over.  Spend the 40
    points and see section 2-A for a description of this mini-game, or
    if you have nothing better to do.  When you're done, the clone is in
    Crono's House.  Enter it and go upstairs; Crono's mom is here.  Talk
    to her to ask permission to take the clone, and leave to Belthasar.

 == HATCHING THE EGG =================================

    Belthasar explains everything once more, and summons three entities
    (which I'll call "Poyozo Dolls" for the sake of understandability)
    to help you on your quest.  After that, he'll ask you to switch off
    the Nu.  Be a good fellow and do so.  (I have no idea what happens
    if you don't.  I guess it's nothing, though.)

 -- DEATH PEAK ---------------------------------------

    It should be common knowledge already that on this mountain, you're
    blown back by the wind.  So you'll have to run forward (hold B); as
    soon as you enter, run up and talk to the first Poyozo Doll.  It'll
    turn into a tree.  Stand behind it and keep holding the Up-button.
    Unfortunately, this is not something trouble-free, so read the note
    if you're having problems.

     * If the first thing that pops into your mind is to e-mail me about
       this, then I will whip out my stick and throw it at you.  Make
       sure you are (1) almost exactly south of the tree and (2) as
       close as possible to it.  Accomplish your tasks by releasing the
       B-button (but still holding the Up-button), so that you can move
       horizontally.  That eliminates the problem of slipping around the
       trunk, if applied correctly.

    Once the wind goes down, quickly run forward again and repeat the
    process with another tree.  Then, when the wind dies again, run to
    the next area.  Here, fortunately, the wind is not a problem.  (Note
    that if you haven't taken the Power Tab earlier in the game, take it
    now!  It's somewhere in a corner to the right.)

    Take a left.  Fight the three Krakkers, and head left again to find
    a chest with a Magic Ring.  Take it, climb the ladder, fight two
    Krakkers, and continue to the next section.  There are some more
    Krakkers here.  Walk on till you get to a fork in the path.  Take
    the lower path first to find a save point and a Wall Ring in a chest
    northeast of it, then go up.  Go into the cave.  On your way to its
    entrance, you will fight Macabres, unless you stay close to the left
    wall.  It seems that the general rule for avoiding monsters in this
    mountain is staying close to the wall/ledge/etc.  The miniature
    version of Lavos inside the cave is not avoidable, however.

     - BOSS: LAVOS SPAWN -----------------------------
        LV - 37          EXP - 747, 120     DROP  - --
        HP - 4000        G   - 500          CHARM - Elixir (head)

       Lavos Spawns are similar to the Whelk of Final Fantasy III--be
       sure not to attack the shell of the spawn, as that results in a
       nasty "Lavos Spawn Needle", which all party members _will_ feel
       in the morning.  Instead, focus all of your attacks on the head,
       as that's the only part that needs to be defeated.  Do not use
       techs that hit both parts (not even if they don't do damage), and
       immediately cure the status effect Chaos.  You don't want to end
       up with them touching the shell, eh?

    Open the chest for a Giga Arm (Robo).  Equip it and go through the
    entrance.  Outside, circle around to the other side of the cave you
    exited.  Get in and pick up a BraveSword (Frog) outside of the
    chest inside.  Continue on.  Outside, examine the shining dot in the
    upper-left corner, which in turn opens up a passageway.  Now, head
    all the way back to the save point, and go north.  Climb the ladders
    and take Magus' StarScythe on your way.  A Lavos Spawn is just ahead
    --kick its face DEEP in the shell (see above for strategies).

    In the next area, have a talk with the second Poyozo Doll.  It warns
    you: if you fall from the slippery road, you'll have to start over
    again (you'll land near the save point).  Run along the path as best
    as you can, pressing the Up-button when it's needed, not being in a
    rush, but not being too slow either.  If you've successfully passed
    it, you'll arrive near a waterfall... no, wait.  A Krakkerfall.  A
    plethora of Krakkers fly down the road.  They can be fought; if you
    don't wish so, stand still when one gets near you.  To the left is a
    sword for Crono, a VedicBlade, and south is the exit.  Head south
    again to find the last Poyozo Doll.

    Here's the last Poyozo Doll, which hints that you must "Push the
    shell...  Climb the shell..."  Hmmm.  Climb down the ladder, follow
    the path, and walk down the other ladder.  This leads to a chest,
    containing a Dark Helm, as well as a save point.  Make sure to log
    your game and head up to find the last Lavos Spawn on this mountain.
    See above for tips and defeat it.  Upon defeating it, the shell
    remains--guess what; it can be moved!  Push it under the incomplete
    ladder, and climb the shell by pressing A.  Climb the now-accessible
    ladder to continue, go to the right for a Memory Cap, then follow
    the path until you're at the summit of the mountain.

 -- DEATH PEAK / SUMMIT ------------------------------

    The party puts the Chrono Trigger to use, and you'll be brought to
    the exact time just before Crono was wiped out by Lavos.  It's not
    that you'll watch him die for the second time, though; time's frozen
    now.  Interact with Crono to exchange his body with the clone, and
    you are returned to the mountain's top.  Yeah yeah, it's all totally
    unrealistic crap, but hey--whatever.  You'll find yourself in the
    End of Time after chatting up.


  Yes... this may be one of the last chapters, but we are certainly not
  nearing the end of the game.  After preventing Crono's butt-roast, it
  is now time to deal with the side-quests.  Instead of dumping them all
  in this chapter, I've divided them into separate chapters, and kicked
  them to section 3--I'm so thoughtful.

   * NOTE:  You will watch the ending "Beyond Time" if you defeat Lavos
     now.  You will additionally receive New Game + if you have gone
     through the Black Omen.

   - 30,000G [Currency]
   - Elixir (x2) [Item]
   - Haste Helm [Helmet] - don't miss this top-class helmet
   - Magic Seal [Accessory]
   - MegaElixir (x6) [Item]
   - Nova Armor [Armor]
   - Power Seal [Accessory]
   - Speed Tab (x4) [Item]
   - Vigil Hat [Helmet]
   - White Rock [Accessory]
   - ZodiacCape [Armor]

  MONSTERS:  Laser Guard, Mega Mutant [BOSS], Incognito, PeepingDoom,
   Martello, Goon, Synchrite, Panel, Boss Orb, Side Kick, Metal Mute,
   Flyclops, Ruminator, Cybot, Tubster, Blob, Alien, Giga Mutant [BOSS],
   TerraMutant [BOSS], Lavos Spawn [BOSS], Zeal [BOSS], Mammon M.
   [BOSS], Zeal [BOSS]

   * NOTE:  The two lists above only apply to the Black Omen; not to the
     various side-quests, since they have their own breakdowns.

 == END OF TIME ======================================

    Say hi to Gaspar.  He will say that now is the time to defeat Lavos.
    There are many ways to find the big spiky monster:

     - By using the bucket.
     - Via the Epoch (use the dial to go to 1999 A.D.); this way, you do
       not need to defeat all pre-bosses.
     - After defeating the Black Omen, you are automatically warped in
       front of Lavos (though you can choose to retreat).
     - In New Game +, a shining dot is in the second pod of Lucca's
       Telepod invention in Leene Square.  Use this to skip pre-bosses.
     - By tossing any random heavy object out of a closed window so that
       the item splashes into the water, making it unattainable for a
       certain diminutive yet abnormally significant beam of sunlight to
       come into contact with it to get reflected to the nearby "green"
       power plant that should have converted it into electricity, what
       then results into your system not receiving sufficient power for
       a short indefinite period of time, obviously consequenting into a
       part of the system not functioning normally in such a way as to
       cause the screen to display Lavos' butt-ugly face.

    However, he'll also tell you that before you fight Lavos, there are
    several events, people and places that will empower you.  Ah!  The
    famous side-quests that are completely optional and that can be done
    in any order.  Give the people not in your active party attention
    and they will give hints or share their own thoughts regarding the
    side-quests.  As a small note, no longer is Crono obliged to lead
    the party; with the come of the non-linear part of the game, you can
    form a party consisting of whomever you like.  And as a small other
    note, triple techs require either Crono or a rock, so there you have
    at least one reason to keep Crono.

    Anyway, from here on, the storyline is no longer linear.  If you
    wish to fulfill some or all side-quests first, refer to section 3 of
    the FAQ for walkthroughs for them.  If you want to bust up Lavos
    immediately, have a look at section 2-Z.  Or if you want to continue
    storyline-wise, beat the Black Omen (for which a walkthrough is

 == RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES (OPTIONAL) =================

    Or if you want to hunt treasures, if you haven't done so before,
    check out the two treasure-hunting-sections in chapter 2-S for a
    listing and guides to all items that I consider "treasures".  With a
    machine popped out of its cocoon (with a li'l bit o' help from that
    Dalton bloke) so it's now able to fly, hunting items is much easier.

    As for other noteworthy things, in the trading hut of Ioka is a new
    item (which Ayla refers to).  For the price of 10 of each trading
    item (Petal, Fang, Horn and Feather), you can get a Ruby Armor (can
    be worn by anyone, defense is 78, fire-damage reduced by 80%).
    While you're around, head to the Laruba ruins as well.  There should
    be a Nu in the back, whose function is renaming your character (it
    changes the name of the one in front of the party).  Additionally,
    it will grant you a SilverRock once the first time you say hello (or
    just leave the name as is if you want to keep your original names).
    With the rock, you will be able to perform the triple tech "Spin
    Strike" by Robo, Frog and Ayla.

 == THE BLACK OMEN / (VARIOUS ERAS) ==================

     * PLEASE READ:  Before you tell me, "YOU *IDIOT*!  DAMN IGNORANT
       *FOOL*!  The Black Omen is a FREAKIN' SIDE-QUEST!!" please injure
       yourself with a chair.  I'm positively sure the Black Omen is not
       a side-quest (explained in section 6), and The One Whom Gaspar
       Refers To most definitely is not Lucca's mom, Marle's dad, Bart
       Simpson, or Queen Zeal.  This FAQ is all mine, so the Black Omen
       is not a side-quest here, so ha.  Ha, I say!

    Anyway, the Ocean Palace had previously risen out of the ocean in
    order to become the Black Omen, floating in the air.  It appears in
    every era, except for 65,000,000 B. C., because it didn't exist back
    then.  It is enterable by flying under it using the Epoch, except in
    2300 A.D., because the Day of Lavos would have already passed by
    then.  Logic.  If you're not confused yet: the Black Omen exists out
    of time, yet for some reason does not--if you pick up an item in
    1000 A.D., it's gone in 600 A.D. and 12,000 B. C. (certain monsters
    and three final bosses remain), but if you blow away the complete
    structure, it's still gone to pieces in later time periods.

     * NOTE:  Like I said above, there are some monsters that can be
       fought only once, others will reappear.  I have placed mysterious
       symbols "R:" throughout the guide for the Black Omen ("R" stands
       for Reappearance) and whether yes or no in brackets to note if
       the monsters mentioned in the paragraph show up again.  Handy,
       eh?  You're welcome.  Every boss in here does not reappear, bar
       Zeal, the Mammon Machine and Zeal again at the end.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Ayla and whomever to fill up the ranks (there
       is a solid chunk of monsters with something very nice to Charm--
       bring Ayla, preferably with the Charm Top, and have her go wild)

    Three notes in a row!  World record!  So... anyway, fly under the
    Epoch and hit A once the text "Black Omen" appears.  To return to
    the Epoch, you'll need to interact with the shiny dot beneath you.
    Of course, why enter just to leave, so near the entrance.  Six Laser
    Guards attack upon doing so.  Destroy them, and head inside the
    building.  Queen Zeal appears, and it's a pity you can't kick her
    sorry hiney immediately, as she summons a Mega Mutant that you'll
    have to take care of first.

     - BOSS: MEGA MUTANT -----------------------------
        LV - 45       EXP - 900, 50     DROP  - --
        HP - 4600     G   - 1500        CHARM - Vigil Hat (bottom)

       The Mega Mutant is comprised of a body and a head, and is the
       easiest boss in the Black Omen.  And because it's the easiest
       one, just unleash some strong dual techs to lower this one's hit
       points quickly.  It should really be no problemo; just watch out
       for its variety of attacks (status effects).  The general rule is
       that if you seem to have major trouble with it, then that is a
       sign that you shouldn't even BE here yet.

    Onward.  You'll find two Incognitos (Charm for MuscleRing); these
    are similar to the Blue Shields in Guardia Castle.  Wait until they
    reveal their faces and become a PeepingDoom enemy (no Charm), whose
    defense isn't to the utmost extreme.  Go to the next area when you
    are done.  [R: NO]

    Here are two Martellos.  If you wish to ignore them, stay as far
    away as possible from them.  The two Goons you'll meet up next are
    not avoidable, however--Charm them for a Nova Armor and make sure
    not to use lightning and shadow, which they absorb.  After those,
    you'll encounter another Martello that comes with two Synchrites
    (Charm for a Gold Erng).  And when _that_ is over with, take a right
    to find a save point.  Save, and head into the next area.  [R: YES]

    While working your way through the hall, two pairs of two Panels
    (Charm for a Speed Tab) attack.  And be sure to GET those rare Speed
    Tabs--they are rare and extremely useful!  In the next section is a
    Boss Orb and two of his Side Kicks.  Don't attack the Side Kicks
    when the Boss Orb is around, but DO kill those Side Kicks for a good
    lot of tech points.  Soon after that you'll have to get rid of
    another group of them, and then another one...  [R: YES]

    In the following area, you'll find two Metal Mutes, and after that,
    a set of two Metal Mutes and two Flyclopses (Charm for a Gold Stud).
    As you see, this is getting repetitive.  Destroy them and make your
    way to the warp-pod at the and.  Beam yourself up to a big lift; hit
    the switch on the left to go down, and of course, monsters lurk
    here.  You'll randomly fight two Goons, or four Ruminators (Charm
    for a MegaElixir), or two Cybots (Charm for a Power Meal).  [R: YES]

    In the next area are danger zones/trigger points that when you walk
    over them, a battle starts.  If you do not wish to fight, don't
    press the B-button because this area is programmed in such a way
    that you'll fight them only when you're running.  Or something.
    Just don't run if you dislike to combat.  Pick up a MegaElixir right
    from the stair set, and don't forget the 30,000G left of the exit as
    well.  In the subsequent part of the palace, you might not want to
    step on the blue squares (two Ruminators left, or two Flyclopses
    right).  Continue to the path-split, and take the right road.  This
    leads to a Magic Seal.  After defeating the Synchrite and Martello
    (hardly avoidable), go through the entrance to arrive in another
    hall.  [R: YES]

    And here's the Big Whoop (tm): six chests, containing an Elixir,
    Vigil Hat, Nova Armor, two MegaElixirs, and a Haste Helm!  There's a
    save point here too.  Use it, and talk to the two Nus should you
    desire so; the left one lets you shop (you can buy HyperEthers), and
    talk to the right one to return to the entrance (or say "stay" to
    stay here).  Examine the wall in the back to uncover a door.  Follow
    the path and fight the Tubster (weaker against fire).  Charm it for
    a Power Tab, and be sure to stockpile those Power Tabs; head back to
    the Nu's place and return to find that the Tubster has reappeared.
    There is a save point nearby, so if you have a lot of Shelters
    (they're relatively cheap, now), and some free time, this is your
    opportunity to make your party members gangsta-powerful (however,
    power-stats max out as you level up, except for Marle and Lucca's,
    but they don't count).

    In the next hall, you'll find two Cybots and an Incognito (x3).  At
    the far side, there are four Ruminators, and behind them is a chest
    with a ZodiacCape.  Follow the Ruminators into the entrance on the
    right, and continue going right.  You'll find Boss Orbs and Side
    Kicks, as well as two Goons and a Flyclops (behind them is a chest
    with a MegaElixir).  Boss Orbs and Side Kicks can be avoided by
    quickly dashing through the place while they have their eyes closed.
    [R: YES]

    Go into the next area, and pick the Power Seal on your way.  A
    battle follows: two Flyclopses and a Tubster.  After you deal with
    them, prepare for a Martello with a Cybot in the back, as well as a
    partially-hidden chest in the lower-right corner.  Be sure to nab
    the Speed Tab out of it, then go left.  Continue going left.  You'll
    find another Speed Tab.  Get it, go into the entrance, and walk onto
    the platform to be warped to another part in this palace.  This is
    not an elevator, but another of those pesky sort-of mazes.  [R: YES]

    Head left first.  In the center, you'll meet up with two Blobs
    (Charm for Magic Ring, kill with water-magic) and two Aliens (Charm
    for Magic Tab), unless you stay close to the upper platform (and I
    recommend against not fighting and Charming them).  At the far left
    side, go down to find a chest with an Elixir, then go up.  Just go
    down the path, until you encounter four Side Kicks (who are joined
    by a Boss Orb when attacked; they're all avoidable).  Work your way
    through the maze 'til you encounter two chests.  Open them to find a
    Speed Tab and a MegaElixir, as well as two Aliens that are hiding
    between them.  Onward, through the entrance!  [R: NO]

    To the left is a save point.  Use it.  Go up, and Giga Mutant pops
    out to kick your little butt.  Return the favor.

     - BOSS: GIGA MUTANT -----------------------------
        LV - 45       EXP - 1500, 80     DROP  - --
        HP - 5800     G   - 2000         CHARM - Wall Ring (head)
             4950                                Hit Ring (ass)

       Giga Mutant is basically a beefed-up version of Mega Mutant.
       Fortunately, this fellow's not a but threat either: his amount of
       hit points is relatively low.  Much like with the first Mutant,
       release some powerful single and dual techs (preferably target-
       all spells), and don't even THINK about using anything that deals
       physical damage.  Because they don't deal any physical damage at
       all; both parts feature maximum defense.

       Status-protective equipment (Nova Armor, Vigil Hat, Amulet) is
       extremely helpful, as Giga Mutant bring out a variety of status
       ailments.  Additionally, it makes use of "Life Shaver", which is
       not a life saver (ha I sound so funny) for you (reduces HP to 1),
       and not too friendly for Giga Mutant as well.  Reason being it
       unlocking the power of Frog Squash or Frog Flare.  It lies within
       your best interests to utilize one of those spells and following
       up with a healing-spell.  As for the rest, it's attacking, and
       curing (especially after the "Shining Bit"-attack), and repeating
       that.  Simple, correct?  Right then.

    North, into warp, get warped to elevator, hit switch to the right,
    get up, randomly fight Goons/Ruminators/Cybots/nothing, head into
    entrance.  Argh!  [R: YES]

    Two Synchrites are your next opponents.  After beating them, work
    your way through the area 'til you see two bats, flying breadthwise,
    blocking your way.  Touching them results in a fight with two Goons.
    It _is_ possible to run past the bats and avoid confrontation, but
    only if luck is with you.  Probably not.  Two Tubsters are here as
    well, and a door.  Go through that door.  Man... that's a lot of
    monsters around here.  I'm starting to wonder what it'd feel like to
    have a handful of blood-thirsty teens with freaky weapons in front
    of you.  [R: NO]

    Inside the next area, there are four Panels.  Be sure to Charm Speed
    Tabs off them before you defeat them, and open the chest on the left
    platform for an additional tab.  By defeating those Panels, a save
    point comes into view--be sure to have taken note of that too.  Then
    go north to find... no... not *another* one...  [R: NO]

     - BOSS: TERRAMUTANT -----------------------------
        LV - 48        EXP - 2000, 100     DROP  - --
        HP - 7800      G   - 3800          CHARM - MuscleRing (top)
             20000                                 Power Seal (bottom)

       Have two things in mind while fighting TerraMutant: (1) do not
       use physical attacks, and (2) do not attack the lower part at
       all.  That is a waste of your time and strength; factor HP is the
       reason for that, and when the top goes, the bottom decides to
       leave as well.  The head thinks it's cool to absorb about 1000 HP
       from the lower part every now and then.  For you, that's not cool
       at all.  The various status ailments it can inflict aren't your
       best friends either; equip protective stuff.  A strategy would be
       having two attackers and one healer that is immune to negative
       statuses.  Remember: you don't need to beat the lower part!

    This was your last Mutant for the night.  Open the two chests for a
    White Rock (left) and a MegaElixir (right).  Return to the save
    point and save again, and then go up, up all the way, up till a Gate
    appears.  This teleports a Lavos Spawn to this room.  What the hell
    it's doing here is beyond me.

     - BOSS: LAVOS SPAWN -----------------------------
        LV - 46        EXP - 2450, 120     DROP  - --
        HP - 10000     G   - 2500          CHARM - Haste Helm (head)
             13500                                 Safe Helm (shell)

       Consider it your "Peta Mutant"; a modified version of TerraMutant
       above to whose shell attacks MUST not be directed, rather than
       should.  Furthermore, this fellow is not as weak as those you've
       fought on Death Peak.  Luckily, this one isn't too hard either,
       as long as you did not forget from your trip through Death Peak
       that you mustn't even try to push, climb or attack the shell.  Do
       not use target-all techs, even when they dish no damage--doing so
       will result in a VERY painful counterattack.

       "Lavos Spawn Needle: Disorder" is used by this baby, and it is
       the real threat.  It hits everyone *and* does a lot of damage.
       "Destruction Zone" does the same for less damage, and "Water
       Rise" and "Dark Bomb" hit a single character for medium-to-high
       damage.  I suggest having two characters pumping the face full of
       strong dual techs (Blaze Kick and Drop Kick are the tops; they
       hurt and hit a single target), while a third character's main
       occupation is healing.  As an added bonus, you may want to get
       the Haste Helm from the head by using Charm.  Highly recommended!

    Exit north again and be attacked by five Panels.  Again, be sure to
    snag those darn Speed Tabs off them, then defeat them to reveal a
    save point to your left.  After using it (and it's really advised to
    do that), head north.  You will find clones of you and your flunkies
    (except Magus) left and right... looks like Zeal's been doing some
    homework!  Speaking of Zeal, go north and your spider-sense will
    freak out.  After the chat, a fight (no wait... fights) commences.


    ...for her.

 -- LET'S SWIPE SOME BOSS BUTT -----------------------

     * NOTE:  Once you trigger this battle, you can't go back.  This
       means that you'll have to stick to the chosen party for the next
       three _consecutive_ boss battles.  I recommend having Ayla in
       your team to steal Prism-goodies.  My other suggestion is putting
       Robo and Lucca in your team as well, for they have DoublevBomb, a
       dual tech that hurts.  Make sure to put Robo in the lead of the
       party, if you take him.

     - BOSS: ZEAL ------------------------------------
        LV - 48        EXP - --, --     DROP  - MegaElixir
        HP - 12000     G   - --         CHARM - MegaElixir

       Zeal starts the fight with Hallation, an attack that reduces HP
       of all your characters to one.  And yes, she'll use this quite
       frequently.  However, with only 1 HP, the strength of Frog Flare,
       Frog Squash and Dino Tail is bumped up to the extreme, allowing
       you to inflict lots, LOTS of damage.  Besides Hallation, Zeal
       absorbs MP and uses the Golems' orange balls-attack.  There's no
       need to heal completely (i.e. don't waste MegaElixirs that will
       be needed in upcoming battles), as those attacks aren't too much
       of a threat.  When you beat her, she'll toss you into the Mammon
       Machine, without you having the time to heal.

     - BOSS: MAMMON MACHINE --------------------------
        LV - 48        EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 18000     G   - --         CHARM - MegaElixir

       There are two phases this Mammon guy can be in: one in which the
       "Mammon M. modifies all energy..." and one in which the "Mammon
       M. stands still..."  The machine starts by modifying energy, and
       after that it'll stand still, and after that it repeats the
       process.  I'm sure you've got no idea what the hell I'm talking
       about, so read on.  If you attack while it's modifying energy, it
       will either raise its attack power (if you used a magical tech),
       or raise its defense power against physical attacks (if you used
       a physical attack).  After a while, the machine releases energy
       it stored (depends on the damage you did using magical techs).
       In the other phase, all stats (its attack and defense power) are
       reset, and it doesn't matter which attack you use.

       It's best to start off with a couple of strong physical attacks,
       and resume assaulting with elemental techs once your physical
       damage do little damage.  Additionally, Frog's Masamune will
       absorb some HP when he Frog attacks physically with it, if he's
       in your party.  In phase two, that trick doesn't work anymore,
       and it doesn't matter anymore which kind of attack you use.
       Immediately pump it full of whatever tech suits you, until the
       Mammon Machine returns back to phase one.  Repeat the process
       until you win, in which case you'll once again have a not-so-
       friendly talk with...

     - BOSS: ZEAL ------------------------------------
        LV - 50           EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 20000        G   - --         CHARM - (various)
             28000 x2

       The series of combat continues on top of the Black Omen, on which
       Queen Zeal appears once again to form a more deadly enemy.  Now,
       she consists of a head and two hands.  If you have Magus in your
       party, he'll utter some lines, and his music will play during the
       fight.  Otherwise, you'll get to hear the "hard boss"-music,
       which isn't too bad either.  As for the battle, it's all about
       avoiding hitting the hands.  Attack left to get a "Life Shaver"-
       counterattack (HP to 1), and attack right for the famous "MP
       Buster" (MP to 0).  The hands have an abnormally high amount of
       HP, and are also nearing maximum defense.  As with the Lavos
       Spawns, the use of target-all spells is not recommended, and if
       the face bites the dust, the rest will do so as well.

       Zeal (head) has three attacks to attack with: "Dark Gear", which
       is the most powerful target-all shadow-spell, "Skygate", the most
       harmless target-one lightning-spell, and "Hexagon Mist", a water-
       spell that hits all.  The hands have laser-attacks, but those are
       so friggin' weak that fearing them is only case after eating a
       Life Shaver-attack.  The best strategy to use here is to hit the
       head using strong dual techs, and healing when necessary.  If you
       followed my advice prior to the first fight (i.e. putting Robo in
       the lead and having Lucca in your party too), use DoublevBomb.
       This tech hurts.  If you have Ayla, let her heal with MegaElixirs
       or Charm the hands when she's not busy (immediately follow up
       with a MegaElixir in that case)--the face has a MegaElixir, the
       left hand a PrismDress, and the right hand a Prism Helm.  Have
       her do Triple Kick to do decent damage as well.

    Right after defeating Queen Zeal, she'll attempt to summon Lavos.
    Alas, she's successful, after which both Zeal and the Black Omen
    disappear...  You'll have to fight the first forms of Lavos now.


  Well, this is it!  The final battle...  Get ready to fight the ugly,
  over-sized hedgehog, defeat it to save the future and become famous,
  or prepare to get squashed by his giant feet and be forgotten.  There
  are various ways to go to Lavos, all of which are detailed in chapter
  2-Y.  To do it storyline-wise and to get New Game +, go there via the
  Black Omen, which seems to be connected with it in some way.

   - (none)

  MONSTERS:  Lavos [LV50]
  RECOMMENDED LEVEL:  50 (recommended levels are based on enemy's
   levels; in this case, it's off, as Lavos can be beaten on level 40, or
   even 30)

 == THE DAY OF RECKONING / 1999 A.D. =================

 -- LAVOS' OUTER SHELL -------------------------------

    Ignore this part if you've used the Epoch to burst into Lavos, as
    the outer shell is then destroyed by the Epoch's impact.  Also do so
    if you used the second pod at Leene Square.  Otherwise, head north
    to face the almighty Lavos, and try to discover whether the word
    "almighty" applies to it or not.  Upon nearing it, you'll have the
    choice of running away for now, or to fight him.  I take it you're
    here for a reason, eh?  Select to fight him!  (Note: if you're here
    via the Black Omen, then you won't get that choice.)

     - BOSS: HEDGEHOG XXL (tm) -----------------------
        LV - 50        EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - --         CHARM - --

       In this round, Lavos mimics various bosses you've encountered
       before.  The stats are similar to the originals.  Most likely,
       this is to sign whether you're ready or not to fight the true
       Lavos: if you get your ass royally kicked, then you should return
       and train more...  If you're on a decent level (like 40 or 50)
       but you still get blown away, then this game is not for you.  It
       is not THAT hard.

        * NOTE:  Upon initiating each battle, Lavos alters attack mode,
          at which point will be briefly shown whom you'll be combating
          against.  (I just sounded abnormally intelligent.)  Between
          battles, nothing happens; you're free to heal or whatever you
          want, but you can't leave yet.  Below is the breakdown.

         DRAGON TANK - Mash the A-button and wait till you're done.
         GUARDIAN    - Don't hit the center while the two Bit are alive.
         HECKRAN     - Don't use physical attacks but magic, and don't
                       attack when Lavos provokes you to assault.
         ZOMBOR      - Water/shadow on head, lightning/fire on bug.
         MASAMUNE    - Have Crono in the party.  Use Slash when Lavos is
                       storing tornado energy, and pound him with any
                       physical attacks when he's not.
         NIZBEL      - Use lightning-magic to decrease Nizbel's defense.
         MAGUS       - A great character to bust Magus is... Magus!  Be
                       sure to attack with correct spells when a barrier
                       is up, until you deplete 3333 HP--then let him
                       taste him the TRUE power of Dark Matter!
         BLACKTYRANO - Kick the little bug off the shoulder of Lavos,
                       then start bonkin' the little head (about 10,000
                       HP) until you're done.
         GIGA GAIA   - Defeat the left (your perspective) hand first,
                       then go for the head.  Don't hit the harmless
                       right hand, and defeat the left upon its revival.

       After Giga Gaia, you'll have to fight Lavos itself!  It may be
       wise to wear status-protective armor, as a short hint.  Lavos
       starts using this attack, "Destruction rains from the heavens!",
       which may be painful.  Heal after this, and heal after its oh-so-
       annoying needle-attacks.  These two are the real threats here,
       unless you're on a high level.  For the rest, use powerful spells
       (e.g. *Luminaire, *DarkMatter).

       As said before, the mimicked bosses have the same amount of HP as
       the real ones.  The last form has 10,000 HP.  You will not gain
       experience, tech, G, items, and nobody here has something to
       Charm.  After the battles, Lavos' head disappears, and you can
       now go inside Lavos by entering the hole you've just made.  What
       lies beyond?

 -- INSIDE LAVOS -------------------------------------

    Inside your ultimate enemy's stomach (warm, fuzzy feeling), you'll
    find a Gate and a save point.  What people eat nowadays...  The Gate
    will return you to the bucket at the End of Time, and the save point
    allows you to save or use a Shelter to rest the night.  I'm sure the
    party would love to.  Note: the Gate and save point won't be here if
    you've used the Epoch to get here, as they would then allow you to
    leave and end up without an Epoch.  According to the programmers,
    that is uncool.

     * REMINDER:  Don't worry if you use up all your items, because once
       you start a New Game +, they will still be in your inventory!
       Remember, you saved, and in a New Game +, you will start the game
       using THAT save.

     * NOTE:  Oh, and if you want to get the famous New Game + option in
       the first place, make sure you've killed Zeal at least once.  If
       you are playing the game on some emulator, then be sure to save
       by using the save point, thus the IN-GAME save function.  Chrono
       Trigger was not designed to work with save-states of an emulator,
       ye ken?

     * PREPARATION:  Equip all Haste Helmets that you have on those who
       you think you're going to use quite frequently, and don't forget
       to arm your attacker(s) with PrismSpecs (or Sun Shades, if you
       don't have PrismSpecs).  Be sure to use up all those tabs prior
       to entering (see reminder above), and having a good number of
       MegaElixirs won't hurt either.

    Once you're done, head north to face... IT.

     - BOSS: LAVOS (WITH SLAPPERS) -------------------
        LV - 50        EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - --         CHARM - --

       Lavos now consists of a left and right hand, and of course a head
       as well.  You'll need to attack the two arms first, because the
       head features almost max defense in the beginning.  Let's begin
       this strategy by assigning tasks: if you have Marle, let her cast
       *Haste on everyone with no Haste Helm (and let her be the backup,
       because her fighting skills aren't worth a bean here).  Crono,
       Lucca and Magus should use their ultimate spells.  Robo should
       alternate between Shock and Heal Beam.  If you have Frog or Ayla,
       let them use Frog Squash or Dino Tail if their HP are almost low
       (at most, half of their max), so try not to heal them too much.
       Don't completely neglect healing, of course.

       After a while, the ground under Lavos flashes up for a couple of
       seconds ("Engaging main body..."), which is your note that the
       head has removed its defense.  It also means Lavos starts to use
       more powerful spells, unluckily.  Watch out for "Shadow Doom
       Blaze", which is, aside from very cool-looking, Lavos' most
       powerful attack.  This might even be fatal for some; possibly,
       you'll need to revive and/or sacrifice a MegaElixir for this.
       Lavos' other attacks include healing the head for about 1500 HP.
       This can only be done by the right hand, so you might want to get
       rid of that first.  Most of its other attacks are usually very
       weak, and Lavos doesn't seem to attack frequently... just be sure
       you've used up all those Speed Tabs!  For the rest it's the usual
       attack-and-heal-when-needed sort of crap.  The left arm has 8000
       HP, the right arm has 12,000 HP, and the head has 20,000 HP.
       Found this easy?  Well... we're not done yet.  (Lavos, I... don't
       like you.)

 -- THE SHOWDOWN -------------------------------------

    This is the final form of that ugly behemoth everyone's talking
    about.  He's not all that hard, especially considering he's been
    doing NOTHING all those 65,000,000 years.

     - BOSS: LAVOS (CORE) ----------------------------
        LV - 50        EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - --         CHARM - --

       The thing in the middle is the Lavos Core, the thing on the left
       is the left Bit, and the thing to the right is the right Bit.
       While you may think that the Lavos Core is your main target, it's
       not; that is the right Bit!  If you defeat the right Bit while
       one or both supports are still intact, those will automatically
       go down too.  Remember that.  Each part Lavos consists of has its
       own function: left constantly heals the Lavos Core for 1000 hit
       points, and absorbs all kinds of elemental attacks (i.e. attack
       it physically).  The core is the main attacker (normal defenses),
       and the right Bit is the reviver (maximum defense).

       The deal with this is that if you destroy one or both left parts,
       the right Bit (your eventual goal) will prepare to revive them.
       However, it will have to get rid of its maximum defense in order
       to do so, which is your chance to assault.  Furthermore, Lavos
       uses "Time Warp" frequently during the battle.  You can see by
       looking at the background what "area" you're in.  The Lavos Core
       uses a variety of very powerful attacks, and what it uses depends
       on what time you're in.  Here's a list of when and what:

         GRASSY CLIFF   - "Grand Stone"; ultimate physical attack, all.
         MAMMON MACHINE - "Invading Light"; inflicts Slow-status, all;
                          only used when all three parts are alive.
         MAGUS' CASTLE  - "Evil Star"; halves HP of the entire party.
         LEENE SQUARE   - "Spell"; random status effects, all.
         CITY RUINS     - "Dreamless"; ultimate magical attack, all.

       Lavos will also use "Crying Heavens" (lightning-damage) and the
       painful "Lavos Pimp Slap" (whoop!) during any "time period",
       although not too frequently.  Make sure to heal after Lavos'
       "ultimate" attacks; characters with low defense will NOT be happy
       with those.  In addition, the left and right Bit can also attack
       on their own (the left Bit can do "Protective Seal", disabling
       status protection), but they're not a real threat.  And if you
       defeat the Lavos Core first, the two Bit can counterattack your
       moves using something like X Strike.

       A while after killing one of Lavos' units, the right Bit uses
       "Active Life" to revive its fallen supports (be it the left Bit,
       the core, or both)--it can do this infinitely.  Fortunately,
       Active Life doesn't _instantly_ restore the right Bit's defense.
       Once it _does_, you'll have to repeat the process of killing one
       of the two left guys, until you win.  The right Bit can revive
       both parts infinitely.

       The best strategy here is defeating the left Bit first, as
       quickly as possible; one or two moves of strong physical techs
       should do it.  In few moments, the message "Lavos Core shuts off
       def" appears, indicating the right Bit (not the core!) now takes
       full damage.  Initiate attacking using your best spells, while
       curing as needed.  Check out the previous Lavos strategy for tips
       on who should do what.  Make sure not to forget about those "Low
       HP = greater damage"-techs; I find them uberly useful as they
       inflict pain and don't heal the left bit.  Keep the casters' HP
       low.  When Frog or Ayla dies, use a Revive (which only recovers
       50 HP).  Rinse and repeat, lo and behold, and poof!  You win.

       Whee!  That was one HUGE strategy, don't you think?  To conclude,
       here are the HP values: the left Bit has 2000 HP, the center Bit
       has 10,000 HP, and the Lavos Core has 30,000 HP.

    If Lavos just faced three kids it easily squashed, it'll erupt from
    the ground to destroy the world...  But if Lavos had rotten luck to
    face three teenagers with violent thoughts that manage to beat the
    crap out of it, I congratulate you--you've just finished the game!
    Depending on which point you decided to fight Lavos and what you've
    done in the past, the ending is different.  Are you good enough to
    do it again?

    Just don't beat this game too often, because consequences might
    include addiction to gaming, brain damage, a snail getting squashed
    followed by "I HATH DEFEATED THEE, LAVOS!!" and low grades.


These side-quests are listed in the order that Gaspar tells you about
them.  That doesn't mean that you should do them in THAT order, though.
It's best to start with the easiest, ending up with the hardest... here
is a rough order (easy first): Sun Stone, Cyrus' Ghost, Geno Dome,
Rainbow Shell, Ozzie's Fort, Sunken Desert.  That is only a ROUGH order
and is debatable.  If you use Magus regularly, you might want to go
halfway through Ozzie's Fort first.


  Gaspar sez: "In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer determination brings
  a forest back to life..."

  This first side-quest involves both Robo and Lucca.  Our first job is
  helping a woman named Fiona rebuilding a forest, and sequently we'll
  discover some more about Lucca's past...

   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Mid Ether [Item]
   - Full Ether [Item]
   - Lapis [Item]
   - Elixir [Item]
   - Aeon Suit [Armor]
   - Full Tonic [Item]
   - 5000G [Currency]
   - HyperEther [Item]
   - Aeon Helm [Helmet]
   - Memory Cap [Helmet]
   - Full Ether [Item]
   - MuscleRing [Accessory]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - GreenDream [Accessory]

  MONSTERS:  Mohavor, Hexapod, Retinite [BOSS]

 == SUNKEN DESERT / 600 A.D. =========================

 -- FIONA AND MARCO ----------------------------------

    This is a side-quest that needs to be unlocked, will you want to do
    it.  I think (hope) you've already done this.  If you haven't yet,
    go to the Commons in 12,000 B. C., have a talk to the lady in the
    lower-right corner, and tell her to plant the sapling.  Don't tell
    her to burn it, or no desert for you (...just talk to her again),
    meaning this quest cannot occur.  If you e-mail me asking why there
    is no desert, don't be surprised if you find your room filled with
    trinitrotoluene the next time you wake up.  I don't mind questions,
    but I do mind having to repeat myself.

    Head for Fiona's Villa in 600 A.D.  Talk to Fiona twice and Marco to
    learn that the monsters in the desert prevent the growing of the
    forest, as well as a hints about the monsters in the Sunken Desert:
    they hate water!  I'm sure you can deduce that you'll need to clear
    the desert of any opponents in order to give birth the forest.  Take
    the two Mid Ethers from the chests, then head for the Sunken Desert
    to do some bustin' up.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Robo, Frog, Ayla (the monsters in the Sunken
       Desert are vulnerable to water, so that's why you should bring a
       water-user; there's really no need to bring all of them... de
       facto--it's recommended NOT to do so)


    The ground is very slippery here, so stay in control.  Sometimes,
    you'll have to dash.  You'll encounter many Mohavors and Hexapods
    here on various spots; they are tough customers, and shadow- and
    fire-spells are preferred over lightning, fire and physical attacks.
    There's also a quartet of chests here: from the upper-left corner,
    clockwise, you can find a Full Ether, Lapis, Elixir, and Aeon Suit.
    Continue south.

    This part of the desert is a shaky one; every instance the screen
    quakes stands equal to 30 HP loss (wherever you are)--handle FAST.
    Each quake also lets a monster, Retinite, crawl out to show you its
    ugly face.  Before you actually fight this thing, you'll want to
    collect some items--clockwise: Full Tonic, 5000G, HyperEther, Aeon
    Helm, Memory Cap, Full Ether, and in the middle, a MuscleRing.  Be
    sure to have Marle OR Frog in your party, then run up to Retinite to
    fight it.

     - BOSS: RETINITE --------------------------------
        LV - 30        EXP - (various)     DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - (various)     CHARM - Speed Tab (core)

       Retinite consists of a top, a bottom, and a core, something I
       notice becoming very popular lately in this game.  All three have
       maximum defense.  However, the trick is to use water (as "Water
       hardens sand") to decrease the core's defenses against physical
       attacks.  That defense is increased a bit again with each attack
       of yours.  Also, you're best off using no magic, seeing as that
       does no damage to the body.  Speaking of no damage, remember that
       water-magic hurts zero--it ONLY lowers defenses.  So, don't waste
       MP to fire a strong water-tech; it's equal to a weak water-tech.
       Retinite's actions include the absorbing of HP from the core (it
       might even destroy it that way), as well as sapping HP from you.
       Two strategies can be applied throughout this fight:

        - The bottom and lower parts won't raise their defense with any
          hit of yours... if the core is still there.  So a strategy may
          be using a target-all water-spell, then start kicking the head
          and tail while healing when it's needed, and employing any
          elemental non-water tech on the core to cure it (i.e. it won't
          be destroyed by the absorbing).
        - I myself prefer to start with a target-all water-spell, then
          to attack the head 'til it's gone, then healing the core ONCE,
          then going for the lower part without healing the core.  If
          you're low in the levels (you won't do very much damage), the
          core will eventually bite the dust by the absorbing.  But if
          you're high in the levels, avoid healing the core, or else it
          will stay alive and run away once you defeat the body.

       The top half has 5000 HP, gives 500 experience points and 20 tech
       points.  The bottom has the same, except 4800 HP.  The core has
       only 1000 HP, and 1600 experience points, 60 tech points and
       2000G.  So, if the core runs away (which occurs when it's alone),
       you'll only get 1000 experience points, 60 tech points and 2000G.

    Return to Fiona, now that you've destroyed the root of her troubles.
    There isn't a single monster to spot, you can now get the items from
    the chests without being bothered by them, and there's a new Power
    Tab (first screen).  To leave, enter the path in the middle of the
    northern wall.

    Include Robo in your party, if you haven't done so before.  Fiona
    will thank you for defeating the monsters in the desert; since it'll
    take some time for the forests to grow, Robo will volunteer to stay
    at Fiona's and help rebuilding the forest.  Allow him to help.  He
    will leave your party for a short (or _very_ long; depends on your
    point of view) time.  You'll appear on the world map.  From now on,
    Robo's planting the fields on the 600 A.D.  Now, it's time to go to
    1000 A.D. to recruit Robo again and see the results.

 -- 400 YEARS LATER... -------------------------------

    But before you continue, SAVE YOUR GAME.

    As you can see on the 1000 A.D. world map, Fiona's wish has been
    granted.  Go inside Fiona's Shrine... WHAT?  *Fiona's* Shrine?  She
    did just about _nothing_; it was the work of Crono and his team!  If
    you feel that this isn't justified, go rename "Crono" to "Fiona".
    There.  Inside _your_ shrine (bahaha), you'll find three nuns,
    whereof the uppermost sells you valuable hats.  In addition, Robo's
    remnants are here.  Reactivate him and he'll rejoin your party,
    after which he'll be taken to a camp in the woods to be repaired and
    to celebrate the new forest.

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Sight Cap      20000     All         Def. +30, prevents Chaos
      Memory Cap     20000     All         Def. +30, prevents Lock
      Time Hat       30000     All         Def. +30, prevents Stop/Slow
      Vigil Hat      50000     All         Def. +30, protects status

    Here, your characters talk about Lavos, that it may actually not be
    responsible for the Gates, and that someone or something, an Entity,
    wanted them to see all of this...  At this moment, there's is no
    real agreement on who this Entity is (I don't need your theories).
    Marle asks Lucca if there was a point in time she'd want to return
    to, but Lucca seems a bit hesitant to answer...  In the end, the
    characters decide to take a nap.

    During the night, while everyone's asleep, the BRAiNZ (tm) (that's
    Lucca) awaken.  Take her to the lower-right corner of the screen to
    find an unusual red Gate--this confirms Robo's idea of an Entity.
    Enter it, and Lucca will be taken back to "that moment", ten years
    ago...  *scary music*

 == FLASHBACK POINT / LUCCA'S PAST ===================

 -- 990 A.D. -----------------------------------------

    Check out the diary, and go through the entrance.  You'll see Lara
    (Lucca's mom) and Lucca herself (as a child), in the living room.
    While Lara tries to dust off the huge machine in the room, she gets
    stuck!  In some way, the machine activates, and she gets dragged
    into the machine...  There's a way to stop the machine, but our li'l
    Lucca doesn't know the password!  You are confronted with a dilemma:
    discover WHY THE HELL the machine has a password or find out what
    that password is.  If you go for the former, good luck.  If you go
    for the later, there is limited time to do it!  Unless you're not in
    the main room, handle fast.

    Go back to Lucca's room and go down the stairs, then north into the
    kitchen.  Read the note on the table to find out that the password
    is the name of Taban's wife--the password is Lara.  Enter the main
    room by the main entrance (not upstairs).  On the machine, there's a
    shining dot.  Quickly run to it, press A to begin, and input the
    password (LARA).  To do that, press the L-button, the A-button, the
    R-button and the A-button again.  If you manage to do it before Lara
    gets in real trouble, congratulations: you've just saved your mom
    from getting her legs crippled (which would be ouch indeed).

    Afterwards, read the notes from Lucca's diary if you want, and
    return to the forest by using the Gate.  (You can't leave the room,
    the exits are blocked by two pieces of paper.  Yeah.  Two pieces of
    paper.)  If you failed in saving Lucca's mom and witnessed one of
    the more depressing things in this game, the game will just continue
    as if nothing has changed back then.  But it is NOT POSSIBLE to
    return and try again, unless you saved.  Sorry.

 -- THE GREENDREAM -----------------------------------

    You'll find Robo waiting at the red Gate.  Talk to him; he'll give
    you a piece of amber he had created during the planting of the
    forest.  It's a GreenDream, an accessory that allows the user of it
    being revived one time per battle.  Very useful when you're low in
    the levels!  (Doesn't carry over in New Game +, by the way.)

    Anyhow, this ends this side-quest.  Refer to section 2-Y if you have
    ended the side-quests and want to end the game via the Black Omen,
    or to section 2-Z if you want to meet Lavos via other ways.


  Gaspar sez: "A fugitive in the Middle Ages, Ozzie, maintains an evil

  This quest covers, as the name of the chapter implies, Ozzie's Fort!
  You can get Magus' ultimate equipment here.  As a tip: if Magus is one
  of those you use regularly, but if you're low in the levels, you might
  want to go halfway through the fort, get the equipment, then go back
  and do other side-quests.  This way, you stand a better chance in the
  other side-quests.  Thank me later.

   - Full Ether [Item]
   - Gloom Cape [Armor]
   - Gloom Helm [Helmet]
   - DoomSickle [Weapon]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Dash Ring [Accessory]
   - Sight Cap [Helmet]

  MONSTERS:  Flea Plus, Super Slash, Great Ozzie, Super Slash [BOSS],
   Flea Plus [BOSS], Great Ozzie [BOSS]

 == OZZIE'S IN... A JAM!  EPISODE TWO! ===============

 -- OZZIE'S FORT / 600 A.D. --------------------------

    Ozzie's fort is right of Magus's Lair.  There, you'll find a fort
    surrounded by darkness and forest.  Or if you're in 1000 A.D., just
    fly above Medina Square, go to 600 A.D., and you'll appear right
    above the fort.  In any event, you may want to bring Magus with you,
    for he's quite involved with the people in the fort.  And Ayla as
    well, to relieve those people of their items.  Head inside, and your
    buddy Ozzie salutes... till he discovers that it's _you_ again.  Hi,
    Ozzie!  He'll leave (talk about hospitality).  Follow him to the
    next chamber, in which he calls Flea.  Whip out your sword, because
    you'll have to fight her.  Uh, him.

     - BOSS: FLEA PLUS -------------------------------
        LV - 35       EXP - 2000, 20     DROP  - --
        HP - 2500     G   - 2000         CHARM - --

       This is in fact an easy battle, but that's because it's supposed
       to be...  The real fight is still coming up!  Just conserve your
       magic and pound it with physical attacks.  You'll emerge as the
       winner in no time, mainly due to its relatively low amount of HP.

    After the battle, Flea escapes.  In the next room, you'll find Ozzie
    again, ready to make your life miserable.  Replace that word with
    "enjoyable", however, as Ozzie's accompanied by a SWITCH.  And you
    know what that means...  After the hilarious scene, go to the next
    room, and Flea's counterpart is called upon, at which point another
    battle initiates.

     - BOSS: SUPER SLASH -----------------------------
        LV - 35        EXP - 2000, 20     DROP  - --
        HP - 2500      G   - 2500         CHARM - --

       Like Flea's battle, this one is easy.  Just swing a handful of
       attacks, and you'll be acquiring experience points before you
       know it.  If you lose, I must behave with contempt towards you.

    In the next room, you'll find Ozzie, again, and again with a switch.
    There's a chest in this room, but Ozzie guards it with a blade...
    If you go under it, your party will remain with 1 HP left, so don't.
    Instead, just move on, ignoring the chest and Ozzie.  An Imp will
    come for the rescue.  When he's done (, gone), you can safely
    open the chest for a Full Ether.  And DON'T go into the next room

    Because there's a secret passage in this room.  Instead of going
    through the visible passage on the north, search the wall south of
    it to find a secret area.  Inside, you'll find Magus' ultimate
    equipment: a Gloom Cape, Gloom Helm and the DoomSickle!  So if you
    have Magus in your party, be sure to stuff him full of that, and be
    sure not to forget the Magic Tab in the corner to the right.  Head
    north now (unless you only came here to collect Magus' equipment, in
    which case return outside).

 -- INSIDE / THE INFAMOUS TRIO -----------------------

    Before continuing, be sure to check up on equipment and have your HP
    and MP filled.  In the next room, you'll find Ozzie, Slash and Flea
    altogether, who are just about to equipping their trademark-items to
    make themselves invincible.  According to them.  Now, you'll have to
    fight all three of 'em at once.

     - BOSS: OZZIE, SLASH, AND FLEA ------------------
        LV - 38        EXP - (various)    DROP  - --
        HP - (various) G   - (various)    CHARM - (various)

      Don't be fooled by the previous fights with them, as they now, due
      to their unique items, are hard (which the music also indicates),
      but not impossible to beat.  The trio features dual and triple
      techs (!), of which the triple tech really hurts.  It's better to
      take one down as quickly as possible, as then the fight becomes
      much easier.

      In the beginning, Ozzie sits down and does nothing, while Slash
      just attacks with his sword and uses his own version of the Slash-
      tech, and Flea throws around with fire and status-affecting magic.
      After a while, Ozzie decides to join the fight and uses "Delta
      Force", the triple tech.  That is, if you do nothing.  Because if
      you attack them, they will counterattack.  Should you hit Ozzie,
      prepare for Delta Force (all).  If you hit Slash, you'll have to
      face a dual tech by him and Flea, that looks a lot like Fire Sword
      (single), and attacking Flea results in the "Bad Impulse" triple
      tech (single).  Delta Force is your worst friend, so don't attack
      Ozzie yet.

      The trick is that they can't use their dual and triple techs when
      one of them is down, so just focus on either Slash or Flea.  Don't
      use target-all techs.  After one of them is gone, the other one
      left over will run away (Charm quickly if you haven't done that).
      Soon, Ozzie will be the only one left; just attack since he'll
      do... nothing.  The battle is hard and then easy, rather than

      If you want them, and I'm so damn sure you wanna have a bra worn
      by a gender-confused magician, (Twin) Charm the unique items
      (OzziePants/Ozzie; Slasher 2/Slash; Flea Vest/Flea).  I see that
      the stat-values aren't printed above, so I will list them here:
      Great Ozzie has 6000 HP, 2500 experience, 20 tech, and 1000G,
      Super Slash has 4000 HP, 2500 experience, 30 tech, and 2000G, and
      Flea Plus has 4000 HP, 2500 experience, 30 tech, and 1000G.  (Man,
      that lined up almost perfectly.)

    After the battle, Ozzie manages to escape (what would you expect).
    Take the Dash Ring and the Sight Cap from the two chests, and follow
    him.  In the next room, you'll fight a similar battle as in Magus'
    castle earlier.

     - BOSS: OZZIE -----------------------------------
        LV - 23       EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 1000     G   - --         CHARM - OzziePants

       Like in the castle, just attack the switch behind Ozzie.  If you
       attack Ozzie, he'll counterattack with a rather weak target-all
       attack.  But if you somehow manage to defeat Ozzie (because of
       the ice-barrier, he has VERY high defenses), he won't die but he
       will just become a non-selectable opponent...  You can Charm for
       yet another OzziePants; make sure to have a Charm Top or use Twin

    Looks like Ozzie's learned from his first encounter with you: rather
    than placing the trap under himself, it's now under you.  Oops!  You
    will strangely enough fall into the previous room, so go north to
    find Ozzie again.  Just as another fight begins, a cat comes in and
    whacks the switch to the right--just amazing... how a feeble little
    cat like that can take Ozzie down.  Literally.  The word "memory"
    then becomes applicable to him...

    (You see, my friend, why _you_ land in the previous room instead of
    a trap, and Ozzie not... that is video game logic.)

 -- UNIMPORTANT CRAP (OPTIONAL) ----------------------

    As you see in Medina Square, there's no longer statue of anyone
    anymore.  First, it was a statue of Magus, and after his defeat it
    became one of Ozzie, and since Imps are just too dumb to conquer the
    world, there's peace now!  The inn allows you to sleep for 10G,
    rather than 250G, for one thing.  And in the Market, prices are much
    lower now.  You even get a discount!

      SHOP:          COST:     FOR:        ATTRIBUTES:
      Iron Blade     262       Crono       Att. +7
      SteelSaber     597       Crono       Att. +15
      Demon Edge     12684     Crono       Att. +90
      Lumin Robe     4850      Females     Def. +63
      Flash Mail     6342      Males       Def. +64
      Glow Helm      1717      Males       Def. +25

    This side-quest comes to a close.  Refer to section 2-Y if you have
    ended the other side-quests and want to end the game via the Black
    Omen, or to section 2-Z if you want to meet Lavos via other ways.


  Gaspar sez: "There's a task to be done in the future, where machinery

  This is coverage of Robo and his past; you'll learn more about the
  origination of machinery, a bit more about Lavos, you'll obtain Robo's
  ultimate weapons, and a whole lot of items (including the Blue Mail,
  if you need one).

   - Full Tonic [Item]
   - 50,000G [Currency] - that's a solid chunk of cash--don't forget it
   - Full Tonic [Item]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Elixir [Item]
   - Lapis [Item]
   - Full Ether [Item]
   - HyperEther [Item]
   - Vigil Hat [Helmet]
   - Speed Tab [Item]
   - Lapis [Item]
   - MegaElixir [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - 15,000G [Currency]
   - Full Ether [Item]
   - Terra Arm [Weapon]
   - Crisis Arm [Weapon]

  MONSTERS:  Debuggest, Proto 4, Laser Guard, Atropos XR [BOSS],
   MotherBrain [BOSS], Display [BOSS]

 == GENO(CIDE) DOME / 2300 A.D. ======================

 -- INSIDE / A MYSTERIOUS VOICE ----------------------

    Geno Dome is in the lower-right corner of the 2300 A.D. map (press
    Select).  Inside, be sure to have Robo in FRONT of the party, then
    interact with the computer screen on the left.  Some unknown voice
    then speaks, referring to Robo by "Prometheus".  It will then
    welcome you, close the door behind you and open the door in front.
    Enter it.

     * THE HECK?:  The voice also mentioned a serial number "R-66Y".
       A strange thing indeed, because when you met Robo for the first
       time, he introduced himself as R66-Y.  Notice the difference?
       Yeah, yeah, all insignificant tidbits.  Never mind me.  Nothing
       to see here.  Let's move on.

    The voice decides to test your powers.  Now, if you for some strange
    reason want to return, return now and the door to leave seems to be
    open again.  Otherwise, step on the long, famous conveyor belt to
    start five consecutive battles with Debuggests and Proto 4s, each
    growing in both number and difficulty.  This's worth 8286 experience
    points, 144 tech points, 10,200G and a couple of items; a nice place
    to level up.  In the next chamber is a "Dust Chute", which returns
    you to this belt.

    The voice will kind of challenge you to find him or her.  Head up to
    the next area, go left, and up at the first passage.  Here, you'll
    witness a Proto 4 going in some kinda pod, in which it electrically
    charges itself.  Follow it when it leaves; don't fight it just yet.
    The robot goes into another pod near the entrance, and by doing so,
    the door left of it opens up.  (Hint hint!)  Go inside.  Unless you
    have entered the place before the robot did, you'll immediately face
    off with a fight.  After it, open the two chests for a Full Tonic
    and 50,000G (which is pretty much, actually).  Return to where the
    Proto 4 originally charged itself, and fight the remaining two
    robots.  Get the Full Tonic from the chest and start the computer.
    It gives you information about Geno Dome, and that info is reprinted
    below, along with my notes.

     - DOOR:  "To open locked doors, simply charge the energy pods
       beside them.  Energize first, in the pod to your left, then enter
       the pod next to a locked door."  Note that when Robo is charged,
       the energy will wear off after some seconds.
     - CONVEYOR BELT:  "The belt conveyor to the right can be reversed
       with a switch above it."  Because the energy will wear off sooner
       or later, you'll need to reverse the belt to win time.  (And now
       we're on subject, if you walk on the belt to the far end of it,
       you'll notice that there's a secret passage in the back...)
     - GUARD MACHINE:  "The robot guarding the figurine will block
       anyone that tries to pass.  But if you place 2 guards in front of
       each other, they will short circuit.  Return the broken guard to
       the room upstairs."  Hint... hint...
     - DOLL:  "You must obtain the 2 figurines on this floor to fight
       the Mother Brain.  Do not leave with them."  I'll just call them
       "Poyozo Dolls" again, for the sake of simplicity, and because it
       sounds *mighty*.  No--I'm not obsessed with Poyozo Dolls, I in
       fact detest them stupid toys, but I somehow like the name...

    The first goal is to get the two Poyozo Dolls.  You can get them in
    any order, but figurine 1 is covered first.

 -- INSIDE / FIND THE FIGURINES ----------------------

    Go to the lower-right area and fight the two Debuggests.  Then, go
    up.  Here's the previously mentioned Guard Machine, which blocks the
    way to the Poyozo Doll wherever you walk.  Instead of wasting your
    time trying to pass it, let's find another guard to let them short
    circuit.  Go all the way to the right.  There's a Debuggest here
    (x3), and a sparkling dot in the lower-right corner--that dot is the
    Dust Chute and returns you to the beginning of the dome.  Make use
    of this opportunity if you want to level up; once you defeat the
    final boss in this area, you can't re-enter this place.  So this is
    your friendly little reminder.

    Anyway, head through the door, use the elevator, and get out.  Don't
    forget to use the save point, and go through the steel door (rather
    than going down, which we'll do later).  Snag the Power Tab in the
    lower-right corner, go down the hall, and the voice rambles on--it
    seems that he or she holds a grudge against humans...

    Fight the two Proto 4s and the two Laser Guards.  Enter the door,
    use the lift, and go out.  There's a hidden passage in the wall to
    the left; go through it.  While going through it, make sure to grab
    the *very* well-hidden Magic Tab; there's a hidden passage in the
    hidden passage!  Pfft.  Here's how to get it: from the entrance to
    the right, press and hold up and left.  Once you "stand still",
    release Left, then release Up.  The Magic Tab is to the left of you.
    Once you have it, move on and hit the switch to reverse the conveyor
    belt.  Return to the door and go down.  Fight the two Laser Guards,
    (if you didn't know about the hidden passage a Proto 4 will show it
    for you and join the battle) and flip the other switch to remove the
    laser beam.  Go all the way to the left and hit another switch to
    release the safety lock on the pod.

    On your way back to the energizing pod, enter the steel door to find
    two chests and three Proto 4s inside.  The chests contain an Elixir
    and a Lapis (nearing the lower chest will start a fight).  Return to
    the pod after getting those items, and charge yourself.  The hard
    part is that you have to go from the pod to the other pod as fast as
    possible.  So when you witness the first beams of electricity around
    Robo, quickly RUN like Ozzie (i.e. faster than you can) to the other
    side of the area and quickly get into the pod.  There is enough time
    to do this; just keep trying.  And trying.  And trying.

    Inside the small room is the guard you were looking for, as well as
    a Full Ether and HyperEther.  Get them and touch the guard.  It will
    now follow you everywhere you go.  Slowly walk back to the guard you
    wish to pass; since the doll tends to get stuck *A LOT*, take note
    of the keyword "patience"...  When you finally arrive at the Guard
    Machine, bump into it a couple of times till it's stuck.  Then, you
    can freely take the Vigil Hat from the chest, as well as the first
    Poyozo Doll.  Whoo hoo!

    Now for the second doll, which is a hell of a lot easier to get: go
    to the upper-left area and head north from there.  Fight the four
    Laser Guards and go to the area in the back.  There are three panels
    here: switch the first and the last one so that only the middle one
    is green (you were supposed to guess this.  I couldn't find any hint
    in this dome regarding the correct combination).  This opens the pod
    next to the door to the doll.  Charge Robo at any nearby pod and
    unlock the door.  Claim the Poyozo Doll inside the room, and wait a
    second or two; a Speed Tab appears on the green platform.  Take it.

 -- INSIDE / ROBO'S FOLKS ----------------------------

    Use the lift near the Dust Chute.  Save, go down and fight the two
    Laser Guards.  Open the chest in the lower-right corner for a Lapis,
    and then go to the left.  A robot chick, who Robo recognizes to be
    Atropos, appears.  Like the voice you've been hearing before, this
    one also has a grudge against humans.  When it starts to get messy,
    Robo wants to fight her alone.

     - BOSS: ATROPOS XR ------------------------------
        LV - 38       EXP - --, --     DROP  - --
        HP - 6000     G   - --         CHARM - --

       Atropos is Latin for "pink bonk of metal".  Although you're on
       your own, don't worry too much.  Atropos' attacks include, well,
       Robo's attacks--however, Atropos' versions of them are weak.
       It's just a matter of trading hits--showing her who's the boss--
       and healing when your HP get VERY low.  Atropos explodes upon her
       defeat--this is an "attack" but it won't do much damage.  In this
       order, she'll use RocketPunch (weak), Cure Beam (restores 300
       HP), Laser Spin (weak), Atropos Tackle (halves your HP), Cure
       Beam, Uzzi Punch (medium), and after that, she decides to do Area
       Bomb (can be absorbed by Red Mails or Red Vests) repeatedly.
       After eating six of those, she, uh... explodes.  Strange.  o_O;

    Atropos' memory is a bit restored after the fight; she seems to be
    not _that_ bad after all.  However, she was damaged too badly to be
    restored again (not even the Goofy Glasses (tm) are able to repair
    her), so I guess this is the last you'll see of her.  Just before
    she disappears, though, she grants Robo her ribbon, which he plugs
    into himself.  This will up Robo's speed by 3 and his magic defense
    by 10, permanently.  Whee!

    North of you is an entrance blocked by a laser.  In order to whack
    the switch, let Robo face it, say "open sesame" and dash into it.
    Inside, you can snag a MegaElixir and a Magic Tab.

    Continue down the rest of the dome.  Go down the first ladder, and
    follow the path.  Open the chest on the left for 15,000G.  Then, go
    through the door to discover something horrifying: a machine is
    reducing the human population here!  Don't worry kids, it's just a
    video game... but unfortunately, this can't be stopped right now:
    you'll have to destroy the main computer first.  Go through the door
    in the lower-right corner, open the chest to get a Full Ether, and

    On the bridge again, fight six Laser Guards, move, fight six Laser
    Guards, move.  Press A in front of each of the pedestals in the back
    to station those cute dolls on them; this opens the large gate.  You
    may want to return and save now.  Onward, and you'll find the Mother
    Brain, who originally created to both Robo and Atropos.  She offers
    Robo to join her again, but Robo offers her to shut her trap.

     - BOSS: MOTHERBRAIN -----------------------------
     - BOSS: DISPLAYS --------------------------------
        LV - 38       EXP - 3000, 40     DROP  - --
        HP - 5000     G   - 3000         CHARM - Blue Mail (face)
             1 x3                                Elixir (screen)

       The MotherBrain (the head) is your main target here.  Behind her
       are three Displays in addition, which heal her frequently for
       about 1000 HP.  So, you'll have to get rid of those Displays
       first if you want to inflict some decent damage--the trick here
       is NOT to "delete" all of the Displays; if you do so, MotherBrain
       will increase her attack AND defense power every round.  Not only
       that, she'll start using a target-all explosion quite frequently.

       I'd suggest to get rid of TWO Displays first, then unleash with
       strong dual or triple techs (no target-all spells!) and not
       forgetting to cure when needed.  Immediately heal Chaos-status;
       otherwise you might hit the last Display.  Or do it the cheap
       way: cast Boogie (dual tech, Robo/Ayla) to inflict Stop on all
       Displays.  The head won't get healed AND will not increase attack
       and defense!  Perfect time to Charm them now.  Another strategy,
       which is faster but only recommended for them high in the levels,
       is to use the most powerful techs (*Luminaire, *Flare, etc.)
       repeatedly.  If you're successful, the MotherBrain will go down
       in few rounds.

    After defeating the MotherBrain, Robo acquires the Terra Arm and the
    Crisis Arm, his ultimate weapons.  All systems in the dome are shut
    down, so you can't enter it anymore for this play-through.  This
    ends Robo's side-quest.  Refer to section 2-Y if you have ended the
    other side-quests and want to end the game via the Black Omen, or to
    section 2-Z if you want to meet Lavos via other ways.


  Gaspar sez: "And there's a very special stone that can shine its light
  on each generation, from the distant past to the far future..."

  There's more exploring involved here than battling--there's only one
  fight (hard boss).  No need to fear this boss, though, since you have
  a kick-ass FAQ (yadda yadda) in front of your snout, providing you
  with ultra-effective tips!  ...ahem.  You'll acquire Lucca's ultimate
  weapon here, and a Black Mail can be gotten as well.  But what's this
  side-quest all about?  Well, remember this woman in Algetty?  She said
  that a Moon Stone placed in a sunlit spot for a LONG while becomes a
  Sun Stone.  The kingdom of Zeal had such a stone; before the Mammon
  Machine, it was the source of the kingdom's power.  Sounds useful.

   - Moon Stone [Key Item]
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - Jerky [Key Item]
   - Sun Stone [Key Item]
   - WonderShot [Weapon]
   - Sun Shades [Accessory]

  MONSTERS:  Son of Sun [BOSS]

 == ITINERATION ======================================

 -- THE MOON STONE -----------------------------------

    To find the Sun Palace, just fly to Porre in 600 A.D. or 1000 A.D.,
    then switch to 2300 A.D. to find the Sun Palace.  Be sure to save,
    then go in.  There's a shining dot at the far side of the area, and
    nearing it will start a battle with the Son of Sun!  And its babies.
    Be sure to bring a handful of fire-protective armor with you (Red
    Mail, Taban Suit, Ruby Armor, etc.), as this boss happens to be a

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Marle, Lucca, Magus (best magic defenses)

     - BOSS: SON OF SUN ------------------------------
        LV - 40           EXP - 3800, 40     DROP  - --
        HP - 2100         G   - 2000         CHARM - Black Mail (core)
             30000 x5                                Elixir (flames)

       The wearing of Red Mails and Red Vests carries my unsolicited
       recommendation.  There are six targets: the core in the middle
       (i.e. Son of Sun), and the five flames surrounding it.  One of
       the flames is "real", the others are decoys.  Do not attack the
       Son of Sun in the middle: the core will show Lucca what a Flare
       really is, and there's no need for such a demonstration.

       To win, you'll need to find out which flame is real, and start
       attacking that one.  If you attack a fake flame, prepare for a
       "Flame Counterattack".  If you hit the right flame though, you'll
       hurt the core for damage that does not depend on how much damage
       you did to the flame (which is why Marle and Lucca are okay to
       use).  However, the core frequently uses "Roulette Shuffle"; this
       forces you into finding the real flame again.  PFFT.  Repeat as
       necessary.  Only use physical attacks, unless you have Magus, who
       has access to *Black Hole; this gets rid of two flames, leaving
       three left to choose from.

       Son of Sun follows a pattern: (1) start with Roulette Shuffle,
       (2) use Flare, and (3) a laser-attack, and repeat.  If you have
       equipped all of your party members with fire-ABSORBING armor (the
       sealed chest-stuff, and one can be stolen from Rust Tyrano), then
       you are practically invincible.  Make sure to exploit this when
       you can.  You can Charm a Black Mail from the core (but you'll
       receive a Flare-counterattack as well), and an Elixir off each
       flame.  Don't bother doing that, though, as it's hard to keep
       track from which flame you've already stolen.

    Son of Sun pops open a path upon its defeat.  Follow it, and acquire
    the Sun Stone at the back.  It seems that there's no energy in it
    left (i.e. it's a Moon Stone), and the party, naturally, takes the
    courtesy of recharging it.  Which will of course take some time, so
    let's try the prehistoric era.  Fly to the isolated island northwest
    of the world map (press Select to see it) and land the Epoch there.
    Go inside, and go north to find the sun's favorite spot, where the
    sun shines 24 hours a day.  Place the Moon Stone in it, and return
    to the same place but then about 65.2167 million years later in 2300

 -- THE LOST STONE -----------------------------------

    It's not here!  According to the lead character in the party, it
    seems that the stone's gone for quite a while now.  Head in the year
    1000 A.D. to the exact same place.  It isn't here either, but this
    might be the era where it's been taken away...  To be sure, let's
    check if the stone is still there in the Middle Ages (600 A.D.).  It
    appears so; to the left of is also a Power Tab, and be sure to grab
    that.  Go back to 1000 A.D.

    Fly to Porre.  You'll notice the Mayor's Manor shining, so that MUST
    be the place where the stone is located.  Inside, though, nobody
    seems to have heard of a Moon Stone.  Obviously, the mayor is lying,
    so we'll have to find a (not violently) method to let him give us
    the stone.  Your solution, believe it of not, is a piece of beef

    Go to the Snail Stop, east of the Mayor's Manor.  Talk to the clerk
    and buy the Jerky for 9900G.  Although that may be a high price for
    a Jerky, it's the BEST, according to the clerk.  Go back to 600 A.D.
    and enter the Elder's House.  Talk to the woman standing by the
    kitchen (it's a kitchen, right?).  She happens to need Jerky, and
    you happen to have Jerky--you have the option of selling it for
    10,000 squid, but DO NOT sell it.  Rather, give it away for free,
    and be a good boy.  She'll say that she's going to teach her kids
    the value of sharing.  Let's find out how this affects the future

    And yes, everything has changed.  Who would've thought THAT could've
    been possible?  Not me.  Talk to the mayor and he'll give you the
    Moon Stone for free.  That woman before OBVIOUSLY didn't teach her
    children not to trust weird strangers--punk rockers, talking frogs,
    etc.--respectlessly barging into your house.  It's time to return
    the stone to the Sun Keep; place it on the sunlit spot, and travel
    to the future.

 -- THE SUN STONE ------------------------------------

    The Moon Stone's now a Sun Stone; a source with an incredible amount
    of energy.  Have the BRAiNZ (tm) in your party and let her witness
    it.  Lucca thinks she can make some good stuff with this, upon which
    the game automatically switches over to Lucca's house.  There, Lucca
    creates the most powerful gun she can wield--the WonderShot!  And
    also, Taban comes in and gives you the Sun Shades, which he had also
    made using the stone.  See the charts at the end for an explanation
    of these babies, with which you should go outside and kick some

     * ALSO:  If you have finished the Rainbow Shell quest too, you can
       make other neat equipment here as well, with the power of the Sun
       Stone and the Rainbow Shell combined.  Check out the end of the
       sixth side-quest (section 3-F) for more information about this.


  Gaspar sez: "There's the ghost of a lofty knight, slain by Magus in
  the Middle Ages, who haunts the present..."

  Cyrus was Glenn's good old friend.  However, when both of them went up
  the mountains and fought Magus, Cyrus was killed and Glenn turned into
  what Frog now is.  A frog (bahaha).  If you enter the Northern Ruins
  of 1000 A.D., you are confronted by a big guy with a big sword and big
  armor--this seems to be Cyrus' ghost, and you cannot defeat him.
  Therefore, you'll need to find a way to put him to rest, which is what
  this quest is all about.  You'll "acquire" Frog's ultimate weapon, as
  well as the ultimate weapon of Marle and some other stuff.

   - Tools [Key Item]
   - Masamune [Weapon] - kicks more ass than before
   - Power Tab [Item]
   - HyperEther [Item]
   - Magic Tab [Item]
   - Elixir [Item]
   - Moon Armor [Armor] - upgraded version of Nova Armor
   - Shiva Edge [Weapon] - upgraded version of Kali Blade
   - Valkerye [Weapon] - upgraded version of Siren
   - HyperEther [Item]
   - Elixir [Item]
   - Nova Armor [Armor]
   - Kali Blade [Weapon]
   - Siren [Weapon]
   - Gold Rock [Accessory] - only acquirable after finishing side-quest

  MONSTERS:  Sentry, Defunct, Reaper, Base, Departed, Cyrus

 == NORTHERN RUINS ===================================

 -- THE LOST TOOLS -----------------------------------

    Choras Inn in 600 A.D. offers you a place to rest the night for 10G,
    if you wish.  The Market is here as well--you won't find any weapon
    or armor there, though.  As a small note, Choras is the only town
    that sells Mid Ethers in the game.  Furthermore, there are some
    houses with people to have a chat with.  All in all, Choras is a
    boring place.

    Go to the Cafe and talk to the soda-guzzling man; he'll tell you
    that his tools were stolen so he can't continue with work.  What
    idiot steals *tools*?  It is a mystery to me.  You can also talk to
    Toma at the bar, but since that belongs to another side-quest, we'll
    do that later.  In any event, we'll lend this guy a hand by getting
    him tools: go to Choras Inn in 1000 A.D. (it seems that the cafe and
    the inn have merged since 600 A.D.).  Here, talk to the descendant
    of the soda-guzzler.  He'll tell you that he has the tools you're
    looking for, but since he's busy, you'll have to get them from his

     "My husband's never around!  I'm gonna show him who's BOSS.  Next
      time, POW, right in the kisser!"
        -- A Woman's Husband's Wife

    So, go to his Residence.  Talk to the woman inside, and she gives
    you the Tools you need.  What idiot gives things away to strangers?
    Why the guy in 600 A.D. lost his stuff is no longer a mystery.
    Anyway, now that you have them, return to Choras in 600 A.D. to the
    Cafe.  Talk to the soda freak and grant him the Tools; he will get
    back to work.  Follow him to his house, have a talk with him, and he
    announces that he's going to repair the Northern Ruins.


    Head to the Northern Ruins yourself and the man and his workers tell
    you that they cannot work further because of the monsters.  A direct
    translation is that you'll have to reduce the monster population in
    the ruins first, then give a shout again.  An indirect translation
    is that the dude wants to see cash.  Fortunately, you're armed, so
    let's do some cleaning.

     * RECOMMENDED PARTY:  Frog, Lucca and anyone except Magus (most
       enemies dislike fire, and absorb shadow)

    From inside the building, you can either go left and right; we'll go
    left first.  Defeat the two Sentries here, go to the right, do not
    pick up the HyperEther (which we'll get our hands on later), head
    left, and fight another four Sentries (prepare for MP Busters).
    Back at the entrance, take the right wing, defeat three Defuncts,
    and a number of Reapers that join them.  By getting rid of this
    collection of monsters that haunt the area, the carpenter can resume
    his work.  Go to his house and talk to him.  He'll ask you if you
    want the Northern Ruins repaired, but it will cost you 2000G.  Fork
    it over, then head back to the ruins.

    Of course, they're already finished, but there are still spots where
    they can't repair because of the monsters.  Follow the left wing and
    you'll end up at Cyrus' grave.  Be sure to have Frog in your party,
    and examine the grave.  Cyrus' ghost appears, and you'll have to
    witness a short scene between the two.  When they're done, Frog's
    spirit is revealed, after which the Masamune will upgrade to a more
    powerful Masamune!  Cool beans!

 == HERO'S GRAVE (OPTIONAL) ==========================

 -- RANDOM BITS 'N PIECES (OPTIONAL) -----------------

    Actually, we're "officially" done with this side-quest.  However,
    there's still a bunch of stuff you can do.  First, return to the
    carpenter's home (actually, you could just return to him, while not
    having visited Cyrus' ghost) and give him another 2000G to repair.
    Just pay the friggin' money--the rewards _will_ make up for it.

    Resume your itineration by traveling to the Northern Ruins.  Explore
    all the rooms in the back.  If you find a regular chest, DON'T open
    it yet.  If it's a sealed chest, then let your very cool pendant
    interact with it but DON'T get the item inside.  Then, pass through
    the door in the middle path.  On your way, you'll meet Reapers,
    Defuncts and Bases.  Note that if a battle with a Defunct and a Base
    takes a while, they'll merge to form a more powerful Departed, so
    watch out!  Destroy them as soon as possible with fire-techs.  After
    wiping the last monsters in this place, go to the far side in the
    hall to find another two sealed chests.  Impress them with your
    pendant, but don't accept the items they offer.

    Head for the Northern Ruins in 1000 A.D., which is now called the
    Hero's Grave.  Instead of going to the left, go to the right.  Go up
    the stairs, then search the lower-left corner for a Power Tab.  Head
    back, and go to Cyrus' grave.  Is the entrance blocked by some huge

     * NOTE:  If you haven't met Cyrus in 600 A.D., then he cannot rest
       in peace.  Which means that he now haunts the present.  Which
       means that you haven't "officially" finished the side-quest yet
       (the Gaspar geezer still mentions this quest).  Which means that
       he'll be here blocking the way to his grave, and he's almost
       undefeatable.  If you're wondering how to kill him, you can't:
       well, he's already dead.  You CAN inflict damage using Tail Spin
       or PoyozoDance (or Grand Dream in theory; this tech is not
       available at this point), but winning won't make a difference.

    Move on.  On your way, kick-open the chest, take the HyperEther out
    of it, and proudly hold it above your head.  That is, unless you've
    already taken that 400 years ago--but I think I told you not to do
    so.  At the place where the grave is is now a Magic Tab, which never

    In the right wing of the ruins, explore the rooms once more to get
    an Elixir from the regular chest (unless it's gone), and the Moon
    Armor (if upgraded from the Nova Armor) from the sealed chest.  In
    the hall, open the other two sealed chests to receive a Shiva Edge
    (if upgraded from Kali Blade) for Crono, and Marle's ultimate bow,
    the Valkerye (if upgraded from Siren).  With this stuff in the bag,
    you can now return to 600 A.D. and loot the "old" items as well.  In
    the left wing, there's still a HyperEther, and the right wing offers
    an Elixir, Nova Armor, Kali Blade and Siren.

 -- ONE EXTRA THING... (OPTIONAL) --------------------

    Have Frog in the lead, then go to the Denadoro Mountains.  Work your
    way through the place until you find a Free Lancer _still_ having
    the time of his life by throwing rocks at you.  Frog will catch one
    of those (...too bad he doesn't throw it back madly, which would be
    oh so damn cool...), and it'll become the Gold Rock, enabling Marle,
    Robo and Frog to do the triple tech Grand Dream!

     * HAVING PROBLEMS?  Doesn't Frog catch a rock?  You more than
       likely haven't gotten the upgraded Masamune yet; do that first.
       Please don't e-mail me about this, or I will personally come to
       your house and throw a rock right in your face.  Or does the tech
       fail to work?  I suspect your problem this time is that Frog is
       not wearing the upgraded Masamune--it is required for the tech to
       work, so equip it.

    Refer to section 2-Y if you have ended the side-quests and want to
    end the game via the Black Omen, or to section 2-Z if you want to
    meet Lavos via other ways.


  Gaspar sez: "There's an object in the Middle Ages that sparkles like a

  We're going on a search for the Rainbow Shell!  It's a long quest, but
  rewarding.  This quest is also (VERY) loosely connected with the quest
  for the Sun Stone, as that stone can be used in conjunction with the
  Rainbow Shell to forge some incredible stuff.  You can also get the
  Red Mail and White Mail here, but those are not as important.

   - Blue Rock [Accessory]
   - Elixir (x3) [Item]
   - FrenzyBand [Accessory]
   - Full Ether (x2) [Item]
   - HyperEther (x4) [Item]
   - Lapis (x3) [Item]
   - MegaElixir [Item]
   - Power Tab (x3) [Item]
   - Prism Helm (x3) [Helmet] - you get to choose either this, or...
   - PrismDress [Armor] - ...this
   - PrismShard [Key Item]
   - PrismSpecs [Accessory]
   - Rainbow [Weapon]
   - Sight Cap [Helmet]
   - Toma's Pop [Key Item]
   - Yakra Key [Key Item]
   - ZodiacCape [Helmet]

  MONSTERS:  Lizardactyl, Gigasaur, Leaper, Fossil Ape, Rubble, Rust
   Tyrano [BOSS], Gnasher, Naga-ette, Yakra XIII [BOSS]

 == THE RAINBOW SHELL ================================


    First things first--speak with Toma in the Choras Cafe (he's the one
    drinking at the bar).  He tells you that he's found out more about
    the Rainbow Shell, and then gives you Toma's Pop, something he wants
    you to pour on his grave after his death.  Uh, okay.  If he doesn't
    appear here at all, then you must go to Dorino and Porre and talk to
    him there; I think he'll then appear here.  Or, you already spoke
    with him earlier, likely in the previous side-quest.

    Travel to 1000 A.D. and you'll notice the West Cape, northeast of
    Choras village.  That's Toma's grave.  Inspect the gravestone, and
    the one in lead will pour Toma's Pop on it.  Soon after that, Toma's
    ghost will appear ("It's about time!"), telling you that he's found
    the Rainbow Shell.  Northwest of this cape is an island called the
    Giant's Claw, so that would be our next goal...  Before going,
    though, first examine the back of the gravestone.  You can find a
    Speed Tab there.

 -- TYRANO LAIR (YES YOU HEARD ME) / 600 A.D. --------

    Now, off to the Giant's Claw (which is in 600 A.D.).  Go to the
    isolated island northwest of where Toma's grave is (going to be).
    There, enter the mountain via the opening.  Useless trivia: if you
    didn't pour Toma's soda over grave and spoken to his ghost, he never
    told you about this place, and there is neither opening nor the name
    "Giant's Claw".  It is, however, possible to enter.  That's why the
    previous part was "optional".

    Inside, read Toma's crumpled note for a hint.  Go south to arrive in
    a throne room of some sorts; you'll be experiencing déjà vu here, as
    this place is actually the Tyrano Lair (but then buried beneath the
    land)!  You can also sit on the empty chair--whee fun.  Some million
    years ago, you could get a few items here.  If you didn't take them
    back then, you can get them now (more than likely, they're opened
    already, though).  In this room, there are chests that contain(ed) a
    CeraTopper and Mid Ether.

    Work your way through the hall.  To the left is a chest with a Sight
    Cap.  Getting near it invites a Gigasaur and two Leapers as well;
    like in the prehistoric ages, use lightning against dino-monsters
    for best results.  Beware for a one-time counter from the Gigasaur,
    and Charm him for a Ruby Armor, if you need it.  Go to the right
    once you're done.  Here are three Lizardactyls you have to fight
    against; forget about using lightning here, as this _heals_ them.
    Defeat them via any method you prefer and head through the entrance.
    Another familiar room: first, step on the upper switch, then save,
    then step on the lower-left one and laugh at a cat that falls into
    the hole.  The last switch invites two Fossil Apes; leave the button
    untouched if you don't want to fight them.  (And if you didn't take
    it way back before, find a Full Ether in the room behind the skull.)

    Like you read in Toma's note, jump into one of the holes on purpose.
    (If you've laughed at the Fossil Apes falling into the holes before,
    they're now laughing at you, ensuing in combat.)  Step on the left
    switch to open the giant skull's mouth, leading to a Power Tab, or
    step on the right one to invite three Leapers.

    In the next area, climb down the first ladder you see.  Go to the
    far right to find another Power Tab, then to the far left to find a
    chest with a Full Ether.  Return and continue through the area; it
    seems that some groups of monsters can be avoided by staying against
    the outer wall.  When you get to the end, take note of a chest with
    a Blue Rock hidden in the upper-right corner.  You want it, since it
    invokes the second-to-best triple tech of the game.  In the next
    room, do your best ignoring the ladder leading off the screen; it
    takes you to a broken ladder that brings you back to the beginning.
    Instead, climb the ladder south.  From there, go to the left and
    open the well-hidden chest, containing a ZodiacCape.  Equip it if
    you need to and go southeast to find a chest with a Lapis.  Lastly,
    search for the passage to the left and enter the next area.

    In this chamber is a duo of Leapers guarding the path.  It _is_
    possible to avoid them: walk left of the left fire-pillar to get
    past them.  They won't notice you.  If you desire, get them from
    behind (anyone laughing will be destroyed) and you'll scare the holy
    crap out of them.  When you're done, enter the left skull (right is
    closed) to proceed.  Another place that should be familiar to you:
    it's the room with two paths, and these buttons that drop the nearby
    monster to the prison cells below.  Ozzie style.

    First off, make the turn left, nab the FrenzyBand (80% counterattack
    rate!), and go back to take the right path.  Here are two Rubbles.
    Defeat them quickly and acquire lots of tech points, and go into the
    next room.  If you haven't opened the left chest when this was still
    an operational Tyrano Lair, do that now for a Full Tonic.  Then,
    open the right one to fall into a trap.  (And yes, you will have to
    do that to continue.)

    You'll fall in the prison cells.  Fortunately for you, you won't
    have to fight the Fossil Apes if you've sent them below.  Get out
    and head left.  Go up the stairs, take the Power Tab, and go down
    the other path.  This leads to the cell in which Kino was imprisoned
    once ago.

 -- AND FINALLY... THE RAINBOW SHELL! ----------------

    There's a save point.  Use it, since a boss is nearby.  Head into
    the new path from inside Kino's cell (also get the Mid Ether if you
    didn't take that before), and you'll meet up with a big Tyrano.
    This time it's the Rust Tyrano; walk right of it, and show this boy
    what the word "obliteration" means.

     - BOSS: RUST TYRANO -----------------------------
        LV - 35        EXP - 3800, 40     DROP  - --
        HP - 25000     G   - 2000         CHARM - Red Mail

       Practically, this is a simple fight.  The only negative factor is
       this guy's solid amount of hit points.  Like BlackTyrano, Rusty
       counts down from five to zero, meanwhile doing no attacks (except
       for a roar: your characters will gradually lose HP, which is
       negligible).  When it hits zero, the Tyrano will assault with a
       powerful fire-attack, as well as two eat-and-spit-out-attacks
       that heal him.

       After every round, Tyrano decides to up his fire-power, meaning
       that his next fire-attack is gonna hurt more.  Furthermore, his
       countdowns are much faster than before: the second countdown goes
       faster, the third count starts at three, the fourth and fifth
       count start at one (although he won't use the spit-attacks), and
       from six on, the countdown starts at five again.  However, since
       he ups his fire-power every round, he'd probably have knocked you
       out by then.  Or vice-versa, let's hope.

       The key to winning is not doing any dumb things such as employing
       very weak attacks or waiting too long.  Don't fear him if you
       meet that requirement.  To up your chances, equip fire-blocking,
       or better yet, fire-absorbing armor.  This makes the battle quite
       a hell of a lot easier.  Be sure to only use your most powerful
       attacks (*Luminaire, *Flare, etc.), because you'll want to
       overcome Sir Oxidized as fast as possible.  You can also Charm
       him for a Red Mail, which is useful... if you had it BEFORE.

    Once he's finished, you can finally go north and witness the beauty
    of the Rainbow Shell...  However, the word "heavy" applies to it,
    and even Ayla's strength isn't enough to move it.  Someone in your
    party then suggests to get help from the Knights of Guardia, who are
    our next stop.  When leaving, the screen fades and you'll be taken
    back to Guardia Castle, automatically.

    The King agrees to help you and asks the Knight Captain to find the
    Rainbow Shell.  He'll keep it in his castle as a family heirloom,
    until the next era.  Now, having in your mind that the shell is in
    good hands, leave and use the Epoch to go to the same place in the

     "I ask for the sake of Magus.  Please carry out their request."
        -- Queen Leene (...huh?)

    Yes, you can return to the Giant's Claw.  However, the only thing
    that you see is the Knight Captain along with a couple of Knights
    trying to lift the Rainbow Shell.  If you wait for 30 minutes, their
    process is... zero (rounded UP).  Rumors are, however, that if you
    wait 400 years, they'll have finally succeeded in bringing it to
    Guardia Castle.  I've tested it, and the rumor is true.

 == THE TRIAL / EPISODE TWO ==========================

 -- GUARDIA CASTLE / 1000 A.D. -----------------------

    Make sure that you have Marle in your party, prior to entering the
    castle--otherwise, you cannot enter.  Inside, the Chancellor informs
    Marle about what's happened when Marle was still young.  He'll say
    that Marle's mom, Aliza, didn't have much time left before passing
    away...  She wanted to see the King one last time, but he couldn't
    find the time to visit her, which means that the King indirectly
    killed her!  Oh, my...

    You'll regain control over your party.  If you speak with soldiers,
    you'll become aware that said King is on trial for selling the
    Rainbow Shell.  So!  It seems that he's actually a DIRTY CRIMINAL.
    But naturally... we don't believe it, and we're going to find out
    what's really going on here.  Each path is blocked by soldiers, with
    the exception of the hall; follow the left entrance, going up.

    Retrieve a HyperEther out of the chest on your way upstairs.  The
    locked chest is, well, locked, disallowing you from opening it.
    Don't mind it for the moment.  Two soldiers are guarding the door to
    the trial.  Fortunately, we're armed with a nasty woman by the name
    of Marle.  She'll talk her way in.  Inside, the King says he ain't
    know 'bout nothing: he claims that the Chancellor is framing him.
    This is of course not something we aren't familiar with, but there's
    nothing we can do now.  We'll need proof first, so let's get some.
    You can't leave the castle at this point, as guards are leaving the

    To proof the King's innocence, you'll need to show the jury that the
    Rainbow Shell is still in the castle; Marle suggests it's in the
    basement.  Find your way there.  Upon entering, you'll find a guard
    who seems to be knocked out by... a rat.  Talk about creepy, dude.
    Regardless, you can enter, and you'll find two Gnashers!  Marle and
    co. take the eavesdrop and discover that this IS all set up.  Then,
    unluckily, a fight with the snakes starts.  You should whomp the
    living daylights out of them like a Super Saiyan 4 Goku can (should)
    do with this guy named Mr Satan (a.k.a. Hercule).  If you manage to
    score a game-over now, you frighten me (...go away!  Your rotten
    luck in video games might be contagious...).

    Meanwhile, the hearing is still in process.  Crush those puny, weak
    and no doubt ugly Naga-ettes and Gnashers, then relieve the chests
    of a Lapis, Elixir and HyperEther.  The other two are blocked, and
    are just "for the show".  Onward, you'll find various enemies trying
    to block the hall, ripe to be squashed.  After those are out of your
    way, pick up the same three items you've receives just before.

    Then, witness yet again the beauty of the Rainbow Shell (you have to
    have Marle in your party).  There's a letter on the shell.  After
    giving it a read, Marle pins a PrismShard off the shell to use it as
    proof.  With that in the bag, backtrack back to the prosecution room
    and enter.  Unfortunately, guards are not to keen on letting you in
    now, but Marle knows of an alternate method to enter...?  This can't
    be good.  Meanwhile, the judge finds the King guilty, and the same
    fate that befell you befalls him.  Marle jumps through the glass
    wall in the back right in time (check out that Chancellor's mouth
    again!  Oh my God!), and blows the gaff of the Chancellor by showing
    the piece of the Rainbow Shell.  In turn, the Chancellor starts plan
    B and reveals what's going on: he's a descendant of Yakra!  The
    correct word here is "revenge".

     - BOSS: YAKRA XIII ------------------------------
        LV - 45        EXP - 3500, 40     DROP  - MegaElixir
        HP - 18000     G   - 2000         CHARM - White Mail

       The big blob is back.  Brand new color, still ugly, and beefed-up
       --he's been upgrading his Needle Spin for the last 400 years,
       which is the real threat in the battle.  However, most of this
       fight is basically fire-off-some-powerful-techs-and-heal, with a
       few things you should take note of.  This fight is divided in two
       parts.  In the first part, he'll only use "Drrrrrooooo", which is
       so damn weak you will be amused.  Additionally, he throws around
       with "Blizzard", which can inflict Chaos.  That's about it.

       Once you lower his HP down to 9000 or less, however, he'll start
       using more powerful attacks: mostly "Needle Spin: Version 13!" to
       be exact, and sometimes Blizzard or his Drrrrrooooo-attack (which
       this time is a Needle Spin-attack that hits all of you).  These
       stand equal to pain if you're not careful.  Don't use lightning
       or you will regret it (he's the White Mail equipped, I guess...).
       Heal when the need arises and attack brutally.

    When the fight is over, Yakra drops something.  You aren't able to
    get it just yet, however.  Instead, the King comes in, a sappy scene
    ensues in which Marle and dad make up, and then you'll find yourself
    in the throne room.  Melchior says he's gonna make some goodies for
    you, but before you visit him, let's take care of some odds and

 -- WAIT!  WE'RE NOT DONE!  (OPTIONAL) ---------------

    Wait!  We're not done.  Do you recall the chest that was locked a
    moment ago?  Well, that shining key that Yakra dropped is the Yakra
    Key.  Pick it up and jam it into the chest.  You will free the real
    Chancellor (which... is either good or bad).  He'll leave, going to
    prepare for the Moonlight Parade.  This will slightly change an

    Wait!  We're not done.  Go to Melchior; he's in the Rainbow Shell's
    chamber.  Talk to him and he'll offer to buck wild on the shell in
    order to make some equipment for you.  Accept, of course.  You can
    choose between a PrismDress and three Prism Helmets; if you ask me,
    I would go with the dress.  It's more useful; however, note that you
    can get both of the items by Charming a boss, so this doesn't really
    matter now.

    Wait!  We're not done.  If you happen to have done the quest for the
    Sun Stone, talk to him again and he'll open his bag of tricks for
    you.  He'll make you the PrismSpecs--WHICH IS A WHOOP-ASS ACCESSORY
    INDEED--and the Rainbow, Crono's ultimate weapon.  The PrismSpecs
    will make you do 150% damage, be it physical or magical, and the
    Rainbow is Crono's ultimate weapon, dishing critical hits 7 times
    out of 10.  Oh, oh!

    Wait!  We're not done.  Since there are still a couple of items
    lying around in the castle, collect them.  It doesn't matter whether
    you've griped the stuff 400 years ago or not; they're here no matter

     - Elixir (on your way to the King's room).
     - Full Ether (in the King's room).
     - HyperEther (on your way to the Queen's room).
     - MegaElixir (in the Queen's room).

    Wait!  We're not done.  You can also go to the kitchen to order some
    food, just like in 600 A.D.  Here's what they have: "Refresh bread"
    (recovers MP), "Power roast" (recovers HP), and be sure to check out
    the "Crono special" (recovers HP/MP).  Refer to section 2-Y if you
    have ended the side-quests and want to end the game via the Black
    Omen, or to section 2-Z if you want to meet Lavos via other ways.


  Gaspar sez: "One of you is close to someone who needs help...  Find
  this person... fast."

  I do not consider this a side-quest.  If YOU do, then that's good for
  you.  You will not find the guide here in the side-quests section,
  however.  Instead, scroll up to section 2-Y and voila!  There's the
  walkthrough for the Black Omen.  See section 6 (question 9) for the
  reasons why I deviate from other walkthroughs.


4-A:  NEW GAME +

  New Game + is acquired by defeating Lavos after going through the
  Black Omen at least once.  It will be available as soon as the ending
  starts.  Upon resetting the game, you'll notice the text "New Game +"
  right next to "New Game"--that's the thing you're looking for.  It
  requires you to select a save-game to copy stats from--if there are no
  save-games, you won't get New Game +.  So emulator users: make sure
  you save using a normal save point before fighting Lavos!

  It is exactly the same as a regular New Game, but you will have the
  same stats and items as in the previous game.  This way, you won't
  have to spend time leveling up, and of course, many battles will be a
  piece of cake.  Also, Lavos can be fought at any (almost any) point in
  the game.  The most common reason to use New Game + is to see the
  various endings scattered throughout the game.  To allow players to
  fight Lavos any time, there will be a shining dot in the right pod of
  Lucca's Telepod; interact with this to warp to Lavos.

  Things that will _not_ carry over:

   - Most of the key items, such as the Hero Medal and Masamune.  The
     "trading items" from the prehistoric era will carry over, though.
     The Race Log as well, meaning your scores will not be erased.
   - Cash.  You'll start off with a pitiful amount of 200G.  Blargh.
   - Initial equipment, *unless* it is equipped on someone else other
     than the original owner.
   - Somewhat storyline-related stuff: the Ozzie, Slash and Flea stuff,
     the Taban equipment, and the GreenDream.

  Some trivia: if you defeat Magus at North Cape, you'll RECEIVE his
  Amulet, and it carries over in a New Game + no matter what.  If you
  didn't kill him and he comes with you, the Amulet will only carry over
  if it's equipped on someone else other than Magus himself; if it's on
  Magus or in your inventory it'll be gone upon starting a New Game +.
  Also, make sure you have a powerful weapon for Frog before ending the
  game, since his Masamune will be discarded as well.  And if you want
  to save your money, buy a lot of weapons and armor you do not need
  anymore, and sell them in the New Game +.  Yes, you will only get half
  back (a bit more if you buy your stuff in Medina, after clearing
  Ozzie's Fort), but that's better than nothing anyway.


  Here's a complete list of the endings that can be acquired in the
  game.  I'm including every "real" ending, and what the variations (if
  any) on them are.  Not included are "bad endings", like that one when
  you lose the game by getting defeated by Lavos.



  I warned you.  Twice.

 == BEYOND TIME ======================================

      This ending is shown if you defeat Lavos after preventing Crono's
      death.  So, after Gaspar tells you about the side-quests.  This
      ending additionally unlocks New Game + (see part 4-A), if you've
      defeated Lavos after going through the Black Omen.

    The ending starts just like the game started, but instead some
    soldier wakes you up.  The screen pops over to the throne room in
    Guardia Castle, where the King pretends to be upset, but then it
    seems he knows all about Crono saving the past, present and future!
    Goody.  Several characters (Doan, King Guardia, Kino) appear--of
    course, Lucca's behind this.  Marle sequently realizes that these
    characters are in fact her ancestors and descendants, and then goes
    to the Moonlight Parade.  There, after the polonaise, you'll gain
    control over Crono and Marle.  You can mingle with the various folks
    here if you wish, but go to the Telepod's place to continue.

    There, everyone leaves through the Gate.  Once everyone is gone,
    your cat(s) will appear and jump into the Gate!  Your mom will go
    after them, but the Gate closes soon after that... which seems to be
    no problem for Crono.  Lastly, a soldier comes in and says that the
    King asks for Marle.  Go to the King and he'll introduce Nadia's
    Bell to replace Leene's Bell, but Marle apparently has better things
    to do and leaves.  Taban fires off some fireworks, after which the
    credits roll.  You'll see the Epoch flying and visiting many places,
    and after a while, "The End" appears!


     - When soldier wakes you up, your Poyozo Dolls and clone are there
       if you have them.
     - If you've saved the Chancellor out of the chest, he'll be in the
       throne room.  If you've prevented him from rearing his ugly face,
       it'll be Pierre.
     - During the Moonlight Parade, Lara will be standing instead of
       sitting if you've saved her from getting her legs crippled,
       during the quest to save the forest.
     - If you recruited Magus, he'll show up.  If you didn't, then, uh,
       he won't show up.  Go figure.  Also, Frog turns back into Glenn
       if Magus kicked the bucket.
     - The cats that jump in the Gate: the number of them depends on the
       number of cats you had.  They are all the same color now, for
       some odd reason.
     - If you've used the Epoch to break into Lavos' shell, the cat-
       escapade does not occur.
     - And Crono and Marle will place Nadia's Bell rather than running
       off.  They float off with the balloons.

 == REUNION ==========================================

      You'll acquire this ending by defeating Lavos after Crono's death,
      and before restoring him back to life.  Again, this unlocks New
      Game +, but only if you've defeated Lavos after going through the
      Black Omen.  This ending is a variation on the "Beyond Time"

    The entire party, bar Crono, and Magus if he wasn't recruited, are
    at the End of Time.  You are in control of Marle--talk to Gaspar to
    continue, and everyone wakes up.  Talk to them.  Marle wants to go
    back in time and save Crono, but... the others' interests lie
    somewhere else!  Suckers.  After everyone's left, Gaspar realizes he
    has forgotten to give them the Time Egg...

    You're in control of Marle in the Moonlight Parade.  The ending is
    almost the same as the previous (see above).  Go to the Telepod, and
    have a talk with Lucca.  A Gate suddenly opens up and Gaspar plus
    the rest of your team shows up.  It appears that Gaspar knows how to
    bring back Crono, and so our people head out to save Crono.  Except
    for Marle, whose presence is requested by the King.  Marle has no
    time for him either, though, and heads off to find Crono by herself,
    much like in the previous ending.

    Note that if you've used the Epoch to crush into Lavos, the ending
    is slightly different.  Lucca has tinkered with the Telepod and
    Gaspar appears, then the usual stuff happens, and the King asks for
    Marle.  This time, she _does_ help him place Nadia's Bell, and the
    balloons carry Marle away.  She lands on Death Peak's summit ("You
    see, my friend, those are *magical* balloons.").  After the credits
    have rolled, you'll see Crono coming in the distance.  Marle runs
    towards him, and the screen fades black...

 == THE DREAM PROJECT ================================

      There are two methods to obtain this ending.  One of those is via
      a New Game +; right at the beginning of the game, when Lucca shows
      her Telepod invention, there is a shining dot on the _right_ pod
      of the machine.  If you interact with it, you are warped to Lavos
      instantly; with or without Marle.  The second way is by defeating
      Lavos at the Ocean Palace.  Lavos was then supposed to kill Crono.

    And this, this is an ending you definitely want to see.  The entire
    goings-on takes place at the End of Time, and you'll wind up there
    with whatever party you fought Lavos (most likely Crono and Marle).
    If you talk to Gaspar, you'll learn that this is the development
    room of the game, and that you should talk to everyone to hear what
    the developers of the game have to say to you.  Do so.  I'm not
    going to write down and spoil everything for you; just see for
    yourself.  Note that you can jump in the place where the Epoch is
    supposed to be to find two more people.  Once you have spoken to
    (nearly) all people, talk to Gaspar again and he'll open the door to
    the Dream Team.  Enter.

     * There's one fellow that says that there are 10 endings in total.
       This is partly true; there are 10 EXTRA endings, beside the first
       two.  Another guy has a broken map to fix; the amount of cash he
       asks is not attainable in the game and thus it's bogus rambling.
       Finally, there's someone who denotes something about a 9999
       damage attack; he refers to Ayla doing 9999 on critical hits when
       she gets the BronzeFist (go down to section 4-D for more info).

    The Dream Team, Squaresoft's "big three", has totally redecorated
    Spekkio's room.  Talk to everyone.  You will be given the shortest
    credits I've ever seen in my life ("And since you blew through the
    game so fast, we have adjusted the credits to suit your style!").
    And lastly, the words "The End" pop up.

 == THE SUCCESSOR OF GUARDIA =========================

      Use the Telepod as soon as you return from your first visit to 600
      A.D.; thus after saving Leene from Yakra.  Do it before the trial
      takes place.  New Game + is required to attain this ending, and
      you confront Lavos with Crono and Marle only.

    Crono and Marle return to Leene Square upon saving the world yet
    again.  The people at the fair act rather strange, saying mysterious
    things like, "Princess!  Wearing our disguise again, are we?").
    Even stranger is that you hear a *ribbit* after Marle speaks...?
    Role-playing game my ass--this is SURVIVAL HORROR.

    To continue, talk to the two guards near the exit (well, the
    entrance).  You'll find yourself in Guardia Castle a short moment
    later (in which there's no evil Chancellor waiting to take you to
    prison, thank God).  The King says that he's found an old wedding
    album, which just so happens to date back to 600 A.D.  While the
    credits roll, pictures from that album are shown: you'll see that
    Frog and Queen Leene married!  Taking this bit, one can deduce that
    Marle is in fact... a... frog.  Only the word "YUCK" is applicable
    to that new fact.

 == GOOD NIGHT =======================================

      Use the bucket at the End of Time as soon as you get there.  That
      bucket becomes accessible after visiting Spekkio.  You can still
      do it after defeating Heckran, but not once you've revisited 600
      A.D. on your search for Magus.  You can fight Lavos using Crono
      and two out of Marle, Lucca and Robo.

    One might say, "What?!  I've spent months to get all endings and now
    I get something crappy like THIS?!"  This ending features a Nu and a
    frog, as well as a Kilwala, doing all kinds of dumb stuff (i.e.
    chasing and harassing each other).  It's not that you might fall
    asleep while watching this, but don't count on being amused.

 == LEGENDARY HERO ===================================

      Defeat Lavos after you hear that Tata is a legendary hero *echo*,
      but before he admits that he isn't (i.e. when he gives you the
      Hero Medal).  You'll fight Lavos with Crono and two out of Marle,
      Lucca and Robo.

    This ending consists of two parts.  The first features Robo coming
    out of a Gate, landing in front of the future's version of Leene's
    Bell.  That bell rings, and Atropos appears.  They bump in each
    other just like how you bumped into Marle, which is... weird to see.
    Then, you'll see them sitting on the Denadoro Mountains.  Robo's
    music fades away, making place for the music you hear in Magus'
    castle...  You'll see Tata sitting on the throne in Guardia Castle.
    It's strange, but he is The Hero.  He leaves, Off To Find Magus And
    To Put An End To The War.  When he reaches the castle, however, he
    finds Crono, Marle and Lucca laughing at him.  A fierce and brutal
    battle ensues... which we won't get to see.

 == THE UNKNOWN PAST =================================

      You can get this ending after getting the Hero Medal from Tata,
      the fake hero.  Be sure to bop Lavos before getting the Dreamstone
      (i.e. before you talk to Ayla in the Chief's Hut).  Lavos can be
      fought with Crono and two out of Marle, Lucca and Robo.

    I'll keep it short.  The name "The Unknown Past" means that this
    ending mostly shows what you're supposed to see if you continued the
    game normally (e.g. Reptites chasing and being chased, and more).
    In the end, Robo runs across the screen, and leaves to make place
    for the words "The End".

 == PEOPLE OF THE TIMES ==============================

      Acquiring this ending is possible after you get your Gate Key back
      (i.e. after you defeat Nizbel).  Defeat Lavos _before_ recruiting
      Frog for the second time; it can still be done while repairing the
      Masamune.  Again, you can fight Lavos using Crono and two out of
      Marle, Lucca and Robo.

    While the credits roll, various characters (still pictures) are
    displayed (alone or in groups).  Now... I'm not going to write down
    who appears and who not; just see for yourself.  It's not that I'm
    lazy, but... well, perhaps it is.  In any case, the pendant appears
    on-screen in the end, and "The End" pops up as well.

 == THE OATH =========================================

      To get this ending, defeat Lavos after you recruit Frog, before
      fighting Magus in his lair.  Lavos is fought with Crono and Frog,
      and either Marle, Lucca or Robo.

    It is Lucca's house in which this ending starts.  Lucca's repairing
    Robo, Crono's doing his usual thing (sleeping), and Frog's thinking
    about something.  There's a conversation, which Frog ends by leaving
    (and failing to do so for a second)--off to Magus' castle.  Bye,

    In the lair, he shows Slash, Flea and Ozzie what he's made of, and
    finally runs into Magus.  Just when the fight begins, when the REAL
    action begins, the screen fades black and credits give appearance.
    In the background, you hear the weapons of the two clashing and
    their magic trembling the castle.  Eventually, you'll see a person
    standing on top of the castle.  Is it Frog?  Is it Magus?  We will
    never know...  *ominous music*

 == DINO AGE =========================================

      Defeat Lavos after doing some major hurting to Magus in his lair,
      and before repeating that process with Azala.  You can fight Lavos
      with Crono and anyone else (bar Magus himself, who is of course
      not to keen on helping you after that butt-kick a moment ago).

    It seems that Squaresoft has a habit for ending games the same way
    they start them.  The same applies here, with the only difference
    that your mom is... a Reptite!  Everyone else is too!  Funny aside
    is that the Green Ambler (from the square's racers), who's supposed
    to be a Reptite, is a *human* now.  The entire reason behind this is
    that you finished the game before helping Ayla to exterminate the
    Reptites, and therefore, Ayla failed.  Reptites rule the world now,
    and what about Azala?  Azala is, uh, unfortunate.

 == WHAT THE PROPHET SEEKS... ========================

      Defeat Lavos after defeating Azala, and before meeting up with it
      in the Ocean Palace.  There's only one occasion where this does
      not count: see the ending "A Slide Show?" (below) for that.  Lavos
      needs to be fought with Crono and anyone else, except Magus.

    This starts with Frog visiting Magus' statue in the Cathedral.  Then
    you'll see some scenes with the people from Zeal, one being rather
    interesting: Alfador, Janus' cat who's supposed to only like his
    owner, meows at the Prophet.  You'll also see some parts involving
    the party in Leene Square and Crono's house, while the Prophet goes
    through the Ocean Palace, searching for Lavos.  Ending the ending's
    description, I quote this masterful phrase:

     "If history is to change, let it change!  If the world is to be
      destroyed, so be it!  If my fate is to be destroyed... I must
      simply laugh!!"
        -- The Prophet

 == A SLIDE SHOW? ====================================

      Defeat Lavos after you witness Schala using her own pendant to
      open the door to the throne room in Zeal Palace.  But, don't place
      your pendant in the Mammon Machine.  If you do, guards will block
      the way out.  Lavos can be fought using Crono and two others,
      excluding Magus.

    The words "The End" appear instantly.  Wait, that's all?  Of course
    not.  Marle and Lucca decide to start a slide show, commenting on
    various characters.  Quite humorous, I'd say.  After that, Crono
    appears and is upset (you can actually see him talk here!) and the
    party goes to the present.  This is a definite must-see...


  Thanks to SSJVegeta69 for helping me realizing this section.  All info
  you'll find here is either found by him or by me, with the exception
  of Ayla's AP formula, which is of Terii Senshi's origin.  As always,
  if you have a correction or addition, feel free to drop us a line!

  A note about the "random variance" (RV): this is a random amount of
  damage added to make sure you won't do exactly the same damage every
  time.  We're not totally sure about how this is calculated; if you DO
  know it and want to share your accurate info with us, your input is
  muchly appreciated.  Here is what we have currently about the RV:

   - For physical attacks and techs, it's probably a percentage of the
   - For elemental spells, it's probably a percentage of the magic-stat.
   - For curative techs, the RV is between 1 and the magic-stat.  This
     is the only thing we're sure of.

  And lastly, the key:

    AP - Attack power (explained under "Physical Attacks")
    D  - Damage (or HP gain under "Curative Single Techs")
    ED - Enemy's defense against tech's element; default is 4
    H  - Performer's hit rate-stat
    L  - Performer's level
    MD - Enemy's magical defense; default is 50
    P  - Performer's power-stat
    PD - Enemy's physical defense; default is 127
    RV - Random variance (explained above)
    S  - Performer's stamina-stat
    TP - Tech's power
    W  - Performer's weapon strength

 == PHYSICAL ATTACKS =================================

    FORMULA:  D = AP * 4 * (1 - PD/255) + RV

     - Critical hits; there's a chance you will do double damage.  One
       exception is Ayla's BronzeFist, which deals 9999 damage on a
       critical hit no matter what.
     - Miss; there's a change you will do no damage as well.
     - WonderShot; randomly does 1/10, 1/2, 1, 2, or 3 times damage.
     - Crisis Arm; AP(new) = AP(old) * 1/2 * HP ("HP" is the _last_
       digit of Robo's _current_ HP).
     - DoomSickle; does 200% damage when one ally is down, or 300% when
       two have bitten the dust.
     - Berserker; 150% physical damage.
     - Sun Shades; 125% damage.
     - PrismSpecs; 150% damage.

    ATTACK POWER:  Damage you do depends on your attack power (AP), the
    number next to the weapon-icon in the menu screen.  Here's how it's
    calculated--take note that the number is rounded DOWN in the game
    menu, but the fractions REMAIN when you fight:

      CRONO - AP = P * 4/3 + W * 5/9
      MARLE - AP = H * 2/3 + W * 2/3
      LUCCA - AP = H * 2/3 + W * 2/3
      ROBO  - AP = P * 4/3 + W * 5/9
      FROG  - AP = P * 4/3 + W * 5/9
      AYLA  - AP = L * L / 45 + P * 16/9
      MAGUS - AP = P * 4/3 + W * 5/9

    MECHANICAL ENEMIES:  Lucca's Plasma Gun (found in the Factory) might
    inflict Stop-status to the following enemies: Bug, Bugger, Byte,
    Cybot, Debugger, Debuggest, Martello, Proto 2, Proto 3, Proto 4,

    MAGICAL ENEMIES:  These enemies have magical properties: Barghest,
    Blue Scout, Egder, Jinn, Jinn Bottle, Juggler, Krakker, Mage, Nu,
    (Octobino,) Red Scout, Scouter, Sorcerer.  The following weapons are
    effective against them: Demon Edge (150%), Pearl Edge (150%),
    BraveSword (200%), Masamune (2) (200%), Demon Hit (200%).

 == PHYSICAL SINGLE TECHS ============================

    FORMULA:  D = AP * TP/2 * (1 - PD/255) + RV

     - Crisis Arm; AP(new) = AP(old) * 1/2 * HP ("HP" is the _last_
       digit of Robo's _current_ HP).
     - Sun Shades; 125% damage.
     - PrismSpecs; 150% damage.

    TECH POWER:  The TP of each single tech is listed in section 5-C.
    Go check there.  Note that Confuse deals 4x RV and Triple Kick 3x RV
    --this is because they assault the enemy three times.

     - Robo's Robo Tackle attack formula is as follows:
       D = ((L * L / 100) + (P / 1.25)) * 21 * (1 - PD/255) + RV
     - Frog's Frog Squash attack formula is as follows:
       D = (HP(max) - HP(cur)) * (S / 140) * 10 * (1 - PD/255) + RV
     - Ayla's Dino Tail attack formula is as follows:
       D = (HP(max) - HP(cur)) * (S / 140) * 9 * (1 - PD/255) + RV

 == ELEMENTAL SINGLE TECHS ===========================

    FORMULA:  D = (L + M) * TP * 3.2 * (1 - MD/102.4) / ED + RV

     - If MD = 100, then D = 1
     - If ED = 0, then D = 0 (can't divide by zero)
     - If ED > 127, then ED = (ED - 128) (hexadecimals' version of
       negative digits)
     - Sun Shades; 125% damage.
     - PrismSpecs; 150% damage.

    TECH POWER:  The TP of each single tech is listed in section 5-C, as
    are the elemental affiliations.

    ELEMENTAL DEFENSE:  Each enemy has four of these: one for lightning,
    shadow, water and fire.  Default: 4.  If we're talking non-elemental
    attacks, just factor the default 4.

 == CURATIVE SINGLE TECHS ============================

    FORMULA:  D = M * TP + RV

    TECH POWER:  The TP of each single tech is listed in section 5-C.

     - Kiss also removes negative status.
     - *Life 2 revives and heals 999 HP.

 == DUAL TECHS AND TRIPLE TECHS ======================

    FORMULA:  Damage consists of a percentage of each involving tech and
    the RV.  See section 5-C for the percentages.

     - Sun Shades and PrismSpecs; if performer 1 has one of these, then
       ONLY performer 1's part is boosted by 125% or 150% respectively.
     - Life Line doesn't inflict damage but casts Reraise-status on
       every party member.  Those in this state will be revived with an
       amount of (M * 5) HP when they die.
     - PoyozoDance additionally inflicts Chaos-status.
     - Grand Dream and Spin Strike, which are addressed below.

     - Grand Dream's attack formula is as follows (depends on Frog):
       D = (HP(max) - HP(cur)) * (S / 140) * 24 * (1 - PD/255) + RV
     - Spin Strike's attack formula is as follows (depends on Frog):
       D = (P * 48 + W * 20) * (1 - PD/255) + RV

     - The menu says that Spin Kick requires 4 MP of Robo (Robo Tackle),
       but it actually consumes 2 MP from him (Laser Spin).
     - The menu says that Spin Strike requires 10 MP of Ayla (Tail
       Spin), but it actually 15 MP (Dino Tail).  Damage still depends
       on Frog only, though.


 == RANDOM CRAP ======================================

    See the section above for more trivia...

 -- CRITICAL HIT RATES -------------------------------

    You'll do double damage on a critical hit.  See section 5-B for the
    percentages on this happening--it varies for each weapon.  Check
    under "CHR", which stands for Critical Hit Rate.

 -- WONDERSHOT ---------------------------------------

    When Lucca wears this piece, her attack power is each time you use
    the weapon randomly multiplied by either 1/10, 1/2, 1, 2 or 3, which
    means you will either do one tenth of the expected damage, half,
    normal damage, twice or thrice as much.

 -- CRISIS ARM ---------------------------------------

    Your AP (attack power) is multiplied by half of the last digit of
    Robo's current HP.  So, if you have 999 HP, you'll do 450% damage,
    but if it's 990 or 10, you'll do zero damage.  Note that whether you
    have 999 or 9 HP, damage you do depends on the LAST DIGIT only; the
    in-game description is a bit misleading (or stupid).  This applies
    to physical attacks and techs, except Robo Tackle, for which the
    game uses a special formula.

 -- AYLA'S FISTS -------------------------------------

    As Ayla gains levels, she'll automatically acquire new fists; Fist
    (level 1+), Fist (level 24+), Fist (level 48+), Iron Fist (level
    72+), BronzeFist (level 96+).  To actually get them, you'll have to
    be on the required level (or higher) and fight one additional
    battle.  When Ayla has the Iron Fist, she might inflict Chaos, and
    the BronzeFist deals exactly 9999 damage on a critical hit.

 -- OTHER EQUIPMENT ----------------------------------

    Check out the Damage Calculation section above or the charts below
    for additional oddities.

 -- DUMMIED-OUT MONSTERS -----------------------------

    There are some enemies that were supposed to be in the game, but
    deleted later on.  Or so I think.  Their names (and sometimes enemy
    data such as HP, etc.) are still available, and I thought you might
    be interested... and if not, this is just for reference: Bull Frog,
    Frog King, Johnny, Octobino, Octorider, Ogre, Omicrone (i.e. not

 -- DUMMIED-OUT PLACES -------------------------------

    While messing in the game's data, I've found names of locations that
    I couldn't find in the real game: Ayla's tent, Breakwave Pt.,
    Chanting Mt, Eternal repose, Exoskeleton, Gobb's house, and Robot
    village.  Weird, eh?

 -- SOME LOW-LEVEL GAME RAMBLING ---------------------

    Experience gain is minimized by killing off every party member
    (unfortunately, you cannot target your own people), and completing
    the battle with the one that gets the load of experience down his
    throat.  New characters join your party at a predetermined level.
    People not in your active party will gain 75% (rounded down) of what
    the active people get (which explains why Marle levels up during the
    Queen Leene incident), and this happens as soon as they join your
    party, even when they leave soon after (Frog, Ayla).  The levels are
    as follows: Crono (1), Marle (1), Lucca (2), Robo (10), Frog (5),
    Ayla (18), Magus (37).


 -- SEALED CHESTS / SEALED DOORS ---------------------

    ARRIS DOME:  Power Tab, Lumin Robe, Elixir, Hit Ring, Gold Erng
    BANGOR DOME:  Charm Top, Full Ether, Wallet
    FOREST RUINS:  Safe Helm/Swallow
    GUARDIA CASTLE (600 A.D.):  Red Vest
    GUARDIA CASTLE (1000 A.D.):  Red Mail
    GUARDIA FOREST (600 A.D.):  Speed Tab
    GUARDIA FOREST (1000 A.D.):  Power Ring
    HECKRAN CAVE:  Wall Ring, Dash Ring
    MAGIC CAVE:  Magic Ring
    NORTHERN RUINS (600 A.D.):  Nova Armor, Kali Blade, Siren
    HERO'S GRAVE (1000 A.D.):  Moon Armor, Shiva Edge, Valkerye
    PORRE ELDER'S HOUSE (600 A.D.):  Black Vest, White Vest
    PORRE MAYOR'S MANOR (1000 A.D.):  Black Mail, White Mail
    TRANN DOME:  Magic Tab, Gold Stud, Full Ether
    TRUCE INN (600 A.D.):  Blue Vest
    TRUCE INN (1000 A.D.):  Blue Mail

 -- POWER TABS ---------------------------------------

    GUARDIA FOREST (600 A.D.):  At the far right end, lower dot.
    GUARDIA FOREST (1000 A.D.):  At the far right end.
    CATHEDRAL:  In a room with soldiers, in a bucket.
    DEATH PEAK:  Dash to the upper-right corner.
    LAB 32:  Race Johnny and get 1500+ points (only once).
    PROTO DOME:  Under the Gate, after visiting the End of Time.
    GUARDIA CASTLE:  Given to you by the chef, along with a Jerky.
    PORRE MARKET (1000 A.D.):  On the floor.
    TYRANO LAIR:  Charm from BlackTyrano.
    ARRIS DOME:  Behind the sealed door, requires powered-up pendant.
    TERRA CAVE:  It's in the Beast's nest--the lower-right corner.
    BLACK OMEN:  Charm from Tubster (UNLIMITED!).
    SUNKEN DESERT:  In the desert, after defeating Retinite.
    GENO DOME:  In a hall.
    SUN KEEP (600 A.D.):  It's right there.
    HERO'S GRAVE:  Right, up the stairs, lower-left corner.
    GIANT'S CLAW:  Behind a skull's mouth.
    GIANT'S CLAW:  The far right of a certain area.
    GIANT'S CLAW:  Take the path left of the prison.
    END OF TIME:  Defeat Spekkio (11 tabs max).

 -- MAGIC TABS ---------------------------------------

    MEDINA ELDER'S HOUSE:  Upstairs.
    DORINO RESIDENCE:  Trade it for the Naga-ette Bromide.
    DENADORO MOUNTAINS:  Nag the Kilwala four times.
    MAGUS'S LAIR:  Dropped by Flea upon defeat.
    MAGUS'S LAIR:  In the room with the save point-enemies.
    TYRANO LAIR:  Charm from Azala.
    ENHASA:  Won from the six Nus.
    ZEAL PALACE:  Scratch the back of the Nu (tab-making room).
    ZEAL PALACE:  Charm from Golem.
    TRANN DOME:  Behind sealed door; requires powered-up pendant.
    KEEPER'S DOME:  Appears after you get the Epoch.
    MT. WOE:  Near the chests with a Time Hat and Full Ether.
    OCEAN PALACE:  Go down the elevator, then go back up.
    OCEAN PALACE:  Charm from Golem.
    OCEAN PALACE:  Charm from Golem.
    LAST VILLAGE:  Behind the selling Nu (wait a while).
    BLACKBIRD:  In the vent shaft (northeast); after getting stuff.
    BLACK OMEN:  Charm from Alien (four tabs max).
    OZZIE'S FORT:  In the "secret area".
    GENO DOME:  Hidden passage!  See the walkthrough for this one...
    GENO DOME:  In the room north of where you find Atropos.
    HERO'S GRAVE:  At Cyrus' grave (finish the side-quest first).
    END OF TIME:  Defeat Spekkio (15 tabs max).

 -- SPEED TABS ---------------------------------------

    MEDINA ELDER'S HOUSE:  On the kitchen table.
    DENADORO MOUNTAINS:  At the save point, lower-left corner.
    KAJAR:  Above the bookcase, search the other room.
    ENHASA:  Won from the six Nus.
    GUARDIA FOREST (600 A.D.):  Sealed chest.
    MT. WOE:  Charm from Giga Gaia (head).
    TERRA CAVE:  Charm from Mud Imp.
    BLACK OMEN:  Charm from Panel (13 tabs max).
    BLACK OMEN:  In the room with a Power Seal; lower-right corner.
    BLACK OMEN:  See above; go one room to the left.
    BLACK OMEN:  In a chest in the room with Aliens and Blobs.
    BLACK OMEN:  A chest right before you face the TerraMutant.
    SUNKEN DESERT:  Charm from Retinite (core).
    GENO DOME:  Under a Poyozo Doll; wait a few seconds.
    WEST CAPE:  Behind Toma's grave.
    END OF TIME:  Defeat Spekkio (11 tabs max).


    Spekkio is the dude at the End of Time who teached you to use magic.
    In return, he wants you to kick his ass with his own stuff.  You may
    have already noticed that his forms change as you level up; remember
    that only the level of the party member in lead matters.  Your HP/MP
    are restored when you win or lose, so don't you worry about the
    game-over screen.  You will also not gain experience points or the
    stuff like that, though you get other, much better rewards, once per
    form (that is, if you get a reward set, you will not get it again if
    you beat him once more, until he changes form).  Here is a table
    that lines up everything you need, except the strategies, which I've
    bumped below it.

      LEVEL:  FORM:       HP:       REWARDS:
      1-9     Frog        350       Magic Tab
      10-19   Kilwala     800       Magic Tab, Ether (x5)
      20-29   Goblin      2200      Magic Tab, Mid Ether (x5)
      30-39   Omnicrone   4800      Magic Tab, Full Ether (x5)
      40-98   MasaMune    10000     Magic Tab, Power Tab, Speed Tab,
                                    Elixir (x10)
      99/**   Nu          20000     Magic Tab (x10), Power Tab (x10),
                                    Speed Tab (x10), MegaElixir (x10)

 -- FROG (LEVEL 1-9) ---------------------------------

    Avoid having Robo (because of his low magic power) and unleash a
    couple of elemental attacks...  You will probably not see Spekkio in
    this form, but if you do and you lose, you... suck.

 -- KILWALA (LEVEL 10-19) ----------------------------

    Again, try not to use Robo.  It's not really hard; just attack him a
    few times and you're done.

 -- GOBLIN (LEVEL 20-29) -----------------------------

    If you can't beat him, you might as well level up until your magic
    does 220+ damage, and you'll only need ten rounds to get him in the

 -- OMNICRONE (LEVEL 30-39) --------------------------

    This is where it starts to get tough; from here on, casting elements
    until he dies is no more choice.  Spekkio's attacks inflict quite
    some damage, so cast Lucca's *Protect-spell, use a Barrier, and make
    sure you heal when HP drops significantly.  Casting *Haste is a very
    wise choice.  For the rest, it's just trading hits and healing

 -- MASAMUNE (LEVEL 40-98) ---------------------------

    This shouldn't be a problem at all.  It's highly recommended to have
    the ultimate single techs (from *Luminaire to *DarkMatter) ready,
    and of course using them!  Spekkio has an instant death-attack, but
    this is nothing to worry about (whip out a Revive and that's over
    with).  Unleash those strong techs while healing when needed, and
    you're done before you know it...  If you can't defeat him now,
    worry not!  At level 98 he'll still be in the MasaMune-form, and you
    can imagine he'll be a piece of cake then.

 -- NU (LEVEL **) ------------------------------------

    Maxed speed, PrismSpecs and Haste Helmets on everyone.  The party of
    choice is Lucca, Frog, and anyone else.  Spekkio's attacks include
    the "ultimate" techs, of which *Luminaire hurts, Hallation, and Salt
    (which, kindly enough, heals one party member).  Since he uses those
    techs, I suggest to equip element-absorbing armor; a different one
    for each.  Reason for this is that if he casts Hallation, you're
    close to dead meat, and if Spekkio casts a target-all spell, at
    least you're not dead instantly.

    Anyway, the general rule with Spekkio is that all magical attacks
    hit, and all physical attacks miss.  Spekkio's magical defense is
    higher than normal, and his physical defense is regular.  The trick
    is that if you use a dual tech that consists of both, it'll hit (it
    is also magical), and he sustains full damage from the physical
    part.  The strategy--dun dun DUN--is to cast Frog Flare whenever he
    casts Hallation.  As you know, that dual tech is based on Frog
    Squash, which does more damage if Frog's HP is low.  Utilize this
    strategy and you're done in only a few rounds.  You'll receive
    "...enough of Spekkio's praise to last a year!"


You'll find lists and charts here, except for information on monsters;
that would pump up this FAQ's size significantly and it's large enough
as it is already.  Who cares, anyway?  Your half-brother's Turok-playing
buddy's pet canary, maybe!  Shop info is listed when you get to the shop
in the walkthrough, and there's no need to repeat myself here.  Anyway,
I hope you can find your way out here; the charts look quite jumbled up
(especially the magic section).  Simple solution: alcohol.  The more you
drink, the better everything looks.


  ITEM:          BUY     SELL:     EFFECT:
  CONSUMABLE ITEMS -----------------------------------------------------
  Barrier        --      2500      Sustained magical damage but by 1/3
  Elixir         --      10000     Restores 999 HP/MP to a single target
  Ether          800     400       Restores 10 MP
  Full Ether     6000    3000      Restores 60 MP
  Full Tonic     700     350       Restores 500 HP
  Heal           10      5         Removes negative status effects
  HyperEther     10000   5000      Restores 99 MP
  Lapis          --      250       Restores 200 HP for each party member
  Magic Tab      --      5         Permanent magic-stat +1 bonus
  MegaElixir     --      25000     Restores 999 HP/MP to everyone!
  Mid Ether      2000    1000      Restores 30 MP
  Mid Tonic      100     50        Restores 200 HP
  Power Meal     --      1         Randomly heals amount of HP/MP/both
  Power Tab      --      5         Permanent power-stat +1 bonus
  Revive         200     100       Restores 50 HP to a KO'd party member
  Shelter        150     75        Restores HP/MP at save points
  Shield         --      2500      Sustained physical damage cut by 1/3
  Speed Tab      --      5         Permanent speed-stat +1 bonus
  Tonic          10      5         Restores 50 HP

  KEY ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------
  Pendant        Mysterious pendant... true function unknown
  Gate Key       Item required to travel through time safely
  Seed           Hope for the future's people
  Bike Key       Given by Doan, use to race with Johnny
  Race Log       Logs race scores
  Jerky          Given by 600 A.D.'s cook, give to soldiers
  Bent Sword     Part of the legendary Masamune
  Bent Hilt      The other part
  Dreamstone     Required item to forge the Masamune
  Petal          Trading items for use in Ioka village
  Fang           Trading items for use in Ioka village
  Horn           Trading items for use in Ioka village
  Feather        Trading items for use in Ioka village
  Masamune       The legendary sword--need I say more?
  Pendant        Powered-up version which can now open sealed things
  Ruby Knife     Pre-Masamune, might be able to stop the Mammon Machine
  C. Trigger     Does you-know-what to you-know-who because you-know-why
  Clone          Just a stupid clone, won in the Tent of Horrors
  Moon Stone     A drained, "empty" version of the Sun Stone
  Jerky          Food; either causes or prevents generations of greed...
  Sun Stone      Stone that was once the source of Zeal Kingdom's power
  Tools          What?  They're tools.  Just... *tools*!
  Toma's Pop     Coke that Toma wants over his grave; I know it's stupid
  PrismShard     A shard from the legendary Rainbow Shell
  Yakra Key      Key gained from an ugly monster to save an ugly monster


  WEAPON:        BUY:    SELL:   ATT.:  CHR:    ADDED EFFECTS:
  CRONO / KATANA BLADES ------------------------------------------------
  Mop            --      1       +1     10%
  Wood Sword     --      50      +3     10%
  Iron Blade     350     175     +7     10%
  SteelSaber     800     400     +15    10%
  Lode Sword     4000    2000    +20    10%
  Red Katana     4500    2250    +30    10%     Magic +2
  Bolt Sword     --      2500    +25    10%
  Flint Edge     TRADE   3250    +40    10%
  Slasher        --      --      +43    10%     Speed +2
  Dark Saber     --      4350    +50    10%     * (1)
  Aeon Blade     TRADE   6250    +70    10%
  Demon Edge     17000   8500    +90    10%     * (2)
  AlloyBlade     21000   10500   +110   10%
  Star Sword     25000   12500   +125   10%
  VedicBlade     --      15000   +135   10%
  Kali Blade     --      17500   +150   20%
  Swallow        --      19000   +145   10%     Speed +3
  Slasher 2      --      --      +155   10%
  Shiva Edge     --      20000   +170   7%      * (3)
  Rainbow        --      30000   +220   70%

  MARLE / BOWS ---------------------------------------------------------
  Bronze Bow     --      40      +3     20%
  Iron Bow       850     425     +15    20%
  Lode Bow       1700    850     +20    20%
  Robin Bow      2850    1450    +25    20%
  Sage Bow       TRADE   2100    +40    20%
  Dream Bow      TRADE   2900    +60    20%
  CometArrow     7800    3900    +80    20%
  SonicArrow     10000   5000    +100   20%     * (4)
  Siren          --      14000   +140   40%     * (5)
  Valkerye       --      19000   +180   40%

  LUCCA / GUNS ---------------------------------------------------------
  Air Gun        --      150     +5     20%
  Dart Gun       800     400     +7     20%
  Auto Gun       1200    600     +15    20%
  PicoMagnum     --      900     +20    20%     * (1)
  Plasma Gun     3200    1600    +25    20%     * (6)
  Ruby Gun       TRADE   2900    +40    20%
  Dream Gun      TRADE   3700    +60    20%
  Megablast      9800    4900    +80    20%
  Shock Wave     11000   5500    +110   20%     * (7)
  Graedus        --      6000    +60    20%     * (1), (8)
  WonderShot     --      16000   +250   40%     * (9)

  ROBO / PARTS ---------------------------------------------------------
  Tin Arm        --      500     +20    10%
  Hammer Arm     3500    1750    +25    10%
  MirageHand     --      2750    +30    10%
  Stone Arm      TRADE   3750    +40    10%
  DoomFinger     --      4900    +50    10%
  Magma Hand     TRADE   5600    +70    10%
  MegatonArm     12500   7500    +90    10%
  Big Hand       18000   9000    +105   10%
  Kaiser Arm     21000   10500   +120   10%
  Giga Arm       --      12000   +135   10%
  Terra Arm      --      14000   +150   10%
  Crisis Arm     --      1       +1     5%      * (10)

  FROG / BROAD SWORDS --------------------------------------------------
  BronzeEdge     350     175     +6     23%
  Iron Sword     --      550     +10    23%
  Masamune       --      --      +75    23%
  FlashBlade     18000   9000    +90    23%
  Pearl Edge     22000   11000   +105   23%     * (2)
  Rune Blade     24000   12000   +120   23%     Magic +4
  Demon Hit      --      13000   +120   23%     * (11)
  BraveSword     --      16000   +135   23%     * (11)
  Masamune       --      --      +200   23%     * (11)

  AYLA / FISTS ---------------------------------------------------------
  Fist           --      --      --     20%
  Fist           --      --      --     25%
  Fist           --      --      --     30%
  Iron Fist      --      --      --     35%     * (7)
  BronzeFist     --      --      --     10%     * (12)

  MAGUS / SCYTHES ------------------------------------------------------
  DarkScythe     --      10000   +120   10%
  Hurricane      35000   17500   +135   10%
  StarScythe     --      21000   +150   10%
  DoomSickle     --      1       +160   10%     * (13)

   * (1)  - This weapon is dummied out and doesn't appear in the game
     (2)  - 150% damage to enemies of the type "Magic"
     (3)  - Does 400% damage on a critical hit
     (4)  - Inflicts Slow-status
     (5)  - Inflicts Stop-status
     (6)  - Inflicts Stop-status to enemies of the type "Machine"
     (7)  - Inflicts Chaos-status
     (8)  - Cuts enemy's HP by 1/2; doesn't work on some enemies
     (9)  - Attack power is randomly multiplied by 1/10, 1/2, 1, 2, or 3
     (10) - Attack power is multiplied by half of the last digit of
            Robo's current HP
     (11) - 200% damage to enemies of the type "Magic"
     (12) - Deals 9999 damage on critical hits, regardless of enemy's
     (13) - Attack power goes up by 100% for each fallen ally

  ARMOR:         BUY     SELL:   DEF.:   WHO:        ADDED EFFECTS:
  Aeon Suit      9000    4500    +75     CMLRFAM
  Black Mail     --      4100    +70     CMLRFAM     * (1) (shadow)
  Black Vest     --      2900    +45     CMLRFAM     * (2) (shadow)
  Blue Mail      --      4100    +70     CMLRFAM     * (1) (water)
  Blue Vest      --      2900    +45     CMLRFAM     * (2) (water)
  BronzeMail     520     260     +16     C  RF M
  Dark Mail      --      1900    +45     C  RF M     Magic Defense +5
  Flash Mail     8500    4250    +64     C  RF M
  Gloom Cape     --      8200    +84           M
  Gold Suit      1300    650     +39     CMLRFAM
  Hide Tunic     --      40      +5      CMLRFAM
  Iron Suit      800     400     +25     CMLRFAM
  Karate Gi      300     150     +10     CMLRFAM
  Lode Vest      8500    4250    +71     CMLRFAM
  Lumin Robe     7500    3250    +63      ML  A
  MaidenSuit     560     280     +18      ML  A
  Meso Mail      --      3000    +52     CMLRFAM
  Mist Robe      --      3400    +54      ML  A
  Moon Armor     --      6500    +85     C  RF M     Magic Defense +10
  Nova Armor     --      5500    +82     C  RF M     * (3)
  PrismDress     --      6000    +99      ML  A      * (4)
  RavenArmor     --      7900    +76           M
  Red Mail       --      4100    +70     CMLRFAM     * (1) (fire)
  Red Vest       --      2900    +45     CMLRFAM     * (2) (fire)
  Ruby Armor     TRADE   7000    +78     CMLRFAM     * (5)
  Ruby Vest      TRADE   1800    +45     CMLRFAM     * (6)
  Taban Suit     --      --      +79       L         * (7), Speed +3
  Taban Vest     --      --      +33       L         * (6), Speed +2
  Titan Vest     1200    600     +32     CMLRFAM
  White Mail     --      4100    +70     CMLRFAM     * (1) (lightning)
  White Vest     --      2900    +45     CMLRFAM     * (2) (lightning)
  ZodiacCape     --      5000    +80      ML  A      Magic Defense +10

   * (1)  - Absorbs sustained damage of the corresponding element
     (2)  - Cuts sustained damage of the corresponding element by 50%
     (3)  - Protects status
     (4)  - Cuts all sustained elemental damage by 1/3
     (5)  - Cuts sustained fire-damage by 80%
     (6)  - Cuts sustained fire-damage by 50%
     (7)  - Cuts sustained fire-damage by 90%

  HELMET:        BUY     SELL:   DEF.:   WHO:        ADDED EFFECTS:
  Aeon Helm      7800    3900    +33     CMLRFAM
  Beret          700     350     +17      ML  A
  BronzeHelm     200     100     +8      CMLRFAM
  CeraTopper     --      1250    +23     CMLRFAM
  Dark Helm      --      6000    +35     C  RF M     * (1)
  Doom Helm      --      4750    +29           M
  Gloom Helm     --      6500    +42           M     * (2), Speed +1
  Glow Helm      2300    1150    +25     C  RF M
  Gold Helm      --      600     +18     C  RF M
  Haste Helm     --      6000    +35     CMLRFAM     * (3)
  Hide Cap       --      25      +3      CMLRFAM
  Iron Helm      500     250     +14     CMLRFAM
  Lode Helm      7500    3250    +29     CMLRFAM
  Memory Cap     20000   10000   +30     CMLRFAM     * (4)
  MermaidCap     --      8000    +35     CMLRFAM     * (5)
  OzziePants     --      --      +45     CMLRFAM     * (6)
  Prism Helm     --      4400    +40     CMLRFAM     * (7), M. Def. +9
  R'bow Helm     --      8000    +35     CMLRFAM     * (8)
  Rock Helm      TRADE   1000    +20     CMLRFAM
  Safe Helm      --      5000    +38     CMLRFAM     * (9)
  Sight Cap      20000   10000   +30     CMLRFAM     * (10)
  Taban Helm     --      --      +24       L         Magic Defense +10
  Time Hat       30000   15000   +30     CMLRFAM     * (11)
  Vigil Hat      50000   25000   +36     CMLRFAM     * (2)

   * (1)  - Cuts sustained shadow-damage by 50%
     (2)  - Protects status
     (3)  - Inflicts Haste-status
     (4)  - Prevents Lock-status
     (5)  - Cuts sustained water-damage by 50%
     (6)  - Inflicts Chaos-status, and then HP Down-status (i.e. stinks)
     (7)  - Cuts all sustained elemental damage by 1/3
     (8)  - Cuts sustained lightning-damage by 50%
     (9)  - Cuts all sustained physical damage by 1/3
     (10) - Prevents Chaos-status
     (11) - Prevents Stop- and Slow-status

  Amulet         Protects status
  Bandana        Speed +1
  Berserker      Attack power +50%, physical damage -33%, auto-attack
  Black Rock     Enables Marle, Lucca and Magus to use DarkEternal
  Blue Rock      Enables Lucca, Robo and Magus to use Omega Flare
  Charm Top      Ayla's Charm success rate rises
  Dash Ring      Speed +3
  Defender       Stamina +2
  Flea Vest      Magic Defense +12
  FrenzyBand     Counterattack rate is 80%
  Gold Erng      Max HP rises by 50%
  Gold Rock      Enables Marle, Robo and Frog to use Grand Dream
  Gold Stud      MP use goes down by 75%, quadrupling your MP
  GreenDream     Inflicts Reraise-status (one-time revive per battle)
  Hero Medal     In conjunction with Masamune, Frog's CHR rises to 50%
  Hit Ring       Hit Rate +10
  Magic Ring     Magic +6
  Magic Seal     Magic +5, Magic Defense +5
  MagicScarf     Magic +2
  MuscleRing     Stamina +6
  Power Ring     Power +6
  Power Seal     Power +10, Stamina +10
  PowerGlove     Power +2
  PowerScarf     Power +4
  PrismSpecs     Physical and magical damage upped by 50%
  Rage Band      Counterattack rate is 50%
  Relic          See enemy's HP; doesn't work on bosses (dummied out)
  Ribbon         Hit Rate +1
  SeraphSong     5 MP is recovered every 10 seconds (dummied out)
  SightScope     See enemy's HP; doesn't work on bosses
  SilverErng     Max HP rises by 25%
  SilverRock     Enables Robo, Frog and Ayla to use Spin Strike
  SilverStud     MP use goes down by 50%, doubling your MP
  Speed Belt     Speed +2
  Sun Shades     Physical and magical damage upped by 25%
  Third Eye      Evade x2
  Wall Ring      Magic Defense +10
  Wallet         Changes experience points gain into G
  White Rock     Enables Marle, Lucca and Ayla to use PoyozoDance


   * TP:  Tech power; indication of a tech's strength, and the number
     factored in the damage formula (see section 4-C).
     RN:  Range of the tech.  Here's what the codes mean:
       1E - Single enemy
       AE - All enemies
       1A - Single ally
       AA - All allies
       DL - Direct line between caster and target
       FL - Full line between and around caster and target
       HL - Horizontal line
       EZ - Zone around target enemy
       CZ - Zone around caster
     P/E/O:  Whether the tech is Physical, Elemental, or Otherwise.  The
     element or effect is listed under "DESCRIPTION", unless the tech is
     physical, in which case it just inflicts physical damage.
     REQ:  Requirement; amount of tech points needed to learn the tech
     (values are not cumulative).

  SINGLE TECH:    MP:  TP:  RN:  P/E/O - DESCRIPTION:              REQ.:
  CRONO ----------------------------------------------------------------
  Cyclone         2    10   EZ   x     -                           5
  Slash           2    10   FL     x   - Lightning                 90
  *Lightning      2    12   1E     x   - Lightning                 --
  Spincut         4    16   EZ   x     -                           200
  *Lightning2     8    14   AE     x   - Lightning                 500
  *Life           10   10   1A       x - Revive                    400
  Confuse         12   29   1E   x     -                           800
  *Luminaire      20   50   AE     x   - Lightning                 1000

  MARLE ----------------------------------------------------------------
  Aura            1    5    1A       x - Cure                      10
  Provoke         1    --   1E       x - Status (Chaos)            50
  *Ice            2    11   1E     x   - Water                     --
  *Cure           2    14   1A       x - Cure                      150
  *Haste          7    --   1A       x - Status (Haste)            250
  *Ice 2          8    14   AE     x   - Water                     400
  *Cure 2         5    24   1A       x - Cure                      600
  *Life 2         15   --   1A       x - Revive                    900

  LUCCA ----------------------------------------------------------------
  Flame Toss      1    6    DL     x   - Fire                      10
  Hypno Wave      1    --   AE       x - Status (Sleep)            60
  *Fire           2    11   1E     x   - Fire                      --
  Napalm          3    12   EZ     x   - Fire                      150
  *Protect        6    --   1A       x - Status (Protect)          250
  *Fire 2         8    14   AE     x   - Fire                      400
  Mega Bomb       15   32   EZ     x   - Fire                      600
  *Flare          20   34   AE     x   - Fire                      900

  ROBO -----------------------------------------------------------------
  RocketPunch     1    11   1E   x     -                           0
  Cure Beam       2    14   1A       x - Cure                      0
  Laser Spin      3    10   AE     x   - Shadow                    5
  Robo Tackle     4    21   1E   x     -                           150
  Heal Beam       3    10   AA       x - Cure                      400
  Uzzi Punch      12   25   1E   x     -                           600
  Area Bomb       14   30   CZ     x   - Fire                      800
  Shock           17   40   AE     x   - Lightning                 1000

  FROG -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Slurp           1    5    1A       x - Cure                      10
  Slurp Cut       2    11   1E   x     -                           15
  *Water          2    11   1E     x   - Water                     --
  *Heal           2    6    AA       x - Cure                      10
  Leap Slash      4    18   1E   x     -                           250
  *Water 2        8    14   AE     x   - Water                     400
  *Cure 2         5    24   1A       x - Cure                      600
  Frog Squash     15   --   AE       x - Desperation               1000

  AYLA -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Kiss            1    14   1A       x - Cure                      10
  Rollo Kick      2    14   1E   x     -                           60
  Cat Attack      3    20   1E   x     -                           100
  Rock Throw      4    30   1E   x     -                           200
  Charm           4    --   1E       x - Steal item                400
  Tail Spin       10   40   CZ     x   - Non-elemental             600
  Dino Tail       15   --   AE       x - Desperation               800
  Triple Kick     20   37   1E   x     -                           1000

  MAGUS ----------------------------------------------------------------
  *Lightning2     8    18   AE     x   - Lightning                 0
  *Ice 2          8    18   AE     x   - Water                     0
  *Fire 2         8    18   AE     x   - Fire                      0
  *Dark Bomb      8    25   EZ     x   - Shadow                    400
  *Magic Wall     8    --   1A       x - Status (Safe)             400
  *Dark Mist      10   25   AA     x   - Shadow                    400
  *Black Hole     15   --   CZ       x - Instant-kill              900
  *DarkMatter     20   38   AE     x   - Shadow                    900

  DUAL TECH:      WHO:      RN:  MP:     P/E/O - DESCRIPTION:
  Antipode         ML       EZ   2  2      x   - Shadow
  Antipode 2       ML       EZ   8  8      x   - Shadow
  Antipode 3       ML       AE   8  20     x   - Shadow
  Aura Beam        M R      AA   1  2        x - Cure
  Aura Whirl      CM        AA   2  1        x - Cure
  Beast Toss         R A    1E   12 4    x     -
  Blade Toss         RF     FL   3  2    x     - (line from Robo)
  Blaze Kick       M   A    1E   8  20   x     - Fire
  Boogie             R A    AE   4  4        x - Status (Stop)
  Bubble Hit          FA    1E   2  2    x     -
  Bubble Snap        RF     1E   4  2    x     -
  Cube Toss        M   A    EZ   8  4      x   - Water
  Cure Wave          RF     AA   3  5        x - Cure
  Cure Touch       M R      AA   5  3        x - Cure
  Double Cure      M  F     AA   5  5        x - Cure... duh?
  DoublevBomb       LR      CZ   15 14     x   - Fire (around Robo)
  Drill Kick      C    A    1E   2  2    x     -
  Drop Kick           FA    1E   4  20   x     -
  Falcon Hit      C    A    HL   4  4    x     -
  Fire Punch        LR      EZ   2  1      x   - Fire
  Fire Sword      C L       1E   4  2      x   - Fire
  Fire Tackle       LR      1E   8  4      x   - Fire
  Fire Whirl      C L       EZ   2  1      x   - Fire
  Fire Whirl        L  A    AE   8  10     x   - Shadow
  FireSword 2     C L       EZ   12 8      x   - Fire
  Flame Kick        L  A    1E   2  2      x   - Fire
  Frog Flare        L F     AE   20 15       x - Desperation
  Glacier          M  F     1E   8  8      x   - Water
  Ice Sword       CM        1E   4  2      x   - Water
  Ice Sword 2     CM        EZ   12 8      x   - Water
  Ice Tackle       M R      1E   2  4      x   - Water
  Ice Toss         M   A    EZ   2  4      x   - Water
  Ice Water        M  F     AE   2  2      x   - Water
  Line Bomb         L F     HL   15 4      x   - Fire
  Max Cyclone     C  R      CZ   4  3    x     - (around Robo)
  Red Pin           L F     1E   2  4      x   - Fire
  Rocket Roll     C  R      AE   2  3      x   - Shadow
  Slurp Kiss          FA    AA   1  1        x - Cure
  Spin Kick          R A    1E   2  2    x     -
  Spire           C   F     1E   8  4      x   - Lightning
  Super Volt      C  R      AE   8  17     x   - Lightning
  SwordStream     C   F     1E   4  2      x   - Water
  Twin Charm       M   A    1E   1  4        x - Steal item
  Volt Bite       C    A    1E   2  3      x   - Lightning
  X Strike        C   F     1E   2  2    x     -

  DUAL TECH:      TECH 1:            TECH 2:
  Antipode        1.00 *Ice          1.00 *Fire
  Antipode 2      1.50 *Ice 2        1.50 *Fire 2
  Antipode 3      1.25 *Ice 2        1.25 *Flare
  Aura Beam       1.00 Aura          0.00 Cure Beam
  Aura Whirl      0.00 Cyclone       1.00 Aura
  Beast Toss      1.25 Uzzi Punch    1.25 Rock Throw
  Blade Toss      1.25 Laser Spin    1.25 Slurp Cut
  Blaze Kick      1.25 *Fire 2       1.25 Triple Kick
  Boogie          0.00 Robo Tackle   0.00 Charm
  Bubble Hit      1.25 *Water        1.25 Rollo Kick
  Bubble Snap     2.00 Robo Tackle   0.00 *Water
  Cube Toss       1.25 *Ice 2        1.25 Rock Throw
  Cure Touch      1.00 *Cure 2       0.00 Heal Beam
  Cure Wave       0.00 Heal Beam     1.00 *Cure 2
  Double Cure     0.00 *Cure 2       1.00 *Cure 2
  DoublevBomb     1.50 Mega Bomb     1.50 Area Bomb
  Drill Kick      1.00 Cyclone       1.00 Rollo Kick
  Drop Kick       1.50 Leap Slash    1.00 Triple Kick
  Falcon Hit      2.00 Spincut       0.00 Rock Throw
  Fire Punch      1.00 *Fire         1.00 RocketPunch
  Fire Sword      1.25 Spincut       1.25 *Fire
  Fire Tackle     1.50 *Fire 2       1.50 Robo Tackle
  Fire Whirl      1.00 Cyclone       1.00 Flame Toss
  Fire Whirl      1.50 *Fire 2       1.50 Tail Spin
  FireSword 2     1.00 Confuse       1.00 *Fire 2
  Flame Kick      1.25 *Fire         1.25 Rollo Kick
  Frog Flare      1.25 *Flare        1.25 Frog Squash
  Glacier         1.50 *Ice 2        1.50 *Water
  Ice Sword       1.25 Spincut       1.25 *Ice
  Ice Sword 2     1.00 Confuse       1.00 *Ice 2
  Ice Tackle      1.50 *Ice          1.50 Robo Tackle
  Ice Toss        1.00 *Ice          1.00 Rock Throw
  Ice Water       1.00 *Ice          1.00 *Water
  Line Bomb       1.00 Mega Bomb     0.00 Leap Slash
  Max Cyclone     1.50 Spincut       1.50 Laser Spin
  Red Pin         1.25 *Fire         1.25 Leap Slash
  Rocket Roll     0.00 Slash         1.50 Laser Spin
  Slurp Kiss      1.50 Slurp         1.00 Kiss
  Spin Kick       0.00 Laser Spin    2.00 Rollo Kick
  Spire           1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 Leap Slash
  Super Volt      1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 Shock
  SwordStream     1.25 Spincut       1.25 *Water
  Twin Charm      0.00 Provoke       0.00 Charm
  Volt Bite       0.00 *Lightning    2.00 Cat Attack
  X Strike        1.25 Cyclone       1.25 Slurp Cut

  TRIPLE TECH:    WHO:      RN:  MP:        P/E/O - DESCRIPTION:
  3D Attack       C   FA    1E   2  2  20   x     -
  Arc Impulse     CM  F     1E   4  8  4      x   - Water
  DarkEternal      ML   M   AE   8  8  20     x   - Shadow
  Delta Force     CML       AE   8  8  8      x   - Shadow
  Delta Storm     C L F     AE   8  8  8      x   - Shadow
  Final Kick      CM   A    1E   8  8  20     x   - Shadow
  Fire Zone       C LR      CZ   4  8  3      x   - Fire (around Robo)
  GatlingKick     C L  A    1E   8  8  20     x   - Shadow
  Grand Dream      M RF     AE   15 2  15       x - Desperation
  Life Line       CM R      AA   2  15 3        x - Status (Reraise)
  Omega Flare       LR  M   AE   20 3  8      x   - Shadow
  PoyozoDance      ML  A    AE   1  1  20     x   - Non-elemental
  Spin Strike        RFA    1E   4  4  15   x     -
  Triple Raid     C  RF     1E   2  4  2    x     -
  Twister         C  R A    AE   2  3  10     x   - Shadow

  TRIPLE TECH:    TECH 1:            TECH 2:            TECH 3:
  3D Attack       1.25 Cyclone       1.25 Slurp Cut     1.25 Triple Kick
  Arc Impulse     1.25 Spincut       1.25 *Ice 2        1.25 Leap Slash
  DarkEternal     1.25 *Ice 2        1.25 *Fire 2       1.25 *DarkMatter
  Delta Force     1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 *Ice 2        1.25 *Fire 2
  Delta Storm     1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 *Fire 2       1.25 *Water 2
  Final Kick      1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 *Water 2      1.25 Triple Kick
  Fire Zone       1.25 Spincut       1.25 *Fire 2       1.25 Laser Spin
  GatlingKick     1.25 *Lightning2   1.25 *Fire 2       1.25 Triple Kick
  Grand Dream     0.00 Life 2        0.00 Cure Beam     0.00 Frog Squash
  Life Line       0.00 Cyclone       0.00 Life 2        0.00 Laser Spin
  Omega Flare     1.25 Flare         1.25 Laser Spin    1.25 Dark Bomb
  PoyozoDance     0.00 Provoke       0.00 Hypno Wave    1.00 Tail Spin
  Spin Strike     0.00 Robo Tackle   0.00 Leap Slash    0.00 Dino Tail
  Triple Raid     1.25 Cyclone       1.25 Robo Tackle   1.25 Slurp Cut
  Twister         1.50 Cyclone       1.50 Laser Spin    1.50 Tail Spin

   * There is a couple of triple techs that require a performer to have
     a certain rock equipped.  That's only the case with groups in which
     Crono isn't included.  Here's the location of each rock:

       BLACK ROCK - In the Water/Wind/Fire-room in Kajar.
       BLUE ROCK  - In a chest in the Giant's Claw.
       GOLD ROCK  - AFTER you get the upgraded Masamune, go to the
                    Denadoro Mountains and Frog will catch one of those
                    rocks a Free Lancer throws at you.
       SILVERROCK - Given to you by the Nu in the Laruba ruins (after
                    you reach a certain point in the game).
       WHITE ROCK - In a chest in the Black Omen.

     For a triple tech to become accessible (for use), you need to have
     the rock equipped, all ATB gauges must be full, and all techs need
     to be learned.  Not only that!  In case you're having trouble with
     Grand Dream, you MUST have the Masamune (and Gold Rock) equipped on
     Frog!  Otherwise it won't work.


In this section, you'll find the most-asked questions, along with my
puny answers.  Be sure to check this section if you're stuck somewhere
and _before_ consulting me or other people... thank you.  I'm quite sure
that this will answer most of your questions, and even those you haven't
thought of yet (I can read the future).  If you e-mail and ask me
ANYTHING you find here, I will whip out my dead rubber chicken with a
pulley in the middle and practice violent stuff on you.  Okay... well,
maybe not *that*.  But guaranteed is that I'll ignore you.  Questions
are okay, but not if they're answered below.

You can't.  Just continue playing and you will automatically gain the
ability to get the nice items inside the chests.

What rock ARE you living under?  You are playing the game using an
emulator (this ONLY happens on emulators).  Getting a newer version just
MIGHT solve the problem, which is the game's transparency--it's either
not supported by your video card (rarely) or it's not enabled (most
likely).  Set the resolution to one supporting transparency.  You can
also remove the third layer, but that gets rid of the text as well.  If
you want to know how to set resolutions, go check the documentation that
came with your emulator.  The README-file usually helps you out.

Again, this is a problem that only happens by emulating the game; this
doesn't happen if you're playing the original.  The problem isn't your
emulator; it's your PC, having some hardware limitation that you can't
press more than two keys (with some exceptions) at a time.  The solution
is to assign multiple buttons (in this case, L and R) to a single key
and use THAT button.  Or if this is not possible, set L to Ctrl and R to
Alt (and don't set A to Delete, smartass).  If you don't know how the
hell you're supposed to alter controls... you are the complete opposite
of a PC techie.

Again, this... you get the point.  Squaresoft apparently hates you guys
using emulators.  But the solution to your problem is simple: enable
sound.  Check the documentation that came with your emulator if you're
having trouble (which I doubt).

THREE times and CLOCKWISE are the keywords here.  Don't forget you must
be touching the walls all the time (except for the door)--this bit is
left unmentioned by Spekkio so that might be the problem you're having.
Whether you walk or run doesn't matter a crap; just touch the damn walls
all the time, and lastly talk to Spekkio.  If it does not work, then you
gots yourself a problem and I can't help you, buddy.

For some reason, some people have no idea where this place is.  What do
you want me to do... drag you to the damn place?  See the Dactyl Nest
over there?  The Hunting Range is somewhere right of it.  If you still
can't figure out where it is, stand in the Dactyl Nest so that the words
"Dactyl Nest" pop up (but don't enter it), and go FIVE steps down, then
EIGHT steps to the right, then TWO up.  Enter, and have fun.

First off all, you can stop e-mailing me thank you very much.  First
off, you'll have to be behind the tree, so SOUTH of it, as close as
possible.  You'll also have to press and hold the Up-button while behind
the tree.  If you still get blown back, you're doing one or both of
those two things wrong and you're not trying hard enough.  A common
problem is that when you're behind the tree, while running up, you slip
around the trunk because you aren't EXACTLY behind it.  In that case,
don't run, but only hold the Up-button when behind a tree, because when
you run, you go forward, and when you walk, you stay in place.
Understood?  Excellent.  (Bad tree!)

After you kill Magus, there's no way you can return him.  No, sorry.
Just hope you have a save-game right before you fought him, or something
like that.  Please let me clear up again: NO, you CANNOT get Magus after
you have killed him.  Why, you ask?  Because, well, you killed him.
Makes as much sense as why a beach is arenaceous.  It _seems_ fairly
obvious, but I'm worried about those who can't handle the *truth*, the
*whole* truth, and *nothing but* the truth.

This is THE subject I get the most e-mails about.  The one Gaspar refers
to is, well, unknown.  Some think it's Zeal, others say it's Lara, and
Marle's dad is thought to be the one as well.  First off, let's debunk
some false theories (watch out for SPOILERS if you're allergic).  It is
not Lara, Lucca's mom; despite what says, saving Lara is a
part of the Sunken Desert side-quest.  No arguing.  Second, it's not
King Guardia (Marle's father) either; that is part of another side-quest
(Rainbow Shell).  These "theories" are proven false by just finishing
the quests; Gaspar will still mention this.

Queen Zeal would be close to Magus, but if you killed him, he would not
be in your party and Gaspar still mentions this.  However, it is very
possible that he *does* refer to Queen Zeal, but not as an additional
side-quest.  "GASPAR:" is displayed right before the famous sentence,
which denotes he's not talking about the side-quests anymore.  I'm
pretty sure that the Black Omen is not a side-quest, but a part of the
storyline, seeing as "beating the game" gets you New Game +, and New
Game + can ONLY be gotten after defeating Zeal and destroying the Black
Omen.  There you have it.

Various people think it's an overlooked error and that he actually
refers to all of you--this might be it, but I'm not 100% sure.  You do
not need to contact me about any of this, because I (1) do not give a
crap and (2) your "theory" probably stinks anyway.  Sorry.

You don't see it because it isn't there.  Have you not seen the twelve
or so notes about in order for this side-quest to become available, you
will need to have spoken to the lady from Zeal Kingdom, and you must've
told her to secretly plant the sapling?  If you've missed that part, you
can talk to her in the Commons.  And if you've told her to burn it,
well, just talk to her again and the usual video game thing happens and
she asks you the same freakin' thing while you've already told her what
you think about the stupid plant.

Sorry, you can't go back again, but you can go back to a previously-
saved game and start over.  That's the only remedy.  On the other hand,
it won't make an immensely huge difference in the storyline: Lara will
be standing instead of sitting.  Whatever strikes your fancy.

Ayla's fists are acquired automatically.  She'll get the Iron Fist once
she reaches level 72 and completes a battle.  For the BronzeFist, you'll
have to be at level 96.  The Iron Fist can inflict Chaos, while the
BronzeFist dishes out 9999 damage at every critical hit, no matter what
are your enemy's defenses!  By the way, as for damage the regular way,
what fist Ayla has doesn't affect it; that's what level and power do.

Assuming that no magic tabs are used, I recommend the following.  For
single techs, physical, Triple Kick is all-around the best, with Rock
Throw, Confuse, and Uzzi Punch on a distant second, third and fourth
place.  Magically, go *DarkMatter.  Additionally, *Luminaire, *Flare and
*Shock are great choices as well.  For dual techs, Doublevbomb (if the
enemy is close to Robo) and Beast Toss (if the enemy is not "locked" in
place; otherwise it misses) carry my recommendation, although their
versatility is not top-notch.  Blaze Kick, Drop Kick and Antipode 3
aren't bad too.  The most damaging tech (*potentially*) is Frog Flare,
if you just get Frog's HP to 1.  And as for triple techs, it's simple:
DarkEternal and Omega Flare are the tops.  Speaking of triple techs...

In case you're talking about the Gold Rock (Grand Dream), then you also
have to have Frog equipped with the Masamune.  If otherwise, it won't
work.  If the tech still doesn't work, then be sure all three members
have their attack gauge filled in battle and have enough MP.  Also, be
sure to know all required techs!  If you *still* don't see the triple
tech, make sure to put on your glasses.  Or, perhaps you need to turn ON
your TV.  Seriously, if you're still having trouble, you're doing one of
these things wrong...

Depends on where you are.  Quick thank to the guys from the
message board for their input.

 - If you just entered the future, the Sewer Access is a good choice.
   There's no need for leveling up at this moment, though.
 - When you get to the prehistoric ages, I suggest to bring the Hunting
   Range a visit.  Beat up the various enemies and ALWAYS go for the Nu
   when it appears for LOTS of experience.  Afterwards, you can trade
   what you have for items, to sell them for cash.
 - Fight every monster in Magus' Lair.  There's a hallway in where you
   will meet groups that grow in size as you progress; these respawn.
 - In Mt. Woe is a Rubble that reappears--see section 2-T for more info.
   The mountain becomes inaccessible when you clear it.
 - In the Ocean Palace; head downstairs and fight everyone, and use the
   elevator to go up again.
 - If you're near the end of the game (side-quests), the most popular
   place is the conveyor belt in Geno Dome.  Return to this place using
   the Dust Chute.  But!  Once you defeat the final boss around, you
   can't return.
 - The Giant's Claw and Black Omen are good choices, but not as good as
   the conveyor belt.

You'll acquire New Game + if you complete the game after busting up the
Black Omen once, then finish Lavos (the save-game will read "The Final
Battle").  You don't need to have done the side-quests.  Remember, use
the in-game save function if you're emulating.  See 4-A for details.



This document is (c) 2003 R.D. van Heuven van Staereling.  Chrono
Trigger, the names, logos and suchlike described throughout this FAQ are
(c) and (tm) 1995 SQUARE Co., Ltd.  All other copyrights and trademarks
contained within this document are owned by their respective holders--
any usage of them in this file does not comprise a challenge to those

As a short reminder, this FAQ may _not_ be found anywhere outside of
GameFAQs <>.  Don't bother asking.


You think I could've done this all by myself?  Well... probably not.
This FAQ is my very first project, and I feel obliged to give my thanks
in this guide to a few people, because they influenced this and my other
FAQs in one way or another.

 - CJayC for hosting and maintaining that uber site.  YOU ROCK.
 - All the great authors that inspired me.  J. Parish, T. Wilde, and
   AdrenalineSL get their well-deserved mention here... I love all your
   work.  And go check Adrenaline's FAQ for this game!
 - D. Simpson gets a mention as well, because I was somewhat inspired by
   his FAQs, to indent my own FAQs as well.
 - The vets at the Chrono Trigger board, who drastically increased my
   knowledge on this game during my first days on GameFAQs: SSJVegeta69,
   Some Other Guy, The 3 Percent Rarity, DarkBear33, and probably more
   I forgot (not in any order).  This FAQ wouldn't be *anywhere* near
   accurate without them.
 - And a quick hi goes to each of my old gaming friends from the on-line
   Turok 2 (PC) community...  You know who you are.

Many-a-thanks to the FAQ's contributors as well:

 - Jonah Adkins for info about Lavos' Time Warp.
 - AdrenalineSL made a kick-ass FAQ that includes two items I missed.
 - SaddQ for info on the New Game + system, for finding an ultra-rare
   Power Tab, and for correcting a stupid mix-up.
 - Some Other Guy for a wee correction, and for providing me with the
   method to delete save data.
 - G*Paladin for another item (Dark Helm/Death Peak).
 - SSJVegeta69 again, for a lot of help on the damage calculation-
   section, of course.  Also for corrections here and there.
 - All the folks that critiqued this FAQ, for general comments and info.


Dates are in (mm/dd/yy) format.

  0.0  - After long consideration, I decided to start on this, my first
         ever real FAQ.  I'm so cool.  [11/02/01]
  0.6  - After little work and too long breaks, half a year later, it's
         there!  Historical to the nth degree.  [05/13/02]
  0.65 - Exactly 400 KB!  Corrected some blunt errors and added the
         endings.  [05/20/02]
  0.75 - Plugged out unnecessary stuff and tweaked a bit.  [06/26/02]
  0.76 - Proofread, and added single techs.  [07/11/02]
  1.0  - Reorganization, corrections, completions.  [08/02/02]
  1.1  - Rewriting boring pieces of text.  (Mostly failing.)  [08/10/02]
  1.2  - Birthday-update.  Kicking out errors, adding oddities, and of
         course, layout changes.  For, like, the fifth time.  [09/08/02]
  1.3  - Damage calculation (with help from SSJVegeta69)!  And some
         proofreading and minor error corrections.  [10/27/02]
  1.31 - Moved a section that caused confusion.  [12/17/02]
  1.32 - Added an ASCII-logo (now removed, though).  [01/24/03]
  1337 - Bigger!  Better!  Changed layout!  Many text edits!  Charts!
         New everything!  Huzzah!  [04/30/03]
  1337 - Guide is now exactly 1 year old.  [05/13/03]


First of all, congratulations for surviving the crap I typed up.  I
think it's safe to say the FAQ is finished--everything I wanted to have
in here is there.  I'm sure there is a bunch of errors and inaccuracies
throughout the guide, and that's where you come in: if you think you've
spotted a mistake, don't hesitate dropping me a line.  And please don't
do anything evil with this document, as I've spent countless of hours on
it.  Countless.  Failure in doing so will result in your destruction.

 "If history is to change, let it change!  If the world is to be
  destroyed, so be it!  If my fate is to be destroyed... I must simply
    -- The Prophet

Thanks for reading!

SHAMELESS PLUG--other FAQs written by me, myself, and I:

Copyright (c) 2002-2003  Phoenix 1911

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