Guia de Quests do Might And Magic 8

6 de julho de 2010

mm8 quests

Segue uma tabela revelando as localizações, recompensas e dicas como solucionar as quests do Might And Magic 8. O texto está em inglês.

Localização Nome Quest Solução Recompensa
Blood Drop S’ton Find Dadeross the Caravan Leader. In the Clan Hall of the village
Aislen Deliver Cure Disease Scrolls to the six huts of the Outer Islands and return.
Dadeross Deliver Dadeross’ letter to Elgar Fellmoon at Merchant House in Ravenshore.
Pascella Tisk Find the Prophecies of the Snake Abandoned Temple?
Rohtnax Find Isthric the Tongue and return Isthric is on the island east of Blood Drop Cure Wounds Potions
Brekish Onefang Bring Portal Crystal to Fredrick Talimere Talimere joins party and has Portal Crystal for Abandoned Temple
Hiss Bring the Idol of the Snake from Abandoned Temple
Dagger Wound Islands Languid Find and return an Anointed Potion It’s in a chest in Smuggler’s Cove
Thistle Bring basic ingredients for a Potion of Pure Speed Widowsweep Berries, Wolf’s Eye, Gog Blood, Phirna Root, Will O’ Wisp’s Heart, Poppy Pods Potion of Pure Speed
Ravenshore Fellmoon Deliver letter to Arion Hunter and return
Sink the Regnan Fleet and return
Lathius Recover the shield Eclipse It’s inside the Necromancer’s Guild ???
Tonk Blueswan Win a game of Acromage in all 11 taverns and return Blood Drop, 2x Ravenshore, 2x Alvar, Twilight, Rust, Dragon Hunter’s Camp, Ravage Roaming, Murmurwoods
Maddigan Kill all Dire Wolves in Ravenshore and return
Xanthor Bring the Heart of Water from the Plane of Water
Bring the Heart of Air from the Plane of Air
Bring the Heart of Fire from the Plane of Fire
Bring the Heart of Earth from the Plane of Earth
Find the cause of Cataclysm through the Crystal Gateway
Smuggler’s Cove Arion Hunter Deliver Fake Report to Dread Pirate Stanley in the tavern of Regna
Rescue Hunters daughter from Ogre Fortress in Alvar
Alvar Blackthorne Find Cauri Blackthorne and take her to Dantillion in Murmurwoods
Fromago Find log of Eldenbrie cheese Chapel of Eep in Ravenshore
Find ball of Dunduck cheese Church of Eep in Ravage Roaming
Find wheel of Frelandeau cheese
Loudrin Find a witness to the lake of fire’s formation and return
Form an alliance among the major factions of Jadame Talk to the leaders of the clans
Keldon Kill all ogres in canyon and fortress and return 5000 Gold
Twilight Lathean Find Sarcophargus of Korbu and his remains and return Remains are in a chest in the prison area of the Cyclpops Larder, sarcophargus in Crypt of Korbu in Ravage Roaming Promotion to Nosferatu
Vertrinus Find Lost Book of Khel, Lich Jars and return The book is inside the Uplifted Library, Dagger Wound Islands south Promotion to Lich
Benefice Find Iseldir’s Puzzle Box and return The box is in a chest at Mad Necromancer’s Lab in Shadowspire
Halien Find a Vial of Grave Dirt and return One such vial is inside the Vampire Crypt
Sandro Bring the Nightshade Brazier from Temple of the Sun to Necromancer’s Guild Necromancers join the alliance
Mad Necromancer’s Lab Stormlance Inquire about a cure at Dervish Chevron in Ravenshore
Rust Sandwind Find the Ancient Troll Homeland and return
Talion Bring basic ingredients for Potion of Pure Endurance Potion of Pure Endurance
Hobert Deliver Fire Resistance Potions to the six southern huts
Overdune Put Vilebite’s ashes in the tomb Click the sarcophargus in the tomb Overdune will join the party
Dragon Hunter’s Camp Stormlance Find Blazen Stormlance, recover Ebonest and return Both are in Mad Necromancer’s Lab in Shadowspire
Quixote Return Ebonest Promotion to Champion
Return the Dragon Leader’s Egg from Zog’s fortress Dragon Hunters join the alliance
Calindril Find a Dragonbane Flower and return Some flowers are north of Ravage Roaming at the shore north
Avalon Kill all dragons in Garotte Gorge and return
Zelim Find the Legendary Drum of Victory and return It’s inside Naga Vault in Garotte Gorge
Dragon Cave Tearwing Find a Dragonbane Flower Some flowers are north of Ravage Roaming at the shore north
Redreaver Kill all Dragon Slayers and return the Sword of Whistlebone Promotion to Great Wyrm
Return the Dragon Leader’s Egg from Zog’s fortress in Ravage Roaming Dragons join the alliance
Flame-eye Kill all Dragon Hunters in Garotte Gorge and return
Balthazar Lair Thanys Drain the entire lair Pull levers in this order: A, B, C, E, G, D, J, C, E, F, D, I, C and then lowest Thanys joins
Murmurwoods Castigeir Bring ingredients for Potion of Pure Personality Potion of Pure Personality
Find the Skeleton Transformer in the Necromancer’s Guild Clerics join the alliance
Plane between the planes Recue Pyrannaste
Rescue Gralkor the Cruel
Rescue Acwalander
Rescue Shalwend

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