Trapaças para o Thunder Blade do Master System

Tem continues, vidas infinitas, detonado em texto e um vídeo jogado até o final.

3 de abril de 2013

Aprenda como ativar duas trapaças e obtenha um guia para um muito bom para o shoot ’em up Thunder Blade em sua versão do Master System.

Neste post, vamos ensinar como conseguir Continues e um código de vida infinita para o Action Replay. Depois, vai um guia completo do Thunder Blade do Master. Se você não vencer o jogo assim, desiste da vida, meu!

Vamos lá:


  • Depois de perder sua última vida, pressione o direcional na inferior direita e o botão 2, ao mesmo tempo. Assim, você continuará jogando de volta no lugar onde morreu, mas esta manha só pode ser usada duas vezes, portanto, tome cuidado!

Códigos para Action Replay

Pra quem não conhece, o Action Replay é um dispositivo tipo Game Genie, ou seja, que permite ativar trapaças e/ou modificar umas paradas nos jogos. Dá pra ativar esses códigos em emuladores como Emulicious (Tools > Cheats) e Fusion (File > Game Genie / PAR), caso você não tenha o hardware aí.

Segue o código para ativar vidas infinitas no Thunder Blade de Master:

  • 00C0 0A09 – Vidas infinitas (fica mostrando sempre 9).


Abaixo, temos também um daqueles detonados em texto que os gringos fazem. Descolei esse, de autoria de Joni, para o Thunder Blade do Master System. Ele não fica exigindo copyright nem nada, mas o texto está em inglês:

                       Thunder Blade (SEGA Master System)
                             Guide: FAQ/Walkthrough
                       Creation date: November 16th, 2010
                                Version: Complete
  _______ __                   __               ______ __           __        
 |_     _|  |--.--.--.-----.--|  |.-----.----. |   __   |.---.-.--|  |.-----.
   |   | |     |  |  |     |  _  ||  -__|   _| |   __ <  ||  _  |  _  ||  -__|
   |___| |__|__|_____|__|__|_____||_____|__|   |______/__||___._|_____||_____|

                            Table of Contents

1- Introduction                                                          [A100]
2- Basics                                                                [A200]
     2.1- Story                                                          [A201]
     2.2- Strategy                                                       [A202]
3- Walkthrough                                                           [A300]
     3.1- Stage 1                                                        [A301]
     3.2- Stage 2                                                        [A302]
     3.3- Stage 3                                                        [A303]
     3.4- Stage 4                                                        [A304]

1- Introduction                                                          [A100]

In 2004 the GameFAQs FAQ Writing Community started a Master System Completion 
Project for which I wrote fifteen different FAQs before I moved on to other
projects. My urge to cover more SMS FAQs however has never wavered and that is 
why I'm back today in the newest SEGA Master System Completion Project which is
hosted on the FAQ Contributors - General Board. In hopes of helping them I'm 
picking off random games on the list to try and bring us closer to 100%. After
covering Aerial Assault I picked up Thunder Blade, a game which shares it genre
with Aerial Assault. Both are scrolling shooters, although they use different
view points. I will be giving a simple walkthrough for the game, helping you
get through it with basic strategies and learning you how to get better at the

2- Gameplay                                                              [A200]

     2.1- Story                                                          [A201]

Your mission: Save your country by destroying the rebel's gigantic mobile
fortresses! It's a battle you will fight over land and sea... in cities, caves
and refineries. This time it's you... against all of them! Get ready to take 
part in the greatest helicopter battle of the century with THUNDER BLADE. You
are the Gunship Gladiator. You fly the Thunder Blade chopper. Some say you're
unstoppable. This mission will put you to the test! 

The enemy has invaded your country. That makes you mad. So you're going to stop 
them... all by yourself! In cities... over deserts and oceans... in caves and
through refineries... you're cutting loose with your cannons and dropping air-
to-surface missiles from your skids. They've got tanks, airpower and incredible
super fortresses. But you have guts, a taste for glory... and the meanest 
fightin' copter in the sky!

     2.2- Strategy                                                       [A202]

Thunder Blade starts as a simple vertical scrolling shooter with top-down game-
play, but quickly changes in later levels by changing to different perspectives
for certain parts of the game. This gives the game a bit more variation, which
is completely lacking otherwise. You only have two weapons and your strategy
mostly involves moving over the screen to avoid getting hit by the enemies. You
need to press the A button to fire regular bullets, which are best used against
air targets, and the B button to fire air-to-surface missiles which are used to
take out the tanks and other ground targets. Meanwhile you can move freely over
the screen to avoid enemy fire and the enemies themselves because one hit will
kill you and you only have three lives.

In the event you do lose all your lives, which I think is inevitable the first
time you play, you can still continue by quickly pressing Down and right at the
same time while pushing button 2. This will let you replay the stage you died
at, but watch out, this trick will only work twice. Luckily it is easy to
avoid most enemies and your score is only shown after each level, so you aren't
reminded constantly that you don't score when you prefer the safer option of
avoiding enemies then putting yourself in harm's way. In the fight against the
fortresses, you can even avoid getting hit by hovering constantly in a corner 
at the top and destroy the fortresses with relative ease.

3- Walkthrough                                                           [A300]

     3.1- Stage 1                                                        [A301]

The first level brings us to a small desert city which was invaded by tanks and
helicopters. The game starts with a small wave of helicopters coming from the
top with a little bit of room between them, giving you a chance to take them 
all down. Once this first wave has been dispatched with your regular bullets,
you will come across three tanks which can't be hurt by regular fire. You can
hit them with the air-to-surface missiles that are activated with the B button.
They are also the first enemies that will open fire on you and they can fire in
multiple directions. Almost at the same time, a fast wave of helicopters will
fly in from the top left to the bottom right. It is better to avoid them than
to take the risk and kill them, which is easily done by moving completely to
the right and going up a little.

Afterwards a second wave follows from the right to the left. Fly to the bottom
right corner of the screen and take them all out from there. They are followed
by two waves of slower helicopters. The first wave comes in from the left and
the second one comes from the right. They make a slight curve, making it 
possible to position yourself 'under' them and shoot them fairly easily. This
is followed by two diagonal waves, followed by the appearance of both tanks and
helicopters at the same time. Focus on the tanks as they can shoot you, while
the helicopters will fly by harmlessly. Once they are destroyed a more erratic
wave of 'copters appears. If you go right, you can fly into an opening between
them which helps you to reach the next wave which flies diagonal from the right
and a set of three tanks.

At this point your first formidable foe will appear: a helicopter that shoots
bullets. It can follow you with its bullets, making it difficult to avoid, and
shoots very fast. Fly on the right of the screen and lure its bullets there.
Just before they reach you, follow a quarter circle path and end up underneath
the helicopter to shoot it down. The enemies will start following up each other
much faster now, but it is just normal tanks and helicopters. Once you have
reached the last three tanks, the scenery will change and you will start the
second part of the level.

This second part places you in a 'three dimensional' city street where you look
at the back of your helicopter and where other helicopters appear in the front.
You can fly up and down to hit the helicopters who fly on different heights and
tanks on ground level. As usual, it is only the tanks that will shoot at you so
target them first. If you can't shoot down the helicopters, you just need to
retreat to the bottom or top of the screen where they can't hit you. This part
of the level won't take very long anyway, you'll quickly be transported to the
third portion of the level.

The last part brings us to a big spaceship with multiple turrets on it. You'll
see the first turrets on the right and left just after passing the big flame.
You can destroy them with one hit, which is good because there a lot of them.
They mostly fire in straight and diagonal lines so you can easily predict the
trajectory of their bullets. Behind each turret is a pair of two turrets, so
first you have two turrets and almost immediately after four. At this point the
ship will get more narrow and turrets will start coming out of the little 
squares. There are six turrets like this and you'll have to be fast to hit them
all. Luckily, this also gives them less time to hit you. The end of the ship
brings us a small turret, that shoots faster and is destroyed after one hit. If
you succeed, the level ends.

     3.2- Stage 2                                                        [A302]

The second level starts in a wasteland, but plays out mostly the same like the
first stage. The enemies will appear in bigger groups, but won't really change.
For instance, Stage 2 starts off with two groups of helicopters appearing, one
from the left and one from the right both flying diagonally to the other side.
This is followed by the immediate appearance of a couple of random helicopters, 
a couple of tanks in a row and a shooting helicopter on the left. Once they are
taken down, the onslaught of helicopters and tanks continue forcing you to keep
firing almost continuously. Most tanks are behind each other almost forming a
straight line of ten tanks with gaps between them, but the helicopters are 
really flying randomly. One shooting helicopter will appear during the entire
remainder of the sequence, so you can mostly focus on the tanks when it comes
to avoiding firepower. The best bet to survive is to stay at the bottom of the
screen and swerving from right to left and left to right. The end of this part
will be signified by the canyon getting wider.

The second part is three-dimensional again with you looking on the back of the
helicopter. This time you're flying above a wood and targeting planes. You get
two waves of planes before reaching a giant stone wall with a black-gray gate
on the left. You don't need to shoot it or anything, just fly inside, which
brings you inside a cave with a lot of pillars. Stay in the middle and make
small maneuvers to the left and right to avoid pillars that pop up at the 
middle of the screen. Towards the end of the sequence you will encounter three
tanks, but they are the only enemies before reaching the exit of the cave. Here 
it gets a little more difficult with planes coming from the front, shooting at
you. They will fly too fast to destroy them effectively, so focus on avoiding
which is easiest at the bottom. A little while later, you'll reach another cave
with way more pillars. You'll constantly switch from left to right to avoid all
of them. As before, the first enemies - helicopter this time - will pop up at
the end of the cave. Fly through the gate and you'll end up in an empty part of
the level with no enemies. Keep flying to reach the next part.

The third part of Stage 2 brings us a big, green fortress with about twenty
turrets, coming in two forms. First you have the red orbs and second you have
the green rectangles with four holes. Aesthetics aside they work in the same 
manner and can be destroyed with one hit. They are grouped closely together so
you can destroy two or three before you need to swerve to the other side to
avoid the fire. Once you reach the end of the fortress where two red turrets
are next to each other and take up the entire width of the fortress, you're at
the end. Shoot those two turrets and the level is over.

     3.3- Stage 3                                                        [A303]

So after playing for five to ten minutes, you have seen half the game. Time to
tackle the second half. The third stage is played atop a sea where you are
attacked by more helicopters and boats instead of tanks. Like the tanks they
need air-to-surface missiles to be destroyed. The helicopters keep coming in
the same waves like in previous chapters, but the boats are grouped together
more closely then the tanks. At one moment; you'll even face six boats and ten
helicopters at the same time making it a bit more hectic. The first part ends
when you destroy about eight boats at the same time.

The second part brings us to a jungle where you're seemingly trying to reach
some Aztec temple. Nowadays, a game would try and explain that via the story,
but Thunder Blade just gives you a lot of planes, helicopters and boats to
destroy. At the start of the game you're confronted by the back of some planes
and the front of some boats - who will shoot at you. It shouldn't be much of a
mystery which of them to take down first. Soon after two waves of helicopters
will pop up, with the second one shooting at you. They will pop up regularly
during the level, mixed in with regular helicopters and boats. After a little
bit of peace and quiet, jets will appear coming towards you and shooting. They
are mixed in with boats, which will require you to evade a lot while shooting.
This is best done at the outside of the screen.

Quite randomly the round will end during the previous onslaught of planes and
boats, and you will be confronted by an aircraft carrier. It is carrying huge
amounts of green triangle-turrets. You can always retreat to the side of the 
screen to avoid their fire, swooping in regularly to take them down. Once you
reach the end, fire a couple of shots and it is over.

     3.4- Stage 4                                                        [A304]

In its last stage Thunder Blade brings us a futuristic city, but with the same
helicopters and tanks. You will have all three types of helicopters, including
the slow and the fast shooting ones. The level will be very hectic, but will
only take a minute or two. Stay focused on the shooting enemies, make them your
priority and it should be alright. The second part of the level brings us a 
fast paced three dimensional level with many tanks and pipes that cross the
screen forcing you to move up or down, while still shooting the tanks. Once the
pipes force you to move up, jets will start appearing instead of tanks. This
part of the level ends with a confrontation with a fortress with four turrets
on its wall. Try to get all of them to shoot you at once, avoid at the last 
minute and shoot at one of the turrets before they refocus on you. Repeat this
until you have destroyed all four of them. This will get easier the further you
advance. Once all four have been taken out, a dome will appear on the left side
with a quick firing turret. Make circular motions taking your time to hit a
couple of times which destroys the fortress which also ends the level. Unlike
previous levels this level doesn't contain a topdown third part. You get 
treated to a screen that simple says 'The End' on a sunny background.

Thunder Blade de Master até o final

Abaixo, temos o vídeo do canal Zeusdaz que mostra o Thunder Blade de Master System rodando no hardware original (não é emulador) sendo jogado até o final. Ele usou o código de vidas infinitas, mas creio que vale a pena mesmo assim:

O Zeusdaz apresenta o game como “um verdadeiro clássico da era de ouro dos arcades que não deve ser esquecido junto com os programadores que estiveram envolvidos em sua criação”. Ele também diz “que esta versão de Master System não é tão suave quanto a original de fliperama nem tão robusta quanto o port de Mega Drive, mas, na verdade, é bem agradável de jogar”.

O youtuber complementa dizendo que este port tem músicas e sons limitados, além de ser bastante instável nos níveis ‘na tela’, mas vai querer você jogar de novo e, ao contrário da versão de Mega, tem o chefe do jogo original”.

Enfim, por enquanto, é isso aí.

Espero que este artigo te ajude a zerar este game também.

Se eu descobrir mais alguma dica de Thunder Blade de Master, volto aqui e atualizo o post, e você pode colaborar, deixando suas dúvidas, complementações e correções aí nos comentários.


Mais dicas de Master System

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