Beneath a Steel Sky walkthrough [Detonado]

Walkthrough, ou detonado, oficial em texto (e em inglês) do Beneath a Steel Sky, o adventure inovador e de grande sucesso da Revolution Software lançado em 94. Tem também um longplay do game com mais de 3 horas de duração.

16 de junho de 2020

Temos aqui o walkthrough, ou detonado, em texto do Beneath a Steel Sky, o adventure inovador de grande sucesso da Revolution Software lançado em 94 que conta com status cult nos dias de hoje.

O texto está em inglês e era disponibilizado originalmente no site da Revolution, mas não está mais disponível atualmente. Todavia, trata-se, portanto de um guia oficial do Beneath a Steel Sky.
Ah, pra deixar mais completo, meti também um longplay do jogo com quase 3 horas e meia de duração nesta publicação. Agora, não tem mais desculpa para você não zerar este game.



Walk to the far left of the gantry at the top of the stairs and get the METAL BAR.

Use it on the emergency exit on the far right of the gantry.

When the guard has gone, go back in and down the stairs then through the door on the right.

Examine the piles of junk in the foreground. Use the CIRCUIT BOARD on the junk to reactivate Joey.

Talk to Joey, then step on the ELEVATOR.

When Hobbins comes out to investigate and reset the elevator alarm, go through the door to the right as soon as possible.

Open the cabinet and take the SPANNER.

Examine the stationary droid by the lift then ask Hobbins about it.

Ask Joey to fix the droid.

When the droid activates the elevator, jump down the shaft.

Ask Joey to open the door.

Search Reich’s corpse and take his CARD and SHADES then exit.


Enter the first building on the right after leaving the workshop.

Talk to Anita and when Lamb arrives tell him you’re with Security.

Go right to the next room and put the spanner in the COGS.

Take the spanner back out again and go left.

Examine the welding robot and use the spanner on it.

Talk to Joey about upgrading his shell then go right.

Try walking through the door into the stores.

Tell Joey to check the stores.

When he returns, tell him to disable the FUSEBOX.

Enter the stores and raise the PLATFORM.

Take the piece of PUTTY from beneath the platform.

Ask Joey about the putty.

Exit the factory, then ask Joey to cut the cable outside the factory door.

Head left to the end of the walkway to the steam room.


Loosen the two buttons just inside the door with the spanner.

Ask Joey to press the button on the right; when he does so, press the other button.

Pull the switch on the left of the room.

Remove the LIGHT BULB and replace it with the EXPLOSIVE.

Turn the switch back on to reveal two new switches beneath it.

Pull the right hand switch.

Exit the generator room and go to the elevator outside the factory.

Use Reich’s card on the slot to activate the door and enter the elevator.


Pick up the cable which Joey cut on the location above.

Go left then through the top right exit.

Use Reich’s card on the left hand slot and enter his apartment.

Move the pillow and take the MAGAZINE.

Exit Reich’s apartment and go back past the elevator to the right end of the walkway.

Enter Travelco and talk to Trevor the travel agent about everything.

Give the magazine to Trevor and take the TICKET.

Return to the elevator and wait for Lamb.

Talk to Lamb, then give him the ticket.


Return to the factory and take up Lamb’s offer of a guided tour.

When Lamb has gone, go right and talk to Anita.

When she asks for your ID, give her Reich’s card.

Leave the factory and go to the LINC terminal by the elevator.

Log on with Reich’s card and select option 4.

Enter the code (from your Security manual).

Enter: 2, 1, 1, 2.

Exit the terminal, go to the elevator and wait for Lamb to arrive.

Talk to Lamb about his new status and his cat.


Go to Lamb’s apartment (next door to Reich’s),

Use the machine to feed the cat.

Take the VIDEO TAPE.

Leave and go to the far left end of the walkway to the Surgery.

Activate the hologram.

Ask Joey to persuade the hologram to open the door.

Enter and talk to Doctor Burke.

Leave and head right along the walkway to Anchor Insurance.

Ask Willy Anchor for a special policy, telling him that Burke sent you.

As soon as he goes out back, tell Joey to use his laser on the statue’s anchor.

Take the anchor and return to the entrance to the generator room.

The security guard will have gone, so go back into the building on the right.

Go up the stairs and on to the ledge.

Use the anchor with the rope to make a GRAPPLING HOOK.

Use the hook on the Security sign on the opposite wall.

Go through the door on the right.

Use Reich’s card in the slot near the interface.

Sit in the interface...


Take the ball and go right.

In your inventory, use OPEN with the carpet bag to open the folder.

Use DECOMPRESS with the compressed data

Use DECRYPT with the document.

Go right.

In the LINC maze you’ll need your password programs to progress:

Use password, right, use password, left, get password, up, use password.

Right, down, get password, up, use password, left, get password.

Up, right, down, right, down, use password, up, up, exit.

Take the bust and the book.

Decrypt the new documents (in your inventory).


Use Reich’s card in the LINC terminal and select 4.

Enter the security code from your manual, then select 2, 2.

Log out with your newly acquired Security clearance.

Use Reich’s card in the slot next to the lift and exit.


Go back to Belle Vue then take the second lift to ground level.

Go to the bottom left corner of the park and use Reich’s card on the shed door.

Take the SECATEURS and exit.

Find Mrs. Piermont and her dog and talk to her.

Talk to the club doorman to the far left of the park.

Find Mrs. Piermont and ask her to sponsor you.

Go to the far right of the park and press the buzzer to get into Piermont’s apartment.

Remind her to sponsor you as a member of the club.

While she’s talking on the phone, put the video tape in the VCR.

Steal some DOG BISCUITS and exit.

Go to the lake and use the biscuits on the plank.

Wait for the dog barks, pull the rope...

Go to the cathedral and enter the crypt on the right hand side.

Examine the lockers until you find Anita’s body.


Go back to the factory where you last saw Anita.

Open the middle locker and put on the radiation suit.

Go right to the reactor entrance and access the control panel.

Select option 2 then exit.

Enter the reactor and get Anita’s ID card.

Exit the reactor and close the door, then put the radiation suit back in the locker.

Return to the LINC interface in the Security building, using the lift to take you there.

Enter LINC space using Anita’s ID card.

10. LINC 2

Use the BLIND program on the eyeball and immediately go right.

Use BLIND on the second eyeball and go up.

Go right and collect the tuning fork.

[If you are killed by the eyeball it means you haven’t moved fast enough!]

Go back and use the PLAYBACK program on the well.

After viewing Anita’s message, disconnect.


Go back to the gardens outside Piermont’s apartment.

Talk to Edouardo the gardener and the boy (Hi, Vincent!)

Enter the courtroom.

On leaving the court, go back to the club.

Play the jukebox until Colston gets up to turn it off.

Get Colston’s glass while he’s away from the table.

Go back to Burke’s surgery and give him the glass.

Change your fingerprints and return to the club.

Examine the metal plate beside the door at the back of the club then use it.

Enter the wine cellar.

Use the metal bar to lift the lid of the large crate.

Put the lid on top of the box.

Climb on the box and use the metal bar on the grill.

Use the secateurs to cut a larger hole and climb through it.


Walk right then take the top right exit.

Locate the socket in the wall and insert the light bulb.

Walk right into the tunnel and quickly click on the exit at the bottom right.

Get the plaster from the wall by using the metal bar (twice).

Pick up the brick.

Use the metal bar on the swelling in the vein.

Use the brick on the metal bar.

As soon as the medi-droid appears, go through the door.

Look through the grill.

Go through the upper left exit and access the control unit.

Select 2 to lower the temperature and exit the panel.

Climb on top of the iris, which will have closed.

Pull the metal bar hanging from the ceiling and exit the room.

Go right and find the medi-droid, then use Joey’s board on it.

Tell Joey to check out the tank room.

When Joey returns talk to him.

Tell Joey to open the tap on the nutrient tank.

When he returns for a second time, enter the tank room.

Walk around the room and take the top right exit.

Go straight through the next room and take the top right exit again.

Use Reich’s card on the terminal and select 2, 1 and exit.

Go left.

Pick up Joey’s board and Gallagher’s ID card.

Go back through the top right exit and use Gallagher’s ID to enter LINC.

13. LINC 3

Go right.

Use the BLIND program on the eye.

Use the DIVINE WRATH program on the Crusader.

Disconnect then re-enter LINC using Anita’s card.

Go right.

Use the BLIND program on the eye.

Go up then right.

Use the OSCILLATOR on the Crystal.

Pick up the HELIX virus.


Go left, then through the bottom right door.

Use Anita’s card on the console to infect the system with the virus.

Pick up the TONGS to the right of the glass tank.

Use the tongs on the tank to get some tissue.

Take the tongs bearing the tissue to the other tank to freeze the tissue.

Go right.

Open the cabinet to the right of the middle android.

Insert Joey’s card.

Access the console and enter 2, 0, 3 to reincarnate Joey as Ken.

Talk to Ken then go right.

Ask Ken to put his hand on the lock sensor then immediately do the same yourself on the other lock.

Go right and right again.

Use the cable with the pipe support.

Climb down the rungs.

Use the tongs and diseased tissue with on the orifice.

Use the cable to swing through the newly opened door.

In the end game sequence, immediately Foster’s father collapses, tell Ken to sit in the chair.

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Beneath a Steel Sky longplay

O playthrough abaixo foi feito pelo canal World of Longplays e mostra o jogo sendo detonado de cabo a rabo:

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